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Image 2 of The Kentucke gazette, August 16, 1788

Part of The Kentucke gazette

Proceedings of the 'Convention nued from our last. of Virginia, conti- r 2th That the cxclufive power oflegiflation and its congiefi. ovei the given to adjacent diftrift, and other pbces, pui chased or to be pur.hafed by Congieft ot any of the dates, shall extend only to such regulations as refpeft the police nd good government thceof bei th That no person thai! be capable of President of the United States so' more than ing any term ot sixteen years. 'eight yea-biThat the judicial power of the United 14th. States fhal! be'vefted in one supreme Court, and in fiich Court of Admiralty as Congress may from ;ime to lime ordain and eftablifli in any of the diffeient states : The judical power shall es tend to all cases in law and equity anting under tieaties made, or which fhal! be- made under the afauthority of the Unite States,- to all cases fecting ambaffadors, other foreign m nifters and consuls; to all cases ot admiralty and maritime jurisdiction; to controvefie to which the United States fliall be apaity; to conttove. fies between two or more States, and between parties claiming all lasds under tbe grants of different States. In cases affecting ambaffadors, other foreign mint shall fters and confuK and those m which a ftatc supreme Cou t (hall have origin be a party the cases before mentional jurisdiction; in all othei h ve appellate jurised the Supieme Court fli cases diction, as to maters of law only : except in admiralty and maiitime jurisdicof equity, and of fliall. h ive-a- p tion, in which the fupeme Court pe'la'.e jurisdiction both as to law and fact, with as such exceptions and inder "such regulations ihall make: But he judicial power the Congie no case of the United 'Sntes shall extend to originated, cause of action shall have, wneic the before, the ratification of this Conftituron : ei terricept indifputes between States about then sans claiming lands tory ; d.fputes between per unde. the grants of different States, and suits for debts due to the United Sates. ist'h Tha 111 criminal p.ofecunons, no man usual stall be lelt'.med in the exe cue of the acctiftomed light of challenging 01 excepting and to the jur . That Congress shall rot alter, modify, of or inteife e 'n the times places, 01 manner holding election- so- Senators and RepreenmiveS i.egifla-uior either of themexcept when the refuse, or be d'labed of any flatc fhaU ncglet, lame, by invasion or lebellion to picferbe he ConI hat iho e dat e vhu h declare that 1 7th poweis, be But fhVI not exe.cife ie rai grsfs intcprcred m any m nne- wha f.ieve , to extend con-ftthe nowctsaf Congicfs, but 'hat thev be eci.ied ion- - to the te'--l e ' 'ie ma.jn.jexcep1 histhall be the ca e, 01 otherwise, power-"hei- c ,as infencd meiely foi p eate caution thecorm-etvT8th l'hat ihelaw? ascertaining and reprefentati e for then ser tion of Seiu ors asvice, be postponed in their opei.ition until of rcpie cntatives immcJiatelvt ter the election succeeding the palling thereof,- that excepted tit ft be palled on the ubect which frail 19th That fometubuial othei than the Senate be provided sot tiying .m eaehmentsof Senators. 20th. 'Tha the raJa. 01 a udse fliall not be u ,ng his continuance encrea ed or d m n.fhc regulations of in offre othei wise than by eneiai . v.-ch nny take pi ce on a lev'fion of the falaty. fubicct ai fitted periods of nor leis than seen ye irs, to commence funn the time such salaries fliall be first afceiiained by Congiefs AND, the Convention do, in 'he name and benaof the people of the Common e.ikb, eivoin it upon theii .ep elentatives in Congiefs to exeit influent e and ufeall leifonable arid legal methods to obtatn a RATH ICATION of the toregoing alterations and provisions in the manner provide by thefifth article of the said Conftitu tion ; and m all Cpngrcffional laws to be pa Ted in the mean time, ft confo.m tochefpirit ofthei'e amendments as. far as the 1'aid Constitution will admit. And so much of thefaid amendments as s contained in the first twenty aiuc'es, cuiftituting the Bill ol R ghts, bemg aga"i iead; . Rejoived. That this Convention doth concur theicin, The o.hei jmendments to; the said prupotd Conltitiiiion. coma, ned in twenty one articles, be-hthen jgattiead, motion as nude, and the j ut to amend the lame by sinking queltu.. t'C-drtle. containing tilde void's out. the " When Congicl- - I1 all laj due t uxe.i or ex. ciies' thby lha'u mmediatciv inibim the executive in. 've: 01 each (late, of il,e quota ol such heiem sleeted, which is (3 opo'i j le the cj, 1.. c.i; .mJ is the .c-- g ltd e "1 iiy fla e lhall pais d iuW wh'di ih.iil be etetual iur imiiug iuch ijuota dt the time te- 11 - e v l ir s ,1 qtiired by Congress, the taxe? an3 excises laid by Congrcb fhairnotbe coliected in iuch state " It paffed in the negative, Ayes 6- 5- Noes S5. And then, the ma.n qteftion being put that this Convention doth concur with the Committee in the said amendments? It was resolved n the affiimativc. On motion. Ordered' That the foregoing be fairly engroffed upon parchment, signed by the president of this Convention, and by him tianlmitted together wt h the ratification of the Fcederal Constitution, to the United States in Cong' el's aifembled ExtraS from the Journal.BE'CKLEY, Secretary JOHN EXTRACTS from the ounalfof a CONVEX? HON held at Danville tne twenty eignnt y of July, 1788. RESOLVED, W'HF'R Evs ic W aPPcafs to the members of this Convei tion,,that t'l? United States in Con. have for the nrcfent declined to grefs cmeted into between the ratify the and t!ie peoplcof this Dist ict o''V refpet!p; the e c' r;i f the P strict into an in '0 'i ron'"c)i.ence of which the powers veftcl .n h coin en ti or ? c diiTolved, and what d 'ef- ltit'oathcy pals cannot be ever O'dc h iv ra. any leiraf force ot obligation: but 'LT mjo is for the safety and prosperity of oli.i'o'vo and Ccr.Sc ents, do eameftly recommend "o the cond eop'e inhabiting the federal couniics vithm t icj Diftri.t-- eachtoeiect five he iimcsof ho ding their Coortsin the iiiomh of October next, to' meet. at Danville in November following, to on thp fi.ft mop .n Office until the first" day of January continue said Repre-fentaieT790 and rhnt 'hc de'euate to their f i!1 ro" s s to 'al 0 fuch'meafures for obtaimrg admifuim of he Diflrift as a separate and MuiervrJe it member ofte United States ot Ame ic, a,id 'he navigation of the River rsvLiy appear most coriduc Ve to those . impoi.'.-niinit'ore : jnd alio to 'form a Constitution or Cov-- ' nment tor the Diftricl, and organize the f'lne when they ihiM iui.;e it neceflary, or J accomphiri ' h'.Tever on aconfideration then opinion of the Srate of the Oift.-'.- a promo'e its irteiefts Rf. .;o 1. VKD that the elections directed by the preceeditiK re olution be heldat the Court-bouf- e of each County, and continued ftomday ihy- - including the first day to day for R F. S 0L V E P t h a K e Hie H 's wi th in th e re fpec-tiC- e counties of tl, s ) ftitcf be requested to hold said c'eAions 'ndir.,!;c return thereof to tho the Clerk of the supreme Couit immediately aster vet to each the same ,i;e lu.ifV, and ? ' Rcpiefen'at ve so elected a Certifiicate of hise lection, and in ca.b the.c lliould be no sheriff in either of the said 0 unties 01 he fiiould refuse to ac, th it any two acting FVagiftrates then pre-semay fupei htend and conduct the said elections and mae returns and grant Certificates in todo. the same m inner the fncnfVs inhabitant Rl' SOLVKD that every of each county within the said Difttict has a right to vo'e at the said e ccuons within their refpeciive count es. RESOLVK, that a ma ority of the members so elected be a QUORUM tojpiooeed to hufinefs. RESOLVED, that is the faiJ Convention should not make a hotife on the said fiift mon-dain November, any three or more member? then affembled may adjouin from day to day for five days next ensuing, and is a Convention should not then be foruied at the end of the fifth day, that they may then adjourn o any day they think proper not exceed ng one month. RESOLVED, that thefheriffsof each county, case may bef read, 01 the said magistrates,. as the or cause to be read the aforesaid resolutions on each day immediately preceeding the open'ng the said elections ORDERED that the President do rcqueft the Primei of the Kentucke Gaze'to to pubhfh the pioceedings. and refolvesof Congiefs by him laid before this Convention, also such of the proceed-ing- s of this Convention as the President shall. think proper, and in particular that the Piinter continue to publifli weekly until the first of October next the recommendation for electing anothei Conversion and thefeveral resolutions relative theieto '. C A tuie copy THOMAS TODD I NG TON, Auufi .16 BOUT the ith. Tnfl tiyo Ii.diavs and awhti1 man, who had been prtjoner with them aboil6 12 years' came in on the wate s of Lickhi? to fle$ herfes, th" white man made hi ejeape frcm them, and informed the inhabitants' thereof, and on sun-da- y last Major Hitigfton with the ptifoner fvett or eight others. Jet out in pursuit of them the conduced them to their hunting camp. aid i t a short time aster their arrival at ihat place, the two Indians appeared, bosh of which were kilted, andaR their skins and other plunder taken. Convention tlte to LEX A O S N G I means that tender sigh my deara Wf-HA- W Why hlentdrops that Chiyftal tear, Why jealous, sears disturb thy breait, Where love and peace deuglrVto ielt? Whcielove &c, I i II re con-(iderr- What tho' thy jocky has been seen, With Molly sporting onthej'eeii, 'Twa out an arj'tul trick to piove, The match lei's tyhce'oi jenny 'i. love Lhe match tefor'ce. &c. , 13 Ill - I addrefs'd. To grace the witty Daphneys breaftlj But lwas atherdeliie to try, 'Tis, true anofegay -- 3 Is Damon call a jealous eye. Is Damon call. &c. s, Mif-fiffipj- mjn IV Thcfe flow'rs will fade by morning Neglected fcatrered o'er the lawn, But m thy rragrant bosom lies, A Tweet peifume that never dies. A fwcet perfume. &c. Nelson county, Long-lic- k' creek, da" wdj . ' August 1738 The fubferiber has for sale, his SALT-WORK- sc S, 11 fa-de- free-mal- Thice ORltl ANDSMV JVULL, miles from Danville on FfWrdBs run to be lei o'llhdies, toapenon that umleiftands that bafiueis, lot te msappiy to the fubferiber on the pUc. 11, irt, JOHN' 51 CALDWELL 3fP3 I BENJAMIN FRYE. FOUR DOLLARS R E W A R t) e y A With two hundred acres of second rate well timbered land ; welve acres clcareda and a goo'd cabbin . away from the fubftfrlber living on Hingftons'fork of Litkmg, near about the middle of Bouibon Court-houApril last. A bay mare about thirteen hands and an inch high, nine years old with foal, 3 small bit cut off her lest ear, dockt but not branded, had on a small bell tied with a, bit of rope, alio a chelnut sorrel yearling mare colt with a blaze face neither dockt nor branded, whoever takes up (aid creatures and delivers them to C Tray ed se c eitibferiber flvJl c THOMAS 'AlECHEN. Si 53 Mgufi 13. - tl o ward. away horn the fubferiber STRAXEO Blacks ftauon on the louth living fork of r ueck, a chetnui forr mare, sour yeuiG o.d, ilnrteens hanab alio a halt hiili, neitiicr aockt nor branded, bot her and bind feet white, ibme faddie lpo.s (mall bell; Whoever takes up. had on a iubtcri-"be- r, said mare, and delivers her to the shall receive Ten fhilhnps, and all 1 cl-a- 1

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