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Image 19 of The Quarterly Bulletin of The Frontier Nursing Service, Inc., Vol. 31, No. 1, Summer 1955

Part of Frontier Nursing Service Quarterly Bulletins

I i' FRONTIER NURSING smwicm 17 A LETTER WE CHERISH (Printed with the writers permission) l Coniluence, Kentucky g August 15, 1955 Y! Dear Mrs. Breckinridge: ` I have always thought a lot of the Frontier Nursing Service i and have appreciated the help it has been to us people of this i section, but this is a letter to try to express how deeply we l I appreciate it and to thank you and the Service. #5 I know you have heard of my husbands illness . . . Last l November he was operated on . . . in Lexington. Since then he has been in the hospital there twice, once in January and again , in May. No need to tell you of the expenses, but a couple of i weeks ago he was very sick and I went to our Possum Bend 3 center and called Miss Hewat. She was so kind and understand- ing, came and did what she could and came several times the next day. Then we decided to try to get him in the hospital at pl Hyden for a few days or until he got to feeling better. { We went to the hospital and Miss Lester was so kind and gl told us to bring him in of course. There was no doctor at the Y hospital so she immediately called our doctor at Harlan, who '_ was Dr. Philip Begley, and also the surgeon at Lexington, Dr. . Coleman Johnston, and they (the nurses) did everything the ii doctors told them to do. Y Snowden stayed there for almost a week and he can not ; praise the hospital too much for the service and kindness given _ him while he was there. The nurses were so kind and did such c a wonderful job of nursing and Miss Lester made his stay there pleasant with her visits and her concern about his welfare while there. He appreciated the fresh eggs you sent him while he 7 was in the hospital too. _' We are saddened by the thought that Miss Boyle and Miss Hewat will soon be leaving us and when I say we, I mean the l entire district, not just our family. They are wonderful girls i and their willingness to go and do has made many a burden ~ lighter for us all. I know the nurses who come to take their places will be good, but I dont believe you will ever find any

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