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Image 2 of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.), November 6, 1913

Part of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.)

TflEMOONTfllN EAGLE School For Sale. News And Notes Four or Five hundred acres of good mountain land; situated on Line Fork creek in Letcher county, Kentucky. There are from 1,000 to 1.200 white oak trees five and feet and up; eight or nine hundred ehestnut oaks of good size. A great number of! large hickories; 100 or more large hemlocks, lots of other soft wood j trees all over it. Coal on same is four or five feet thick and may be thicker. Land is now within six miles from a railroad and i f prospects are gooa ior a rauroau to pass through the land. Price n n v. frit nai uwifa XUl iYi?nninl fimKnr on1 IlltiiJ. ait VllUKJl U1IU all together $80 per acre. Title ' to land is perfect. For further particular's call on .By Prof. Woodson. COVERS LETCHER COTJKTY LIKE TEE BLUE CANOPY. DBARMMSNr OF Judge Dissents From Opinion. 'Contracts by telephone made companies with the General Coun- cils of cities in which they are trying to secure or have secured a franchise should be carried out, and they should not be permitted to increase these rates In a new chanchise. Such Is the opinion of Appellate Judge Carroll, which is expressed in his dis senting opinion in the case of Keene' e Lutes against the Fayette Home Company. He says: "The facts of this case, as stated in the opinion, furnish a striking illustration of the reasons why the announced in the opinion should not prevail. Under the franchise the telephone company obligated itself to furnish to the people of Lexington for HIIHIIMII N N It Always Helps says Mrs. Sylvania Woods, of Clifton Mills, Ky., in writing of her experience with Cardui, the woman's tonic. She says further: "Before I began to use Cardui, my back and head would hurt so bad, I thought the pain would kill me. I was hardly able to do any of my housework. After taking three bottles of Cardui, I began to feel like a new woman. I soon "Reading makes the fullman" Speaker Opposed to Large Exan old and true saying; thence penditures forEuilding of .WMte3tmrg, Letcher County, Ky.. reading is the basis for our 'heavy Costly Battleships. editorial" for this week. gained 35 pounds, and now, I do all my housework, as well as run a big water mill. Le Sage, the author of Gil I wish every suffering woman would give URGES USE OF BLOCKSYSTEM Published Every Thuriiay. Bias, every page of which sparkles with wit and wisdom, adduces Editor N. M. "WEBB, Illinois Man Declares It Is Easier to the following illustration to show Avert Train Wrecks Than to Proper annum and residence telephones why a student should not lav vide Steel Cars to Mitigate at $18 per annum. Under the new' contract made between the Council matter Aug. aside the book after reading a Fatalities From Them. Entered as second-clas- s and the telephone company the tele- 28, 1907. at the poetofBce at Whites few pages. Tvo scholars on Washington, 1. Speaker phone company was allowed to charge j Nov. burjr. Kentucky, under the Act of a trial. I still use Cardui when I feel a little bad, Champ Clark In tho house declared and exact without limitation any fee their way from Pennaflea to SaCongress of Aujf. 9. 1873. and it always does me good." In favor of a policy of disarmament it might, fix, and, in fact, did charge' lamanca, being thirsty and fafor the United States and Indicated for business phones ?42 and for resi-- ' r Headache, backache, side ache, nervousness, his opposition to large expenditures dence telephones ?24. For this large tired, worn-ofeelings, eta, are sure signs of womantigued, sat down by a spring they or write by the government for the construc- increase In rates, which may be furly trouble. Signs that you need Cardui, the woman's D. L. Ison, ADVANCE met with themselves, after hav SUBSCRIPTION, IN tion of costly battleships. speak- ther increased, the company did nothtonic. You cannot make a mistake in trying Cardui Defeated Creek, Ky; er's remarks were on the The resolution ing it was not required to do under for your trouble. It has been helping weak, ailing ing quenched their thirst; they fl.00 One Year ... County. of Representative Hanley of Missouri the franchise contract The 'right to Letcher women for more than fifty years. declaring the willingness of this coun- levy this excess rate on the people .. .50 preceived, by accident, upon a Six Months, . try to with Great Britain in 01 Lexington was a bonus or gift pre.. .35 stone that was even with the Three Months J64 securing a cessation .of naval construc- sented to the telephone company by 7 tion for one year. surface of the earth, some letters, the Council without consideration oi "The United Sta? ought to lead any kind. The only gainer by this already half effaced by time and in this movement'Tid the speaker. transaction was the telephone comShade Combs is still very sick. "When the full membership of the pany; the only losers the people. the feet of flocks that came to ADVERTISING RATES house is here I want to see this resolu"If the methods authorized by this Miss Lizzie Banks, of Dongola tion passed." Having water at the fountain. opinion is to prevail, then any public 20c Display ads. per inch Easier to Prevent Collision. and Mrs. Julia Hill, of Whites-burservice corporation can secure from column ..$4.00 washed the stone, they read "It is far easier fo take steps to the Council in the manner pointed, out was here. avert collisions and Uerailments than in the constitution a valid and a valua "half " ....$2.00 these words in the Castilian John Bowling has stomache to. provide steel cars to mitigate fa- ble franchise contract, beneficial to the charged tongue; "Aquiesta aencerrando Local Notices will be talities almost inevitabki consequent people of the city, and thereafter,! for at the rate of ten cents per la alma del Licenciado, Pedro trouble." upon and resulting from such colli- whenever it can procure a Council fav1 sion." line for first insertion and five Garcia." orable to its interest, make a new con-The younger of the . Charlie Hogg will move to This statement was made today be- tract, putting on the people of the city ' succeeding cents a line for each Thornton to superintend road fore the National Association of Rail- heavier burdens two being like some modern than the old contract insertion. way Commissioners by William work. imposed." "smart Allecs," no sooner read of Illinois, who urged the genJudge Carroll, .who dissented in the the inscription- than he cried with Howard Williams was very bad eral adoption of the block system of Louisville Home Telephone Company, ly hurt by jumping from the signals by railroads of the country against the city of Louisville, 130 Ky., m a loud laugh, A good joke i' foith. train here. and rigid discipline for disregard of 611, said, "It goes a step further than signal indications. that case. In the Louisville Home j Here is interred the soul a soul Mr. Kilpatrick said 'that an advance Telephone case the Council required Ora Day has returned from Within the next Month or so interred. Who in the mischief Lexington where she attended signal should be installed in connec- the telephone company to go througn tion with every block with an overlap form of buying a before we are going to try to double our could be the author of so wise an the State meeting of the Eastern which would prevent.a train's release the could relieve itselffranchise obliga-- i H it of the until the preceding .train had passed tions Imposed by its first franchise subscription list. We are plan- epitaph." So saying, he arose Star. a sufficient distance into th'e block to contract. In this- case the Council! ning to many times over double and walked away, while his comS. H. Blair has the largest enable the following train to stop. boldly undertook by an ordinance to' Convention Adapts Report. relieve the telephone company of its the capacity of the Eagle for panion, "who was blessed with a "Cushaw" we have seen fur The convention uifinimously adopt- obligations to the people and made a ed tho report presented by Mr. Kil- new contract. to meet the rapid greater share of penetration, years, work in order In short, the court apholds that a Council may at any time Mrs. H, T. and J. M. Day had patrick, urging the ise of safety increasing business coming to us said to himself: "There is some pliances. by an ordinance abrogate a contract Interstate Commence Commissioner and give to a public service corporaand shall take this as one of the mystery in this affair, I'll stay lots of fun the other night trying Meyer, discussing rate making, staled tion anything it wants without any remethods to do so. If there re-- , and unriddle it." Accordingly, to capture wild geese. They that as the cost of service was the gard to whether the people affected were in the midst of about two determining factor it was "high mains a live citizen in the county his companion, was no sooner out hundred. will be benefited or not. This opinion time" that the question of the division removes that last restraint imposed who is not already l subscriber of sight than he began to dig of expenses among the several branchby the constitution for the protection is es of the service should be thrashed of the people and leaves conditions it is high time for him to get about it. and found beneathe it a out. precisely as they were before its Representative Mann of Illinois In- enactment." w among his thousands and over leathern purse containing a hun troduced a resolution in the house S3 dred ducats and a card on which brethren. calling on Secretaryof the Treasury A. W. Martin, Blowing Rock, McAdoo for information regarding tho Some Interesting Statistics. A great wave of development, was written in Latin: "Whoso Va,, is back at his old place, enforcement of the if per cent, clause Kentucky's roads, including the right not only along industrial and ever thou art who has wit enough helping finish of .way, bridges and machinery, reprethe carpentry work in the tariff law. sent an investment of approximately business lines, bJt ikjig all oth- to discover the meaning of this here, CUTTING LAST CMAL BARRIER $50,000,000," said Commissioner of Iine is rapidly spreading rjpjr inscription, inherit my money er Roads R, C. Terrell. "For the mainDrjH. H. Holbrodk; Mcltob -- ' t&fm - . rj u Letcher County and this enct jbf and make a better use of it thjln erts, is now located here. Engineers Find Veryj Difficult Task in tenance iV these the state arid comiie&pecycruiiy,. It is Optning Way Through Cucaracha ties spend annually a little more than the State and no housekeeper, I have done." The thoughtful a great convenience to have him four per cent of the cost of reproducSlide. tion. The railroads of the country keep business man, citizen or farmer schollar rejoicing in his good for here, Washington, Nov. 1. The task of on a payroll a man for every mile oi can afford to allow himself to tune, replaced the stone and went The Play, given by the Chris- opening a way through Cucaracha their trackage, and a railroad corporstand idly in the rear or remain home to Salamanca with the soul tian Endeavor Society last week, slide, the sole remaining obstacle to ation averages an annual expenditure navigation through the Panama canal, of nearly four per cent for its buildignorant of what is transpiring of a licestiate, Though this was was a success in every detail, A has been carried on" as "rush work" ings and like equipment, aside from since the blowing of Its of the Gamboa right in his midst. Over the intended but as an argument in large and well behaved crowd dike, according to aupdispatch received the maintenanceTerrell rights of way." Commissioner estimated the was Present and .everybody went from the Isthmus. - The engineers length of roads at 57,000 miles, conpathway of progress, along the favor of the careful reading of Jaway chuckling to himself. "It have been putting forth Herculean ef- taining within their rights of way . fi. avenues of business, right down forts to clear the half mile obstruc- 220,000 acres, averaging a value of 30 was better than I expected." tion, but the work is often undone the acre. This gives an original in in the channels where the ace, it aptly characterizes two Owen Hall came near getting overnight by a slumping back of the vestment of $11,000,000, which, he fl brawny arms of labor strike for classes of readers and two classes material removed. The recent sharp ures, is easily increased to $50,000,000 his arm crashed Saturday night, rise in the level of Gatun lake, how- by improvements. gold will be found the Eagle in- of scholars in our modern schools while running a machine in the ever, has increased the size of the spiring and encouraging, build- and colleges tho one class com- mine, his glove caught in the ditch so that now 7,000,000 cubic feet the ing hopes and dispensing sun- posed of those who pass the va- cogs. Only the presence of mind of water daily Is passing over has City Is Not Liable. slide and sufficient water now when the shine at every opportunity, aye, rious divisions of the course of on his own part, saved his entire been admitted to permit the big grade of a city establishes liable first a street it is not for steam dredges to enter the cut and damages done the' property by Teason making the opportunity. Every study and finish their education arm from being torn from his operate' on the earth barrier. of the establishment of the grade. The reading and thinking man in the with the reception of a diploma, body. Appellate Court so decided In the case SAVE 22 FROM BURNING SHIP of Louis Gernert, of Louisville, against Quite a number of Jenkinites, county knows already that this and the other quite a different the city of Louisville, in which the publication, week in and week class who, regarding their schol- too numerous to mention, were Three Other French Sailors Perish in judgment sustaining the general deMldocean Disaster, Wireless murrer to her petition for damagea out, (weak in and weak out also) astic training as the means, and down Sunday, Announces. was affirmed. The limits of Louisville were so extended as to tako in a part b. J. Picklesimer went to has during all its career done all not the end of all school life, Hamburg, Germany, Nov. 1. Twenty-t- of Jefferson county thr&ugh which the pleas- Louisa Monday to attend the wo in its power for a better, braver pursue their profitable and of the 25 men in tho crew of Bardstown pike runs, and the city the French bark Patrie 'were rescued laid an asphalt street along the pike, and nobler citizenship. On the urable literary labors, and, in election. in mldocean by the making a grade, as Mrs. Gernert enforcement of the laws, on the the end, reap a rich harvest of E, W. O'Roark, returned last liner Kronprinzessin Cecilie. The claimed, that damaged her propertv and building of better school and imperishable wealth and unal- week from a visit to his old liner found the Patrie burning to dis- As it was the first grade mado by the abled in midoc.can, according wire- city, the court held that Mrs. Gernert less dispatches. Tho German captain could not recover damages. church houses, on the education, loyed delight. "For what wealth home. launched boats and took off the crew. will moral and physical development is better than knowledge which J. A. Massy received the in- Three of the French, sailors had been mind, moderates its formation that his .father was washed overboard and drowned Just Railroad Files Answer. of the Youths of our county the enriches the before the- arrival of tho liner. The Glasgow Railroad Company Eagle has ever stood champion desire, teaches us to make a very sick. He left Saturday to, Patrie was a vessel of 300 tons The disfiled answer to tho complaint of J. M. placement and bailed from Fecamp, and on these it will depend in right use of time, and promotes possibly, spend the few days his France. Richardson, of Glasgow, before the The Kronprinzessin Cecilie State Railroad father has to live with him. Commission, asking the future for prestage and sup- tne nappiness or otners. It is is on tho way here from Mexico. that the road bo required to reduce r passenger fares from five to three port. We know our cause is just superior to the very elements. No. 1 Mine has reached 625 Ship In Port After Stormy Voyage. cents a mile. Tho road donled that it Queenstown, Ireland, Nov. 1. Aftand our work righteous. But we Fire, earth, air, and water have cars of coal in a day. er ono of tho stormiest voyages of was making abnormal profits or that can use to the point where the de- no power over it. Whitesburg, are It Kentucky. her career, tho liner Merlon arrived the rate is extortionate. hero after a trip from Phila- New Trial Is Ordered. mand is greater and the work them as its servants. It walks . delphia, and discharged her Judgment of tho Hopkins Circuit more extensive than our present with us into the vale of years, Tho huge seas that smashed Court Young Lady or young man up ngainst and ovur tho ship tore Judge was reversed In an opinion by facilities will warrant. There- and does not leave us when we Carroll. A. R. Franklin, an emfor Night Operator, Steady nwny soino or her deck fittings, broko ploye of tho Roso Creek Coal Comdie." fore, the necessity for a number r.rvoral of tho Job and good opening. Ap- number of tho lifeboats and injured a pany, was killed on a coal tipple by a crew. runaway car striking the car by which of modern and more ply in person or by phone. he was working. It was contended Dr. Grenfell Is In New York. equipments. Later and at a Whitesburg Telephone Co. Now York. Nov. . Dr. Wilfred T. that plaintiff was negligent in permit THEY MAKE YOU more opportune time more defiAdam Q. Ramoy, Grenfell, medical missionary to the ting car to be used with defective brakes. A demurrer was sustained to FEEL GOOD. Local Mgr. fishermen of Newfoundland and Lab- the petition, but the Court of Appeals fourth-cominnite explanations will be rador, anlved here to act as best held that The pleasant purgative effect man at the wedding of Miss Jessie pnrp Mip in the exercise of ordinary Get ready to get right milrnnil fnmmnr la .vojjvuat-I. vu rin a Wilson, daughter or President produced by Chamberlain's Tabinto the boat. Steady! for the condition of the brakes. to Francis II. Sayro at the White lets and the healthy condition of House this month. A two chair up-tdate well It was real Interesting to see body and mind which they cre CIIKONIC DYSPEPSIA. Barbershop. Furniture Squire Blair, of Thornton, ofsome of the ladies leading to the ate make one feel joyful. For the very best and all new. Can Shindies The following unsolicited testi- fers a reward ofor a medium sized polls and asking for ballots. Of sale by all dealers. monial shohld certainly be suffibe seen at Juetice's store in East The roofing that lasts as long as black, short haired dog, white cient to course they could only exercise Jenkin. For information and persons give hope and courage to srjot in breast.' When last seen uie Duiiaing and never needs VS .( 1rd At A 4 alllicted with chronic their rights in the Superentend-ents"racrepairs. other particulars call or write, dysDepsia: "I have been a chron-- j October 7 was at end of county , Tk-.c,y One Good InThere was hardly a to .i lDurn, crack, curl or rot E. L. Haynes. ic dyspeptic for years, and of like wood shingles, nor have thPV th valid Chair race, however as Miss Asher in M; vcinc i ii.i i Burdine, Ky. M 3 CTeat weioht nr Kritllr...( . who was nominated had quit the almost new. Cost $22 will sell beriain's Taoiotb hax done me his. Back and Pursifull, atE u'ua "y .uciuensive ana iook belter than either. more-goocheap. See or address,. than anything else," race through her name was on The Election is over, and For Sale bu says W. G. Mattison, No. 7 Sher- tending physicians on Uncle AmFrank Collins, the ballot. The women, we sup- is sick so far as we have man St.. Homellsville. N. Y. brose Fields report that he is ,50N. 23rd St. Cortright Metal Roofing Co. Burdine, ICy, heard. right along. sale by all dealers. Philadelphia, Pa 1 Tele-Phon- I doe-trin- e 3 1 The Woman's Tonic ! ut Ermine i m . Get a oitle Today! g, k - Attention Readers. ' Do your trading at our Store, and have your friends do likewise. We fj are giving away five m j 2 - Grand Pianos to show you our appreciation of your trade. Come ia and inquire about this. Your best friend a candidate for one of these Burdine M g 1 r sUrand ianos if ersl I -i, Money To Loan on Approved Security Hamburg-America- n Ve Solicit Your Business and Treat You Right - Jfirsf c aftmtal mk . y Wanted passen-Kern- te Instead ofWbodShingles orSlaie - g. For Sale o- .i-.- Wil-no- 1 fur-nish- COMRIGHT REWARD. ad e. For Saie - .H,c-r-- . irv; d no-be- Jm-proyi- -- jor ng

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