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Page 9 of Kentucky Negro Educational Association Journal v.2 n.3

Part of Kentucky Negro Educational Association Journal

Only Colored Principal In Chicago On Program Wednesday Night Speaker Maudelle B. Bousfield, Principal Stephen A. Douglas School, Chicago, Illinois The K. N. E. A. is fortunate in securing as pne of the main speakers on the 1932 program, an outstanding educator of our race in the person of Mrs. Maudelle B. Bousfield, who is one of the lead- ers in Chicago education. Mrs. Bousfield was born and reared in St. Louis and received her Bache- lor of Arts degree from the Uni- versity of Illinois. She was at first a teacher of Mathematics in East St. Louis, later a teacher in St. Louis, Mo. She was then called to teach in Baltimore, Md., and from that system, came to the Chicago system, where she was made dean of girls in the Wendell Phillips High School. in 1926. In 1928, Mrs. Bousfield was assigned to the principalship of the Keith Elementary School in Chicago. She is the first and only colored principal in Chicago. Recently, Mrs. Bousfield was awarded Master of Arts degree in Education at the University of Chicago and transferred, as prin- cipal, to Stephen A. Douglas School, one of the largest ele- mentary schools in Chicago. The school has a mixed faculty and a mixed student body. Mrs. Bousfield is a former Su- preme Basileus of the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, an organi- zation with chapters all over the United States. She spent one summer in Southern and Western Europe and Northern Africa; an- other summer in Scandinavia, vis- iting the schools in Norway and Denmark. No member of the K. N. E. A. should fail to hear this outstand- ing speaker. She is to be intro- duced on the occasion of her ad- dress by Miss Maude Brown of Louisville. Miss Brown is thl present Supreme Basileus of thie Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority. The southern headquarters of the Rosenwald Fund at Nashville, Tenn., was quite enthusiastic in its praise of the recent K. N. E. A. Journal, which contained a Rosenwald School Day program and a tribute to the late Julius Rosenwald. They requested that copies be sent to every member of their board of directors. 9

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