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Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

MEETING OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES,Dec.12,1906 Page 120(conttd) Prof. Miller appeared before the Board and made statement as to the work and financial condition of the athletic com- mittee. Upon motion of Judge Kinkead, seconded by Mr. Metcalfe and carried, the Report of the committee on athletics was re- P.121 ferred tothe Committee on Athletics. Upon suggestion of Judge Kinkead, Mr. Hillenmeyer, a stu- dent was permitted to comle before the Board and make a statement concerning the issual of a College Annual for the present year, in which he asked for an appropriation of $300, and offered to give the Board a bond signed by his father, to save the College harmless from payment of any sum, by reason of the issual of this annual over and above the appropriation asked for. Mr. Hillenmeyer retired. thereupon Judge Kinkead offered the following resolution,- Resolved that the sum of $300.00 be appropriated in aid of the students getting out a college annual for the current year, on condition that Mr. Hillenmeyer execute a bond, -with his father as surety, to the Trustees of the College, to save the College harmless beyond the amount of this appropriation, and that this bond be submitted to the Chairman of the Board and Business Agent for approval. Said motion was seconded by President Patterson, and upon being put upon its passage, the vote on roll-call, stood as follows:- Ayes - Messrs. McChord Nicholas, Kinkead, Lafferty, Met- calfe, Terrell, Patterson, 6arnenter - 8 Noes - None The resolution was carried. At this point Judge Kinkead made a statement with reference to the confusion and trouble arising.out of the loose way in which the mail was delivered on the College Grounds, and

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