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Image 2 of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.), March 11, 1971

Part of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.)

THE MOUNTAIN EAGLE WHITESBURG, . LE IVl I fC LL C D II N T H FR J I Y KENTUCKY . . . . THURSDAY. MARCH UINC: 11, 1971 10 . & 11 Mrs. Kiser discovers that a March sunset can be a thing to behold; Mrs. Nan Bentley improves By MABEL 1 THIS 1920s PHOTO is of Mrs. Jane Collier, Ervin Collier, William Collier, Nelson Taylor and Roy Taylor. It was taken at Millstone, where the family was raised. PORK 7 RIB END SUPER-RIGH- T LOIN contains the beginning of a mignty oak. And every living thing returns to enrich the Here we are well into March and the winter winds are still with us. I love the wind, when it doesn't blow into a storm that is, I love to see the leaves swirl and tumble about. The old leaves left on the trees from last "ear are making room for a new life, the eternal cycle, which is ever new and beautiful and mysterious. God thought of everything when He made this earth. The every new and living cycle of continuing of every living thing reproducing itself, '"he heart of an acorn MHBMMnrfS V KISER earth. Everthing man needs is secreted within the earth. The dress or coat you wear was once either wool on a sheep's back, cotton growing in the field, or some synrhetic fabric from coal, flax or some other mineral. Every bit of furniture within any building was once either a tree growing in the forest or some otb r substance from the soil. Every bite of food you eat comes either directly or indirectly from the soil. All the medicine that -- ROAST END 55 LB. X PORK LOIN SLICED A INTO 00 v mm Pork Chops WISC. RUSSET 5jv POTATOES "OOv first cut WHERE "FRESH" THINGS . Pork Chops 4 CENTER CUT RIB Pork Chops Pork Chops 13 J. lbTOv 4 $269 LB AA FRESH ROASTING Chlckois..:.:.vr LB Bologna . O V( JA HYC A Ax OR BEEF) OSCAR MAYER (REG A J bo'xTYC BACON Piocos & ARE HAPPENING PRICES GOOD THRU SAT., MARCH , AA CENTER CUT LOIN Iris A u nrm imvi uiti urn xm vvummnm 71 S BIGGEST 10 SALE! i'j : CELERY 1A i (48 s) OR USJUv Carrots Cabbage IUv lb IA PINK OR WHITE FLA Grapefruit A A X eaIUv 1 ANJOU Pears EA Cream Cheese 2 6 OZ. ... BOX IUy aaaaT pkg BEEF Salt FROZEN 5 OZ. . PKG. Waffles 1H 10 i Ii i w1 am . v afl ' J 1 KA amP' .ammv 111 l Rwaml II "aai EVAPORATED 6 OZ CAN Pat Milk 4 OF STRONGHEART .'can Dog Food MINT TOOTHPASTE CORNBREAD THOMPSON'S IUv m OR step-childr- en i AMER. BEAUTY Friends of Mrs. Nan Bentley will be very happy to learn that she is much much better and was able to go to Church Saturday. She enjoyed a birthday last week. Daughter, Sabrina Blair, Detroit, sent some lovely red roses. Sometimes I read something that stays with me. One such article was one on earthquakes , which said that in maybe sometime i.i April 1972 the '. hole :tate of California would b e destroyed by a large earthquake. Visiting Aunt Nan Bentley can(J$ TAKE ADVANTAGE OF OUR GREAT BRV aaamRf W I J link JI aiM I ' W J T a TLaaam lk KP PLATINUM TONED MONOGRAMMED GLASSES ELEGANT (your chime i 79t 055 TOWELS JUMBO ROLL OS! O CgmL WITH THIS COUPON Good Al AtP Only Mjr Good Thru Kfi Price Without Coupon Limit Cnur Ml Per Lultomf !' li 2 REGO mi KETCHUP ijlJ g S tX C! iamw T WITH THIS COUPON Good Al AP Stores Only J Good Thru Sit. Mr Kt. Price Without Coupon Limit I Coupon Par Customer g5 g MARGARINE C LB PKG !5 Caci' 3 Jgw5 43( W H THIS COUPON (k)od Al AAP Stores Onl I f iiMiuii (excluding Beer. Wine 4 L igrtics) (Ltmil I Coupon Per ramilv Hi I Mar. 13 UY ONE, GET ONE FREE 1 ONE 12 OZ MONOGRAMMED SAVE 59c ON JANE PARKER jNUMAID GLASS FREE WITH THIS COUPON & ANY $5 PURCHASE Coupon good thru Sat A&P STORE FOR THOSE ITEMS HOT ADVERTISED fEw ONE 12 OZ MONOGRAMMED BEVERAGE i NEIGHR0RH00D Mar. 13 FREE : BIGGEST m SALE! V Coupon good thru Sat. -- PRICES TO GIVE YOUR L m PROMOTION! 150 CHECK s CUP THESE COUPONS & 4 WE HAVE REDUCED S f NELSON AND SARRAH HAMPTON, another old Millstone Couple, in a 1924 photograph made by Jim Hampton. m Spaghetti YOU 71 Q iRjnjfv Bk 10$ Cora Muffin Mix 10( . 10( Ultra-Br- it amPaaaaim IU( Bridgeford Bread k2g10( ps ALL VARIETIES LaBTiT'T'l maftYviBiaaaaal IA BAKE IN BOX waW amTw LIVER-CHICK- Lolli-Pu- AaRfcjBjaH Letcher County, but of Eastern Kentucky. Of the nine only three survive. Uncle Newt Bentley of Democrat. Uncle Newt married the late Nannie Martin, daughter of Allen Martin, sitter to the late Alex Martin, father of Sherd Martin on Millstone. He is the father of Florence Bentley and Mrs. Ray ( Venna) Democrat. Dur Bowen all-o- f ing the great flu epidemic of around 1918 they lost three children who were all buried this week to receive a letter from an old friend and former the same day. A daughter died some time later. Only neighbor, Mrs. Columbus (Polly Ann) Meade, of Jackson the two girls survive, his wife died sometime ago. Ohio. She had been here Manerva Bentley married a for a visit with her Aunt Sarah Pigman and they live at Hind-ma- n. Jane Franklin and also had I remember that her attended a birthday dinner for first husband was a Sergent her father, Maryland Bates, and they had a son, teonard. who reared his family on but since moved to Martha Bentley Hall, widow Millstone of the late Cannon Hall, Jonancy. February 25 he mother of Marvin Hall and celebrated his 85th birt'hday Mrs. Ollie cook all of Deane. by having a good dinner preSherman Bentley married pared by his wife, Dixie. Ada Sergent, daughter of the There to enjoy the day with late Dave Sergent of Indian him were his two daughters, Creek near Democrat. He Mrs. Polly Ann Bates Meade died many years ago and hi from Jackson, Ohio; Mrs. wife died hardly two years Rachel Berry from Florence, later. Besides the five girls Ky. ; and three C harolette, Teresa and Fran - pictured there were two sons. a" thcil11 cu Little. Happy Birthday and D11" you.ngerDBentley, Buster (john) Bernice amy you have many more. Noble, Cleveland, Ohio; Billie Despite his 85 summers of Bentley, of Neon and Charlene hard work, Mr. Bates is still McElroy of Millstone. Maggie spry and mentally alert. Archie Martin is still in the Mason, who is now very ill, lost her husband years ago in Whitesburg Hospital but is a mine accident, they had somewhat improved. Recent several childre , Otis Mason visitors to see him were his of Millstone, Okie Mason of sisters and their husbands, Cleveland; Roy, Homer, Ruby Mr. and Mrs. Ronnie (Gretti) or Clereland; Irene of Columand their daughter; Bennett bus, Ohio; Dennis Mason of Teresa Lynn from Louisville; Florida; Clara Halcomb and Mr. and Mrs. Edgar (Ruth Bernice Storms of Ohio aid Ann) Allen and their sons; Jo Ann Sturgill of Millone. Jeffery and Timmothy also Birtha married Willard Hall. from Louisville. Mr. and Mrs. Kenny (Carol) They live at Rockhouse and have several children includBaker and their daughter, Lisa Ann are here from Colum ing Mrs. Earnest (Opal) Adams (wife of our Letcher County bus, Ohio for a visit with Jailor). Bonnie, Mason, Dale, her parents, the Jim Pollys. The picture last week of the Edna Davis, Henry Claym Oval Profitt. Vernon, Mildred lovely daughters of the late Burton, Bradley, Willard Jr. Sherman Bentley looked so B.J. AH of Indianapolis and like many of their children Paul of Texas. and their children's children Ollie married Sam Wright today. Mr. Bentley was one of the nine chilcren of Uncle who died many years ago. molh Rile Ben tley who died several June Martin, Democrat; Leslie years ago at age 100 or 101. North Carolina; Leonard Wright The Bentleys were a fine old (Continued on Page 17) pioneering family of not only this week were her son and his wife, Mr. and Mrs. D.V. Bentley of Dayton. They also visited her father, Wood McElroy and Mrs. McElroy. Mrs. Arvis McCloud (Grace) is still very ill in the Harlan Hospital but has been taken from the Intensive Care Ward and is somewhat improved. Mrs. MoClo"d underwent surgery for skin grafting on her arm. Creek. SSlO Patties A & P IODIZED SUNNYFIELD A 1 s) Potatoes Nut ley IUv ea IDAHO RUSSET (80 A 1 MED YELLOW ONIONS OR the doctor gives his patient is from herb growing in the field, or indirectly from the soil. But our wise creator fixed it so that we must do some work to enioy the finished product. Few things may be usable as is, it must be wrought upon by many hands that must be pu t to a cotton dress betweenthe farmer's sewing the cotton in the field and the purchasing of the dress from the retailer. And in between, God alone can make toe cotton grow. Just as God alone can create the human heart but be 'ore it can truly worship its makei it "iust be wrought upon, it takes His good hand to make the creature a fit subject to serve a King like Him. I was verV nappy Saturday morning to meet for awhile with Mrs. W. R. McCloud, who was our neighbor years ago when Blaine and I first moved to Millstone. When we set up housekeeping in the Millstone Camps we lived beveen the McClouds and the td Brushes. I loved them then and their children, and still do. Mr. McCloud and the Brushes have long since gone to their reward, but the memory of such good neighbors is sweet. I still love Mrs. McCloud and it always makes me happy to see her, and I am always glad to learn that their children are doing well. Alma r.ose, Kona, spent Saturday night with her friend, Brenda Gibson, McRoberts. Have you noticed any sunsets lately? Late Friday evening Blaine and I drove to Jenkins. On the way back, just at the top of the hill ar Payne Gap, we were privileged to witness one sight to behold. The sun had already set leaving a red glow, pink tint, or golden halo just over the tops 4 the hills. Of course I can't de -scribe it as great men have tried to rail or paint, without success, such moments of glory. It holds indescribable beauty. You just have to see it and it is all free for the looking. The cold snowy mountains were dark below this beauty and I couldn't help but wonder about the life being kept alive in spite of the cold and the snow. What a Creator, not only did he hang the beauty upon high for all His creation to see , He put the sun and moon at their orbit. He hung the stars and placed them in their paths and made the earth to keep His favorite (man) in food, shelter, clothing, and all the other needs for generations already have been and the generations to come. Not only does He keep the brigh red roses alive in the snow, he keeps the little ants, the creeping things, the birds and the bees and gives them their food in due season. How much reverence do we give a King like this? This is about all He requires, love respect and obedience. Oh, I forgot to say last week that Jean Fulton May that wrote us such a nice letter was th.- daughter of our good friends Mr. and Mrs. Willard Fulton on the Right Fork of Millstone Good Thru Sat Mar I J Kei Price Mithout ( ounoii t oupon Per Custom imit g i i WHITE BREAD 5 ives. $ f f m 00 COVENTRY BOUQUET STAINLESS DINNER TABLEWARE FREE BEVERAGE GLASSS (your choice of initial) thii coupon and the purchase Of an identical 12 OZ BEVERAGE GLASS I fvour choice of initial) for only A dubiect to uate and local taies) (Limit I Coupon Per ramily) With fORK29 f aTV EACH tr witk SJ Parcluu

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