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Image 8 of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.), August 2, 1962

Part of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.)

TIU MOUNTAIN EAGLE . WHITE.BUko. LETCHER COLN raw f I Y. KENTUCKY . CHURCH MEN'S GROUPS MEET TOGETHER The Moi nt t ic Church of Craham Memorial from the Methodist and B..Pmt churches ,n Whrn-- n lr .., ., per m ,ul rccreanou area at pared dv wives ot the Presmtenan men. T ie ,intc-- t .. rw "I aiitJ nit; inccii. AUGUST 2, 1962 PAGE Presbvtcrian rliiirnli iuu men attended. - . y w rood for the nntliir.k (Eagle photo). church at Burkes Union Chnrrh nf Canton, Va. , on Sunday. Don Frostc spent the week end with his mother and grandmother and took Sue Ellen back with him. Myrel Brown, Charlie Banks and James Day spent the week end fishing at Clinch River, Tenn. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Roberts and three sons from Columbus, Ind. , are on vacation at the home of their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Hudson Roberts and Mrs. Kyle Flan-ar- y. Mrs. Vera Banks from Dayton, Ohio, came in to spend the week end and to get Barbara and Kenny, who had spent a month with their grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Banks, and other rela- tives. Mr. and Mrs. John Preston, Mrs. John Vermillion, Mrs. T. C. Adams and Mrs. Edgar Banks attended the funeral of their cousin and nephew, Barney Adams, at London Tuesday. Barney was the son of the late John-- n Adams, whose picture was in last week's Mountain Eagle. Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Blair, Mr. and Mrs. Worlev Sturgill and Deborah visited relatives in Pine-- vi lie and London durin the week end. Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Banks and Mrs. t ssci Ca idi 1 attended Also visiting the Flanarys are her sons, Ed Neal Caudill and Mrs. Caudill, Gay and Don Caudill and Jerry Banks from Colum- bus. Mrs. Minnie Page is a patient at the Musgravc clinic in Jenkins. Mrs. Floyd Roberts is at home MHBMiMMBBHH "VOsA r4 vuuuiiuai nnnr wa F rr after spending several days in Musgrave Clinic at Jenkins. much improved she is still not able to walk from a blood gh clot in her leg. Visiting Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Tolliver are his sons Ralph and Paul from California. Mr. and Mrs. Raebum Day and baby are visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. John L. Day. They have been stationed at Norfolk, Va., but are on their way to Camp Pendleton, Calif., where Raebum will be stationed with the U. S. Navy. Carl Banks, Joe Brown and'jim-m- y Caudill spent the week end fishing at Norns Lake. Fishing at Dale Hollow this week are Jack and Wallace Roberts, Ed Neal, Don and Gay Caudill and Jerry Banks. Visiting Mrs. John Banks, Edrie (Continued on Page 10) New 22.1 cu. ft. MM' RCA WHIRLPOOL FREEZER With this ncA all-ne- w whirlpool freezer you can stock up 'n save UPO Mayonnaise WTHE KEW WIDE MOUTH JAR . Mayonnaise' L 8 BANKS CHILDREN RETURN TO DAYTON AFTER VISIT HERE made with delicious creamy velvet ' rhurrh in whitmhnm loout By BEULAH CAUD1LL delight BSSSaf.,, THURSDAY, Little Cowan 4 Summer 1 . " thSoH ie. . ..- - J' JK&S lL t. vF MoTech. 0 C l IrMljaaitl WOW " aittKAt WU.kl ..;m. ifUW -- Um'f" H - when food prices are lew ...up to 770 lbs. of your favorite foods! What's more, you can preserve these flavors the year 'round. And the built-i-n defrost drain j vie frosting so simple. . wrV. ' H. B. REEDY Webb Avenue across from the fire department

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