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Image 1 of The Herald-News February 8, 2012

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6 Wednesday, February 8, 2012 THE BRECKINRIDGE HERALD-NEWS Photos by David W. Hayes A crowd estimated at 350 sampled chili during the annual Friends of Rough River's chili cookoff on Saturday night at Rough River Dam State Resort Park. Chosen as the winners were from left, Third place, Kim Brewer; Second place, Dottie Watson and First Place, Tonia Saettel. A Healthy YOu Last week I talked about the importance of limiting "empty calories" found in soda, sports drinks, juices and sweet tea. I discussed the impact this change alone could make in your diet. Another major impact you can make on your health and diet is by simply being aware of what your portion size is and staying in that range. Portion control will play a big part in your suecessful weight loss and weight management. Knowing your portion size is important to help prevent you from overeating. Close your hand LIHEAP CRISIS progratn available Local Community Action Offices are now assisting families of low-income with the LIHEAP CRISIS Program. To be eligible for CRISIS Funds you must be in a heating crisis. You must have a past due/disconnect notice from the electric or natural gas company, or be out of bulk fuel within four days if using propane, fuel oil or kerosene, or wood, or a formal eviction notice from your landlord if heating expenses are included in rent. The family income must be at or below the 130% federal poverty level. The benefit levels are up to $400 for natural I-Jddry I I : p~ ~ and make a fist. This is your portion size! This is a quick and simple way to determine what is right for you or your child. For example, an average potato served in a restaurant is usually twice the size of your fist. Use this quick guide on servings of meat and side dishes as well. Generally a 4 ounce piece of meat is about the size of the palm of your hand. Drink plenty of water with your meal and limit your portion sizes. Slow down while eating and give your body time to send that "I'm full" signal to your brain! Exercise Your Brain. gas or electric and/or up to (0 200 gallons of propane, fuel oil or kerosene or 2 cords of wood. CrossTrai ner Fitness 1511 Carl Newby Rd .• McQuady, KY You will need to bring: 270.756.2235 or 270.765.8414 proof of income for the entire family for the previous Offering a mix of toning & strength training, a variely of cardia work & stretching for a com month, and social security plete workout from beginner to advanced. numbers, birth dates for all Also offering specialty morning classes for household, and a past duel Seniors in the "Fit-n-Filly+' class. disconnect notice or bulk fuel Wortout at Crosstrainer Fitness Gym or at statement. Applicants heat•• your convenience on : ing with propane, fuel oil, kerosene or wood must verify rou FitnessIn~ructor' CertifiedPe~n~Tra~ir ·-certTh~YoUt~;; Se~orFUne~liisttuct~r their physical address. NARCOTICS ANONYMOUS MEETINGS Contact Wendy Moore at 108 South Third Street, Har- • McDaniels-Wednesdays at 11 a.m., McDaniels Community Bldg. dinsburg, KY 40143, or call • Irvington-Mondays at 8 p.m. ET(fast time), The Acceptance Place, 1370 N. Hwy. (270)756-6813 for more in- 79,phone 547-0347 ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS MEETINGS formation. • McDaniels-Sundays at 7 p.m., McDaniels Community Bldg. • Hardinsburg-Mondays at 7 p.m. Community Bldg on Hwy 261 (AI-Anon meets VCtMJ Yl/B ---------------------, ,

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