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Image 1 of Louisville daily courier (Louisville, Ky. : 1851), April 4, 1859

Part of Louisville daily courier (Louisville, Ky. : 1851)

COHJMEM. FEINTED AND PUBLISHED W.N.UUBKniNA Il.T.DCHPETT, CAPITAL PRIZE CNDIR THI BTTLI OF HALDEMAN Ifflcc No.. 61 TERMS OF ADVERTISING SniCr- rf Pf em One square li lines nonpariel or leM: - slor. II nr.h additional Insertion ()!'. tijiitr Oae -- quire one month, without alteration.... 5 Vue vj'str two month I 10 One sqa.-- t three --ninths 15 i months yp $5 0,0 Third St., Louisville. S3 Sc DURRCTT, & IV lyOne aert t',,..'TrjoEU.t fcST" icr. J!u'ci!nt&rei:t n.on'ijT H. B. CLIFFORD, MORE PRIZES THAN BLANKS! BY 00 83 (O O O! SHELBY COLLEGEL OTTF.RI, TO HE ON 1HAVN The Havana Plan. 20 00 Checkered EXCLUSIVELY. s,'clby0f"Mc.0"c'''J LOUISVILLE, K.Y. .C.M'CALLCK. & M'CALLUM, SNYDER d- - u, t and Produce Merchants, Commission No. 21 Wall siren, between Main and Water. KT. 8?" Particular attention paid to the sale of Flour, Grain and Produce. 157""An extra article of family flour always on hand. LOUISVILLE, 17 cha-.a- d PHILLIPS -- ntiso ptriaiidiiS to rtulsr b.ilni.,t3 tii-- ir be pail uueal,8ic'.eiy, Charitable and Political Kotle. , Biertei for 50c the first, and 2Sc for each subsequent anlwUInot bs pctlljhe-- azlcss rxtdfcrls ad Tasce. advertisements, without any exeep ;jjf- - utrar.-Ie- at advance. tie i. - -- st e p"'!'1 (XT Na contracts for yearly advertisement! will be without rrevlcua notice to us, nor will any lest than on year at the yearly iarf ee be made tatr ton, ve aware, On Saturday, April 30tli, 1859. 23,305 Prizes, auioumlug to f 3 10,000! Payable In full, without deduction. SCHEME. I fr In Weekly Courier 10 rente per Sue for th? first lnte-tic- n, and & cents a lice for each sab U j3nt liseruoa, and no abatement for length or time. Excess of advertisements will be charged proper l3T t.ocatelv to the space contracted for. GENERAL INSURANCE afflc over Starts. ITlaln street, bet. Soulli alfie Fourth and Fiftb, LOUISVILLE, KV. and Steamboat Hull Risks, takeu in the foiiowicg responsible and solvent Insurance Companies, severally authorised by license from the An Suit- - to iltrctor Insurancetransact business la Kentucky, under Law of the titate. the fa preocatir.jr these Companies to the attention of the sorarac-ilty- , we do so with every assurance and fuaran-ter.- f thr olundoubted tulvicy and prcmptitud In the looses, and ieiiTnt every respect. a being worthy of entire ic, A? MUTUAL LIFE INSURANCE CO. of New Vork. 5,W0.OO0. Ca3hC.i;al Fii'D. 1. Prtsilt-s- t WINJ-'TCS- ISAAC AUBATT, Secretary. The Asiured participate in tLe Profits. INSURANCE COMPANY, No. 15 Wall street, New Vork. furplus Jash GtOi jE T. liOPt, President. U. U. LAMPORT, Secretary. Tlie A ured participate in tl.e Profits. SOPTil AMLRICA5 riUE INSURANCE CO., No. 6 '.'.'ail street, New York. CONTINENTAL f000 Jt. J Orgjiistd in. Capital an' Surplus AS. V Vt4 st r. WIucl rrej New fv J Have-i- , - Conn. 1' -- f DCraWOETII, Prrt'U J. l - COMPANY, -i n and furplce S t3,0iK) " x. CITY FIRE INSURANCE , C- OF VA., OF TilE VALLEY iNSURANCECO. Oaaruiea 1S23.) f3J0,000 B. W. BLECKER, her'y. OTIS, l ies't. Sua Ck I. a. iakmjs, year BABCOCK, Vise 0U) Pre.'l. GEO. II. ?CR ANTON, Secretary. LIFE INSURANCE SNICKEI.BOCKEH ttreet, New York. No. K Wiii'.a-jand Sarp'.as Cth Ck.:tii CO. 8c CO., Forwarding Merchants AXD WHARFB 0 AT PROPRIETORS, n2T dly CAIRO, ILL. JAMES 31. DAVIDGE, DKCGGIST and APOTIIEtlUV, Southwest corner of Twelfth and Gravson streets, . . . of.. ..400 are S00 are of . LOUISVILLE, KY. 8,000 4,000 O. NEWS S,000 PRIZES. 12 000 prize, are prize, are .. 2,400 s w j prize, are . 1,600 4,003 prizes, are. 1,200 800 2.S40 prizes, are.. 2,0)0 prizes, are.. 640 4S0 1,000 prizes, are. 400 prizes, are... 2,000 are.. 200 prizes, are. prizes, AND BOOK, 1,600 1,600 amounting to.. .$340,000. 25,365 prizes APPROXIMATION PRIZES. PAPER, COLORED ALSO of all Iiimls JRajtcr ZIASH PAID F VJ VILLE PAPER MILL, No. 477 Main it. d4 APD.T. SMITH W. B. SMITH O.K. SMITH D. M. SMITH & EROS., GENERAL Commission & Forwarding Merchants A0 PSALMS IX res The two p eceding and euceedlng numbers to thf-sdrawin? th first 53 Prizes, will be entitled to the 212 Approximation Prlzev For example . If ticket No. H2."x draw, the f.'iO.OOO prize, those tickets numbered 1U4S. 11249, 11251 and 11252, will each be entitled to f'oo and o rn acordins to the above scheme. If ticket No. 1 houll be 1rawn, the approximations would be 2. S, 9.W and 50000. If ticket No. .VRHifl Phould be drawn, 'he approxixatlon would be 49i9S, 49939, 1 and 2. If ticket No. 2 or 49999 should be drawn, the approximations wlill be on the fame principle. PLAN OF THE LOTTERY. In the above scheme there are 50.000 tickets, number1 to 50 0o0. There are 153 full Prizes and 212 Approximations; and 25,000 Prizes, determined by the drawing of the Cspital Prize, making In all 5,805 OZDEH. Prizes. Ttie numbers from 1 to 50000, corresponding with the numbers on the tickets, printed 'on separate slips of paper, are rolled up and encircled with small tin t'lhes, nnt placed In a til ass Wheel. The amounts nf the different 158 full Prizes, shoilarly prlnted and encircled, are placed in another wheel. After revolving the wheels, a number Is drawn from the wheel of number, nd at the same time a Prize is drawn from the other wheel by boys who are blindfolded. The number and the Prize drawn out are opened an 1 exhibited to the audience and registered by the Commissioner, the Prize being placed agtinu the number drawn. This operation is repeatei until all the Prizes are drawn out The drawing is then printed, ani after comparison, the Commissioner ce titles to its correctness. The 25,000 Prizes of S each, are determined by the number which draws the highest Capital Prize, (f.Vi.OoO.) If the number should be an od-number, then every odd number ticket will be entitled to fs. If an even number, then every even number ticket will be entitled to f S,ln addition to any othf-- prize which a Ticket may be entitled to. All those tickets ealing with 0, 2, 4, C, S are even; all those ending with 1, 8, 5. 7, 9 are odd fSST" Prizes psyahle in full, without deduction. No. 14, Second St., bet. Main and the Eiver, LOUISVILLE, KY. BRYANT, HARRIS & BARBEE, JORREISS OF DOMESTIC & VARIETY GOODS, d2dly 423 MAIN MTI.EET, KENTUCKY. LOUISVILLE, NEW SPRING STOCK, are now receiving our TBEATEit . A. L. HOOE 8c P. HCOJt BROTHER, TO llOOE LUCKETT (.SUCCESSORS IMrORTIRS AND DIALERS IX FRENCH Iron-Ston- CO.,) CHINA, China, and Earthenware, e AD AMERICAS 3F1-& & X7V BOHEMIAS O- - Xj ' : 2.- - c--' marr 'ssXof o sjo iJ 'H i . Jrl 5? 9 O s i -- i io r ; Ts"i I -- j$ .' K)"J,Sh.rrt J. I gagg s1 .S 3 !S S a15 S 8 is g -- oja 1 o a a 'dojj I 3 is SSSSSgS 5a-at- 4. "o -i ... - --a to o to j i"s J - k. rrs I . z y EASTERN DISTRICT. Tlty Tax Collecto r R. R. Tax Col. WARDd. 31 34T 169 lo's'umcw! 449 -- ,0 S27 283 284 169 837 26) 344 273 818! 4541 258: 842! 237 378 167 429 9IS First Ward, Second Ward,. Third Ward. Fourth Ward,. 320 346 272 1095 lOSft 1079 ,'.o:si 10S3 37 49 WESTERS 10 street R. R. Tax Collector Inspector. Col. WAkDi. a, r Por Steamboats, Ilotels and Tamiliei. Britannia-Ware- , Cutlery end fancy 279 J57We are requested by Messrs. S. G. Henry A Co., to say that the large and desirable stock of Spring and Summer Dry Goods and other Spring Merchandize, is now open for inspection, at auc. tion rooms. The sale will commence morning (Tuesday,) and will be continued on Wednesday. It is seldom bo hrge and so varied a stock is offered at public sale. Country buyers are especially invited to call und examine the stock before the sale. 176 871 2S4 Ward 202 145 72 COS 925 1380 S3 1805 S S93 4.3 42 512 256 293 334 3ll 1S74 693 479 forward ornexs. FIRST WARD. Democrat. Gunkfcl. 461 Butler. . 445 453 8. Trus Gilmore sreoso Council Alder'n 8. Trui-iattCouncil Harlg. . . . Rsainor . I I I Robb.. White.. Deerinr. Opposition. 8.7 8.4 8.3 WARD. .1U .320 ...SI Hall Kendall Wat.s .123 ..244 ..2:H ...25 J .37 Prewitl Osborne. on. THIRD WARD. JsQ'erion . . . . 261 I Murphy.. Wlman Tharman. Sals rocRia ward. Council Kaye ...ISO Alexander. W.ble ...173 Shaoks AlJsr'n Rlchardion ...176 Wood S. Trus I.lis ....169 Milton rirrn ward. 152 I Pettlt Merrlwethcr 173 I Armstrong. Polndexter 1S6 Watkins . .. S. Trus Kiakesd S. Tfus Old Timet and AwThinj of April MonHtnud Ournext Since the portant and exciting news from Nicarsgua. The British steamship Clyde, from San Juan cn tb morning of the 2uh, arrived here yesterday af Mariox Cocjrrr, April 2, 1353. ternoon, 21st inst. The famous Colonel Ed'dort LouitvilU Courier : I am a plain, honest, who has been for some time the political straight up and down man, and I ain't sheered agent of Joe White's company, was a passer. r4 to express my opinions, even if I ain't much of a and goes home in the Northern Liht leaded down American interscribe, so I hope you won't be insulted at my with protests and dispatches. annihilated, defunct, dead and buried ia sendin'you a few lines, to let you know how the ests are and Joe White's company, esnta, Nicaragua, cat jumps in old Marion. I call her old Marion captain and steamers run off, imprisoned, seixsd I've lived here the biggest half of a hundred and blown up. The bridges have been burned, years, and she is allers old Marlon to me. I am and the employes have nothing to do bet get away as quickly and safely as possible. sorry to say, though, that some of the present It appears that the Nicaraguan government are a getting to big for their breeches. has been looking out for filibusters on the PaI'm on of the independent sort, and I can jest tell cific side for sometime, and had spies stations J suspiyon that I nearly made the town of Lebanon, I oatha coast to report the arriral cfasy cious vesseL The 20th of February was th ITe" knowed her erer sine she was fixed for the arrival of the invaders, and oa the mean, that knee high to a duck, (as the say in' is) ani I alters night of the 19th three of the largest bridges cn looked on her as a part of myseef. The first coffee the Transit road, from the lake to San Juan del Sur, were burned down. These bridges from fif that waa ever in Marion county, was fetched here teen to twenty in number had a.l been lately by my father, and if ha could see how the folks built and repaired, and one of the three burnsd Is aid to have cost $1,000. hare got ahead of his time, I reckon he would On the afternoon of the 2d of March the United mighty nigh come to life again. I've see the States slcop-o- f war Decatur appeared off San Juan time (and it aint been so far back neither) when del Sur, and sent her boats oa shore for water. the people in Lebanon was glad to get tallow canThe sleepless spies were en the alert; and taking dles and suzar tree to burn, but I'll be ding'd if the Decatur for a filibuster cre't, and the water they are satisfied now, unless they're got this boats to be filled with armed invaders, the greas new kind of burnin' fluid and coal to burn. Yes era fled to the bushes, thence to the President, sir, you can hear 'em all around sarin', "oh! 1 burn and reported the country already Invaded and coal" by das if they don't talk about filled with armed men. Marline.' boscm swelled coal, till you'd think half of 'em had with patriotism, and was a!mostwi!J wi'h tha been raised in a coal mine. Sometimes hope of encountering the enemy. Martial law 1 ketch myself a laaghin' right out sounded, forces when I think about it; and then they allers wind was declared. The war trumpet placed up with something about Luaville, and what they were called out, end the President, having the chair of State in other keeping, put hin.seif seed in Lnaville. I'll be ding'd if it weulda't at the head of the army. AH tae pomp and pamake a mule laugh. They think, I reckon, rade of glorious war waa going on in style ta they've got about a yard and a half of rail- be seen and appreciated only in Nicarsgaia.'wheu road tacked on to one end of town that there news came that there were no filibusters at San aint nobody in the world but them, and that the JaandelSur; that the ship was an Amnes3 balance of the State of Kentucky aint got nothin' President Martinez having sutisfie--i else to do but to talk about tbem. But the thing himself of the actual state of things immediate? that tickles me the most is the Lebanon merchant issued the following "holdin' out inducements to iov.ntry merchants." PROCLAMATION. The first time I read that in ono of the Lebanon newspapers, (for they've got tivo saws at work Tht Freidrnt of th Rpvllie of yicuajua tz Authorities and Inhabitant) of tht iari now), I laughed till my old woman was oneasy. Fsnow Cocxtetoex The spies thst we barIt's astonishin' how quick folks can forget what -j nwchanis .' they started from yymttIt bangs on the shores of the Pacific being justly alarmed by the extraordinary arrival of a veseei at vsiioss creation. I went up to town yesterday, and the first thing points of the coast, gave ns speedy notice of it, I seed was a monument as high as a hickory, and we believed with sufficient cause, that wa of the stores, close b; were again invaded by the filibusters. standing right You immediately made ready to combat tb?i, the Court House. Well, thinks I, here's another new extra. I looked at it a long time to try to and I also was prepared to lead yoa to victory, make out what it was put there lor. But it was when we were informed that the reported invasion a kick ahead cf me, so I axed a feller if they had not taken place. The filibusters, it is true, cause us great mis was agoing to bare a graveyard in the middle of town, and don't you think the darned fool ehief by the state of alarm in which they keep cs, his nose and but they must certainly know the entauiam wita didn't put his thumb against shook his fingers at me, and grinned like a which you just now no to arms in defence oi your liberties; and this muit produce reat monkey, and says, "Why, you old Continental, among the obstinate plotters of dou'tyou know this is the first day of April.? ' then I began to see through the big monument. It our enslavement At the proper emergency the government was enabled to jude cf the zeal and acwas jest put there to make fools ax questions, and I happened to be the first. Maybe I wasn't tivity of the civil and military erapiojees of the deenougn to cuss when toe leitows in tne street partments, and of that of the people, and also of the mad heroic resolution of the Nicaraznans, whoe brows commenced laughing ! I reckon you know all about who is to be the I saw proudly raised, as if anticipating the laueis district, so I needn't with which they were soon to bedecked. You next Congressman froaa this try to enlighten you on that point, but I can tell have won a title, one and all, to the public esteem. you I never seed as many aspirants in my life. I admire you, heroic sons of a peeple which do sort of calamnity has been able to crush; and 1 I know five or six that's a dyin to get the nomination. Billy Hooe is my man, bekase I've am proud to be your chief since I cannot but be felproud ot your decision and patriotism. L,ay aowr, knowed him a longtime, and he is a I will ler. He's one of the kind that ain't afeered to your arms; continue your innocent watch for your security, and will summon yoa to a poor man, even when he ain't electionnotice combat if the country should be menaced by tha eering, and them's the right sortof Democrats. vandals who have sworn to enslave it. Your falBut I m a goin to do whatever the convention low countrvman and friend, comes, the Marion Demosavs No matter what THOMAS MARTINEZ crats are bound to knock Josh. Bell into a cocked NicaaAGCA, March 4,1309. hat, that's the talk. I wonder if there couldn t Lebanon be some way fixed to get about half ef The proclamation is dated the 4th of March. It into Congress, gay, merchants, the big monu quieted the people, it seems, but the Government On the lltL ment, and al the foots. If yoa think there is aa did not consider itself out of dang-r- . by an opening wedge anywhere, I wish you'd send us of March an order or command, and much laUroad from Carlos, dated theluth.was served word by the at Fort San etc. ti-- ferne-nt-on- Sixth Ward,.. Seventh Ward,. Eighth Ward,. Council f the X. Y. HsralJ.J AsrncwAXL, March 22, 1329. sailing, of the Illinois we have im- of the Louisville Courier. tt DISTRICT. City Tax r ftn Corssspondence ScUes-sirrge- to to te a o e us OD OF MlSS VAJDEXnOFi? The artistes whoie names axd Mn. SwixBOfRNB. head this paragraph are for tiis week at Ihe Louisville Theater. They are fair representatives of the legitimate drama, and (f a merit that demands larger patronage than was accorded to them last week. Mi3 VandenhoS is a fine reader, and, although somewhat cold, a very correct actress. is the "Betrayer end BeThe piece trayed," written by Miss V. It has ntver been played but twice, tad is said to be a piece of ab sorbing interest. At all events it is new, and that's something to the admirers of the drama. comprises a great variety of desirable Goods, and to which we Invite the attention of buyers. BARBEE. BRYANT, HARRIS feb21 A. L. H0O Correspanden Thingt in Lebanon nou)-- a dayt First Congressman, tic , " J113 2. Important from S icaragmA. LETT EH IBOJt AN "OLD 8ZTTLZI-.- " 'iCKETj.--T- he 95. Held on the 2d inst.,iu room No. 45, Gait Uou?e, on the body of a young man about 20 years of age, who arrived then yesterday forenoon, and simply registered his name as William Smith, without any other clue cr direction discovered us to identity, family, frhnds, or Verdict "Came to his death about 7 residence. o'clock on the morning of the 2d inst., frm a pistol shot through the brain at his own hands in room No. 4", at the Gait House." J. M. BUCHANAN, doner. or WE ed from Election --a NUMBER 80. 2, 1829. ZLZCnOS-APX- IL oner's jury: IxQrrsr No. FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC LIQUORS. also, MANurAcrrRERS Card-Bac- A young man arrived at trie Lilt Sncir.E. House on Friday, and registered his name as Xm. Smith, but gave no place of residence. On 'Saturday morning the report of a pistol was heard in his room, and when it was entered, the young man was found dead on the floor. lie h;d shot himself, the ball passing through the bran. He sfcourse died instantly. No one knows wiere he is from, or w hat led to .Decommission of he fearful deed. He had taken the precaution todestroy his papers, so as not to leave a trace of hs identity. Eight dollars in money was found in his pocket. The following is the rerdict of lie Cor- WHOLESALE DEALERS 10,000 200,000 COO FOINTT, cs A. V. DTlT OF MANUFACTURERS X. . 4.000 00 000 12.&U0 febl4 dSra carefully put up. tSf 5.CS0 . 2.000 . 4 000 20 prize of ....20 are ll-I'M) prizes cf are S are 25,000 prises of 4 prizei of f 500 Appr'x to 8 prizes of.. 800 S prizes of..20 S prrze of.. 150 8 priirs ff . . 100 8 prizes of... 50 8 prizes of.. .60 40 prizes of. . .B! 40 prizes of.. .40 SO prizes of... 20 & ..25.000 APPROXIMATION AGENTS, Down, 10 priz-- s 10 ptizes Commission ..10,000 . prize of. ...rj,fMX) (are I prize of... 4.000 ) 1 prize of.. .4 00 ( are.. 1 prize or . .2 -- 40 i 1 prize of... 2.SI0 j" are.. 1 prize of... 2.(K) ( 1 prize of... 2,0"0 ) are.. 1 prize of... 1,i0 I 1 prize of... 1.000 ( are.. 1 INSURANCE. KENNEDY & BRO., fjO.OOO . 1 t it. AdvertlMraents CSS" TIWA S. prize of J50,nnt)l8 prize of.. 12 60 i I price of.. 12 MHi f re. 1 priieof...5.tX0 ( ..APtIL4,1850 Baltimore American, the organ of th Know Nothing party in that city, made use of he following language in reference to their last mnicipal elechllota were tion, when checkered card-bacused, and the party here followed theexample of their brother K. N.'s in Baltimore. Tfe language i$ eminently applicable to the election a this city on Saturday. There was no secret balot, and it most of the wards an extra clerk waa employed to note down the number each party poltd. 'i'hg though, was one of the smallest outrages tie Democracy were compelled to endure on that occasion. But to the extract from the Baltimoe paper, which is as follows : There is one matter alluded to by our correspondent the printing of election tickets on checkered paper which we must not neglect to notia We regard this practice as eminently impropr aud practically a violation of the right of secrt ballot an opt a tonftstion of dishanetty and tended violent with th right of fro.-chk- e a practice carrying dugraceful complicity o candi'lattt and voters. Indeed, as for the whee election on Wednesday, no one can feel a dupr s, and condemnation of the teems, and and ovtraget by which it was attended ad consummated than ourselves nor can we drr any satisfaction from the evidence that the disp-sitio- n to act unjustly and unfairly was evincedm both sides, wherever they had the power to and intimidate the voters. Fourth (or Wall) street, No. 23 JOBS SITDER jafODetcverhfcBffcBla elly itO; twice a wskf3. FIIANCE, BnOADBEXT") V CO., Vf"Oae squa-t- - cuang able w.rUy, six months $it; tot ihres f ti. MANAGERS. attention to (Successors to K. FRANCE & CO.) 27" fci ics..ttfe vl-- to to Inventions tmprove-BapnviU euwrpri-e- s lw Also Mar.agfrg of the Consolidated Lotteries of ul bechkre at trie rate cf aai articles for twenty etnts per Une. .yr AdvertUe:Drijt,ret-- on the Ins'.d f the fsper EXTRA CLASS FOUR, an alLtional price. is The priv.i re of yearly jv niter, will beconEned Decided by orawing of Grand Consolidated Lottery, CT" aU ether advertise nd (Havana Plan,) Extra Class 1, to be drawn In Wilming fliidiy ti tU irregu'w tisii-ct- , o- . fWFor Latest Telegraph FOUWARDIKQ.& COMMISSION River and Steamboat Newtdispatches, Commercial Matter, etc., see Fonrtl Pace. MERCHANT, ap6 dlystos BO &, fortwelve MONDAY. CUT WHOLESALE PRODUCE, 00 00 DAILY COURIER BUSINESS CARDS. LOTTERIES. COURIER LOUISVILLE APRIL 4, 1859. MONDAY MORNING, LOUISVILLE. KENTUCKY: VOLUME 28. 233 243 Davis ..3W ...228 .335 ...270 ...2t ...374 ...275 first-rat- e aig-ce- ROLLINu ojI-ci- r ORh. i, on Captain Holton, of the lake boat then tying at the head of Toro Ripids, to pUce the steamer immediately under the guns of Fort ...371 Cojet Urnt, Waiiere,and ttery toritty of ERAS iTi LYMAN, Pr- -f iSan Carlos, twenty seven miles distant. Aa h'.'ur SIXTH WARD. STEPtlaS C. WHEELER, Sec'y. GOODS, HOUSE , was given Holton to reply; and if at its ex;.ira?ioo . . . 260 211 I Gllllss Council Tracy.. FIKE INSURANCE COMPANY, 431 Market st south side, bet. ronrth and Fifth, flUHBOLDT Frestoa. Spain Mi-iiat-sr he refused to comply with the order, himself and ...379 215 I Barbee Knott.. Nc. l' Wkli street. New York. tf ink-aJ ani LOUISVILLE, KY. to t- -e ...373 215 I Trabue... Alder'n 2v0,o00 Garvin . The Hon. A. E. Dodge, EaToy Extraordiay and men were to be regarded as " susp Cash CkP.ial . . .273 republic." 8. Trus Speed.. llalve $5, QuarSec. Whole Ticket $10, 3iaMriaa'.l.. WN. MULLIGAN, JOHN kANKIN, Pref't. Minister Plenipotentiary, terminated his mission peace of the was served on Holton by aa o.Ecer c. ter ?2 50. The otder as, tec. kEVKXTH A. WILt-T.irward. of Spain in March, after which Hon. the Nicaragaan army, accompanied by armed soi MiNCTACTCKLR AND DEALER IN PE"CKkTii icates of PACKAGES- In the abive scheme ...270 at the Court Council Brown.., ........164 I Anderson. FARMERS UNION INSURANCE CO. OF l'EXN. Tickets are issued la Packages of 16 etch, half odd num . Preston, his successor, was presented. The diers. L pon nis protesting against suci proceedBows-r...2e3 Wo. 134 Bllllnca... AtLeiS, Fta. bers and half even. 400 S. Tn Morris. . ings and refusing to obey ti.e order, the ct:er Court Gazette says : OashCiol-a'.ac- l farpras... ................. A Packace cf 10 Whole Tickets ccts flW CO soldiers took forcible "possession of the C. S. RUisSELL, Sec. IIGHTH WARD. Pres't- 0. S. s!IlPAS, Oar lady the Queen received the Hon. Colonel and And East draw 6100 Yoi xg to Marrt Yet. The announceand carried her to Fort Sit CirW O'er 8S3 Lewis ....498 William Preston, who being likewise Couucl- l- McCullough d FULTON FIF.E INSURANCE COMPANY, PATENT REFRIGERATORS. Holton attempted, and asked permission to lenvo Sim Parker Wilncs ....43 by the introducer of Ambassadors, and delivering ment of the marriage of our friend Charley SpenT.isk 196 00 0 Wall etrett, New York. No. ....477 898 I Bird. Alder'n the boat, but was forcibly detained until th-- 1'ti, 1215,000 Certificate Tackage of 16 Wholei will be sold for 96 00 WATER BATH TFBS, cer, was premature. In fact, there was nothing S. Trus Levering COOLERS, to her Majesty his credentials as Envoy ExtraorOesb Capital and Surpias . . . .4(-- 8 333 Sherrlll. McBurnle when, at the irterposition of Mr. Bt!U aud Mr ' 43 00 16 Halves Plenipotentiary of the Uni JAS. M. UASKMN, bec'y. " dinary and Minister Vfa. A. COBB, Pres t. in it but an April fool hoax. Knowing he ought AHI WATER WORKS APPROPRIATION. SchleiSinger, the agents of Via cumpanr, L was 24 00 " lQjarters " above-name- d ted States of America, had tha honor to address As the duly authorixel AeLt cf its 12 00 to have been married many year since, we were ' HOUSE-KEEPIN16 Eighths " For. Agniitt Her Majesty in the following words : ARTICLES tiENLT.ALLY, set at liberty. Coipeuics, we are prepared to eL tct every 620 133 First Ward a similar order waa served oa Ca; On the th quite easily led into the error. t57"All orders promptly filled by return mail, and the Ho. 77 Fourtit tlreet, 2 doot t alore Zuticn: i Hotel, "Madams: The President has directed me to tain Carman, of the Cathariue Marii, lyicg at 844 Secoud Ward dertrtioa of Insurance, ujoii the most favorable terms, Othcial - heme and Certified Printel Drawing sent to itf ap2 Churley is great at selling things, and S3 on Third Ward 52 renew to your Majesty, on the occasion 6f deliver2H0 sa Propenv.M.rctiar.disc.and Life, including Insurance all purchasers. LOUISVILLE. KY. Address Castillo Rapids, from the commander of Fort Casany k'cd cf 29U 13 ing my credentials as Havoy Extraordinary and anoaf.e iivct cf S.aves enyratred Inliterally adjusted at April Tool's day in "selling" a friend, as is the Fourth Ward tillo. He declined complying, and the Catharine All 4 439 trci;iuy and Fiftta Wsrd Minister Plenipotentiary of the United States ia Maria was seized by the Louisville, Ky. Sdtf ieare;uan o:5ciu!s custom of that time, himself fell into the noose-pape29 8?S Uuhtvilie. Kv. Sixti Ward. his wishes for the prosperity of your peofor P. S. A Circular contalijinp all the schemes 29 Spain, -- 4$ Pirmin hauled down the American tur n to. As we have damaged his chance, now Seventh Ward OIL AND MOULD CANDLTJ ple, and assurances of his de.ire to preserve the each month will be forwardel to any p.rson sending us LARD Si 295 compulsory surrender. Tie cjaiuniinte of witn the fair sex, we say to them, hn is still in the Eijhth Ward the r n niress. friendship cf your Government. tort, got tha Nicarauiu --Ug aid r?Tt.-ketIn the above scheme, and in all the thei- "On inaugurating my oScial relations with the then snt to the Catherine Maris. market going, but not yet gone. Whu bids? J5iAmid the general and unprecedented hniitml it nn the by College Lotteries for sale at the (dices of the licensed No. 7 Jefferson atrect (uortn aide), Coort of Madrid, I trust it will be permitted me BY to Fort n Carlos of our manufacturers and business men Ia attempting to take venders and at the my personal conviction Between Clay and Shelby, Capt. Alex. Gilmore. The conduct of this true generally, no one seems to coma in for a larger I to assure your Majesty of the people of the United she was run on a rock at Toro Rapid-- , whers she R- - MANAGER'S OFFICE, No. 510 Main St. And Third street, between Main and the river, tllat tne general desire of high and dry-I- n lies and uninterrupt apl dltr.Aw4 attj it to nrtiaerve KENTUCKiK. ani brave man at the First Ward polls, on Satur- share of active business than our fellow citizen ed friendship whichthe ancient commencement of now view of all this Nicaragua has thrown cp- -i askfrom the PIIOZNTX FIRE INSURANCE CO?IP'Y Dr. John Bull. The great success of his remediesf theconvenience of lay customers and the public day, is above all praise. Firm, conrageous, Read the followhas always prevailed with the Transit free to the world. FOR the middle and lower part of the city, I have, be- ing for peace, and only peace, we saw him stand his Sarsaparilla, and King of Pain, and especially our national existence ! tr tt. New York. , f.W.OOO ore oa and that during my residence in the Court ing: Senate and Chamber of tae rcpuclM or my Factory on Jefferson strest, opened a iarr.lul Canitti tides unarmed amid a perfect armory of pistols ia the of his Compound Pectoral of Wild Cherry, has Spain, The of jour Majesty continuing the frank and sincere Nicarijiua decree: Third street, between Main and the river, where I hope nOXT.VUK t--i ifIRE INSURANCE CO. H1TISCHBUHL 8c --..i hands of Know Nothing ruffians. His undaunted given them a world-wid- e with a large patronage In my line. ;ar.21tf my conVi to meet sLrei t. :ew Vrlc. teputation, and his desk conduct heretofore observed, it shall be Transit routcj ever th3 Isthmus ot Art 1. flS4,OvO AND DEALERS IN MANUFACTURERS Cr,ltal and Surplus bearing ia the midst of the meat appaling danger is covered with orders from all parts of the world. stant endeavor to avoid all ill feeling, and to in- Nicaragua The free for all nitiocs, consequently is INSURANCE CO., JEWELRY, AND SILVER sure the interests of my country without afl'ecting there is not recognized or permitted over it a m j WATCHES, ATLANTICiA FIRE excited our warmest admiration and respect. His Pectoral stands without a rival ia all diseases A' 11 ni.trt.Ntw York. the friendly relations which fortunately exist at nopoly in favor of any person or company. WARE, -240,0CO and throat. soltalaud Baruius of the MAKER, VENITIAN present time." MAIN NO.We are prepared to furnih our customers No. 4H3 Market street,BLIND Second and Third, The Campisell Minstrels. Mat. Peel's original dence oflurgs fact have only Those who wish evi- theAnd her Mjesty was pleased to reply : Art 2. The disembark ticn and traaportiiiOi INSURANCE CO., SECUHITVMl FIRE:.rf-f- New York. to call upon the Dr the between Campbell Minstrels are annouueed to perform at of troops, aims and muai:ions vf wr cannot be KV. Tine Mivi-ti- k : It has afforded me m ach satis M and friends with the finet articles in LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY, There is lots of at Lis depot, on Fifth street, North of Maio, and faction to hear the sentiments of friendship whics, nermitted. except in accordance with a treaty CapUaland Surplus the Masonic Temple Coral, Cameo, Oarnet, Almartine, stipulation to that e2ect with tha repuonc. Informs his friends and the public fun as well as music in negro minstrelsy and its he will show them well attested cases of innumtr YVe nr.iersirneJ. Aeent of the above Pearl and Diamond Jewelry; RE3PE0TFCLLY in the name cf the President of the United States, ui found at the above place, over 2. ine reliable Companies, will do a general Fire Watches, Cocks, Spectacle; f. making government effective, consulting thi Ware-roomS good as the able cure3 that will astonish them, as they hare you have just expressed to me on delivering the accompaniments, and this band is as , Messrs. WATrfOS A STOUFFEIt'3 Furniture the transit Insurance business at me lowes. lu-of Silver and Plaied Ware. wjiere he Is prepared to make to order and will best. Therefore, if vu would drive awav blue public In general, that w already astonished the medical attendants of the letter which accredits you as Envoy Extraordinary security and convenience o! the republic. rates. Losses, as usual, promptly iishcd We respectfully Inform the Blinds or every size, color and Minister Plenipotentiary at this Court My paid, adialii iua a return of the 'atronajre cf his forcter manufacture to order all kind of Goods concerning keep on hand Venltiantrade; also, to repair, repaint, and devils or banish dull care, visit the Minstrels, for patients. Art. 4. The government will also taxe upoi and quality usual to the own desire is not less earnest to conserve the tte solicits Gold ani Silver Ware; do Plating and Replatlng; 8- -t the imposition of a charge for transportaFrom a practical old Blinds at short notice. generally friendly relations which nappdy unite the two itselfmoderate and equal for a.l nations. such is the inevitable result. N. Brown, who keeps a drinking saloon and Reset Diamonds and precious Stones; and warrant llsn is in Ols bdsiness, and of the pubucJOHN MLXK. tion oar Manufactured Goods to be of the best material. knowledge of the business, and by strict attention leu, countries. Company, Main allWatches, Music Boxes, Clocks, carefully reptirsd and he hopes to give satisfaction to all who may deal with lower part of Wood's Theater, Cincinnati, Art 5. This decree shall not be construed l. t Jtyerson Insurance Jake Care, the K. X. bully from down in the Your conviction that the same wishes animate obstacle ta the open 9 di Prices reaonable uim, and merit a liberal patronage. .treet, oppoblte Bank of Louisville. warranted. was arrested on Friday for an alleged attempt at the great body of the people of the United States, any manner so as to be an janlldljr town, who with 'a gang of his associates, attempting of the interoceanic maritime canal. Country Merchants are respectfully Invited to ex- and terms cash. firing the building. and the course which you propose to observe, enC0JIPAN which we offer for sale at New York signally Nicaragua, in the Hall of the Chamber amine our stock, ed to take the First Ward polls but Given at FRANI.LIN INSCRANCE courage me ta trust that it will be easy for you to of Deputies, February 24, ISotf. HIRaCHBCIIL 1 DOLFINGER. prices. C. failed, was 6hot, it is said, by one of his own OP LOUISVILLE. KY. JST"At Rome, N. Y., a young maa named Ed contribute to the conservation of the friendship ml2 dtf You will see the oicials put tha seizure of th 45 4 J eiiVrconat., bet. Third and Fourth two Bu'ditt streets, second story CV"02.M . comer Kalt ani friends in the row that occurred. He had been win Bowman, son of Alexander Bowman, com- and harmony which should exist between the boats on the ground of an anticipated invasion, . K.nn-t.- u.i'l.Hnv. rctranceon iiiln It. izi perLOUISVILLE, KY., in pursuit of a fleeing Democrat, but the ball mitted suicide a few days ago ; cause, insanity nations. I am pleased to believe that your of so and the fear ot their falling into the hands of tie ta make Insur t:hs qualities will facilitate the attainment sonal Oa the othr hand, tha American the perils of navigation invaders. stopped him iu his career. turn policies ajri-iaproduced by religious excitement. m desirable an object, and ny Government, on irs exeats say that it is a gtoss invasion of their and their Cargoes ; aU thiim, and oa part, will concur therein with the most sincere rights, and seizure of the com paD? s boais and ff?gaairaiut Lrj hy Pir?IlonsesVesselsC ontenu. How Not to Do It. Grand Commander Dun J57We learn from the Winchester Chronicle A LARGE LOT OF and . atdia port.acd cooperation. property to prevent of the Transit, JAS. TaALUE, P.'Umt. that the residence of Mr. Daniel Smith, in Clarke can, Colonel first regiment K. N. army, where is Alter these official proceedings, the new Minisand done through English aal French indjenca. t5tcrvij-.- -i . SiSKAif E:s, STYLES was entirely destroyed bv fire on the that 1,000 majority the K. N's. were to roll up ter of the United States presented to Her Majesty Schlessinger came home a copy of the Oaseley Mr. Robert W. Woolof Legation, wita. "'m-6arthe treaty. It is similar to the ninht of the 23d ult. The fire the result of acci Echo answers nowhere! Captain HaTiUnd, attuh of the same. -- oioi W . Ant ly, and LADIES' DRESS TRIMMINGS, dent. The loss is stated to be about to.W, f James B. Ltthpow the exception that British troops are to te Ian le i a- - Eufrhee, adver Wlider, JkraesB. 3T"I. B. Walker, the great omnibus man, only when demanded or asked by the Nicaraac Warren Nejmi Ipirit of Ui Washington Letters. which 12,000 was covered by insurance. Ciian. T. Curi. To which he would call the attention of the authorities. The Mosquito protectorate m lett far tises his line in another column. Omnibuses are V a- Uan.!ita. Seecial Dlspawh to a Cincinnati SassUs. Bamue! L. Mock, y ladles and asks an examination of theta. future negotiation. Commander Hugh Bren. is understood that Grand a public conienience, and Mr. Walker is deserrDeo. C. Castiemr-Baltimore, April 1. ll -- asGrT-Akinds of Fringes, uoraiano A treaty with Sardinia has also been concia dad, 1vS.VlJwtf Duncan engineered the K. N's. in the municipal els made to order at short notice, jevdtf lng patronage. See advertisement. cor respondent of the New and it is similar to the Oaseley treaty, and recogThe Washington W7iO would not wear a fne Watch, trvt to tune, in election. With the invaluable aid of his "Blood says: "privateering" as established and underUflEHICAN INSURANCE COMPANY Scibxtific Associatiox. The regular meeting York Herald Department this morning received a nises at the Congress of Nations at Pans. A every temperature, at a rery moaerate prcr OF LOUISVILLE, KY. stood The State Tub" cohorts, and his tickets with backs like cards, HAVE the Lesquereaux A Sons Watch, made by association will be held this evening at heavy mail by the Persia, The tenor of the French treaty was to follow soon. of this Well, Colonel' he shuffled the thing through. 500.000. Jari7inson,in different sizes. The greatest wonder to mma ua LUPE & EVANS, Proprietors, at the Chartered Capital.... IK o'clock. H la hoped that all members of the letters from the MinistersMinisters ditlirent Courts- i This state of thingsoionngs iorcioiyjianmez ana .$100,000. In this Watch is Its low price for the accuracy of its time. writes aa iuirresiaents Fald In and Secured. appeal or appendix is warlike. Oaeofour and Fifth ttrteit there is a heap in shuffling. On the corner of Jtfferton society will be present. B rjermiss on of ElJerD P. Lienlerson, who bought I Mora to the Belly contract, and for publishing and j0W3. LOUISVILLE, KY. at This Company Is now organised and readyr one of these Watches of me, I have the pleasure to say t. de- Tse Sickles Question-For the Louisville Courier. Notwithstanding the opinion expressed by I muring which, it is said, your month, IN addition to their rejular Saloon that his Watch varied only 8 econdt in to engage In a general atarine ana sire au.u-r.n, msndeii an aDolosT. which was prompt! f mada the Police Court room, the gentlemen composing carefully noted by "Obiervatory time ' business on liberal terms. At a roeetintr of the Teachers of the Public some, in whica the wisn is xaiaer vu uw .uuuSu-business, LUPE A EVANS respectfully -, Jerez, conn siae wain sireeEnrone will not be disturbed. by the Minister a Washington, OUVce No. 6l Just received, a fine aortment of the latest tyles of UilE Inform their natrons that they are sole the Henry Clay Debating Club will debate this Schools of Louisville, held April 2d, 1359, the fol .!,. ha r.M-- .f Agricultural FASHIONABLE JEWELRY, SILVER WARE, CLOCKS, --T,T. tnr iha f RHODES A YERNtiVo imd ttotlfce uie Bank of Louisville, over the "Was Sick- - lowing resolutions were offered and unanimously the convi tion of all iutelligeat persons abroad is, But while he was making the apology, his Govnu mm. question under the following head: AC, Ac. WOOD'8 celebrated Pittsburgh A, AAi Itor. of ' W BMh'W' JES&E K. BELL, Pres'.dettt. inavitkhla. ernment at home was carrying out their original : .k. . adopted lea Justifiable in Killing Key " The citizens are Ale. They keep a full stock on hand, and are always &fX.J I intention and adding to the insult The Administration doubts the report that Whereas, it has pleased Divine rrovidenes in t .unr.tvMorchs.nts. Hotels and Families by the In Gold. Silver. Steel cr Shell, with Pebbles or fine Ssssr Dxxt, .Secretary. to attend, the ladies particularly. the transfer of Chiapas, There is no doubt of the fact that a pint proinvited had negotiated for His wisdom, to remove from our midst our es barrel or bottle. This Ale is not surpassed by any In the DIRECTORS Glasses, sent by mail to order. and ia the cause of edu Tobasco and Tehuanteptc to European powers. - tectorate of England, France and Sardinia has eountry, and thev confidently recommend it. Wou H. Etokei; SI. j. KASis&r, main street, K. Bell, have been granted to F. M. teemed friend P. Smith, therefore resolved. iesse Patexts. Patents Fine old Wines and Liquors. cation, John but looking at the reaui. oi innsa auu xi.ui.i- 1 been established in Mcaracua, ana your oeauu- John Barbee, second door below Fourth. feblS d k m &. L. Monroe doctrine knocked into a cocked hat Hemphill, Newport, Ky., for improvemmt Pam'l Csry, 1. That ta his deata tne cause lo wnicn we are intrigues, and the deception practiced regarding IjWfcjtratine cigars. Halbeit. Kariaall a less which will be difficult to th. Nicarairuan Transit, the Belly contract and I n w --nty tha subiect was ever mentioned- Wra. E. Curd, aVobt. BeU, J. DAL MUM JAS. I. LEMON grinding mills ; to J. A. Moore and A. A. Patch, repair. has sustained jy22 dly ruuvca ut ju,"'-- " i . WO Watklns. 8c Louisville, Ky., for improvements in narvesters; 9. That In the JAIttES I. LEMON & CO., Snfrally, the Administration hardly knows what J,"",0? l!!,' Gbbat Hail Stoah. Natchez, Miss., ani that intendent of our DEALERS IX fo beheVe: Chiapas is in open revolt, stimulated section of country was visited with a terrible hail rrDiFROV INSURANCE COMPANYthe Und to Waldo P. Craig, Newport, Ky., for worthy ef Ue noble vocation to which he devoted tne Main street, opposite jTVFFICE on the north side of The States of San Salvader, Hon h. n,i Watches, Jewelry, Silver Ware, aud provment in pile drivers energise t--f his lire. storm oa Tharsday evening a week. Some of tht atreel, LouUTtlle, Ky., flank of LouisvUie, over the a. That we dsayiy sympatuue wivn toe tamuy in msir duras and Costa Rica are knowa to be under Fine Plated ware festival of the Jeffer.on-.trec- t Eurnnean influence, and the next arrivals may "heavenly" missilea measured 2 by 15 inches. SS; No.'. fand bereavement. t2TTbe annual arteTed Capital.. Main street, between Second and Third. 4. That these resolutions be published la tat daily tell us. the Tenuentepeo grant claimed by two It raged with great fury at Port Gibson, and tha I South-wester- n I agent LubrlcatlBir Oil, Rosin Oil of different grades, and SundaT School, callod by the .r.f.T.Ti AXD SILVER WATCHES Our stock of tbt carriages. dMcribe, Jt. is very com SS f ctopotiiiB American companies, ha. also passed BEJHARNlV. tv),i r.rrue for wairons. drays andwarranted toAlso of the American Sunday hchool union tne moaei for Ladies and sea, ani by the usnal mod of VX Watches are seiuog mem Gentlemen dry by veaacls at vry Skene's superior Paint Dryer, which Is Mpiete, and we . afternoon what we qat Alto on the bulls and eren school of Kentucky, takes place any otner uryer. ju.u.vj. sooner than 1012 . v.-- . t. ..n- - . tsm I never seen oeiore, in ia ,uip bi a a an aiorm. Baptist Church. Jefferson-stree- t For the Louisville Courier ing at the WATCIIES. J EWELRV STORE FINE The nnaersigneo Oldham Couaty. Jf-iJjsTaxiAM Mais, Secretary T. and occasional y the sun would saine with L'NDtR the National Hotel. S urjon the Isthmus. Eaaoa. The statement in our paper of Satur thrIcTORI!. Editort LouitvilU Courier : As the time is ap public to his choice as Invites his friends and the great brilliancy. A few minutes before 5 o clock John M. Boblnsca, of the Jefferson-stree- t Daniel Kuune h, of Texas, but who has resided A. Rawaon, day that the celebration proaching at which the voters of Oldham county sortment of every desirable article, mciuuing inc we beard a distant roaring like unto that of a y ap Ebeneier Bastard, ten years at Panama, waa Siebard Atkinson, GORY 8c folio lug, all of which are offered en accommodating Sunday School would take place on Thursday next, will be called upon to select a suitable candidate for the last great wind, and this waa followed by a fall of bail Johfc White, our. ne I. A. McDowell, san Consul terms: Fashionable jewelry ; Coral, Cameo, Pearl, Dia Inform the public that they are reaa luesday, to to represent them ia the next Legislature, it is pointed tsaturuay towi.u Juan aei as rapidly aa rain, and with bail stones of every W. Email. John OorawaU mond, Jet, Miniature, Ac; Chains, Lockets, Rings, Ac; RESPECTFULLY all kinds of work in the above was an error. It should have on me wisn ana aesire oi an numerurs incuus u. nere size and shape, ranging from tha size ot a buck o'clock. English, bwisa and American Gold and cilver natcnes, )T' The Washington coneepoadent of the N. Y. shot to line. Also Paterns, Branas, moius, uiock whch,and oni morrow evening, the 5th iusL, at 7 D. White, of Flovdsburg, neighbors that Davis that of a hea egg, and some few we saw Compasses, I T . and fine Spectacles, Optle Glasses, Burveyors " Wood Cuts, in the shortest notice Tribune says: would become a candidate. Air. u. u. n una u or appie, aa large medium ,..onable terms. Persons wanting wora are H. SCIIUOEDER. and Llqiors watenmakers' Materials, Manufacturers of Silver-warDrowsed. Andrew Huber, a laborer, while been long known as a sterling Democrat and em- - i The Postonice .Department . nas ccsciauea as I were weizhed as a and a sized orange 41 uuieu. Repairingln every eenartment. r....v,- - and estaonsnmen. o. a requested to call at their hail ounces. six In Poreira and Domestic Wines auus-Npumping out a flatboat on Saturday, above the jyzidti micuiot, nam street. DEALER Stores teneraUy, BparkUnf and Dry Ca ten minute street, south side, between Third and Fourth, Louisville. with rain, but no wind, ran"BomtionW;f Lou N. B. Orders irom aDroau prompuj ferry landing, fell in the river and was drowned. Wines, of Kentucky growth. 38 Wall street, H-rI'orfeJ'i!; uthampton, from At,r.l th. and MANY VOTERS. ispt27dtf WATCHES, JEWELRY AND SILVER" u-.ISTUIC, had not been recovered last even ) -- m ; I Steamer YJ eir iu..m:jj am i:uiu uiii i I uvr sida- .- I a roof and windows of our Sc. CO. Thb Octbieae: at VAtFAaAiso. The Panama ing. id and on Wednesd.ja lrom V FIjU-OIX'- S i.flllRADEnWhoiMiii and Eetall AT WIXjLIAM KENDFUC-T- S, with th. idea of a following in relation to the late at- - Tn7 cotopensation U to be tb Star has the ta aud Inland ttnrn- - urRrniKTK. W. ot a tmo-ne- u Ac., No Tl Third street, between Main and Marke eaaister, or the burning . Robbert. A stranger was robbed of 80 and I temnted revolution at Valparaiso: BURNING FLUID. Dealers In WhUky, Brandy, Wines, Ac., . , .. . , . .I ,. Vi V Sf ra .nvthinir llkl II I7efvrwrW W tVi.M awa sin AntKpV I f . O ij ..v t , Palls . Citr Mote!, on Friday I 601 Market street, above Brook, aorta siae, I take pleasure In announcing that 1 have ffTHIS Fluid Is equal If not superior to any now In nie .. . stole vaiuaoies r - .v. i . . two hnndred man1 attacked balances of contractor,' : very complete stock of W ATCHES, JEW Ky. now a I Louisville, V t. art assignable, iron- uie vm' "'"", .kmt T aa It gives a better light, burns longer, smokes less A night An exper, thiel ELRT and SILVER WARE, of latest styles, pro WT; J In store and for sale vnten(jento', pice, and tried to set fire to V and believes mat t- -f expect auous ar. equally it, Manuiac.ureu muu iu S10 bbls old Copper Whisky; cure, directly from me uu u.u.iKiurm, and Is certainly and retail, by room of the victim, who at the time was enjoying complimentary vo spn-- -. we atcked b- - the government troops, available aa the sale, wholesale --cc : mces, which form do; a fnend sent us 1P0 do common I and many articles, especially of the Watch and Silver street-fightinr.- -. sweet restorer. two hours' juttN xunua., irouisviue. api4diy Sine writing the above, frozen missiles, a large "balmy sleep, nature's do; ftr about ttie hills. This put a stop tothey ne refuses to aa or. TS do Bonrbon are manufactured to my special order. which, department, containing six of the all , I were driven to cf Col. Seaton, the re date one hour and twenty minutes alter th. 7T 7i- - a .v. .v. 1 shall make frequent auuuions vo my s.oca uunug 100 do Monongahele Whisky; Th. Qoldea r. .uC WM. T. METERS Fjy-MM. O.DAVIE.... '. and Airs, jouq business. to do old Apple Brandy, years old; iiional Intelligencer, was though wer. of th. size of a on. pound weight the Christmas season. spected editor ot t. e storm, fcO X casks Imported Brandy; When we left the place was quiet and th. people celebrated yesterday. The quality of my goods is warrantea as, DAVIE & MEYERS, people who had a divorce trial in California, have d31 dAw do; Some of these missiles were oblong, measuring 50 t bis Domestic the streets id as low as the lowest of same quality. were beginning to ' EXCHANGE AND LOTTERY OFFICE, been reconciled to each other, and were to open wer. full of soldiersopen th. stores;the different e pipe, botland Gin; ten inches ia length and two or tnree ia thickstationed at Th. KassaeltuatU Fariaaal Libsrty Bill North tldt Market ttreet, let. Third A Fourth, 10 X casks Imported Port Wine; the American theatre together there in a week points, and a person walking along the streets had Bostos, March 80. Inth. Hons, this afternoon, mRAKSACT a reneral BROKERAGE BUSINESS. All or two. What was tha use in getting a divorce ? to stop frequently and answer questions put to J 3 bbls Ginger Wine;rinI a 1.1.1. 4.,i-i- r. at the close of a long debate, the vote was taken Strike Among ItfecJuiiics. J. Uncurrent Money, Land Warrants, Gold and Silver, TWO Thread, Doable Lock, Tleht Stitch Bon-- ht and Sold. -- nnn th I Liquors, Wines, Kill Mr Walla of Greenfield, Also, a general assortment of Newark, N. J., March SO. Th. journey men ra-Hen- rr R. Day.oflowa, ha. been appointed says a party of insurgents one 0f the Republican leaders, asked to be ex- SEWING MAGUUitii o. Tickets In the Shelby College or Havana Orders for Tobaero, Ac shoemakers of this city have held several meet-i- n tc rredenck I Droke into the custom house, and seized a lot of I Lotteries promptly filled. Purser in the United States --Navy NSVZB BETO RESOLD IS TEX WESTl cnti from Totinir buttheUous. -refused, when gs, and design ta establish a liat ef prices to b. N. B. Communications strictly eonfidentlaL aecunea, ana x. o. sovernmco. ktujb. uuiuk ui u,u iu iuu I ha voted W Wi O. OTIS, KeatuCEV. acainat the .DUL im-f WLavL Prie paid by .mployers. 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General Walker's projected Twelve dwelling-houseBonsse, Stop Cocks, of every slxe, Copper Rivets, Spelter .n.nn.4.1tiiiHe0Pneed. Eso Th. American consulate having been riddled not connected with to Arizona with aa ultimate, ready, and th. lactones ar in great danger of use, ev"ery part of which Is strong and durable. Iu nd and Brass Castings of every description. goea Idsr ., y Louis villa. simplicity and strength particularly adapt It for plan3jFrederick Retzel, who, with two others, at-- 1 with shots during the engagement, our Minister expedition, but E. 8. W.nhtngton,Esq. dll ctf General being destroyed. J3TCASH paid for old Copper and Brass. sews the finest Muslin, heavy Negro deema on Sonora and Chihuahua. --tation use. It Judge Bullock, neehia wav into a house of J himself remain in California nntil his t.mnM fn for, Clvthing, or Leather, by simply changing the Walter will Cornwall A Brother rjJT Th. Duk. of Cambridge, Cotnmander-ln-chiisursvtax.A n -onts W. will r.T th. hlirhMt a.uitua.s rcan dle and thread to suit the work. Samples of work in Columbus, O., on Friday, was shot by a Mrs nt.H 1 A queer . story .i, circulatlngon th. conti c.h ... i jn.25 fiaAwtf of th. British army, and own eoosia to hU , ...., . . . . r. . r.. I tna ruiib . . . nrlcM .I . . . . . .w A. sent by mail. Full printed Instructions given with each j tt nmnorn iTm?j-xr. , . --amer ana instantly auieu. sent out of town, and personal instruction to all 'S Fim'-.twill b. first directed against Guata Queen V ictoria, has been sued for damage in th. Machine betwee'n Marie- tX movements 13 LAVAL, U I N Alt WA UlilUK m UUUT VI U.VVV auwasi Ka Ksieti si eW I J 'I SCIIR0DT A r.vim r jiij- i wituin our reacn. van sura of AU0.CC0, by th. husband of a lady wi;i and Jefferson, LouivUle, Ky 5J?T Btoae,No.433 Market street, between Fourth and Fifth ISTDicketn announce! a new periodical witn who are to be sent forthwith to Rome, to form hi mala or . aRTKRBURNI, whoa he has of lata been too lntiaata. Nicaragua. i wrTAETURERfl ofinAlcohol, dob mu subsequent v. . Old Boar iVsingnlar title, "All Round th. Year.".: . : . 1 Holiaes.-bod-y Address dealers guard. J, A&TA&BCRNI. I :1Tj. .tr.M.' between Mali i cxva-- 7 inn. Tnt.vtii.. Kv.----i west ir. . In'Ij-rll- . JVT. ar... ft a i t -- 00,000 SUser-War- t, Good, Oirandole, Knitt,Forkt, Carrtrt,pvona, FURNISHING STOVES AND TINWARE, QOHOOXjHY'S ...26 ...273 oblige P. S. I'm afeerd I ain't spelt all the words right, but I know pwwiment is right, for I looked -. r. dictionary. in the JOHN FLECK, mSUMCE! FIHE J O al II N M J? MANUFACTURER, hr 1 LOUISVILLE, :. DOLFINGER, 529 JOHN F. HARVEY, STIIEET. jC. 3f J. RAIBLE, JUST LATEST oiacctoat: 7.Gy RECEIVED. ill mm M. C. RAMSEY. jgIt CRYSTAL PALACE I frt lill "J" WM. SKENE J 92A00 aappuTtenancesofbu. CO., dlVV MANUFACTURERS, OIL KoE& inS'Bf ", &Xea4 ?f a -: WOOD CARVING. MURRAY G. .,. J. n. lXi- uC. k. JOHN tt.i. ..;. ier uitiuci. r.,iK.n. Yrt Nior. form. ' B0.p"!fr taa. yiu, OUAlXErC. CITY A. ca J a;l r.t.u' Zt7L. ".Vrir'.;rCr a. 'n, v.:.:. " tl.c. j.rr. 'i1. 9lo"r," ...k.jw SmI ." r ET T5. oe. ttA"nr;'

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