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Page 133 of Some celebrated racehorses of the past centuries : with their respective pedigrees and performances recorded in full (vol. 3) / by Thomas Henry Taunton.

VIRAGO. O33 Shrewsbury, 8st 5lbs (Wells), not placed in the Astley House Stakes, won by Mr. Chilton's ch. c. Middlesborough, by Ratan, 7st 8lbs (J. Osborne), beating Mr. Barton's bl. f. The Gem (dam of Regalia), by Touchstone, 7st 4lbs (Charlton), by a neck, Mr. Hutchinson's br. f. Jujube, by Sweet- meat, 7st 4lbs, and six others. 1854. At Epsom (Spring), 6st 4lbs (Wells), won the City and Suburban, of ioo, beating Mr. Powney's ch. c. Marc Anthony, by The Hero, three years, 5st lhb (Salter), by three lengths, Mr. Way's b. c. Brocket, by Melbourne, four years, 7st iilbs (Harrison), who ran a dead-heat for third place with Mr. Knapton's ch. c. Merry Monk, by Merry Andrew, three years, 5st 13lbs (Ashmall); also (not placed), b. c. Orestes, four years, 8st 6lbs, br. h. The Prime Minister, six years, 8st 3lbs, b. m. Adine, five years, 8st 4Ibs (Nat), Mons. Lupin's br. f. Lysisca (bred in France), by Sting, three years, 5st 71bs, and fifteen others; 7 to 4 against Virago, 4 to X against Marc Anthony, and 7 to I against The Baron's Orestes. S. mg., 6st (Wells), won the Great Metropolitan, of X66o, beating Mr. Greville's b. h. Muscovite (the winner of this year's Cxsare- witch), five years, 7st 7lbs (Nat), by a length, Mr. Parr's b. c. Jonathan Martin, by Mr. Martin, three years, 4st 71bs (Geo. Fordham), third; also b. f. Jouvence, four years, 7st 6lbs, ch. c. Ariosto, six years, 8st 4lbs, ch. f. Exact, four years, 7st 4lbs, b. c. Haco, four years, 7st 31bs, The Black Doctor, six years, 7st, and eleven others; lo to 3 against Virago, and 5 to X each against Muscovite and Jonathan Martin. At York (Spring), 6st 61bs (Wells), won the Great Northern Handicap, of 21 So, beating Mr. Henderson's ch. h. Lough Bawn, by Magpie, six years, 7st 21bs (G. Oates), in a canter, b. c. Balrownie, four years, 8st 21bs (Templeman), third, Mr. Parr's b. c. Defiance, by Old England, four years, 7st 6lbs, b. h. Kingston, five years, 8st 121bs (Basham), Sir C. Monck's br. c. Vindex, by Touchstone, four years, 7st 71bs, Lord Chesterfield's b. f. Typee, by Touchstone, four years, ist 21bs, Mr. Surtee's b. h. Colsterdale (sire of Lec- turer), by Lanercost, six years, 6st 121bs, b. c. Lord Fauconberg, by Irish Birdcatcher, four years, 6st I31bs, Merry Monk, three years, 5St i21bs, and seven others; 6 to 4 on Virago, zoo to 8 each against Kingston, Defiance,

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