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Image 146 of Catalogue of the Officers, Studies, and Students of the State College of Kentucky, Lexington, Volume 5 (Session ending 1907 June 6 )

Part of University of Kentucky course catalogs, 1865-

· hl I 142 sram connnoa or xmrrucxv. THE STATE COLLEGE SUMMER SCHOOLS. FIFTH SESSION. 1907 . These seven schools, which offer more than forty courses of instruction , through text-books, lectures, and the best laboratories in the State, afford teachers, college students and those who are preparing for college, a rare opportunity for inexpensive study. 1. THE scuoon. or Tsncr-uzns. PROFESSORS M. WHITE, NOE, PRYOR, PENCE AND FLESHMAN. The Fifth Session will open Monday, june 10th and continue six weeks. The work is specially designed to prepare teachers for examination for the County Certificate, the State Certificate, and the State Diploma. It em- braces also Free-hand Drawing and Nature Study. By act of the late General Assembly, teachers who attend this School four weeks or more are not required to attend any Teachers’ Institute the same year. Certificates of attendance are issued. ; t A single fee of $6 is required at registration. No rebate is allowed for absence. Women have elegant rooms in Patterson Hall free and board for $3 a week. Men have rooms in the College dormitories free. Board can be had ‘ ' near the College for $2 or $3 a week. All students furnish their towels and bedding and men their mattresses. Total expense for six weeks, from SIB to $24, laundry and books not included. For further information apply to Milford White, Lexington, Kentucky. u. THE SCHOOL or Pnvsrcs. PROFESSOR PENCE. Courses O_§`¢¢·ed—l. A Course in Elementary Physics required for ad— mission to the Freshman Class of the College. Gage’s Elements of Physics will be completed. 2. A Course in Theoretical Physics, embracing the Properties of Matter, Mechanics, Sound, Heat, Light, Electricity and Mag- netism, with experiments, lectures and recitations one hour daily. Text- book, Gage’s Elements of Physics. 3. A Course in the Physical Labora- tory, the work being that given in Gage’s Physical Experiments, and re- quiring from three to Eve hours daily. Students in Course 1 may also take , Course 2, and those in either course should have a good knowledge of Arith- metic and Elementary Algebra, and some knowledge of Plane Geometry and Plane Trigonometry. The work is designed to shorten or lighten the · work in the College, and credit is given for it. Students properly prepared may undertake more advanced work corresponding to that of the junior or

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