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Image 5 of Bourbon News, September 6, 1907

Part of Bourbon News

Ti 3W K J LTi IiJ E I t THE BOURBON NEWS PARIS KENTUCKY SEPT 6 1907 t- i THE BOURBON NEWS SWIFT CHAMP + p PERSONAL EDITOR AND OWNER J 7PN f i SILVERSMITHS JEWELERS OPPOSITE COURT HOUSE i r holi- ¬ Cos The Finest Candies You wili find the finest bulk MANNS CONFETIONERY Residence Sold Mrs Keith Spears McClintock sold her residence on 12th street on last Monday to Miss Jane Doolan Price l 3000 cash f r Peters Episcopal Church St 3 conducted ¬ church by the pastor Rev R S Lit singer Sunday 10 a m Sunday school 11 a mmorning prayer and 1sf sermon 7 30 p mevening service Iced Drinks 1 AH kinds of Manns confectionery 32t Z soft drinks Open at Sunday Were Here Wednesday Chief of Poilce G D Stephens and Messrs Frank Honchin Yancy Bax ¬ r > Z iced t ter M L Chowingand GH Williams representing Sagwa Tribe No < Men of Lawrenceburg Red 59 were in attend- ¬ fairJWednesday and com ¬ pleted arrangements with Manager Vandivere of the Ideal Amusement Company for a street fair and week of carnival at Lawrenceburg commenc ¬ ing Monday September 19 ance > Observe Jewish Holiday Will Our store will be closed on Monday and Tuesday of next week on account of Jewish holiday HARRY SIMON Big Sale of Exporters George C and J Carrol Hamilton of Montgomery have sold to Charles C McDonald buyer for Sulzberger Swartzchild 193 fancy export steers The cattle weighed an average of 1450 pounds and brought 590 per cwt or This is the largest a total of 16405 Montgomery = ¬ of exporters in that county < tJ t + Il j W R Weod and Miss Lillian Cum mins were married Monday at the home Of the brIdes grandfather R S The cere ¬ Willmott near Elizabeth mony was performed by Elder Carey The groom is a son of S E Morgan T Wood and a splendid young gentle ¬ He is in the employ of the man Metropolitan Life Insurance Co They left at 3 00 for Jamestown Exposition T r Wood = = = Cummins 7 Death of Old Soldier James McLaclin a former resident of Bourbon and a soldier in the Con ¬ federacy died at an early hour Sunday at the Confedreate Home at t Pewee Valley in the ninetyfourth year of his age Mr McLaclin was a native of Irleand and before the war was an employe of the late Greybeard t Sam Clay He joined Company D Third Kentucky Cavalry Col E F Clay commanding and was a gallant The interment was at the soldier Confederate burying ground at Pewee 6 I 3 j I Valley < tS i Dr Talbott Dies Dr Aduilla Talbott died at his it Lexington Tuesday morning at of acute Brights disease the had been confined to the house only since Monday afternoon at 3 oclock office for home when left Dr Talboct was a Confederate veter an and served through the war in Col Ogdens regiment First Louisville cavalry He went to Lexington in 1871 opened an office for the practice of medicine and continued to practice his profession tD the time of his death He was born and raised near Hutchison Station this county and was an uncle of Cusits Talbott of this city home 7 o clock i ti < I jt t 1 Bourbon Board of Control The Bourbon Board of Control of the American Society of Equity met Mon day at the court house and transacted business of minor importance From reports of Secretary Collins eghtyfive per cent of the three mil ¬ lion pounds now in the houses of the gaiety had been prized and it was be ¬ lieved the remainder would be in the by September 20 when a would be taken from the three s thousand hogsheads to Lexington for display at tobacco warehouses for the inspection buyers several having sig desire td make large pur ¬ chases of tobacco In conversation with Jas M Thomp son a member of the board he said that several prominent buyers of tobacco in large quantities were on the market for tobacco that the samples would be classified and a price marked upon the basis of fifteen cents per for each crop The samples will contain six hands from each hogshead and will be altrue sample of the quality The price put upon each of each sample will be the price at which each will be sold and no other accepted ¬ 0 > ¬ r r r1 1 i Il tf + t = Lr Bracelets recovery Misses Margaret and Joe Davis of Lexington are guests of Miss Anna May Davis Mr Felix Swope of Woodford county is a guest of Mr and Mrs J Ford Brent Miss Bessie Bolton of Garrard county is the guest of Dr and Mrs W T Brooks Mr and Mrs J W Thomas Jr areiv siting their daughter Mrs T A Nichols in Detroit Mich Mr and Mrs Ulie Howard and son Charlton Alexander are guests of Mrs Belle B Alexander Mrs Lou Rogers of Scott county is visiting her daughter Mrs Roy F Clendenin on Cypress street Mr and Mrs E R LaDow and children have returned home from several days visit to Cincinnati Mr Sam Woodford of Charleston W Va is the guest of his parents Mr and Mrs Buckner Woodford Dr and Mrs Hugh Clendenin of Louisville are guests of Mr and Mrs Roy F Clendenin on Cypress street Miss Susie Phelps of Lexington will be the guest of Mrs E L Stevenson Cypress street today and tomorrow Rev and Mrs R S Litsinger re ¬ turned from Maryland where they have been spending their vacation today Miss Georgia Rion has returned accompanied by from Vevay Ind Miss Leila Thiebaud who will make er 4 IMORTED 4 R o nJ t fort Swiss and Pinixter Cream Cheese NEW ARRIVAL f Pimientos Ripe Olives and Grapes Rheas Olive Oil and Mushrooms It wi I I f 16 FRESHDAILY a 7 I I I WI Agents for Beechwood Water 1yLLV JIII t I I Mrs E F Spears and daughters Misses Mamie and Elizabeth will leave today with Mrs Keith Spears Culbert son for several weeks sojourn in Michi- ¬ gan The Daughters of the Confederacy will meet Monday afternoon at 3 oclock in their room at the court house A full attendance is desired as busi ¬ ness of importance will be before the meeting i Spears = I Dr Louis H Landman It the R r I Feels Empty and I i grandfather MrJ V Lytle at Mays ¬ ville He goes from there to Cincinna- ¬ ti for a few days and to attend field day Mr Walter S Berry of Edina is the guest of his sister Mrs F His sisters Misses Carrie P Lowry and Anna Berry of Lexington are also guests of Mrs Lowry Mr Berry has rIot visited in Bourbon for twelve years Miss Blanche Thompson left Wednesday to enter Millersburg Female College for the ensuing year After the classlcfiation of students Thursday by accompanied Miss Thompson student friends returnseveral of ed to attend the fair Carey E Morgan Jr who has been the guest of his parents Elder and Mrs Carey E Morgan left Satur day for Salt Lake City Utah his new headquarters as representative of the Oliver Typewrite Company Mr Morgan having been promoted to the posi ¬ tion of Superintendent of agencies Ed Tipton Jr who has been at tending school at M M I Millers burg for several years and making his home since school with his aunt Mo ¬ I C Ij I GO TO THE j Bourbon i Ii M Fair a t L I i r J tllt1IL i J 1 > < 2i r lt I > k l > i 4V i e Every Day > > 7 y io jr i And buy your I w N > Wx i I House I taehes i frr i I- < I MARKET I > I 7T r h Fiimishinci s < i I i > y f- j HOUSE j r > i 2 t S c w + i And Fill I I Your Wants a i I J I TTT11T111111fRT111T1111TfTlTTTTTIITC t WE WANT YOUR = 3- T HINTON I- I i i I Coal e = Order r I = = = = C I South Jellico 1 = 1 GOAL ++ + + ++ = L = E = = you and guarantee sure delivery 2 Let us book your order now sure S Coal isup to advance as it is c going fast at the mines If = you us an Order we protect s of coal Call a d talk COAL with us 3 3 ii I S1rk66o I i- air QUnty the tame Hat James Means and Crawford Shoes tie Fratt Brand of Yflaigllens Clothes all now on Display t i T v If you want nobby and uptodate goods and styles come to see us For the Ladies cimniaDS Tucker IP Cos + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + lttf + + 1t o i + 1 tf =j + 1 tf > 1 New Voile Skirts Waists BMts and Furnishings all kinds Buy your Fall outfit until you have seen us Dont I J J i tt New Styles of Ii ++ + ++ + ++ t E r + It t E JE l 3 + het Ready for the Bourbon We Handle the WellKnown T + ti6a + i Ct I Ring Up it U k j Parrish left Wednesday Our line of bracelets is very com Both Pho es 52 plate embracing all the latest styles for his home inNew York City where yin t1 Coimeils yt and ptter s and you will find our hs will attend school this year His E At many friends here regret to see him r ptic as low as the lowest MU iJ IU wLUUI lit u WJl Jcft7C Paris SHI tE hiTHIKN t D t i Craves Something Good t < = j j fI f I I 1 J f Ti I t r II T HINTON c If Your Stomach tiM h OTHJPHOSTES DAY 137 NIGHT 299 I ii I 111 FUNERAL DIRECTOR AND LICENSED EMMIESB- I I Isfl TUCKERS J H E Anschutz of Philadelphia has about completed a survey and plat of the City of Paris giving all the boundaries streets avenues Stoner and Houston creeks pikes leading into the city etc It is a perfect survey and does credit to the surveyor Mr Anschutz spent six and a half years in Cuba making drawings for this Gov- ¬ ernment t Y I New Map o Paris- I Residence of Mrs M Tuesday Sept 10 1907 I Aili GEO W DAVIS t- > f If i i isi i i SiSI i Harris corner Fourthand Pleasant Sts Houston tf R a p w I I I Jo fl J tI Many Bargains Awaiting You AGENT FOR BUTT ER1CK PATTERNS ell fI Welch s Grape Juice Asa ag t TI W ED wi 6 f I It t g < Belts Bags te > < Goods W I e INI Wash f4 I Shirt Waists press Skirts Lawns I Head Lettuce and Celery i I 1 htrr haJj e II ¬ Mrs jt Ches n I r I W t Neufchatel Philadelphia Cream Mr S W Spears and Miss Hattie Lee Houston were united in marriage Wednesday afternoon at 4 oclcok in Lexington at the home of Rev Jeffer- ¬ son the officiating minister The bride is the handsome and at ¬ her a visit tractive daughter of Mr Joe Houston Miss Lillian Leavell of Danville of the Centerville neighborhood and a lady and Miss Ethel Johnson of Millers most estimableisyoung son of Mr W L The the bnrg are guests of Miss Ethel Myall SfiCars groom of Hutchison precinct a pop- ¬ this week ular and prosperous young farmer Rev J P Strother will preach his We congratulate him in winning such last sermons Sunday at the Methodist a lovely bride church before leaving for Conference Mrs W W Judy has returned home after a visit to her mother in Arkansas City Kansas and friends in Wichita Kansas Mr and Mrs W H Anderson and Miss Josie Alexander have returned from Torrent where they have been for several weeks Mr Morris Renick and sons Mas ¬ ters William and Robert Renick of Middletown 0 are guests of Mr and Mrs W H Renick Mr and Mrs E C Slackof Mason county are attending the Fair and are Mr and guest of TTnffhmsnn Mrs E P Clay ttiayt1 of = Mrs Margaret Shipp of Oklahoma City is the guest of her daughter Mrs Miss Ella Shipp is Millard Kenney visiting Mrs V K Shipp Miss Nora McDermott has return ed from Lexington and has as her guest Miss Mamie Keller of Cincin nati during the Bourbon Fair Mesrrs Hord Mann James Fee Harry Saloshin and Mitchell Jackson have returned from an extended visit to the east and Jamestown Exposition Mrs S G Clay and Miss Nan Wil ¬ son left Tuesday for a visit to New York Mr and Mrs Catesby Wood ford left Sunday for a visitto the same city James A McDonald the gallant old exConfederate soldier who has been visiting here for several months left Wenesday for his home at Kansas City Mo Miss Myrtle Judy of North Middle town and Miss Hart of Millers burg and Mrs Prichard of this city have returned from an extensive eastern trip Miss Belle Mrs E 0 Burns Paton and Miss Mattie Burns of Nep formers ton were guests of the daughter Mrs F P Webb Wednesday and Thursday Mrs Miller Ward entertained wiht six hand euchre Wednesday morning in honor of Mrs Alexander White of ParisT enn the attractive guest of Mrs T H Tarr John Lytlethe hustling newsboy visiting his is away on a vacation 71t FRESH at Frankfort Kindly Left the Coops Thursday night of last week Mr C J Barnes lost about forty nice frying chickens by the midnight visit of some She was Sneak thief s herself that the thief left about thirty others and upon visiting the hennery the next morning they to had disap ¬ peared the thief leaving only the coops J Mrs Hamlet Sharp of Maysville fc attending the Fair Mrs Wm Sauer is confined to her room with asthma and hay fever Miss Annie Holt has returned from a visit to her sister in Louisville Miss Ada Huddleston of Carlisleis the guest of Miss Nellie Linville Sammie Shanker left Monday to visit Jamestown and other eastern cities Mrs George Sun of Toledo Ohio is the her sister Mrs A J Fee Mss Mary W Price of Lexington is visiting her aunt Mrs W Ed and Tucker It Judge llarmon Stitt remains criti ¬ cally ill with but little hope of his inPariscaramel 62t 777 7 7 t 4 Jewish Holiday Monday Sept 9th is a Jewish day New Year Price store will be closed all that day MENTION + 1 JI ++ + + + ++1ft 1IJ = 1 > or + f

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