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Image 23 of Guide and check list of county governmental organization and county record system, past and present, of Kentucky counties

Part of Kentucky Works Progress Administration Publications

Office II 2 OFFICE Q O P l ` CIRCUIT COURT JUDGE Q THE CIRCUIT COURT JUDGE presides over the Circuit Court, which is the Q people*s great Court for the trial of all litigated controversies except Q . the smallest, and for the trial of all of the more important criminal cases. He is conservator of the peace throughout the state, and he presides in the court of record, which court has original jurisdiction of all matters, J both law and equity, not delegated to some other courts. His jurisdiction is in matters of land that is in question, or upon which it is sought to f _ enforce a lien, or tc subject same, on land by provisional remedy to the F . payment of debts. He is further authorized to make appointments of county A officers as provided for in the Statutes. These Statutory references are Q in many scattered references in the Constitution, Statutes, and Codes. Q A circuit court shall be established in each county now existing, or Q which may hereafter be created, in this Com onwealth (Source; Const. 850, @ Art. 4, Chap. 16) (Const. 125). Jurisdiction of Circuit Court regulated by if legislature (Const. 126). { il Salary for his services is an adequate compensation fixed by law, which E shall be equal and uniform throughout the state. It is paid out of the State . Treasury (Const. 155). The General Assembly shall provide by law for holding T Circuit Courts when, from any cause, the Judge shall fail to attend, or, if in attendance, and does not properly preside, a special judge shall preside { (Const. 156). Each county having a population of one hundred and fifty thou- sand or over, shall constitute a district, which shall be entitled to four i Judges. Additional Judges for said district may, from time to time, be { authorized by the General Assembly, but not to exceed one Judge for each in- Q crease of forty thousand of population in said county, to be ascertained by , the last enumeration. Act of March, 1912, provides for an increase for 6 to 7, Jefferson County (St. 965). The appointive officers are scattered over a large field in the Constitution, Statutes, and Codes. The Circuit Courts are courts of the County, although the Judges are elected from a district larger than the County. Two of the officers of the county are direct appointees of A the judge, to wit, the Master Com issioner and the Trustee of the Jury Fund. L There are thirtysix circuits in the State of Kentucky; Kenton, Camp- bell, Fayette and Jefferson counties each constitute a separate circuit. The remaining circuits comprise from two to six counties, the average number being four. Every county which has a population as great as 40,000 (Const. 157) has its own circuit judge, and where there are over 75,000 (Const. 157- 158) there is at least one additional judge. Where there is only one county in a circuit the Court is one of continuous sessions. In the other counties Circuit Court is held as provided by statute, from three to nine times in every year. However, section 151 of the Constitution provides that at least three regular terms of Circuit Court must be held in each county every year. CATALOGUE OF FORMS Affidavit and order recommitting to Eastern State Hospital until dis- 40657C-21 -

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