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Harry E. Watters papers, 1915-30 (bulk 1931-34), 1915

Part of Harry E. Watters papers, 1915-30 (bulk 1931-34)

1934_01Guide to the Harry E. Watters papers, 1915-30 (bulk 1931-34)Processed by: John LeDoux; machine-readable finding aid created by:Robert GlassSpecial CollectionsSpecial Collections and ArchivesEnsor Learning Resource CenterGeorgetown College400 East College StreetGeorgetown, Kentucky40324 USAPhone: 502-863-8392Fax: 502-868-7740Email: Glen_Taul@georgetowncollege.eduURL: Copyright 2000 Georgetown CollegeLibraries. All Rights Reserved.Machine-readable finding aid derived from HTMLDate of source: 1983Description is in English.Guide to the Harry E. Watters papers, 1915-30 (bulk 1931-34)gtsealContact InformationSpecial Collections and ArchivesEnsor Learning Resource CenterGeorgetown College400 East College StreetGeorgetown, Kentucky40324 USAPhone: 502-863-8392Fax: 502-868-7740Email: Glen_Taul@georgetowncollege.eduURL: http://www.georgetowncollege.eduProcessed by: Glen Taul and Ora LuncefordDate Completed: 1983Encoded by: Thomas Enneking Copyright 2000 Georgetown College. All Rights Reserved.Harry E. Watters papers, 1915-30 (bulk 1931-34)1934.01Watters, Harry E., 1876-19382 linear feetNo online items. Must visit contributing institution.Georgetown College Special CollectionsGeorgetown, Kentucky 40324 USAOpen to researchersCopyright has been assigned to Georgetown College. [Identification of item], Harry E. Watters papers, 1915-30 (bulk 1931-34), 1934.01,Special Collections, Georgetown College, Georgetown.It is not known when the papers of H. E. Watters were placed in the care of the Georgetown College Archives. When President Watters left Georgetown College in 1934, his correspondence and other papers were probably stored at various places on campus. At some point, they were deposited in the Cooke Memorial Library where they remained until the Ensor Learnng Resource Center was completed, and they were transferred there in 1998. The papers were opened for reserch in July 2000Watters, Harry E., 1876-1938Watters served as president of Georgetown College, 1931-34. He was born in Graves County, Kentucky, on September 14, 1876, to Theodore M. and Josephine (Ransom) Watters. He was educated at Southern Normal University (B.S., 1899) and Union University (A.B., 1903; A.M., 1916). He did graduate work at Brown University, 1905-07; at Chicago University, 1933-34; and at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, 1935. He received honorary D.D. and LL.D. degrees from Hall-Moody Institute, 1906, and Union University, 1921, respectively. He was principal of public schools in Kentucky and Tennessee for seven years. Watters taught history at Union University. He was president of Hall-Moody Institute, 1905-15; of the College of Marshall (later East Texas Baptist College), 1916-18; of Union University, 1918-31; and Jonesboro Baptist College (Arkansas), 1935-37. He pastored many churches. He first married Annette Routon on August 28, 1899, and then Ethen Reed, July 22, 1931. He fathered four children: Lillian, Evelyn, Everette, and Marden. He died, April 15, 1938, Jackson, Tennessee.Watters authored BIBLE OF SUPER-HUMAN ORIGIN (1908); PHYSICS SIMPLIFIED (1905); PLANNING A LIFE (1935); YOUTH MAKE THE CHOICE (1938).When Watters became president of Georgetown College, the college was on the verge of closing permanently. Declining student enrollment had created heavy deficits. Because of ill health, Watters was ineffective in reversing the trends, and eventually had to resign when the college was nearly insolvent. The appointment of the first woman trustee, Mrs. Emil Peters, was the one notable event that occurred during his presidency.Homer Waldrop, "Watters, Henry Eugene," ENCYCLOPEDIA OF SOUTHERN BAPTISTS, Vol. 3, Nashville, TN: Broadman Press, 1971; Robert Snyder, HISTORY OF GEORGETOWN COLLEGE, pp. 106-09.Container ListSubseries I: Correspondence of W. B. JonesBox 1William Bristow Jones, Professor of English, was appointed acting president in October 1930, after Dr. M. B. Adams resigned on January 1, 1931. His correspondence was not arranged in any particular order.11W. B. Jones, 1931-32 12W. B. Jones, Correspondence., 1930-31 13Music Fellowships, Correspondence., 1931 14Trustees, 1930-31 Subseries II: Correspondence of H.E. Watters1930-34 Box 1 - 4Most of Dr. Watters's correspondence involves the recruitment of students. The files were arranged alphabetically according to subject.15Alabama, 1930-3116ADA, 193117All, 193118AAUW, 193119Applications, 1932110Arkansas, 1931-32111Ber, 1931112California, 1931-32113Canada, 1932114Car, 1931115Cat. Req., 1931116Ches-Cl, 1931117Colorado, 1931-32118Dan-Dav, 1931119District of Columbia, 1931120Ect-Els-Emo, 1931121Florida, 1931-32122Georgia, 1932123Guy-Hur, 1931124Illinois, 1932125Indiana, 1932126Interior, 1931127Iowa, 1932128Jon, 1931129Kentucky -- Misc. , 1931-32130Kentucky -- Bardwell, 1931-32131Kentucky -- Bowling Green, 1931-32132Kentucky -- Covington, 1932133Kentucky -- Cynthiana, 1931-32134Kentucky -- Danville, 1931-32135Kentucky -- Frankfort, 1932236Kentucky -- Georgetown, 1932237Kentucky -- Glasgow, 1931-32238Kentucky -- Greenville, 1932239Kentucky -- Hazard, 1932240Kentucky -- Hopkinsville, 1931-32241Kentucky -- Lewisburg, 1933242Kentucky -- Lexington, 1931-32243Kentucky Livingston, 1932244Kentucky -- London, 1932245Kentucky -- Louisville, 1931-32246Kentucky -- McVeight, 1932247Kentucky -- Madisonville, 1932248Kentucky -- Maloneton-Mayfield, 1933-34249Kentucky -- Maysville-Millwood, 1932-33250Kentucky -- Mt. Sterling-Morgan, 1933251Kentucky -- Morehead-Murray, 1932-33252Kentucky -- Narrows-N. Pleasureville, 1932-33253Kentucky -- Owensboro, 1932-34254Kentucky -- Oneida-Owenton, 1931-33255Kentucky -- Paducah, 1932-33256Kentucky -- Paint Lick, 1932-33257Kentucky -- Paris, 1931-33258Kentucky -- Paintsville-Pikeville, 1931-33259Kentucky -- Paineville, 1932-33260Kentucky -- Pleasureville-Princeton, 1932-33261Kentucky -- Ravenna-Richardson, 1931-33262Kentucky -- Rockholds-Russell, 1932-33263Kentucky -- Russell Springs - Russellville, 1931-33264Kentucky -- Sackett-Salyersville, 1931-33265Kentucky -- Sanders-Scottsville, 1931-34266Kentucky -- Kentucky School Journal, 1931267Kentucky -- Seco-Shelbyville, 1932-33268Kentucky -- Shoal-Smithland, 1933369Kentucky -- Somerset, 1932-33370Kentucky -- Sparta-Stamping Ground, 1932-34371Kentucky -- Worthville-Williamstown, 1931-33372Kentucky-- Winchester, 1931-32373Kni-Lig, 1931374Louisiana, 1931-33375Mailing List -- Massachusetts, 1931-33376Michigan, 1931-33377ministerial students - Minnesota, 1931-33378Mississippi, 1931-33379Missouri, 1932-33380Mon-Montana, 1931-33381Nea-New Jersey, 1931-33382New York, 1931-34383New Mexico-North Carolina, 1931-33384Ohio, 1931-33385Oklahoma, 1932-33386Ontario-Oregon, 1932-33387Par-Pas, 1931388Pennsylvania, 1931-33389Phillipine Islands-Pik, 1931-32390Press clippings, 1931391Por-Quotations for Catalogue, 1931-32392Red Fox Oil Co. - South Carolina, 1931-33393Spin-Sun, 1931-32494Summer School Letters, 1932495Tay-Tennessee, 1931-33496Tennessee, 1931-32497Tennessee-- Jackson, 1931-32498Tennessee -- Nashville, 1931-32499Tennessee -- Union Univ. at Jackson, 1931-324100Texas, 1931-334101Thom-Tel, 1931-324102Trustees -- Reports of the President 1932, 19324103Virginia, 1931-334104Washington, 1931-344105War-Wells, 19314106West Virginia, 1931-334107Western Recorder-Yat, 1931-33

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