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Image 1 of The Mt. Sterling advocate, August 21, 1907

Part of The Mt. Sterling advocate

uuuuuuIp fqt fr f trI I f 1j1 t 7 t rIr rt II u tp lJ I 1 e t- r- a xJ y r t U1W N I r 1 r 1 > it > 11rt Y fJ l 1 i1 Ai r r t cflttrrhn r f t WEEKLY cJOURNAL A 1 IVOLUME + dtrorate 3 t S t t f I XVII STERLING MT LOUISVILLE CITY HOSPITAL The following response to a toast was delivered by an exrep resentative of the Advocate our Can Be Compared Only to Prisons friend and colaborer Mr Paul of Barbaric Days Brown of Slmrpsburg at Ann Michigan Arbor Paul is a man of talents and ambition and VOLT IS There isnt any let up No matter how hot it is The three meals n day must be prepared just the same You cannot get out of this work but you can do it in half the timeand make the work much easier by buying this Hoosier t3U KENTUCKY WEDNESDAY AUGUST 21 1907 OUR SOUTHERN GIRLS Kitchen Work is Hard in the Summer i IDENTICAL IN INTEREST WITH ITS OWN PEOPLE we can in see him a profession FiAZELR1GGSONDry i REMOVEDAS Look at their French Voiles in exquisite color ings splendid quality and the best value ever offered 36inch the subject assigned to Mr Brown lifted him above the common walks of men and set him agoing among the clouds By a careful ed Julius C Vogt as superinten rending of this production the dent of the Louisville City bios reader can see in Mr Brown a coming lawyer TuesdayAugust Wear like Buckskin Sole agents Cat Hosier JouetMenefee specialtyt for Blackbest hosiery men and children The Kictchen Mayor Bingham issued a state ment that no matter what hap- pened politically or otherwise he would give all of his time and en- ergy to remedy the terrible condi- tions which exist at the City Hos for both wo on the conti nent at the price Mr Toastmaster and Gentlemen Royal line of extra Super Ingrain Carpets at This is a very happy occasion LAST YEARS PRICES Rugs and Druggets in tonight and I hope all of you may enjoy it as much as myself I Son have listened with a great deal of pleasure to the remarks of gentle pitalAt men who have just preceded me noon Mayor Bingham receiv You have asked me to respond to ed a report from the committee o a subject that should appeal to the physicians appointed by the Jeffer heart of every Southerner and I son County Medical Association to should have declined had it not examine the City Hospital This i1 t been that my loyalty and zeal to committee consisted of three of tho suchcharming and resplendent foremost physicians of Louisville I j DEMOCRATIC characters bade me arise to the oc They made a thorough examina CAMPAIGNI NEWSPAPERS ONLY DISAPPOINTED 11 RIVER i PIMPED DRY however humble m y tion the conditions beggar de ens ion words for no chord of music has scription and say they can only be Opens at Lexington August 31st Will be Used by Newcastle In REFUSAL yet been found that equaled that compared to the prisons of bar DUKE HONORS illS BRIDE IN W S TAYLORS diana Business Men in the sweetest of sounds My Southern boric Europe tad that nearly all The Democratic State Campaign No words of sentiment the wards and departments are iin Committee on Thursday decided to Girl Makes 2000 Acre Park a fairy Many Republicans Now Think lie have ever reached the heights or a frightful condition The condi formally open the State campaign Should Be Forced to Return Land fathomed the depths of Gods no tions are held to be flu worse than with a meeting at Lexington on The Helail Merchants Associa to Stand Trial blest creation Our Southern they were charged to be a year August 81tion of Newcastle Ind has placed In an effort to mike a two thou Girls For as nature has given ago when Paul Barths Board of Judge lager was the first speak the ban on all advertising schemes I sand acre park look like fairyland sublimity unto the beautiful violet Safety forced Dr Jouett Mcnefee er at the meeting One of the stockarguments of Ho suggestedI1and will have nothing to do with with gushing fountains cascades the defonants apprehended in the and majesty unto the snowcapped to resign as interne because he thatthe formal campaign opening programs socallcd business direc and beautiful lakes for his bride Goebel murder cases has been that peak so too upon her nature has tried to remedy the frightful IIcon be held at Lexington I e pointedj lories or other schemes devised to H during their honeymoon James if Taylor and Finley the former smiled leaving a crimson hue upon ditions existing at that time out the advantages of Lexington separate a merchant from his cash B Duke president of the Aster Secretary of State could be put the dainty check and n twinkle iin Newspaper advertising is rccog After receiving the Ireport ofthe for an opening place ictiQ Tobacco Company has pump on the witness stand they would the loving eye Her presence physicians Mayor Bingham said Got Bccklmm followed lie nixed as the only profitable pub ed the Raritnn river at Somerville testify to matters that would go lends enchantment and a charm iin I received that report today declared that he would accept th N J dry Duke has on his es- fur to clear those on trial It was every land and every clime wheth 1 confess it made me sick I J lager that adhered to in the future This at heart suggestion of Midge 1 I tate artificial lakes covering an even sought at one time to use 11 leer sunned at the tropics or chilled I feared that things were bad but the campaign lit opened at Lexing decision was reached after one area of several hundred acres be depositions of these fugitives at the pole The Southern Girl I did not believe they were so ten ton Originally he had favored I years investigation of results ob sides innumerable fountains and1 Now that Taylor has declined aI has a temper easily ruffled but a rible as this report shows Paducah but had deferred to tlt These are supplied proposition to come to court under spirit of forgiveness far greater waterfalls wishes of Fudge lager he being vertising I immediately ordered the re from the Karitan river by a pump guarantee that he would be re- always of the happiest and sunni A committee was appointed by moral of iIII Vogt as superintend at the head of the ticket and ho lug station disposition with a smile for I cucst turned without arrest to his ent and appointed Dr Jouett Mcn Bickham fooling it the duty o tthe Merchants League who kept In honor of his brine Duke or in Indiana Republicans who feel every friend nevertheless con 1actual figures on the business done I do not even know what every candidate on the ticket andI efce t dered the fountains to be run at that Powers has been made to bear tempt fur every foe She is everr by tin merchants and traced to va J Dr Menclces politics is and I do the party lenders to uphold Fudge their fullest capacity during their burdens that should have been filledwith animation and vivacity lingers hands as the leader of the rious Torms of advertising Tho not care honeymoon only form of advertising showing shared by Taylor and Finley are always raptured with the world campaign I Through her lifely voyage whe actual benefits was traced to le saying so rumor here says that HOVKUXOI HSHJMOTS SUCCKSS No Excuse eager winds are kissing every sail possible every recommendation gitimate newspapers Special both Taylor and Finley should be made by the physicians except the A negro baby nursery is to be made to return to Kentucky i or whether in midocean or amid the The Governor predicted success boom editions were condemned by f immediate building ofit new City started in Lexington to enable trial Frankfort correspondent of breakers of the farther shore she fur the Democratic ticket in No the committee and merchants wcro Hospital This I cannot do for is ever seeking a blessing to benegro women who want to work to CourierJournal vember lIe reviewed briefly the urged to refrain from using them I IIthe city IillS 110 money stow a burden to share record of the party for seven years They are usually the products of leave their homes THe plan is for John ID Wakeliold James B past and declared in all things IIndlit all times a Pool the negro women to tape thei that the cant solicitors traveling froth city to Some may not see the superiority paign would be one of education city interesting a certain class of babies to the nursery in the morn Thirty tobacco growers who use i s and that the Democrats have I 1 ing and leave them in charge of the Cincinnati markets enter and exonerated the hospital than tern of the closest inspection noj capable persons while the mothers into a pool vhereby they will have notice that she alone can entertain for their share in the work spendwork It is Ian excellent idea controlof more than 15000 hogs n dozen men but I must say frankly agement and asked fur Dr Mono the partys records 1 whiehwas is perfectly plain to me for l Iees resignation it Among those who have to work heads 1cHlllI infinitely rather iin ing no money with the merchants have seen none other hall so good promptly given Tho Newcastle and want to work have been some December next turn over the of who advertised This represents about three The Courier iomnal the Times fice of Governor to Judge lageri Merchants League recommend J u who have their offspring lau fourths of all the tobacco not no Other cities and states may and Paul Barth united together in mud lose a seat in the United Stales that then merchants use only the mint danum or some other anesthetic to tied up by the Equity have their claims for that is only a malignant attack upon IDr IIenI Senate than go to that office seeing bona lido newspapers published keep them quiet in their absensc I3d a vote of the shippers pie Kentucky pass into the hands o f regularly either daily Sunday or The establishment of the nursery ent it was decided to formulate an natural but you Mr Toastmas will provide a most deserving independent organization mum republicans declared the Gov weekly tf ion belawyers as splendid types of malignant and vindictive in assail ernor in closing i charity and take away the excuse the shippers of the Cincinnati H Dr Thomas IEclectric Oil is that many domestics offer for not markets who had not already turn knighthood and southern chivalry in > Dr Menefcc in the editorial the best remedy for that often fa Her Last Prayer Granted working ed their product over to the ever remember and realize that columns of the CourierJournal tal disease croup I as been used H I upon yonder canopy in the vaulted Now every dharge made by Dr Bob and Kicharcl Crenshaw two with success in our family foAuto Goes One Mile In 40 25 EquityWilliams heavens above stands out in words Menefcc and more are proved and brothers of Webster county were ryears111 x L Whiteacre Buf Carbolic Salve With A I Seconds e paroled last week from the peni wide fact that beyond the waterfalo N Y nica and Witch Hazel j tentiary of the turbulent Ohio in the lint About two years ago At Atlantic City N L in 1rho host Snlroln the world fur uiits bruises where magnolia breezes blow they accompanied their sister t o Acted Within Its Scope splendid burst of speed Monte Patronize Home Merchants a arearecl and nurtured amid the sun I i the depot to see her oil for her l The Supreme Court of Georgia Roberts iriMi 120horse power ma- kissed hills of the South ever has t Sold hy1Iwr Kennedy 24l1lJy dniKSlsts After all that has been said or home in Indiana She had Sept has decided that the General I chine won the free for all race been and ever will be the native As 20lvr heath of the noblest purest truest can bo said about the big mailI ralotl from belt husband and he hud sembly of the Cumberland Church order houses the simple fact re come to the train to gigot possession acted A Freak Newspaper i within its authority when it in t matins that they get the business of their two children A quarrel voted for union of all the Cumber 40 25 seconds 0 25 seconds lower One of the most remarkable the sun has ever shone So drink by thorough and persistent adver ensued and the two brothers held land Churches with reference to than the record for the time made freak newspapers ever printed this one boys for Using showing cuts of goods andl the man while the woman shut and by Christie last year church property to bo recog F W was The Luminara published giving prices If home merchants killed him At tho trial the sister each of one razed by civil courts The decision Leland in a 45horsepower six Madrid i It was printed with it t would take the same methods was liven a life sentence and the cylinder car was second in 41 i5 containing phosphorus so has the ellcct of awarding tho that much of the trade now going to two brothers each twentyone property of the seconds Cumberland Pres could be rend in the dark Our Southern Girls the until order houses in the cities years The sister committed sui byterian Church in Atlanta to that When I asked them to drink to would Surprised Him conic to them A man we cide in prison leaving a pathetic The Gentleman Farmer anxious the Southern Girls with me I held of the F A Estes YTyandottc Ky t aloof nit water glass while all oth know recently made up a list of letter in which she pleaded for the tools and hardware from one of release of lien brothers f ho js were so sick they consummated by the General As the mail onlpr catalogs and took it i C old not eat and they were all matter with my hens3 1 sembly at Dicatiir 111 flay 20 Why this isls were both from Kentucky it t Work is to begin next spring a homo dealer to yet prices 1It scouring very badly I have them 1 JJOH I 1 Vhero they say lap hero sill drink was surprised to find that he could1uu the canal to connect the lakes Bourbon Hog Cholera Remedy and 1on tloir bucks coldIfnd stiflith bore It toolhie about siixi I with the Ohio river Jwill re l to iny surprise it cllled them withI tlifir foot ticking up in the nil minutes to deliver this Plea- get the same articles at homo fug quire six years to complete the tIng for the occasion with a mint less money mud sine tho express out a loss i hor on the program It was 12 charges and also see the goods lie t Soldand guaranteed by 7 oclock before I twits called on for WIlbuyingNewSllalCI Talk Lloyd Mt Sterling Iij i I liensis dead Clttily Puck bel tat few words lia i 00000 4it- Cabinet Price ThLrt oft 1725 d I Fine Table Linens and Napkins for fine func V ImperialMattings departmentsThey HAZELRIGG I SON t I i J8 I AdvertisingM 1 1 I strictlye > t 81e I 1 1 au prei 1 I I i tForm t I e 1 oe wtt itJ Sn5Ir rullIallllcdto I girlhood 1 cunditionslII 1 lit upholds 1 i < > 1 j j j- IFa I A l clltitbox 1 thehowels DoansHe TrentmlntI I i i i I I I F 7 1 1 3 Vt lv 1 1 1 r i I I 1 f j 1 allill icAnd heartsit UncleI exceptrndg illgI sltitIblo I thj worldr Choppanutls I v andj I to1r t ir a s

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