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Image 1 of The Kentucke gazette, August 16, 1788

Part of The Kentucke gazette

7) is UilB. dS t-- LI. T II W .August - f-- E K T ftvmiumuviivkiiiittn.. LEXINGTON: Printed U SATURD - by G JPHN BRADFORD f received, and AY, .AUGUST ET A proposes laying off a Town at some convenient place on slate creek with large flreet5, ana uiiJ allow public ground, sufficient for Meeting house and' Schoolhouse; thelojts ro.confift,$ifiialf.aii:aci-inlott'!ttntfive and a half acres out lott; each setter who Hi.ill settle in f.nid Town on or before the lirfl day o Ju "1789, hull be inutled to one in and out I ,t gratis,- for which I w make him lear ckd in see fiinple I will also f :ll to the amount bl so.cco acres T E-- 16, 1788 at his Office in Main Street. irrere Subcriptions, Advertisements, Feinting in its different branches done with Care'and Expedition. 'TrHE fublcriber 1788. 16", ,WEST EDWARD tfie'public that frifotms tjc. for this pater ' are thankful Hereas the General Aflembly have diredled. r rlmr Gfr jjv.iv,;, vjif 1. niij omJ, lilliu iy- sully lie on the Kenrucke river, near Harrods has opened a shop in the Town of j 'g the Lexington, on high ftreec and carries on landing, in the county of Propeitxof mr Walter Beall, fWtld be fye clock and watch tffa1fing bufmefs in its different brandies, all those who veiled in trustees, and eflablifhed a town by the name of Warwick. The fruftees shall think proper to 'oblige him with their of the said town will therefore meet on custom may depend on bring faithfully Hie land, on wednef. ay the . first, day of ftrved, and their business compleated in Odtober Tiext, in order to lav off the the best manned and on ;he fnorftft nohuts and to law, and on tice ; he hasjuftr cuved a quantity of ex- the faturday following, they purpofr cellent watch chiyftals to sta ceck, on of land on the waters .pf sell the lotts to the" highest bidders, on the following terms viz- nr3o:pr nunareu six months credit, the purchasers gi'vmg and the pay merits to-- be, u t fourth part JO rich, is hereby given to those whom bond with approved fecuritv. The pubincafh in the courie two years from lic may be allured that the (itua'ion of it may concern, that there are feyeral the ri.fl di of September next, sour hunthis town is healthy, abounds with excejudgments in the county C urt of Lincoln dred pound' 'hereof, to be paid the first lled springs, and convenient roads may be obtained for B njtmin L'gan Tames day-o1789.111 the sol owing manner, J had on either side the riverT two hu'Mf c iiihd in cash and the other Hariod as commillioncrs tor the laic of Indian plunder in the year one thousand godd two. hundred pound in two pair of j1 seven and eighty, upon which no execu- -mr Honu and the "ba ranee in caluwisj. iffued, to wit. and lar iron; the reminder of the foutEfltios liave be paid on or part of ihc wnole amount to Names Sum: 6 Costs. .before the fiifl da of September, one Ebenezc. Miller, Ex'or frv n hundred and ninety, in Clough Overton dec -0 o 65lb of tob. QRokeout jail the' 7th 80 cash, .ind tne other three fourth parts, to be Parmenas Brifcoe, 14 76 anegroe fellow named Isaac he o- Squiie Poone. 65 76 is lmall and pale coloured, paid on or be'ore tke Wft day of NovemAbraham Thomas and ber one thousand fevei. hundred and nine-- t o John Dougherty, CS 76 has lolUhe toes off one of his feet ii ye- -, two, in property :o be alued by two Jame Cilmoic .aa&- ry talkarive ptaufible; and insinuating -6 indifferent perfarrsnrh - p'urcbaTers'to choole 3o John Dougherty, 76 he was lately the property ofcoj. John' Nehemiah Poor and one and the fubfenber the other. Lan.pbellof Jeffejfon countv, 80 ari. U r John Bowles' 10 h a pub76 meny belonged to Th; id antagesur a I own capt. H. palmo Qf' Hugh Couchran, 65 0 7J6 lic road'thiough' it to the E.ftcrn ILtes, Lincoln, who sob him to lawyer Bjown. Jolin Dcemiah and and Na 'gable waters from it to the ohto, Michael Humble, 2 10 65 76 of this place, he is well acquainted in muff be obvious to every person. John W I'rovenceand t e neighbourhood ; - 6 3 65 78 and kcures him so Whoever appreherds James Hariod, Thole who wish to become settlers will that the iubtcubtr-getpltal j to meet me at Stiodes ftatioit on him, shall receive the The fubferiber being appointed by col. m'nday tne eighteenth mit. where l will TH0- ' ARBEE. Danville, July 30 1788. attend with lurveyor chain carriers &c. Benjamin Logan Agent for settling this 49S3 bulinefs, will attend at Danville the in order to proceed to the laying off said first week of the ensuing September Town. supreme Court, when he hopes those to eftabliflj a As toon as a crop of corn" is raised on THE fubferiber proposesof the upper Blue licks within thice miles who are interefied, will come prepared to said land, I ill ertci a Grrlt mill, and faron the following teuns, viz. one half ace the demands of the said commifli-one- rs in Town, and ther intend, as soon as polfible, to erect one five acre lott adjacent, given in' against them, those who sail heresee simple gratis, to each fetler, iron works and slitting null on the wateis with the e of purchanngonehundicd acres on the same laid in may expv ct to have the Judgment a rr 'ate creek, con' tp I'm gainlt them, put 'in execution immediately. tiaft. at3opr. hundred, payable in cattle, ftecp Town. JACOB MYERS. and good horses or mates ; one half to be 1. HITE, paid a July r, I78fc the tune of settling, and two years credit for the on the purchasers giving the land in security-fothe payment, the tides to be made tothe T FLiJ foe wain an ptrfons from The Primer hereof, once more eameflly re. whenthe settlers obligate themselves"to re tie, on qnefts all those indebtejl.tojkim to make payment before ji allignfi em n a bond palled or before chritlmafs next, and to maintain t jkford, in the year the 20th List, at it "wilLtnaUe him tofurnifb the fro., mc tojofepi sour years by themselves, or reprcienta-fivenecessary supplies for the ensuing year &e ' Those foi 'lit" lun 4, .h he haih lat,-c- d threeore that have paid no pat! of their fubferipti-01- providedThere will be more land adjacent, forfalo terms can be agreed on. It is unnecefla-r- y uu ' "tiaSernents to cr mp''ao and who do not comply with thisrequejl. he will to say any thing respecting ,the advantages uid h. nd. he l.' f deem any sat t her information of this kind ine, uftlefs. which this place will derive from its local situation, ROBERT M'KAY. As the first year will expire Jugujl 5,il&23d Inft. He and richnekof soil, as those wo with to settle will gives this farther notice, that every perjon shall Jj'e no doubt, view it befoie they igrce; thereisaccr- - ' unified to this paper the ensuing year, who shall pay tainty of fait being made the ensuing fall at the "TWJO ice is hereby given, that on the down Nine Shillings. Jle hath therefore no doubt, licks, as there are fevcral companies determined to fi i' ondaV in September n.xt, will that not only all those who have favoured him with work them. be dra n he a nc of the lotts; of the their cuftomthe present year, will continue their Those who wish to settle will make application-tbut that the me soon, in Lexington and some time in" October town of B noi.'gh, and that deeds greatly encreafe, so number of fubferibers will moderate a price. at will be fixed on for meeting on the land to viewic, Will be nv Oe at t at time for the same; Lexington, July 24.1788. tf DAVID LEITCH alfc for t;.e ttiaiready crawn. All tl ofe RAW LE IGH owning lotts in id town are hereby requeued d, as they may expedt hereby forewarri olterfonsfrom taking-JL-the time "al owed' r r building thereon gEfpedfuliy informs the public,, that an ailignment of a' Bnhdgiven by me he has opened private entertainment v P conn'1 from h is d it,j to John Hughes, of Lexington, for man arrd hoffe on the road leading 2?v order of the Board, WILLIAM OREAR C. of from be neceffary for thoje who intend to , It sill trl3ourbon Court house" 1788, as 60. dated the twelfth day of May the said John Hughes has ob- -. take o"t to cme provided, as there will be a those Gentlemen who will savor him with tamed the aforesaid Bond by unlawful lmall erpmcedeed far Iwveying &c. their, custom may depend on havin" eve-r- y May 19 178 a nvans. tf JOHN SMITH, attention paid them Lsxtngton, Juguft Court-Iioufe,- - IJiipcd 1 11 t' - 11 streets-accordin- I . . FOUR' DOLLARS t jt REWARD -- 1- 7Iml. hook-note- 2-- 12- -- ' - -- - 3- s lo-- e c prrvi-ledg- is- -- r ta-k,i- ;-. lo-t- r iheVcjt-tlcmen- s. . 1 17-76- s, ! f- - on-t- s, o - : tit CHINF I . for-lhe-fu-m - h 1. 17S8- - .

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