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Image 327 of Bulletin of the University of Kentucky, Volume 32 (1970-1971)

Part of University of Kentucky course catalogs, 1865-

information on admission information may be obtained M.A. is awarded to those students who elect to write by writing to the Dean of the School of Library Science. a thesis. The requirements are the same as for the M.S. except for the following: r COUIQSE 1{EQUII{E]yjEN’1‘S Six hours credit is given for the thesis and, there- _ _ _ fore, the student takes six hours less of formal class Cornpletron of >6 hours of coursework with an aver- work t age gmflc Of B Or mm? is the gcmml lcqullcllléllh A language examination nrust be passed in one of $P€€16C COUl$€ mqllllclllcllls are HS follows? the modern foreign languages. ('1`he other two options Required Core Courses to be taken first. (IZ hours) fgggfgjlgn;lC;°;‘l§‘l l§I Qlcglmiltllc flgqlgu l;u;glmg(; ‘ o ie in rprarv .crenee co no Library Administration q ‘ _ _ . pply here.) D€*€l<>1>m¢¤t<>f Llbmrhcollcctlfms The student must pass an oral exanrination in tlc Reference and Inforrnatron Services MISC Of his thesis r Organization of Library Materials I Advanced Re uired Courses. I2 Iio rs . . . Libmr} Svsicms Amlh _S ( u ) A(I77l2.S`.S`lOIl, RU(]ll’l7'€I}l€IllS (UNI 1 ( r _ V _‘s1 - Methods of Research in Librarianship (usually taken P7`OC€(Ill7`8·S` ](07` U7l(I(3I'g7`(1(Ill(lf€S l dmmglast Semester) The School of Library Science does not offer any . ORC Of the follovving adnlinistrution COUISCS: fOl-l`l`l2ll ])1“0gl'>J11l of Stlldy Oil l'llC llll(lCIgIZl(lll1-llL` lC'\'€l. i Public Libraries Students who are registered as undergraduates at the t Academic Libraries University of Kentucky nray take library science courses ` Special Libraries at the $00 level as a·gencral nnnor or as meeting the Z Instructional Materials Centers requirements for ccrtrheatrou rn kentucky as a school ‘ U · I librarian. "lhose students uno are not working toward ~ One of the following bibliography courses: certification are encouraged not to take nrore than six ‘ Biblio ra >hv of Social Sciences credit hours of the $00 lcrel core courses in library 3 1 . _ _ . S Bibliography of Humanities science rf they plan to enter the School of library f Bibliography of Sciences Science. .- Electives in library science or some in other areas. { l (12 hours} 772rlS.S‘lOl1, I‘i€(]UIl'€Hl»6Ilf.S` Cl7l( li Proeedu·re.s· as a Norr—De¤ree Student 2- . . . ta Up to six hours of library science courses cornplcted It . .1] f { I__t { ._{ _ . _ ]_ _ on an undergraduate basis may be transferred into the is pom) C Or H.S [lim lhrcglb U m A lll)?-iigrcc . _ . _ _ status and take certain library science courses. llus may a y 36-hour program rf they are equnalent to any of the bc fl W Un V] 1] wh I yl p H) {IVY lm X blt wiqhcg r core courses and if they have been cornplcted within ‘ l rb lm “ l°‘°· ]`° `I I .l`l· (.(" CL I ` l r thc lust Cight years to take additional courses to bring his knowledge up I r . . ‘ ` . to date or to strcrrytlrcu his knowledge in a certain r It rs possible also to transfer mto the program up to J . _ . l . . . . area. lt may be a collcrre graduate who is working srx graduate hours of hbrary science courses or certain . . tr . . _ _ toward school library certrtrcatrou and who does not courses rn other fields if they were talcen recently as . _ . . Y1 . . wish to complete a so-lroru rrrasters program but onlv , an enrolled graduate student and rf they did not count hkc thc N Or 7] IMM Ut mn HY S(_iCm_L_ Cmmcg toward another earned degree. ( . L 7 . A ` . ` · ` .` ` .. . · · .0- ·rl·l ·l~l~· td l NO gmduatc Crum IS glwn for Courses taken by required for eeitnrerton r it rrrr_ be ac >orrerrr1·c · . . . applicant to School of labrary Science who is , l correspondence. Up to six of the credit hours required . _ E . , r . . taking one or two courses as a probatrouarv student rv for the degree may be earned rn extension courses . . . . ‘ · . . . . . pending reevalrratron ot his records and new trst l to given in person by University of Kentucky instructors. NCUICQ · st The Librarv School is currently offering the core courses ` , " , V , . . ‘ . . . i\or1-rregrcc students should apply tor aonrrssron to r to , at the Northern Comrnunrtv College in Covington. —_ A . I , . · y . ‘ both the School of Library Sercntc and the l)c;nr of rn There are introductory courses as well as some ad- . . _ . ., _. V . . __ r . . Admissions and Regrslrrrr, Uirrxcrsrtx ol lxcutrrclcy re vanecd ones offered on the rnarn campus during late r ‘ _ ay afternoons, evenings, and on Saturdays. However, ill rnostlclaslseskmeet morrnngs and early afternoons dur· R€(/Ui].C,mwlt..S_ and ];).OC(,UtH).(,.S. fg,. ,e- mgticwce. T '_,_` I / · `_ A n- (/GIll]`l(,(lIl()Il (IS (1 be [UU IA Htllllllt he TIVIE M./\. OR M.S. IN LIBRARY SCIICNCIU Ill K(3I2lIl(‘[fy ne rer The course requirements described up to this point Certitication as an clcrrreirlary or lrrjlr ~.rrr=ror hl»r;rrr;ur rer have been those for the M.S. in Library Science. fin is <>l>l·H¤G§‘f i ll? ,

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