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Image 6 of The Big Sandy news., November 11, 1910

Part of The Big Sandy news.

V Page Six. NOTES OF THE FARIH. COLtMN OP INTERESTING NEWS THAT WILL BKNKVIT FAKMKK8. One of the best tools a farmer can have li a good riveter for mend ing leather straps of all kinds One ot these will save a good many trips to town and maybe more than one runaway. Look after the pits where pota and toes and the like are stored, make sure that there Is enough earth or litter on them to protect the contents from the coldest weath er. Neglect may cause serious loss. You've been working around that one solitary big rock In a field for years. Now, split It up, blast It or get rid ot It in someway. A day's the work, or perhaps less, makes field perfectly clean and smooth. A tank beater for heating drink pay lng water for live stock will for Itself, time and again, In one winter, In the saving of extra feed required to restore the animal bout lost through taking in the drafts of Icy water. Bringing home unexpected guests is rleht at dinner or supper-tim- e often very trying to the good wife. Politeness and hospitality are all right in their places, but you owe a duty first to your wife and daugh- ters. ' warm stout sled, clothes, and let the children sl'de but keep them off the roads. It is fun, and you know it, or ought to; and far more healthful for mind an body than a dime novel in the barn Provide a loft It takes a smart man to wait pa- tiently for dinner when the hour comes, ilia wife can wait for him ft month of Sundays, but if she Is not right on the tick when ha comes In, there will be trouble right along. Most things have two sides to them. Isn't this one of them? Give the cats and dogs a warm, strawlined, covered box in a shed, to themselves.These bitter nights ar cruel to our dumb friends; and never could lie in my warm bed, knowing that anything was shiverin and with cold. Some men (?) women can, but I can not. From November Farm Journal. 1 hat the World Ota From the Farm. When the world wants good cows, horses, sheep, hens and hogs It sends out to the farms and gets them. When It wants good things to eat It writes a letter to the farmers and Is never disappointed In getting just what It orders. When It wants the choicest fruit, our farms have it If fruit Is not plentiful In the East, there is the great West to draw from. W When It Is looking for homes for the thousands In other lands who never knew what home really Is, It sends to this great country of ours. When the world feels the need of men to do great things, it reaches out Its hand to the farm, and says "You have Just the ones we want Send them to us! It is a time of sore stress; do not fall us!" And from the farms a steady stream of men goes to answer the call. You find them in the offices, in the factories, in the stores of the great cities. They are doing much ot the world's work today, an they will always be doing It; for the farm grow-- JuBt that kind of men. The world gets its best from the farm; and there Is left. Let's be thankful for that: From November Farm Journal. The Poultry Yanl. Get all the leaves you can for the scratching pens. We need new breeds when they are better than the breeds wo have. Mow hens do like sweet apples! Good for them, too. Share them between the hens and the pigs. d The pullets should now be laying. They certainly are, if they have been given the proper feed and care. If you have any little potatoes, the hens can make good use of them. Boil them up soft, and feed a ration now and then. Let's not begin to coddle onr hens with the first whiff of frosty weather. That softens them und makes them tender for the real cold that Is coming. Corn-memixed with sklni-mlland fed three times a day, all the fowls will eat, is the best fattening diet I have ever tried. Feed warm In cold weather. Some farmers allow the young stock to roost outdoors during the Bummer, Is Important that such birds be at once placed In BOVE CTtK.KK. u them for the hens. The time near when they will need such feeds Ren Vanhorn was a business visas add succulence to the ration. Meat scraps put up especially tor itor In Louisa last Wednesday. Jay Compton and Easter Burton the hens may be had In almost any market, and It is a very necessary went to Zelda Saturday. Dock Peltry, who returnde from time. feed at this was Anthony, W. Va., recently,. are Crushed oyster-shell- s Hens will do well on almost any lsltlng relatives Saturday and Sunkind of feed If they have enough of j day at this place. Pike Coal finished covering the it; but they certainly can not make eggs unless they are supplied with residence of Widow Harris liut week Harvey Lambert has gone to certain necessary elements for wood to work. Miss Mary Stump was guest of Nothing ever happens without a cause. One of the things that will Pearl Lambert Saturday night Jra Vanhorn, of Adeline, was on surely cause sickness among chickens Is crowding loll fowls Into a our creek Sunday. Miss Ruth Fannin, of Zelda, was house large enough for ouly fifty visiting her couslu, Miss Cora Cur-irjtor at most seventy-fivat this place Saturday and There should now be an extra night. Sunday. of corn given at up our Cleve Steward passed Corn furnishes heat to the body, as For comfort creek Friday with a fine drove of It is slow to digest. during winter the crop should re cattle. Mrs. Drusia White and Mrs. Dug-g- ij main practically filled during the en Vaiinoin, have returned to tire night. An essential to the hen's comfort their home In West Virginia, after and in cold weather is a floor where no a tew days visit with friends drafts are felt. While you are re- relatives at this place. Miss Minnie Byron was visiting pairing the chicken house, bank It up well on the outside, and If the Mrs. Eff Presley Thursday. floor Is of earth, make sure to have Rev. Harvey and Will Burton were it higher inside than the ground on Hear creek Saturday. From Farm Journal. without. Will Curnutttt, who has been working at Kiuuer, passed here Lame back comes on suddenly and Saturday en route to his home on Is extremely painful. It is caused Brushy. by rheumatism of the muscles. QuBoss Kelley had the misfortune of by applying falling and was seriously hurt. ick relief Is afforded Chamberlain's liniment. Sold by all Jack Sloan, of Zelda. who has dealers. beeu working on his father-in-lacellar, has It almost completed. TKKRYVII.l.K. Anna, Drusla and Wade Vanhorn and Anna Bellomy attended church The wedding bells have been ring- at Mt Zlon Sunday. ing again In this vicinity. The hapMr. Court who has recently py people are Samuel Cantrill and to Zelda was a business visitor Vessle Skaggs, also Herbert Skaggs at B. V'anhorn's one day last week. and Polly Fyffe. Mr. Cantrill has George Lakln, was here Saturday recently returned from the west, from Zelda. where he was gone five years. He Mr. and Mrs. Drunk Vanhorn wer served three years In the U. S. visiting Mrs. Vanhorn'a parents, Mr. army and spent the remainder of and Mrs. James Curnulte, Sunday his time principally in Arlxona. He afternoon. Is a fine young man, sober and In- dustrous. Miss Skaggs is the charm IN MEMORY. lng daughter of Mrs. Sarah Skaggs, who married flrook Cantrill, the Death has again visited the father of the groom Herbert home of Julius Diamond, and took Skaggs is the son of James Skaggs, from him bis darling wife, Anna. prosperous farmer and merchant. She leaves two children and a Miss Fyffe Is the daughter of Rev. husband and two sisters, three brott James Fyffe, prosperous farmer of ers. father and mother to mourn the Keaton. We wish the newly mar- loss of Anna. Weep not, dear ried people all they wish for. children, for poor Anna for she Is Our telephone line Is drawing nearer to .Terryvllle every day .the work being conducted by O. V. Bur ton and others. The snow put people to getting coal and wood and gathering corn. Our schools are progressing nice ly. They are planning for a big reception Thanksgiving. E. H. and J. F.Skaggs went to Louisa last week. Eli Wells has been painting Mrs. : Laura Skaggs' house. Virgil Skaggs attends school on Keaton this year. Xot Sorry for a better world, where sorrow nor pain will never enter. The world seoras empty and cheerless to them, and In their hearts there la a dreary dismal aching void th only consolation that Is vouchsafed them la the sweet realisation of the fact that their beloved one Is In at peace. We will miss her, but our Is her eternal gain. She baa g.iue we from us, but we thank (lod k.iow where to find her. Mrs. Diamond Joined the Missioner ary Baptist church. She died 2a, 1910, aged 31 years, t mouths and a tew days. Anna wa loved by all who kuew her. Her name was Anna Plckrvll. Her skkuess was very short, but aha ?erued to be ready to go limine with Jesus, Sue was taken to her old home place for burial. MKAR. !., Hit HAKDSOX. Born, to Cecil Ferguson and wife, a girl. Miss Kittle Vaughan. of this place. Is visiting Miss Oussie Rltfe, of Ashlaud. Misses Bessie, Maxle, Blanch and Georgia Preston, ot (ieorgea creek. spent Sunday with Miss Carrie Hurt le It. Miss Addle Marrs. of Loiiiaa.apeni a short visit with Miss Gypsy Vaugh an. Mr. and Mr. John McDonough Mrs Walter Wilbur. Mrs. Clint Wallace spent Sunday with her sister. Mrs. J. B. Akers. Deck Vaughan, ot Ashland, Is visiting home folk this week. A large crowd of young people from this place attended church at Lick branch, Sunday. Misses Carrie Bartlett, I.lllle and Julia Borders and Joale Carrull spent Sunday with Miss Gypsy Vaughan. Two chums. A t'AIlD OK THANKS. From the fullness of our hearts we take this means of offering our sincere thanks to the ones who so kindly assisted us In any way during the Illness and death of our darling daughter, alster, wife and We wish to assure them mother. that their kindness will never be forgotten. B. Mr. and Mrs. T. DiaPlckrell and Family; Julius mond and Children. In Bad Fix T had a mishap at the age of 4t, which left me In bad fix," writes Mrs. Georgia Usher, of Conyers, Ga. 'I was unconscious for three days, and after that I would have fainting spells, dizziness, nervousness, sick headnche, heart, palpitation and many strange feclincs. 'I suffered ereatly with ailments due to the change of life and had 3 doctors, but they did no rood, so I concluded to try Cardui. Since taking Cardui, I am so much better and can do all my housework." M? CARDUI The Woman's Tonic Do not allow yourself to get Into a bad fix. You mfijht get in so bad you would find it hard to get out Better take Cardui while there Is time, while you are still in moderately good health. )ust to conserve your strength and keep you in tip top condition. In this way your troubles, whatever they are. will gradually grow smaller instead of larger you will be on the Instead of the down and by and bye you will arrive at the north pole of perfect health. Get a bottle at your druggists' today. up-gra- tfctlK. The old. old story, told timet without number .and repeated ovMlas tana Rice, who has typhoid er and over again for the last IS fever. Is some better years, but It Is always a welcome Limy llaya and friends. Mr story to those In search ot health Woods, were on our creek Thurs- There Is nothing In the world that day. cures roughs and cold as quickly a Tom Rice left Sunday for parts Chamberlain's Cough Remedy. Cold unknown. by all dealers. Frank Bradley has moved "his family In Morgan creek. We are WA NTtl PRODI CK. sorry to lose him for ho was the At Blaine and two day at Los leader In singing. Mrs. Katie Jordan, who baa pneu- Isa Wedweilay and Ttmndya, yon aelL See my price before monia. Is no better. Misses Ida and Cora CarU-- r were Bring your eggs and produce to the visiting Dial he store and buy goods at out Rice last week. Sam Burton had the mlsfortuue prices. Best standard calico Se yd. World can t beat It. of getting his shoulder dislocated Butcher shop at Blaine store, Cora Jo be was railing on Sophie round atesk 1 T.nderlole Rice Saturday and Sunday. roast T We There wlil be church at Midway lie. the second Sunday, Brother Harvey buy yearlings for beef. People wanting fresh beet leave preacher. Sorrel Top. orders by phone and I will deliver lie. on road from Blaine to Louisa FARMS KOH 8 U.K. On the Ohio river. In Lewis and good order. Four-quart- er Greenup counties, will sell at Sell us your produce, reas- are W onable prices. For Information and well posted on tbe market description write C. E. BRICK, St. BIG nl.AIXK PRODUCE CO. Paul, Ky, lmpd H. t. PACK, Maaagrr. () IIIiiiuIit. "If my friends hadn't blundered In thinking was a doomed victim of 1 consumption. now," writes might not be alvle T. Sanders, of llarrodsburg. Ky "but for years they saw every attempt to cure a g cough fail. At last I tried Dr. King's New Discovery. The effect was wonderful. It soon stopped the cough and 1 niu now in better health than 1 have hail for years. This wonderful Is an unrivaled remedy for coughs.rold lagrippe, asthma, croup, hemorrha ges, whooping cough or weak lungs. 50c, $1.0(1. Trial bottle free. Guar anteed by A. M. Hughes. I 1). MOSSY. W. V THEKFY NOTE of efficiency in the I. Moving is the order of the day. There is much sickness In our neighborhood at this writing. Horn, to Mr. and Mrs. Kuderwood of Lick Fork, a fine big boy. Mr. and .Mrs. K II. Mailing of Huruwell was visiting Sherman Kel-le- y and wife of this place Sunday. Mrs. George Scarbo, who has beon sick so long Is some hetier. Mrs. Ella Armstrong, of Ilishop Fork, was visiting her daughter. Mrs K. 1). Harless Sunday. Mrs. Flossie King left Monday last for Akron, Ohio, where she will make her future home. Sherman Kelley aiid son. Raymond expert to visit friends and relatives in old Kentucky soon. Miss Susie Thompson has had as her guest Sidney Reed, r Matville is its key-for-every-char- ader Covplr. Siuil Lis. Ktybosrd ui'alk tui IslnthuisesbU hwaL Carnage i visiDie Uoy. LOCAL STOCK MARKET. market for the sale of cattle etc., was opened Saturday, Jan 1 1810, at my place at Forks of Catt their winter quarters. Sa les every two weeks from abort Do not allow Inferior cabbage, po- date. Convenient pens. Feed real tatoes and beeU te freete; store ouable. Scales handy. J. W.. TOWLER, for laloisutioa to The Smith Premier Typewriter Co., Inc. Syracuse, N. Y. Braechsi snqrwao. . i ."rluosi. Kibc.l iM'isi Tucl KJ Osmiss ly.e Bar Fismr id Paragraphs! a Dccmil TUpK' : u;;!. f. ig rVxJ uts Cliirstur :( wvi -- 1 M- s - jhuei I" isgei 1. . i lag. Rclesn Lsvea tat t ';.lv Dri fjUrM CsswiM iron Keyboard Variable sad Usiverul Lis. Spacer Peritct Dwt Guard Back Span Ltnr Carrias Wrs. Dtvics bn v rUfeMji pe Lie UHX Reiardar ImprovM A A Cutting iV- -! AK PiTiert Model 10. brother Cyrus Klncaid Friday. JWj-i- t i4 insures accuracy. Plata ithilator Rack One simple stroke prints any charader. This saves time, increases speed and Mrs. M. J. Stover and Blster.Mrs. C. Mailing was calling on their A Kentucky keyboard. !'.u Va. K. J r--i Eripawaal, MartpnaJ Stoa Speadicat Ear Dnind These are features which make the Smith Premier the choice of the omparative man who investigates adrantsgct. 1- (

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