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Image 1 of The Paducah evening sun, December 13, 1910

Part of The Paducah evening sun

te- LARGEat VOL 4bni4j 1btuing un t tJ PRICES IUGHT SELECTIONS PADUOAH KY TUESDAY EVENING DECEMBER XXVIII NO 122 13 1910 SObllh SOUND t SENSIBLE GIFTS at RuDy IV McCracken County Jury Chosen to Try Four Remaining Defendants in the Axion Cooper Murder Case UP STATE BOARD OF AGRICULTURE I Ono Wants to Come to Padu Four are Acquitted Today at Eddy viHe Important Wit cah Other to Go to Mt NEW I ness Found by Callahan in Sterling t John Abner Case Success ofI State the Fair is Involved QUORUM lUlOKKV I 1 Eddyvllle Ky Dec 13 Special After deliberating last night the Jury brought In a verdict this morn Bryan Ing acquitting Alonzo Gray Harris Hart Creekmur and Jim Do garth of the murder of Axlon Cooper Cooper was killed In a row at a bar becue at Lamatvo Lynn county tho heart of tho night rider country He was a tenant on the farm of Milton who Oliver confessed night rider was shot from ambuh An attempt was made to prove that tho row was started for tho purpose of making an excuse to kilt Cooper who find talked a good deal about the night rider troubles Coopers dying state ment and the testimony of eyewit notes were Introduced by tbo state Tho defendants denied any connec tion with the killing and attempted to establish alibis It was alleged by that ride that Cooper was killed In a general drunken brawl Murphy Fred Iloy MomcK Spunk Creekmur and Vitas Mitchell tho other tour men arrested for the crime will bo put on trial tomorrow and a Jury selected from McCracken county will bo summonsed to try them AT MEETING 13Special- Democrats and Insurgents Join To Denude Speaker of Power to WEARY WITH AGE DIAZ SENDS FOR STOCK BXGHANGE- FEELS CHRISTMAS Name Committees in Lower House GENERAL RBYE S PANIC COMING ON 1 O Bpc Mayflold Ky Doc 13 Mayflelds handsome cia new pottofflco was thirwn open to Urn public today Tho now building IIs located at Seventh street and Broadway and is ex achy In tho center of the bull nets dMrlct and only a short distance from the railroad eta lion 11111 Hh I It Will Prevent Joe Cannon and Champ Clark ControlMantle as Dictator of ling LegislationBlackburn Mexico On Whom He Will Shed OPEN Looking Alter Surveyorship I Refugees Report Battle Progress III SISIIIS INSURRECTION STILL in Washington Dec 13 Special A decision was reached by Demo crate In congress to vote with the In surgents to prevent the speaker ACTIVE naming committees It would de prove Champ Clark of practically all power when elected speaker CHARGE FRAUD TO Washington Dec 13 Mexican revolutionists hero received word to day that Bernardo RELEASE COOPER former General of Nuevo dteycs ovornor Loon Mexico has loft Paris and Is en route to Mexico to become the un- derstudy of President Dlaz Diazs BTATfrH ATTORNEY ACCUSED OP health is known to be falling duo to COLLUSION lV REILVLP OPtho stress oC frequent uprising That Reyes has boon picked as successor ROIIIX to Diaz Is said to have boon admitted Celebration and Distribution of Checks te Employes Will Cut Out AFTER PORT JOB Washington clayWalter Doc 13 Spe Blackburn ted era court clerk and Capt Carl Henderson of Marlon are here Blackburn Is after tho eurveyorshlp at Paducah High Price of Food Adds Ne Cheer to Outlook tlons of the hijuso rules to permit revision of the tariff schedule by STOCK snORT SAY DEALERS schedule was urged tn the senate to day by Cummins of Iowa lIe de- nied Senator Hales declaration that the plan would be revolutionary New York Dec 13DlamaJ news and drastic lIe said his resolu for workers came from tko tlon would not binder the house Prices for from preventing a bill revising theIsate marketed today Ohrletmaa dinner are to be almost entire tarifprohibitive and tho reason given Is lack of stock Owing to the cold snap and heavy snow transportation fRUSSIAN PLOT TO Is paralyzed and farmers are unable to take their stock to market and aa rt result prices of poultry and choice OPEN JAIL DOORS cuts of meat are conducting an ski t tude contest Eves Wall street la complaining of a lean Christmas RV GOVERNMENT Tho stock market has been wrong DISCOVERED for several months Usual bonuses JUST IN TIME TO PREVENT to employee will bo cut and the cus ITS SUCCESS tomary celebration on the exchange floor has been abandoned Washington Dec 13Tho start of the fight for a permanent tariff Franklin and Newman faction of commission began In tho senate the ttnto board of agriculture here when Senator bevorldge asked what only tho board Jtsolf but th tate not action the finance committee proI fair it threatened The Newman tae posed to take upon his tariff com lion objected to tho placo for tho mission bill Whether the fight deelection of tO now members of tho velops will depend upon the action board being chosen today white tho of tho finance committee of which Inifotod Ilnnkln faction Senator Aldrich Is chairman The The FUnkln people want tho meetlatter stated in reply to Senator Ing of tho sato fanner Institute Boverldgos question that tho com by Dlaz hold al Mt Slisrllnjr while tho Nw mitten will report out a tariff comTho manltes want it at Paducah mission bill satisfactory to Mr Bev athvllle Tenn Dec 136talos Rattle With Revolutionists Newman faction walked out breaking attorneys today filed n petition In cridgo while tho latter and Senator Texas Dec 10 El Paso quorum Both side oiy they will tho criminal court charging that Attor tefugcca arriving here today say a Aldrich are still members of the rcfiiMi to give In It the IIs adhered The terms of both expire nay General Henderson1 acted In attic between Mexican federal senate to no arrangement can bo made for fraudulent collusion with attorneys troops and revolutionists has con March 3 Upon this assurance the the Mate fair for Robin Cooper In recommendingi Inuod since Sunday near Peternalcs Indiana senator did not press the Judge Nell denied Ihlohuahua Tho rebels captured two committee Issue further A reason his acquittal Prlllloii In Itankniplry St Petersburg Dec rovo n IL c ELECTS NEW I the petition which asked that tho machine guns Henry losses on both ablo tlmb will be given the finance lutolnar plot W Dlcko former saloonJohn to free alt political OFFICERS FOR TILE YEAR committee to report the bill before tld6 are reported acquittal set asidekeeper flied a petition In bankruptcy the tariff commission advocates pro prisoners In Russia by tho wholesale today with tho federal court Lla poisoning of Jailers was revealed to cipitates any debato on tho floor The Brotherhood of Railroad Car ILIUWIN SUIT BEGINS ruth Woman Creiimfcl bilities are 89460the government today I It was men elected officers for the ensuing New York Dec 13dirs F 1111 officially announced that numerous year May Change Constitution last night J T Easley Is llebchs Kurrrnilrr Anltaj IlnMtvIn Ttirtiliull WAIIU INirtJ hard 76 yeare old a wealthy widow stories of prison cruelty alleged to An Important WIIIIlN Washington I of Milwaukee dent Dec un- have F Akers recording seers was burned to death 13Tho tub Janeiro llroill Dec of 91100000 caused suicides In jails are Ind Lexington Ky Dee 13After a I In her room In Hotel Bristol revolting mariners on Cobras Island I trip through tho coal region of West Sho usual course of declaring null and ventions revolutionists to attract ent Q F Akersfl recording secre financial formally surrendered and fresh govt Los Angeles Dec 13j Suit for lit fire to her clothing In attempting I void a portion of a state constitu- funds for aiding the jail deliveries tarn W P Staglngburg 1 Virginia exSheriff El Callahan of eminent troops occupied tho barI Drcathltl county has arrived In nearly one quarter of tho 11 yrarold son of L L Johnson alleged plot fourdaysold son of Mr and Marietta from the department Dubuquo Tho 43 children Inmates of the childrens the Petrel and the Upon leaving Jackson ho went to CAPT KIRKPATRICKACCEPTS homo hero were saying their prayers provisionCowlesAnnounces t repair to these waters early next Logan county West Virginia whore firo broko before ToUring tonight year to prepare for tho service while ho was found by 8podil Bailiff Cal out in the building and gained last night was taken to Smlthland the gunboat Paducah has been as t I lahan working In a coal mine Slid rapidly this afternoon at 2 oclock on the signed to survey work on the Central Captain George W KJrkpatrlck several men to beat the dog off the ham who left for Paris this morn Jialph Barnes aged seven was steamer Ohio and the funeral and American coast and also will be of burial will be held at 4 oclock child ing with Special Bahlff Callahan of Evansvllle was hero today and burnod to death and the structure pot comprise the platform available for police duty an- James L Oowlos who today told tho following story to tho for- accepted three recruits for the destroyed The loss Is il5000 Is manager of the l there I nounced his candidacy for United Paducah Mr SextonBusiness United States army at tho localto I mer therlff iruI Crime ID Pmlurnli Central JOINT INSTALLATIONOP senator from York He tlof tho department are pro It was Just About dark and I crulting station They are Robert CONSULAR SERVICE QUIZ SET Statestho Issue before New people now collegoI I says tho D LADIES jiarng their Annuli report to bo filed iI had been working on a barn Jn tho W Prey 19 of 1442 Trimbto street a public service postofflce versus COMMERCIAL CLUB the first of tho > car Tho annual re yard of my tinclo Robert Davidson Paducah Albert Sidney Johnson Foreign Post Work Offered to Cot Is private exploitation a Joint Installation of officers will railroad and port of CRY Judo Qttne will show I was boarding at his house with my 37 Of Golden Pond Ky and Joseph lego Graduates express company Ho advocates one I HOLD MEETING TONIGHT be held next Sunday afternoon and thnt there has been leu crime In Pa wife when a saw Jam Deaton John Bwlnney 22 of St Charles All will cent postage for two ounce letters evening by the Wlngo division No dumb the tart year than for any Davidson and Tom Davidson In a go Into tho Infantry and will leave Washington Dec 13Another 290 oftho Order of Railway Con- previous twenty years Chief of Pol- huddle In the yard whimpering to tomorrow morning for Jefferson opportunity for college graduates to An Important meeting of the Com ductors and Ladles auxiliary Nominations by president The Loulj to receive their enter the consular service will bo af Barracks St ice Slngcry saja his report will bo gethcr Ono of them said Among the nominations sent to mercial club will be held In the par Installation will take place In I A credit to tho department We would kill him tonight If assignments forded on January 30 and 31 and the senate were tho following lors of the Palmer House at 730 Three Links building and wilt con we had some one to help us February 1 next wfcen an examina Several mat dude with asocial session To be Consuls Wra W Jlandloy oclock this evening The llnigo Crew Raved In Collision killing They woro talking about tion will be held at the state depart of New York at Naples Italy Carl tore including the building of an in- ladles auxiliary has elected offi I Orccnock Scotland Doc ment John Abner Then some one said Bailey Hurst of tho District of terurban line from Paducah to WIckc I SENDS CHECK at follows Mrs T J Flynn I French bark Elltaboth arrhed today I Columbia ntilAons Franco Leo J lUte and the bringing of several new president Mrs W E Kelley vico Iots set Hackor Combs Ho will holp us Keena of Michigan at Florence Industries to Paducah will be dlsIpresident Mrs W I Lewis score Girls Face Scalded Italy Marlon Letcher of Georgia at euesod All members are requested ttarytreasurer Mrs J A Perkins Then I went out to help my wife FOR STATE TAXESIJl Chihuahua Mexico Hunter Sharp to milk and went to bed early for I daughter of Miss Louise Hill senior slater Sirs Henry Harris The knew that John Abner waa to bo land lightship November 10 North Carolina at Belfast Ire J j Deputy Sheriff hat Hill of 1108 tot 1 N Moore Junior dater biro Park truck the barge amidships and killed and I didnt want to be con ilajid Edward D Winslow ot Monroo street met with a serious Illinois at Plauen Germany guard Mrs J R McDowell chairI tho crow of the latter Clolmbored PLAN FOP SIDEWALKS I After n lit I accident this morning when a kettle man of the executive committee atx ard tho Elizabeth while tho vcs- cerned In tho business In the official nominations tent to tle while I heard guiw fired and LdNOIS IS ENRICHED TO THE of boiling water scalded her about tvlIt were locked ON BROADWAY AND JEFF Mrs Wyatt end Mrs T S Caruthors tho senate the members of the new AMOUNT OK 000000 my wife they have killed i I raid to I tho face and hands It Is believed commerce court are designated as ad first and second members of the ex TOIUV John Abner sho will not be disfigured Many CnmlMatoti ecutive committee Mrs Frank Hog dltlonal circuit judges In carrying S1I111 ho Cltyi Engineer how do you know that A Washington Is Louisville Kyi Dec 13Candt this out tMr Knapp la named as a preparing plans Land specifications wood corresponding secretary Mrs dates for Republican romlnatkm for John Abner Is being killed I D Farrington musician Mrs W Judge for the second judicial circuit for concrete sidewalks one Broadway E Kelley Insurance secretary and Ttien I told her about tho con railroad commissioner In tho Third Mr Archbald for the Third Judicial Doc prlngneJd 111 13The CITY HAS MONEY and Jefferson street and bids will be treasurer Mrs district are springing up dally Con vcivatlqn that I had overheard Just state of Illinois today received a Mr Hunt for tho Ninth judicial cirW E Kelley deleJanuary 16 Improved advertised gretsmsn J B Bennett who waY de then Robert Davldions wife rapped chock from tho Illlnoln Oortral rail cuit Mr Garland for tho Eighth sidewalks for and gutters will be gate to the grand convention ID curbs on my door and laid get up they Judicial circuit and Mr foaled for reelection1 will It IIs un representing road for 01090968 TO GIVE SCHOOLS tho Seventh judicial circuitAlack for constructed on Broadway from May Mrs Henry Harris Alternate Capt havo killed John Abner derstood announce himself J taxes for six months ending October Eleventh to Fifteenth streets and on I put on my shoes and went on to 4ick Morris private secretary This makes tho total for from Eleventh to Four I Jefferson Hero camo Jro Deaton 31 1910 the porch j Cummins Urges Ills Measure Governor Wlllion Is in tho field an tho year ending October 31 W10 teenth streets connecting with tho METROPOLIS CONCERN I Washington Dec 13 Modlflca present concrete walkOthers who running with a gun In Ua hand of 121792788 announced candidate father was sitting IS SUED FOR DAMAGES THOlSAND PROMISED THREE tiro expected to offer are John J Tom Donton his AT UEGINN1XO OF FISCAL Craig mayor of Covlngton Judge on the porch and Jase hallooed to FLOODS IN1TALY Vo weve pot him YEAR Samuel Holmes of Nicholas county his fattier By Suit for 1999 damages was tiled sWITNESSES SENT Then his father said Blinking his of Johiwon county Ju Turner today In the McCracken circuit court Continuation nf Item Rainy Wreaks John LUtloJrihn of Carter county nat Dont talk BO much against tho Henry Rhampcndull Serioiw Damages o I and A T Slier of Whltloy who Is t HI tho predictions of City Treas Jnnic IoyncrTO JAIL BY ho prevent commlMloner Tho dls Reports from I 13i Rome Dec Hlckman Ky Dec 13JAmes urer George Walters are correct the trUt Includes fortyeight counties was drowned In the Ohio river near young man pony points In Italy Indicate a con city will hove enough money In tho Poynor a well known Metropolis several months ago The residing a few miles west of lUck tinuation of the heavy storms tho strong box at the end of the year to suit was brought by Mary Carey man died Saturday after n protract flooding of towns nnd villager and take care of tho 10000 apportionMURRAY MAN CHARGED It Is REFUSED TO PRODUCE KVI- administratrix of toe estate Tho vie ment for Island creek bridgo and Death was duo to dropsy serious damage to erops ed Illness alleged that Oarqy was In an Intoxi DENCE OF MUNICIPAL years old Ho was a tints are few for tho people havo will bo able to donate WITH FALSE SWEARING Ho wns 28 13000 at cated condition on the river bank GRAFT prominent member of tho Woodmen had ample warning of the threaten promised to the public schools when tho captain of tho steamer ing waters ur of the World hero payment of city The rush In the Charles Turner who was towing tiny ElwoodNeol deputy United States taxes has not como yet but will come approached ber for tho company I mnrahhl returned from Murray this Mr Wal In the next throe weeks Chicago Dec 13Mrs Ailccn JCarey and asked him la work on tho I I with E O Owen a young afternoon tore feels confident that there will Although In A boat as fireman rams who was Indicted by tho fed bo a big surplus In tho treasury Mr HOOD FELLOWS aro requested to fill out the following blank I drunken condlton Carey consented oral grand jury on the charge of WWalters eays all checks mailed nnd mall It to The Evening Sua or tho PHILANTHROPIC DE it Is alleged and while working on faUo wearing In tho trial of LI him must be received by 5 oclock jail PARTMENT of tho Womans club 214 South Seventh stroot the boat roll from tho boat Into the before W A Gardner Ilobortson Saturday afternoon December 31 days In Jail for con river and was drowned torney to 70 children I will bo Santa claus to The suit Ills United States commissioner or taxpayers will bo required to pay tempt of court today by Federal was filed by Attorney David Brown myself I will deliver tho presents to my children bond Is I701 and this afternoon ho fop He wMl make hla last Judge Landis Tho sentences tho penalty or ing was placed In tho county sail deposit of the year at 5 oclock Satmy lowed their refusals to produce to presents to I will want tho department to deliver tho r ho has closed tho grand jury checks which it IIs urday afternoon after children alleged would show municipal graft This wMl bo donG foi his books Signed THE In Chicago and rebating to tho brick tho fact that January 1 comes or trust by the Chicago Milwaukee Sunday He says It makes no differ Address High Close Dee Low The predictions and tempera St Paul railroad The woman plead once if the checks received aft rr Bo sure to designate whether you will deliver tho presents S 91 A 90 taro for the past twentyfoil Olii ed with tho court not to send her to Wheat that time aro dated several day yourself lionre will bo found at the top jail Judge Landis will consider They must bo In his hand ahead 1 I before ho closes of tho RevPiitli column on page herll I Plea JxMiUvlllo Dec n result of the A split between tho t a it 1 J J- u SPLIT FACTIONS I TEN CENTS PER WEEK wholeJ J > I c 1 i j 13A nTho a racktofIthe IWuhlnllton roomIt < ncorllallrontalnlnl 1 navydepartment It 13llle orJtho thlljhead IWll8hlngton I A tThird p theQ I nTho IsC > nI1compAnIons attendI Gd Twelve Days to Xmas whoFj t DEC Co t 13 Thirteen Is Lucky if you IKATHER XmasDo Shopping < r ttit 1 ii ct > witIness atI Chicago Market 4510at8 4Ye3 o k 1

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