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Image 1 of The Big Sandy news., November 11, 1910

Part of The Big Sandy news.

ANDY NEWS. BIG Aut invmiam viam, aut faciam. Volume XXVI. Number LOIIHA, 11. u COUNTY, KKNTICKY. LAWRENCE GREAT LANDSLIDE. Democracy Looks Good to the district cratic, and that People Once More. I1IVW New York, Ohio, New Jersey, Indiana, West Virginia, Massachusetts, and National Congress Democratic. of One of the greatest landslides in ocrat, elected Governor the history of the country look place York, approximates 65.000 lwt TuJr In favor of the Demo- cratic party. The next Congress will be Demo- cratic by a majority of 26 to 30. ReIn Enough Legislatures publican states hare lone Democratic to cut the Republican majority to In the Hulled Stales Senate one tingle rote, and returns from states yet In doubt may remove this one and give the Democrats a ma- jority. New York has elected tbe entire Democratic Btabs ticket by a large majority. Harmon Judson Ohio elected governor by an Increased majority. New Jersey, Connecticut, Massa-cbuset- u and Oregon have elected Democratic Governors. Democratic LegisIndiana has lature and will aend John W. Kern e. to the Legislature to succeed Democrats claim the Governor and Legislature In Moutana. In Iowa the result for Governor Is wry close, with returns favoring Democrats. taint ' Details. The sweep of the political tidal wave which rolled over the country Tuesday Is further emphasised by additional returns and revised figures at hand today. Tbe Democratic majority In the House of Representatives will be at and possibly more, least forty-tw- o as compared with the present Republican majority of forty-threthe Added to the reversal in lower branch of Congress the morn ing returns showed the Republican In the Unitmajority of twenty-si- x ed States 8nrto rapidly approaching the vanishing point, although the Republicans are now reasona8enatbr. bly assured of forty-eigor one more than the necessary majority, with a number of States still In doubt. In Ohio a Democratic Legislature hat been elected. Insuring a Dein-cratl- c Senator to successor Dick, (Republican), and the plurality of Gov. Harmon la increased to 18,000. be The Ohio LegUlature will Democratic by from 7 to 15 votes on Joint ballot The West Virginia Legislature Is Democratic and will elect a Demo-crat- ls Senator to succeed Senator . Bcott (Republican.) In Indiana the Legislature which chooses a successor to Senator Bev-erldIs In doubt, with the Democrats claiming a majority of twelve maintaining and tbe Republicans that Deverldge will have a small margin, Iowa Is still uncertain with both sides claiming the governorship. Legislature Is 4 The Pennsylvania J afely Republican and will elect a Republican successor to 8enator Ol Iver. Washington has a Republican Legislature, which appears to In sure the election of Miles Pojndex-te- r to the Benate. The Utah leg islature, which elected a United States Senator, also Is Republican. while that of Montana Is In doubt. Indications' point to the election for of the Republican candidate W. nnu.nmr of California. Hiram Johnson, by a heavy plurality. Incomplote returns from Oregon Indicate the election of the Demo-'.candidate for Governor, Os wald West, by a small plurality. which The Missouri Legislature, i,.t. (lulled States Senator, is believed to be safely Democratic The plurality of John A. Dlx.Dem New Dix Karly today Gov.-eleleft his borne at Thomson, for a rest In Mr. Dix carried the Adirondack!. tbe entire Democratic State ticket with him to victory. The plurality of Woodrow Wilson Democrat, In New Jersey, Is now placed at 30,000 and of Judge Baldat win, Democrat, In Connecticut, 3.500. Denver, November 8. Early returns from throughout tbe state Indicate the Governor John F. Shaf- roth. Democrat, haa been ed by from 4,000 to 6,000 plurality. Congressmen Taylor, Rucker and Martin, all Democrats, are probably although the race In Defeats j Democratic. will be overwhelmingly . Nov. The Nashville, Tenn., latest advices In this State show has defeated that CapL Hooper Taylor by 12,000 to 16,000 votes. the Tbe Fuslonlsta have elected lower house by a safe majority. The Senate is close; with tbe prospects In favor of the Fuslonlsta. All Dem ocratic candidates have been ele-- ted. conChicago, Nov. 9. Hecuring trol of the next National House of Representatives by tbe Denuxmts was decisive. Returns up to date made show that tbe Democrats ha members. a gross gain of forty-nin- e This figure wsa offset by a gain of five member. I ii a net Democratic gain of forty-thre- e new seats. of In order to secure contiol the House it was noceiucir,- - Tor lh- lie f Democrals to secure twenty-fou- r members. one The greatest gain In any State was New York, where th prus out delegation of twelve Democrats was lurreaKfcd b tun, miking tfc.e division as to New York In tbe next Dem'icrats, fif House twenty-tw- o The represtnla-tlo- n teen Republicans. from New York la tiie Sixty- Republl first Congress is twenty-fiv- e can, twelve Democrats. The next lirgest Increase wait In on Illinois, where the Democrats the face of the returns made six gains. In Pennsylvania the Democratic gains wenr five, Kew Jersey five, Ohio fjur, North Carolina two, two, West Virginia two. two, prevMaine Marj land two, In iously elected and one each KenComiect'cut, Indiana, Iowa, tucky, Massachusetts, Oklahoma and Rhode Island. The Republican gains were one each In Iowa, Massachusetts, Missouri, New York and Pennsylvania. Kentucky. Kentucky's delegation In Con and gress will be nine Democrats one. (wo Republican,! a gain of Langley and the unspeakable Caleb Powers are the Republican members. for candidates All Democratic were elected Court of Appeals Nunn, Settle, Miller and Lasslng. London, Ky., Nov. 8. The Elev enth Congressional district, true to Its tradition, gave Caleb Powers, the Republican nominee for Congress, today, a majority of 8,768 over the State Senator Exra Bertram, Notwithstand Democratic nominee. ing the fact that hundreds of Re publicans voted for the Democratic others nominee and hundreds of the stayed .away from the polls Democrats were unable to wipe out the huge Republican majority which sometimes amounts to 21,000. Of the nineteen counties In the Bennett Paid It All. As tbe 8tate Sunday School Consix vention held at Winchester counties paid one hundred per cent of the amount assessed for tbe supLawrence port of the Association. and Elliott are among these counties. Eight other counties paid 76 per cent of their spportlonment.snd some of them are making an ef fort to reach the 100 per cent class. The News thinks our people should feel a pardonable pride at the showing made by Lawrence county. The penant given our county for it good work is a trophy which all Sunday school workers should re being gard as a prlie worthy of Lawrence county has treasured. taken a place In the great Sunday school movement far ahead of doz ens of more highly favored counties, and those who are Instrumental in Stat . In Ninth by Candidate for Congress Id This District. ',, Hon. W. J. Fields defeated Congressman Bennett In this, tbe Nluth district, by a majority of about 800. It was a great victory against strong odds. Toe majorities of the various counties Is given out as follows, but will probably be slightly chang ed by tbe official count: County. Fields. Bennett. 163 Bath Bracken 395 Boyd 614 373 Carter Qreenup 340 Harrison 787 Fleming 140 82 Lawrence 953 Lewis 8 Mason 629 Nicholas Robertson 301 25 Rowan 3101 ' Jim Adams of Catlettsburg, came up Tuesday morning to fish. The only "bite" be got was furnished by Ernest Shannon, and Jim took the next train for home. Boyd County Wedding. Thirty majority on joint Ballot in Leg islature. '83 Louisa, by Dan Blankenshlp, who In his petition alleged that Price spoke of him In a false and humiliating way, In that he said, so Blankenshlp alleges, "Dan Blankenshlp has on a pair of those stolen shoes and Is known to this robbery." Blankenshlp, the plaintiff is closely related to the Blankenshlps whom Price arHe Is employed as a secrested. tion man on the C. and O.,. Big M. S. Burns repreSandy division. sents Blankenshlp. The case will be called for trial at the next term of the Lawrence Circuit Court. The BlankenBhlps who were arrested on the charge of breaking Into tbe car and taking the shoes obtained a continuance of their case which is pending in the Floyd Circuit Court by Among the Democrats who their eloquence and argument large ly contributed to the election of Charley 'Williams, William Fields, of Catlettsburg, stands In the front row. He certainly did fine work In Lawrence. He spoke In the court house on Thursday night, preceding the election, and the large crowd who heard him on that occa sion speak In the highest terms of Mr. Williams Is a his address. workingDemocrat,wllling, ready and able. A Mo Con- -, . Elected. Democratic West Virginia went beThe fight with a vengeance. tween Scott and Hubbard for tbe been United States Senate has a Democratic settled by electing Legislature. The majority will be 30 on Joint ballot. James A. Hughes Is the" only one candidates of the five Republican have for Congress who seems to won, and the Democratic committee la not yet conoeding his election. Mr. Hughes claims his majority will be something near 4,000. W. W. Marcum and Mr. Ferrlll, Democrats, are elected to the Legislature from Wayne. Charles Williams. Lawrence County, Four Oat of Five gressmen 228) Fields' majority, 814. $2,-00- 4. Will Elect United States Sen i Quite a pretty wedding was sol emnised at tbe parlors of the Hotel Alger yesterday afternoon, says the CatletUburg Tribune. The contracting parties were Miss Dama Lockwood and Mr. Henry R. Hale, each of whom being among the highly popular young people of Miss their respective communities. Lockwood la an accomplished daugh at ter of the Lockwood family Savage "Branch, and Is one of the most popular young ladles of Boyd county. Mr. Hale is connected with of the United Gas Fuel Company Huntington and Is a young man pos sessed of splendid business and social habits, being a fit life part ner for the handsome and amiable lady whose heart and had he has In winning. been successful Tbe couple was married In the presence of a few of the intimate friends of the contracting parties, by the Rev. R. K. Kelley of the Baptist church ceremony and after the marriage they went to Portsmouth, where they will remain for a brief per iod, after which they will be at home to their many friends In Huntington. A telegram from Baltlmoer says Ecaage Suit for $2,000. that tbe Consolidation Coal Company 'has under consideration a plan for Detective Dan Price, who last It raising millions of new capital. week arrested two of the Blankenis understood that bonds will be ships, of of Louisa on a charge lBSued.not less than f 10.000,000 and breaking into a box car at Auxier may exceed $15,000,000. station some two months ago and president, carrying away a case of shoes the Clarence W. Watson, of Fairmont, W. Va,, and Jere H. property of the North-EaCoal Co. Wheelwright, of the 0 bas been made defendant In a oompany, are In New York, ardamage suit filed against him ranging tbe financing. In the Lawrence Circuit Court at Coal company hit yun. ator to Succeed Scott. Great Victory for the Genial Democratic has bought 100,000 acres of coal land In tbe Elkhorn field of Kentucky, for which it will pay $4,600,-00- 0 in stock at par. As the stock is now selling at 111 2 a share .the shares which will be given In payment for the coal lands are worth at present quotation $5,040,000. capital The present authorised stock or the company la $20,000,000 of which $19,826,000 bas been Issued leaving $9,400 In the treasury. It is planned to spend an Immense sum of money In developing the new tract and for this purpose a mortgage probably will be created. Tbe amount will not be definitely fixed until the management decides wheth er the mortgage Is to cover all properties of the the Kentucky company or only the new tract, and Improvements thereon be made. company's In the event all the property In that state are Included, the bonds known as the Consolidation Coal company's Kentucky will has be paid off. Tbe company the right to call the Kentucky bonds at at any Interest paying period 105 and Interest. The bonds were eagerly sought today ad 100 wp ic nwi 800. Our county did well for Fields, as the following will show: Precinct. Bennett. Fields. 64 Bast Fork 30 Dry Fork 120 60 134 73 Falls of Blaine, Blaine 131 65 92 76 Little Blaine 61 61 Peach Orchard Rockcastle 36 106 Lyon 61 Upper Louisa 118 86 Georges Creek 69 120 thus bringing her to the front are Cherokee 88 47 entitled to high praise. 81 Bear Creek 79 94 Twin Branch 60 27 Swetnam 131 BIG BOND ISSUE. 35 Dobbins 125 Lower Louisa 72 176 12 42 Catt 31 102 Consolidation Coal Company WillLke Qamblll Busseyvllle 60 87 Large Development. Bennett's majorlyt In Lawrence Is 82 as against 230 two years ago. The Consolidation atww A Total P. OONXEY, Publisher. M. 11. 1010. jmvh U" rnmuu. only one la normally Demowhich Is Wayne, Democratic usually gives a small was majority. Senator Bertram only able to add two counties to the Democratic column. These were Laurel and Adair, and he carried the former by 145 and the latter by 43. Powers' majority over Bertram Is about tbe same as that by which he defeated Congressman D. last C. Edwards In the primary August. Laurel county, the home of Congressman Edwards, Is normally Republican by 1400. It gave a majority of 145 against Powers. In tbe Tenth district Langley Is by about to Confess 1400 majority. He carried Floyd by 300, Pike 900. His most unexpected gain was in Breathitt county, whloh be carried by a small majority, when It was expected to go for Byrd. l the First District (Rucker's) very close. Tbe next Legislature In Old nww N'OVKMIIKK Hall, of Floyd County. Released from State Prison. The Board of Prison Commission- ers bas granted a parole to John Hall, serving two sentences aggreyears, each sengating twenty-eigh- t tence being for manslaughter. He was convicted of killing Lewis Little and Joe Cable In Floyd county. of He has served several years the terms. Tbe killing of Little was After the result of an old feud. the killing friends of Little went to arrest Hall, who fled and was fired on as he ran. He returned the fire and killed Cable, a member of the posse after Hall. Hall was accus ed, and on trial was convicted of the killing of Cable as well as for killing Little. It was claimed that Cable was killed with a Winchester bullet, while Hall Winches carried a ter. Just who killed Cable was connever known, but the Jury victed Hall. They GotZAH That Was Coming. Ed K. Speucer, Arch C. McClure, O. Burns, R. L. Vinson and F. T. D. Wallace, Jr., were In Catlettsburg to see that their friends, R. E. Rollings and Jay O'Dantel, got "all that was coming to them" In at Prestonsburg. Palntsvllle Her- the Elks' Initiation. In addition to tbe prancing and ald. pawing and homing of the ceremon ies proper (and Improper) there The Moontain Waj. were eating and (water) drinking Some of the Louisa and dancing. In Wolfe county a man's house people went to Huntington and wit was burned with all Its contents, nessed Madame X. Tbe owner was a poor man and lost Body Taken to Hummitt. A neighbor hitched up everything. wagon and spent a coua two-horThe remains of the ple. of days driving over tbe neighhouBe. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Donte, borhood calling at every Clothing, dishes, furniture, food sup- who died up at Van Lear, Johnson were night, plies and other things were con- county, Wednesday tributed and the poor man was giv- brought own on the O. and B. S. en something on which to live un- train, and taken to Summit Station for interment til be could make another start Br. G.W. Castle Injured. As a result of an ac?'dent caused by a runaway team Mr. George Castle, of this city, sustained . very severe and palaful injuries last Saturday evening. ' Ha bad ' gone to Wilbur and had made a rousing speech there tor Fields and at the close of the meeting he started for home In a buggy drawn by a double team driven by Will Queen All went smoothly enough until a point near Melroy Copley's bouse, some two and a half or three miles from this city was reached. Here ran the horses took fright and away. Queen Jumped and escaped Injury, but Mr. Castle was less fortunate. Tbe buggy waa upset and he was thrown violently to the ground, sustaining very painful Inwhich juries. A long, deep gash required several stitches to close It was out in bis face, his back was badly sprained and bruised, and It was not until Wednesday that he was able to hobble out. Mr. Castle procured a horse from Mr. Copley and rode to his home where his injuries were! dressed. Mr. Castle waa dressed and carried in a buggy to by his the polls on Tuesday, and rote further helped to make the day one of victory for the Democracy. Ths ought to be a balm for his wounds. Death of Andrew Norton. The following death notice from W. Va., paper refers to the father fo James Norton, ot this place. Andrew Norton was a native ot this county and moved to Charleston, W. Vs., soon after the civil war. He will be remembered by many of the older citizens of this vicinity. "Andrew Norton, an aged and highly respected citisen of Charleston, died Wednesday night at the home of his daughter. Mrs. Richard Ooddard of Lewis street, in ' the seventy-thir- d year of his life. The funeral will take place this morning at 10 o'clock, at the residence. InRev. C. C. Lanham officiating. terment will be made at Spring Hill a Charleston, cemetery." There Are Others. John Among other thing Palntsvllle' can boast of some very tough boys, In fact, we believe they would take the prise In any tough contest. Their parents cannot be blind to their toughness neither can the officers. Two-thir- ot them are candidates for the reform school or tbe penitentiary and one of these days they will be elected by - a unanimous vote. Palntsvllle Herald. t's nothing tooast of, but there is a town about 36 miles this side ot Palntsvllle which Is not destitute ot the same kind of undesirables as those mentioned by the Herald. . The Pawtioa Play. The subject of Dr. Hanford'a sermon next. Sunday alght will be the Passion Play.

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