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Kentucky State Poetry Society Records, 1966-1986, 1966

Part of Kentucky State Poetry Society Records, 1966-1986

88a2Guide to the Kentucky State Poetry Society Records, 1966-1986Sharon Brown McConnellUniversity ArchivesEastern Kentucky University126 John Grant Crabbe LibraryRichmond, Kentucky40475-3102 USAPhone: (606) 622-1792Email: archives.library@eku.eduURL: Kentucky University1988Text converted and initial EAD tagging provided by Apex Data Services, April 2000.ENGGuide to the Kentucky State Poetry Society Records, 1966-1986Contact Information:University ArchivesEastern Kentucky University126 John Grant Crabbe LibraryRichmond, Kentucky40475-3102Phone: (606) 622-1792Email: archives.library@eku.eduURL: by: Sharon Brown McConnellDate Completed: 1988Encoded by: Apex Data Services Copyright 2000 Eastern Kentucky University. All Rights Reserved.Kentucky State Poetry Society Records, 1966-198688A2Kentucky State Poetry SocietyEastern Kentucky University ArchivesRichmond, Kentucky 40475-3102This collection is open for research.Copyright has not been assigned to Eastern Kentucky University. [Identification of item], Kentucky State Poetry Society Records, 1966-1986, University Archives, Eastern Kentucky University, Richmond.The Kentucky State Poetry Society (KSPS) grew out of a meeting of the Eastern Kentucky Poetry Society in Ashland, Kentucky in 1965. In 1966, KSPS was accepted by the National Federation of State Poetry Societies. The first annual meeting was at the Henry Clay Hotel in Ashland on October 14, 1967. In 1976 Governor Julian Carroll proclaimed October 15th as National Poetry Day. In 1966, the first Pegasus was printed. At that time the publication consisted of four pages. By 1970 it grew to a larger periodical and has been issued from two to four times a year.Membership in KSPS is not restricted to Kentuckians nor is age a barrier. In the early seventies there were over five hundred members. An annual contest is held each year containing more than thirty categories. In addition a book fair is held each year by L. B. Dalton book store in Oxmoor Center in Louisville. KSPS continues to prosper and grow. The collection of publications generated by members is housed in University Archives.The Kentucky State Poetry Society records were housed at the Crabbe Library, Eastern Kentucky University from 1975 until 1988. At this time they were moved to the University Archives. The collection consists of five boxes of publications, one box of business papers, and eight scrapbooks containing photographs and clippings. The collection was transferred in good condition. Even the alphabetical sequence of the publications was maintained. Papers have been arranged by subject and then filed chronologically. Scrapbooks were measured and wrapped. Cards for the material had been typed previously and were sent with the collection. Items will be added to the collection from time-to-time by the historian and the curator of the society.Container ListPublication SeriesThe Publication Series is filed in five boxes. The first three boxes contain volumes of verse by members of the Kentucky State Poetry Society. These are arranged alphabetically by the author's lastname. The fourth box contains anthologies and a few periodicals in which the works of members are published. The fifth box holds copies of Pegasus printed in the years 1971-2.1Adams, Eunice1Auxier, Sylvia Trent1Barnes, Mary Jane1Beam, Ernie1Berg, Viola Jacobson1Butler, Ronald1Chaffin, Lillie D.1Chandler, Rose1Cohen, William Howard1Cook, Ramona Graham1Davis, Ann Pence1De Bolt, William Walter1Downs, Mattie Proctor1Dunbar, Ida1Evans, Virginia Moran1Faulconer, Mary Goodnow1Francis, Robert1Giammarino, Jaye1Fragments1The Grace of the Bough1Love-Vine1Meadow Rue1No Stranger to the Earth1Naomi and Ruth1Home Folks1The Heart of Things1Season of Falling Stars1Appalachian History and Other Poems1Rainbows1Waiting for Love; Lyrics of the Past, Present, Future, and a Land of the Imagination1We be Warm Till Springtime Comes1Moonlight Mystique1The Hill Way Home1A Merry Heart1So Swift The Stone1Gates and Trails1Songs Under Stars1Finding Love1Let There Be Light1To Seek the Sun1Angel song1Immortal Moments1The Orb Weaver1A Certain Hunger1Moon Age Poets1Sun of Reflection1Wine in a Gold Cup2Goddard, Hazel Firth2Howard, Rev. Fielding T.2Kherdian, David2Lacy, Elsie Halsey2Chestnuts and Autumn Leaves2Scattered Stars2Shadow and Sunbeam2Traveling America2From Cumberland Hills2From Kentucky Hills2Peaceful As a Dove Is My America2Poetized Musings2Thoughts Voiced in Poems3Liebknecht, Henrietta3MacIntyre, Gordon and Virginia3Modglin, Nel3Moor, Elizabeth Ann M3Oliphant, Genieve Locke3Perlam, Jess3Proctor, James W.3Reed, Mabel Henderson3Reed, Rufus M.3Reid, William Hill3Salyers, Paul3Seese, Ethel Gray3Sexauer, Arwin F.B3Srinivas, Dr. Krishna3Solvin, Lois C.3Spears, Woodridge3Thomas, Rudy3Vanover, Grace Lee3Wallace-White, Daniel3Wheeler, Marjorie Benjamin3Wiley, Vivian3Winsett, Marvin Davis3Woolfolk, Miriam L.3Wood, Audrey and Miriam3Childhood's Sweet Enchantment3The Stranger and Other3Stories3Under Western Skies3Music at Sunrise3The Rhymer3The Stones Would Cry3Where Love is..3Among Thorns3Candles in the Dark3Out Of My Head...3Shirttail Fork3Selected Poems3Looking-Glasses3I Can't Unwish the Night3Since Yesterday3The Green Bough3Twelve Months to Sing3Blessed Be the Damned3Corkscrews Of My Mind3Kentucky Canes3My Native Land3The Passing Day3Through My Eyes3Voice of the Hills3Psychic Hinge4SONGS FROM LA CASA de PAZ (1963-1985)4The tastevin4Great American World Poets4Forecast4River Island4The Ground of Memory4TORNADO and Other Poems4A Bit of Clay4Telling It Like It Is4ye on the Dawn4A Spring Tide Bouquet4Remembered Earth4For the Birds4SUNSHINE AND THUNDER4One plus One4Askins, Donald and David Morris4Cyclo Flame4First Flight4Haiku Highlights and Other4Short Poems4New Ground4Summer 19664Autumn 19664Winter 19664Autumn 19684A Collection4Halley, H.H.4Jernigan, Jack4The Long Way Home4New Earth Review4Reaching4Reaching 19784Reaching4Spirit4The Undiscovered and4Other Poems4Halley's Bible Handbook4The Forever Beau4A Collection4Vol. 2, Numbers 1, 2, 3, and 44Vol. 2, No. 1(2 copies)4Issue 5. - Lexington Poets.41982-1983.4Gift of Miriam Wool folk4Lillie D. Chaffin4#2 Reaching 1979-8041985-864A Magazine of Poetry4Upward Bound Students at4Southeast Community4College5Pegasus 1971-72Subject SeriesThe Subject Series consists of one box of papers relating to the Kentucky State Poetry Society. Each folder contains papers arranged alphabetically under the title of the folder and chronologically thereunder. Very little correspondence has been gathered. The constitution of the Society in included. Random contests are accounted for. While this material is valuable, it is by no means complete. These items cover the years 1966-1986.5Academy of American Poets5Clippings and Notices ca.5Contest Sheets and Winners5Constitution 19745Correspondence 1972-19865Cross-Currents 1966-19675KSPS Newsletter 1974-765Membership Lists 1968-725Poetry Pilot 1969-19775Treasurer's Notes 1966-685Winning Poems in 1967 contest 19675Winning Poems in 1971 contest 1971Scrapbook SeriesEight parcels are included in this series. Many are a mixture of photographs of members and clippings about members or of the annual meetings of the Society. One volume contains photographs of members and holograph poems by members. It was the effort of the group at one time to have a picture and poem by each member. The goal fell far short. Most of the items are not dated; the first is from 1967. Emphasis is definitely on the late sixties and the early seventies.5Wrapped Parcel 1Scrapbook: 1966-1970This item contains articles and clippings about the finding of the Kentucky State Poetry Society. Some photographs are included. There are a few newsletters from the Eastern Kentucky Poetry-Society.5Wrapped Parcel 2Scrapbook: 1971-1976.This scrapbook contains clippings about poets and published poems by members of the Society. A letter from Lou Dell McIntosh of the Department of Parks in Frankfort is included.5Wrapped Parcel 3Scrapbook: 1965-1984This scrapbook contains clippings about poets and published poems.5Wrapped Parcel 4Scrapbook: 1974.This scrapbook is comprised of articles about poets and published poems. A list of contest winners from 1974 is included.5Wrapped Parcel 5Scrapbook: 1967-1976.This book contains a photograph, biographical sketch, and holograph poem of certain poets in KSPS. There are a few loose items.5Wrapped Parcel 6Scrapbook: 1967-1974This scrapbook contains photographs of poets including Jesse Stuart and Jim Wayne Miller.5Wrapped Parcel 7Scrapbook: 1971-1978This collection consists of photographs of members taken during the annual meetings.Broadsides: 1966-85-5Wrapped Parcel 8Kentucky Is My Land5Wrapped Parcel 837, avenue sanson, Cimitiere Montmarte. 1985.5Wrapped Parcel 8A Stop In The Desert. Josif Beodsky. 1966.

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