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Image 1 of The Adair County news., April 24, 1907

Part of The Adair County news.

v 1n s i n SB VOLUME I COLUMBIA 10 ADAIR > KENTUCKY COUNTY APRIL WEDNESDAY 24 1907 NUMBER j 24 L the result The first half of the game PAID LIST the visiting team was in the lead but the home boys won out by the score of 9 to 8 Romie Judd the Training Is Your Name School pitcher was in fine form and if News Honor Roll At Bliss on the Evening of Wednes he had received proper support the Written There day May Eighth at score would have told a different story l The boys from the Springs are a Two Oclock Miss Cary Hughes T A Smith I gentlemanly set and will receive a cordial welcome in the game to be C Ramsey J B Grider R T Baker wJdinJm be sol H H Henninger J M Vaughan J A pretty double flayed here next Staurday Bryant Stone J J Stokes Chas Mc emnized at the home of the brides par ¬ WM BUTLER Connaughy R L Snow J H Flow ¬ ents Rev and Mrs W H C San ¬ ers E A McKinley Elizabeth Mur didge at two oclock Wednesday eve ¬ rell V Bryant Miss A E Montgom ¬ ning May the eighth The contracting In Lincolns Views of Slavery in parties will be Miss Vallonia Sandidge 1837 by Ida M Tarbell published in ery E B Powell S J Botts Judge and Mr T Clellan Moore and Miss McClures we clip the following extract Elliott Graham Henry Turner S W Royse S P Sullivan Z T Holladay Nora Sandidge and Mr J William From a photograph owned by his MooreThe Hon William J Butler J T Patterson grandson are the daughters Springfied Illinois William Butler bridestobe PROGRAM BAND CONCERT of Rev and Mrs W H C Sandidge was a native of Kentucky being born of Bliss and are charming and highly in Adair County that State December accomplished young ladies and each is 15 1797 In the war of 1812 he carried TUESDAY EVENING APRIL 23rd 1907 capable of filling the home she will important despatches from the Gover ¬ adorn with happiness and will prove to nor of Kentucky to General Harrison in be truly a helpmate and companion by Opening Address by Rev J C Cook He the field traveling on horseback the husband she has chosen to honor went to Sangamon County Illinois in BandMarch Vigore with her hand 1828 In 1836 he was appointed clerk Recitation When the Minister comes The Messrs Moore are residents of Miss Laura Frazier of the Circuit Court by Judge Logan Green county and are highly esteemed whom he had known in Kentucky In MusicSerenade Miss Lina Rosen for their sterling character and each 1859 he was appointed by Governor field have a host of friends in Adair county Bissell State Treasurer of Illinois to fill MusicStarlight Waltz J E Bobo Mr T C Moore was a citizen of Co ¬ a vacancy ana in 1860 was elected to accompanied Miss Maud Coffey lumbia for several months and won the that office He was married to Eliza ¬ Band March Spirito confidence of all whom he met The beth Rickard December 18 1863 He Music Warum Miss Betsy Hancock News extend hearty congratulations died in Springfield January 11 1876 St Georgias MusicSchottische and its best wishes in advance of the Soon after becoming a resident of Mrs Rounds happy event Cornet SoloMignonette Air Varie Springfield Lincoln went to William Butlers house to board There he was Mr Geo W Lowe accompadied by nR TAVLORJLL Miss Betsy Hancock like a member of the family He lived MusicDer Asra Miss Martha Han ¬ his marriage in with Mr Butler until y cock As we go to press Dr J F Taylor is 1842 The two men were ever the Music Messenger Boy Messrs Clark warmest personal and political friends critically ill at his home here and his Parksdeath is expected at any moment His BandCaprice Always Gay family and relatives are at his bedside CONCERNING STATE MazurkaF Minor Miss Margaret NORMAL SCHOOL Nearly every physician in town is tak¬ Todd ing an interest in the case and every MusicMy Queen Waltz J E Bobo be done for his Editor thing that can Newsr accompanied by Miss Maud Coffey comfort is lookedafter At the beginning of the last term of Instrumental Solo Where the Morn ¬ Dr Taylor is one of the oldest physi ¬ the State Normal I wrote you a few ing Glories Twine Mrs Rounds cians here vicepresident of the Bar ¬ words in regard to the State Normal Queen of the Ball ren County Medical Society a member and thought perhaps that a few words BandWaltz of the County Board of health secreta ¬ at the beginning of the second term ADAIR MEDICAL SOCIETY ry of the local Board of Pension Exam ¬ might be of some interest to the Adair iners a deacon in the Christian church county teachers The second term and one of the purest men in the coun ¬ opened Monday April 2 with about The Adair County Medical Society ty He and his family have the sin 750 students enrolled I wish to say in will meet in Columbia Kentucky on cerest sympathy and best wishes of the the out set that the success of the Thursday May 9th 1907 when the fol ¬ entire communityGlasgow Republi ¬ State Normal from its very inception lowing program will be rendered which has been only three short months Emphysema J C Gose Knifley canLATERNews DOUBLE WEDDING ¬ > 1v a j reached Columbia Mon¬ day morning of the death of Dr Tay ¬ lor Sunday at 12 oclock death due to paralysis and abscess of inner ear The burial services were held Monday at 2 oclock The deceased was born and reared in Adair county near Montpe lier and was a brother of Dr Sam Tay¬ lor of Gradyville and had a host of re ¬ latives and friends throughout this sec tion ¬ THE GREENSBURG PIKE The Directors of the Green county Turnpike Company we are reliably in ¬ formed have secured 13000 bond pike subscriptions of stock and all rights of way to the Adair county line They have made a call for 10 per cent of the capital with which to begin work and the survey is now being made There is not a reasonable doubt that the road will be constructed It is now up to the citizens of Adair to get busy Mr James Dulworth President of the Green county Turnpike Company says he can raise 1000 mostly in Green for the Adair end of the road The people in the Hatcher and Hutchison neighborhood who are clamoring for bridges will combine in the interest of the turnpike and will add something to the subscriptions they raised to secure a bridge It is believed that the Fiscal Court will subscribe for not less than 2000 of the stock of the Adair county road Why not all these interests get l has been wonderful and phenomenal The attendance has far surpassed the expectation of even the most sanguineI have never seen a better body of students any where than attend the State Normal and I am sure that with such a fine body of teachers Ky will not long lag behind in education as she does today The W Ky State Normal is going to be an important factor in bringing the educational standard of Kentucky to the front Pres Cherry is afire to the situation and is the right man in the right place The fac ¬ ulty is one of the strongest in the whole country Dr Kinnamon who is dean and who has charge of pedogogy and psychology is a graduate of Clark University and is one of the most promi nent educators in the country Dr Fred Mutchler who is also a graduate of Clark University has charge of the science department and nature study He is recognized as one of the ablest men of his profession in the country He will teach nature study in Yale University during the Summer term after the Summer term is out in the State Normal This shows him to be an able instructor Miss Sarah E Scott who is a gradu- ¬ ate of the State Normal of Indiana and a student in the University of Chicago has charge of observation practice and method She too is proving herself equal to the occasion and Im sure will inspire many new ideas of teaching that will prove a great factor in the teach ¬ ing profession in the future No teach er that aims to be progressive can stay away from such a Normal Schooland if they do it will only be a matter of time when they will be eliminated and progressive teachers who have had Normal training will take their place The opportunity is yours will you take B W SHERRILL advantage of it ¬ ¬ togetherWe that the road will be a low grade broad gauge class A road Each of these propositions will help the other If you do not see your way to subscribe to both subscribe to the one you want most LINDSAYWILSON WINS MRS fF The match game of base ball last Saturday afternoon at Lindsay Wilson park between the Lindsay Wilson Training School team and the Russell prings Academy was one of the best exhibitions witnessed here for several seasons The opposing nines were very evenly matched and a tug of war wag > I CURD ENTERTAINS Mrs T H Curd entertained Friday afternoon in honor of Miss Nell Rhorer who is to be wedded April 24 The event was a souvenir spoon social for the lenefifc of the piospective bride and groom1 Ap J Middlesboro News Lr h Crebro Spinal Meningitis G T Sim son Elroy Erysipelas U L Taylor Columbia Medical Legislation L C Nell Gra ¬ dyvilleMalaria N M Hancock Cane Val ley Hysteria C M Russell Columbia Hypochondriasis R Y Hindman ¬ will from one of Adair countys most upright citizens The fruit is of the LAND STOCK AND CROP orange specie but larger and more acid but very fine when toned to suit S A Hatcher bought a sow and the taste withsugar eight pigs from Jo Johnson for 32 THE BAND Mrs Wm Wilson sold one milch cow Zack Hays for 25 and one sow and In behalf of the Columbia Band II eight pigs to Mose Wooten for 1850 wish to make a statement concerning Zed Akin sold one mule a few days ago the Band stand which was proposed to for 165 Spaksville cor be erected over the pomp The propo ¬ 000 sition as made by the band was as fol ¬ Hannibal Gosser sold two horses to lows If the town would furnish the E F Cooper for 260 and bought one lumber we would erect a band stand four year old of Welby Gosser for over the pump the stand to be 12 feet 125 Bryant Meece bought a farm at high 7 feet to the platform or floor Commissioners Sale last Monday for thereby allowing ample space for using 700Irvins Store Cor the well The band will not derive one 000 cent from this move their intention Venus Royse bought a yoke of oxen being to make music if the town would furnish them a place in which to for 95 J G Campbell sold a plug play G T FLOWERS Pres C B B horse for 35 J M Campbell bought a yoke of oxen from Rube Lavender for NOTICE All persons interested in 100 Dirigo Cor the Estate of J P Miller deceased 000are notified that I expect to make final J R McFarland sold to Rando settlement and distribution at the May Carnes I of Sewellton Ky two yearling tarm 1907 of the Adair Circuit Court mules for 146 N B MILLER Executor I Mr Thos Dowell sold last week his crop of tobacco 5000 pounds of his own production in connection with a purchase of his of about 15000 pounds for 700 per hundred weighed up at his barn This deal made Mr Dowel a nice profit and it goes without saying that when Tommie trades it means something The first Sunday in May there will be The purchasers were from Hart caunty sacramental servises at Union also the Gradyville cor election and ordination of some new el ¬ ders and deacons All members invited 000 A good work mule belonging to Chas tobe present also the elders and mem Hutchinson near Columbia died Sun- ¬ bers lately dismissed by letter day W H C SANDIDGE The Chautauqua at Lebanon will be held July 18th to 27th inclusive Wm Jennings Bryan Senator Ben Pitch ¬ fork Tillman George R Stuart and Capt Jack Crawford are among the attractions booked k < MetcalfeI official 000 The green bug has made its apYoung Coffey bought from A S pearance in some counties of this state Chewning a half interest in his beauti ¬ andconsiderable damage to wheat is ful 3 year old stallion Fayette Artist the result The price we failed to get but learned was what is termed Mr T J Smith a prominent mer¬ that it Mr Chewning paid 300 for him chant and mill man of Spurlington was old caught under a falling smoke stack at a year << one of his mills Monday and seriously r whenl injured v OBITUARY Hillenmger the noted nursery man of Lexington said in a recent inteview The debate between the representa ¬ was all nonsense to wait for a tives of the Vanderbilt Training School that it certain condition of the moon to plant of Elkton Ky and the LindsayWilson vegitables Training School of this city will take place Friday evening May the lOtfi James F Shipp has been transfrered The subject for discussion will be from the Springfield jail to the one at Resolve That the Federal Govern ¬ Lebanon to await his trial at tbe com ¬ ¬ ment should not own and control rail ing term of the Marion Circuit Court roads and the L W T Sv team will be represented by Messrs Story and Mr A D Coy and family will re The following day May the move from Burksville street to the Penland 11th will be field dayrooms over Mr Coys grocery within the next few days ¬ < f i < 1 r On Wednesday the 17th of April at 2 oclock p m the death angel came and claimed Mr Thomas Sneed for his own and took his spirit to a land from whence no traveler ever returns was a victim of pneumonia fever hav ¬ Hel ing only been confined twelve days All that loving hands and medical skill could do was done but the Lord saw fit to call him to the mansion prepared for His children He was born in this county March the 8th 1873 making him 34 years 1 month and 10 days old He made a profession of religion when about 17 years old at Big Creek Church On August the 18th 1894 he was married to Miss Lue Hopper The deceased leaves a wife three sons two daught-¬ ers a father three brothers three sis ¬ ters and a half brother to mourn their loss Funeral services were conducted by Rev G Y Wilson at Big Creek Church Friday afternoon in the pres ¬ ence of a large crowd of sorrowing rel ¬ atives and friends Owing to his broth- ¬ er Ed not having arrived from Indiana the remains were not laid to rest until Saturday morning at 9 oclock We would say to the sorrowing fam ¬ ily Weep not for blessed are the dead that die in the Lord A friend We learn that Mr A Dam yon and family and Mr Elza Damron will leave Sandidge Edmonton WH W S Dudgeon Hutchison school in a few days for the Indian Territory to locate houseA Kasey Tabor Dee games on the square and J A Johnston Clear Spring streets are as numerous as watermel- ¬ G Y Wilson Pleasant Ridge ons in August GCW T J Campbell Greenbrier F J Barger Creelsboro Reserve seats for sale at Russell Z T Williams Columbia NORTHWEST TEXAS Cos H T Jessee Independence ¬ 100000 acres of rich Texas J C Cook Columbia Ball game at the LindsayWilson venient to railroads produces land con¬ finest al Claycomb Columbia JF Park Saturday falfa cotton corn also a good country The climate is ideal and the H G Chilson who returned a Mr Band concert at Court house this altitude about 2500 feet All kinds of few days ago from a short sojourn in evening fruits do well Price from 10 and upFlorida presented the News man with to suit Go to J W Coy for wall paper over per acre J cash and balance a fine specimen of Grape fruit which he plucked from a tree in that land of Columbia Grocery Co 24r2tt purchaser Any one desiring to onyesr r tigat this proposition write fruit and flowers We accepted it in Ifc the manner and spirit in which it wa- Eggs are worth today Tuesday 11 ntlX LrizwaAiEr Cam Knox i tl or call at the News office 21tf sgyenatoken of friendship and good cents and ch cReris81 C t 000The county roads are reported to be S J Wilson sold a sow and six pigs getting in better condition wise 1400 heads in the Physical court in not to Mr James Philips for George Burress bought a fat cow from squandering money for pikes Joe Jeffries for 25 00 two calves from The band concert April 23rd will be Tom Jeffries for 12 G A Blakeman sold a milch cow to Rev E N worth the price for 30 Milas Neagle sold Mr Claud Montgomery has accept ¬ 120 and 125 Crawford Loy sold a ed a position as clerk in the postoffice shoat to B F Loy for 375 G A at this place Claud is an honest and Blakeman sold a bunch of fat hogs for scber young man and will make a good 615per hundred Thurlow cor The violin accompaniments played by on the program is expect ¬ Miss lone Rounds at the M E Church ed to come prepared on the subject Sunday evening were praised by all assigned to him A full attendance is fortunate enough to be present desired Matters of great importance will come before the society Editor Brents of the Albany Journal R Y Hindman goes after the Fiscal Court of Clinton U L Taylor Secretary President County in no uncertain manner Like our Gardians they want mud more mud and deeper mudFRIDAY EVENING MAY 10th NEXT SUNDAY 0s 244t ColumbiaEverybody PREACHING 000 STANDI stockoF 0 v X

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