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Image 1 of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.), November 30, 1911

Part of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.)

m be Vol ume 5 A ITHottH tain Whitesburg. Letcher Countyl Kentucky, November 30 1911 r DEATH CLAIMS WELL KNOWN PHYSICIAN LDr."J. E. Venters Succumbs to Typhoid Fever After a Short Illness. End Came Last Friday Afternoon About 4 O'clock s- - - s- w -- aalct". 5 - - i E BAZAAR" JiEMEMBER BOX-SUIAND UP THF DORCAS CLUBTHANKSGIV- ! Jetfersonvjlle. &ER Road working is the go. Willard Gibson made a trip to Powells riverl Bud Slidham has a fine lot of corn. Jas. Adams is gathering his "nubbins." Elbert Boiling has returned from the west. Alonzy Boiling visited at Jas". Adams'. Deweyite. Starts riuch Trouble & Number 14 c--T Hail thou, King of the season, Of the sunshine and tie rain, Hail thou of the storm and tempest, To Thee we appeal again, . aTo thine own lavish hand From whence our all doth move, We gladly lay our tribute down And plead for mercy, love. The Comings and Goingf of Yourself and Friendss, So Far as We Have Been Able to HearOther Newj;Squiblets. y r Dewey, Va. - OUR THANKSGIVING SAY x ING. m : Lo, a twelve months more could we believe lhat our live3 are thus extended; Oh, Father, in whom we trust and move. Say, are we thus commended? This P. O. is in Montgomery We have sunsl tie, cold, clouds countyJjKy. West-- : Taylor, of and snow. Is ppalachia, news i ''J. . Va., vi3itedhere. Colds continuedio be common and the blowing- ,nd noise of no- - Dave Salyer had. a big sale at C. M. Brown's farm No 2. ses alone disfurbtthe serenity. Mrs. Sarah Day is visiting her wave or sad ess and deep daughter, Mrs.C.M.Brown, sorrow spread liH a pall over the M.C. Eversole's son, Taylor, is town when th'e.ri! ;ws of the death low with pneumonia. of Dr. Venters, w ;s aonunced at C. M. Brown has a large stock his room at the.; KY hotel last of merchandise. Fridav PVPninrr Lee Wills died at his home on J. W. and G.WJ.'Orr, pleasant Spruce Creek. business men of anesville, Va., Green Allen of Morgan county and representing the Interna- has moved to the Bluegrass. ,o., with gaso- J.W.Profitt, of Esserville, Va., line engines as tn air leader, were has bought a farm near here and here the last of tj e week. And now to Thee with thankful hearts," To thy cold skies above, We look again for more and more Of Thine own gracious love. - a Oh, for the sunshine and the harvest, For the music and the. breeze, For health, for life, for blessings all, Yes, in Thee are all of these; : If all peoplo knew that neglect ' Great and glorious King of Kings, " t of constipation would sesult in se Mighty ruler of all below, vere indigestion, yellow jaundice ' Let down, let down, thy glorious' blessings or Airulent liver trouble thev And enable us to live and go. would take Dr. King's Few Life Pill and end ic. Its the only safe We gladly shoulder all thy burdens, will move soon. way. Best for biliousness, head""Though heavy or light they be, Hiram Blair, or Ice, is sending Brown & Richardson's Real ache, dyspepsia, chills and debilAnd gladly push to thy horizon: the Eagle six mcphs to his Estate Agency is progressing. ity. 25c at Whitesburg Drug Co. That lies nearest unto thee. Mrs. jil. J. Craft at Arthur Perry, of Indianapolis, Give us thy strength to labor, DR. JAMES E. VENTERS Mossyrock, Wash. Mrs. Blair is i is here visiting his parents. To fight in every fray, IS also a sister to j&e. late"F. M. To write of the life and death mother; brother and other rela- M. B. For we thus gladly offer tribute Blair. James. E. Venters is to tives. of Dr. On this our Thanksgiving Day. If it is saw- - milb and mill mawrite of a man. Losing his dear Dr. Venters was about thirty- - chinery you want The turned out the best on . t. r i- " mother when a mere boy 1P R " ""v maruec-ic- an sen you. Fif a big circular, nearly as big as :r made his way thru the world j Judge T.G.Lewis,of Hyden, hav- - lLneyears ty of square and liberal the Eagle itself oReubin Boll- - .. The undersigned is nowloea'ted We r . . i i. i ii i. not a bit of something; tho' ever so small, to are no poet,-Ji"ef . myL"ertf. ww'iwji. Ung about, ten mths ago ma- i- deaSin is the recnrA f H, T.of. inc & Co., pop-- Jar and enfer- - in WKftesburg. He is a profes Gap, ana Tkhcrek ' Virginia. man and will do work reasonable. feelings on this glorious Thanks- past year; xno amera speck, a His ancestors were among the and talented dalfhter of Mr. are in a hurry 'phone, ' Looking back over transitory thought, yet "every, - - Burdine.Webb you have any work to do- - or giving Day. first to.put a foot on his native Lewis. Their short married life Dr. John W. Duke, a popular If the past year we see dark clouds good and perfect thought cometh was one of the happiest and soil and theywere a brave, bold, Sergent, Ky. and proficient practitioner from are prospecting on having it with only slight shiny linings, we down-frothe Father in whom done, kindly consult me. proud set,andl&ie"inherited from sweetest. To her we offer all the Hindman, was visiting his sister, hear moans from hearts bereft there is no variableness, neither consolation we have. God wiil Sidney Mullins. them his lpyaltyas a man. He Mrs. George M. Xdams, the denand we see tears falling from the shadow of turning." The was a son of the late John Ven- take care of her in her sad loss. tist, the first of tiie week. BeThe widow's Eagle has done what it could to faces of loved-ones- . He also leaves one brother, ters andRvas born and reared on Farms For Sale fore returning huaie the doctor moans, the orphan's cry and the bring rays of sunshine into every the head of Elkhorn Creek in Booker, and several half brothers Ifjyou want to buy a Bluegrass will spend a few llays at London. We have 75 to 100 good Mari- poverty stricken are still in the home. It is thankful that it has and sisters. what was then Pike county, now .1 Farm write us. We have them on county farms for sale. Write land. God knows the world is been blessed with power to do crowded, almost over- We were Dr. Venters was a member of from 20 to 800 acres. Letcher, and in the upper end of Nothing us for circular of description or full of tears and sighs, heavy this. Tho' remorses and crosses what is now the new town of the wellknovn firm of Drsr Fit?.- - jsted that is not worth the whelmed with jo work up until come and see us. hearts and sad, sad memories. and losses .have come in its way, Patrick, Venters & Bentley, phy- - money Jenkins. late baturday e: ening, St. Marys Real Estate Co., Yet above all, in His own benifi-ce- its thankful that its hundreds of quently, this Ead product Winchester Real Estate Co, In very early life he fitted him- sicians ana druggists at this St. Marys, JCy. way, God reigns, the seas friends have stood as its tower of about two daviwork. Howpiace. Aoout iour weens ago he 0 self for the duties of teaching Winchester. Ky. ons come, tne ram andsnowians of strength amid its besetments. Magazifie Section goes ever, the and engaged in that profession. was stricken with typhoid and and the glory of his kind Provi It knows that all strength comes in for good measure this week. Nor- though every scheme known to He attended the 'Southern dence is abroad .in the land. from on high and now as it lays mal School at Bowling Green, Ky. medical science and with the very Collector Sam4"Collins, Sam this Thanksgiving away with the moves in a mysterious way ToHe Salesman for Strater Bros. W.R, Brown, teacher of graduating with highest honors. best of nursing he continued to Breeding, Arch Jinkins and othrecords of the past it looks forbacco Co. Louisville. Ky. "Cup, to perform 5 Ed. Division 8, is giv His wonders Returning to his native county go down and down until the end ers are attendinglfederal Court ward for its friends many days e, HarOwing to his ex- Handspike, Index, ing satisfaction in this his first He places his foot upou the sea teach- came Friday. he engaged successfully in London. poon, Day's Work, Roll Call, On at of happiness in the future. May And rides upon the storm. school in his home county of ing in our common schools. Fin- posures in trying to save others all gifts shower Last week over j00 indictments Letcher as will be seen by the ally deciding upon the medical from this dread malady and the Square." W, II. Carmack These four lines may not be as the Giver of sells Strater's line in the follow- were returded bykhe Grand Ju- following statement signed by the poet put It, but its our own them down and may the recipiprofession for his life work he other diseases he apparently was ents thereof give honor to the ing counties: Knott, Breathitt. ry at Hazard. jVIost of these the pupils: looked Who has not Giver. recollection of it. entered a - medical college at an easy victim. It v i like i f "Crown, Ky., Oct. 29. Louisville and was graduated ,Desmnmff ne mmseir Letcher, Wolfe, Menefee, Elliott, were for liquor. jAnd there are Magoffin, Morgan, Floyd, Pike, others to follow. It is plainly to had Ilttle hPe of recovery, "The school is going on fine, with highest class honors. From Saved Many from Death A Father's Vengeance the very beginning of his medi- - His passage from time to the Lawrence, Johnson and Martin be seen that the t me is here now W.R. Brown is the best teacher can only get around every when our grand juries do not we ever had, and we invite all to would have fallen on any one who W.KMobk, of Mock, Ark. bebeyond was sweet and cal career he was a success. The? that of a child pass- - three months. Send in your mail meet often enoug i. Any boot- come and see. (Signed) Elihu attacked the son of Peter Bondy lieves he has saved many lives in night was never so dark or cold calm-li- ke of South Rockwood, Mich, but he his 25 ye'ais of ezperience in the To orders, they will take care of legger can sell whisky for two or Adams, D. Brown. Apgeline or the roads so rough that he did ing into a sweet slumber. always your trade. They guarantee their three months, create all manner Allie Caudill, D.Adams, Lu- - was powerless before attacks of drug business. "What I not gladly go to relieve the sick, write on and on of the merits of tobacco to be the very best. of disturbances, cause the mur- Ia Caudill, Manda Adams, Ollie Kidney trouble. "Doctors could like to do ," he writes, "is to reis , . It can truthfully be said of him our . dead friend ,eas. Yet we der of half a dozen men and then not help him," he we wrote, "so commend Dr. King's New Disthat he regarded his friends as things and "doeth all things "I do not believe there is any slip out of the covpty and State Adams, Lora Brown, Mary Tyree. at last we gave him Electric Bit- covery for weak, sore lungs, hard Lula Brown, Henry Brown, Ada other medicine so.good for whoopworth the sacrifice of his lie. well" take care u the bereaved ing cough a s Chamberlain's bef re the grand Jiry meets Af Caudill, Ellie Tyree, Steve Se- ters and he improved wonderful- colds, hoarseness, obstinate He was a ripe scholar, a deep ly from taking six bottles. Its the coughs, la grippe, croup, asthma ter a man has gcTie out of the is and wish. reader and a proficient student of friends yourelatives our his Cough remedy," writes Mrs. Fra- State it does.littleor no good to xtonand others." best kidney medicine I ever saw. or other bronchial affection, fori himj will miss Minnie, Mr. Brown taught for several ncis Turpin, Junction Dity, Ore. indict him except to keep him nature therefore his success in many friends will miss him Backache, tired feeling, nervous- feel sure that a number of my and This remedy is also unsurpassed years in Perry county with great his chosen professien. tothe poor suffering sick will miss for colds anh croup. For sale bv away. Ut coursejthe county au- success. He secured a number ness, loss of appetite, warn of neighbors are alive and well they took my advice kidney trouble that myy end in day because thorities are. ablj to facilitate From the time he was a boy of him. but God can heal all wounds s certificates in Letchof matters very mucji in case they dropsy, diabetes or Bright's dis- to use ii. I honestly believe it's seven till the day of his demise and fill up the void with sun- - all dealers. er but they run out before being are vigilant bnt he burden of used. Trustees, give the home ease. Beware: take Electric Bit the best throat and lung medicthe writer knew him and knew beams. most violations liefwith our grand boys Every bottle ine that is made." Easy to prove him well. He was a model boy, A NATURAL REACTION a chance if you want good ters and be safe. guaeanteed. 50c at Whitesburg he's right. Get a trial bottle free Do you want to rent or buy juries and tne meeting ot our results. a model young man, a model 5 11 or regular 50c or $1.00 bottle. Drug Co. Circuit courts. gentleman to the end. 0 course, a farm in God's own country? If j WHAT DID SHE MEAN Guaranteed by Whitesburg Drug , like all men, Dr. Venters had his you do. we have it. Charles Turner,erhaps from Co. Bluegrass Realty Co., faults, as men count faults, but Knott or BreathitJ county, was they were of that kind that J.C. & R.P. Scobee, Mgrs. Wanted to employ a reliable tried here Mondayjon a charge Winchester, Ky, would ripen into friendship. man to make fence and other of lunacy and was Ordered to be improvements on land near All persons are hereby warned Though rot an adherent to any sent to the insane jiisylum. penalty of law not to cut. Whitesburg. For particulars ad under church or religious creed he was A TEXAS WONDER. destroy or remove any timber or To the Citizens ft Whitesburg dress W. M. Walters, Congress moral, upright, honest and a true other thing of value from the The Texas Wonder cures kidand Letcher County We desire Heights Washington, D.C. He was a member ney and bladder troubles, regentleman. land of Susan M. Walters, on to thankyou for 3ie kind and of the Masonic Fraternity at this moves gravel, cures diabetes, Schoolhouse branch near Whitesgenerous treatmeifc shown Dr. place and one of its highly prized weak and lame backs, rheumaChamberlafn's Stomach and burg, Ky., bounded by the land J. E, Ventefs'durighis lastsick-nes- s Tablets do not sicken or gripe formerly owned by N. R. Day, members and his death has cast tism and irregularities of the and intermenj, Myself and in both men kidney and and may be taken with perfect Cowan Ridge, the lands of W.G. a pall over its entire membership. and women;bladder regulates- bladder daughter will nevfer forget the safety by the most delicate wom- Caudill, J. P. Lewis and W. W. At trouble in children. He was also an Oddfellow. If not sold noble sacrifices rade and the an or the youngest child. The old Long. A reward of $25 will be request the Masons had full by your druggist it will be sent his First Actor I understand the audi- kindness shown it this ordeal and feeble will also find them a paid for evidence to convict any charge of his funeral and in their by mail on receipt of $1. One ence last night was very cold. Second Actor They were at first,-b- and shall ever holdyourselves in treatmost suitable remedy for aiding person or persons guilty of the impressive way he small bottle is two months' beautiful and when they began to recollect to perIn and strengthening" their weaken- offense indicated above. Sunday in the pres- ment," and seldom failsHall, 2926 they bad paid good money to see that readiness to retuia same. was buried the deep sadness, fect a cure. Dr.E. W. we aj e, ed digestion and for regulating of perhaps 500 of his rela- Olive street. St. Louis. Mo. Send show they got hot ence W.M.Walters. He They say a cat has nine lives. Very Restectfully, the bowels. For sale by all and friends, at Thornton for testimonials from Kentucky. tives U.S.Pension Bureau, She Yes; aDd we ought to bo OUR JOB PKINTINQ IS BEST 831yr oxetecy where sleep his father. Sold by druggists. . G, Lewis. that a Iob3ter hasn't. Washington.D.C, . - sister-- in-law, . IT? I i i. 17 -- - - Eagle-hasn,u- st Notice! , o sionn-T7nfsTe- " rer 1 Bluegrass Farms . . L - conse-leisth- e nt 11-3- W. H. CARMACK What They Say sub-distr- ict By-Jo- ro1 ? 1 1 Sat ! Ty-re- e. . first-clas- Notice Notice , ut -- 1 -- 'i ' f

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