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Image 1 of The Kentucky Kernel, July 18, 1968

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Tie Kentucky mknel The South's Outstanding College Daily Thursday Evening, July UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY, LEXINGTON 18, 1968 Vol. LIX, No. 156 Johnson Resigns Student Affairs Post; Creech To Be Named Interim President To Assume Similar Spot At Berkeley Robert L. Johnson, UK vice president for student affairs, resigned Monday to take up a similar position at the University of California at Berkeley. Mr. Johnson, who will leave UK Sept. 3 to .become vice chancellor for student affairs at Berkeley, gave only one reason for leaving. He said that, although the prospect of leaving Kentucky caused him "great personal sadness", he could not pass up an apportunity to be associated with "one of the most distinguished universities in the world." A native of New York, Mr. Johnson came to UK in I960 to organize and direct the Medical Center's Division of State and Local Services, and was elevated to the vice presidency in December, 1964. Dr. John VV. Oswald, who is also leaving UK in September for a position in the University of California system, in a formal statement praised Mr. Johnson's work at UK. He said: "Mr. Johnson has made a tremendous contribution to the University of Kentucky, first in his key role of Director of State and Local Services during the early period of the development of the Medical Center and, since December, 1964, as the head of student affairs. stu"Under his direction, all of the dent activities at UK have been brought together in offices of the dean a single coordinated program-th- e of students, athletics, student financial aid, the foriegn student office, the placement service, and the office of counseling and testing. Mr. Johnson further assumed leadership, with faculty and students, in the development of UK's student code, which has become a prototype for many universities and colleges throughout the country. Since the death of Mr. Shively, Mr. Johnson has also served ably as acting director of athletics. "The contributions Mr. Johnson has made to the University have been many and great, and his leadership will be sorely missed." Mr. Johnson rejected speculation by some UK officials that his resignation may have been influenced by the recent controversy surrounding the appointment of a new athletic director for the University. Mr. Johnson was head of the screeening committee which recommended Dr. William McCubbing of Virginia Polytechnic Institute for the position. After it was approved by the UK athletics board, the recommendation was tabled by the Board of Trustees and Dr. McCubbin has since withdrawn as a candidate. Mr. Johnson also denied the reports that his decision to leave was influenced by conservative reaction to UK's policies on student rights. Board To Act Friday In Special Meeting the Robert Johnson dent. ( Glenwood Creech ; ; He is recognized as a chief architect of the student rights code it adopted by UK in May, 1967. The code disclaims a parental role for the university, and sets out specific violations for which students can be disciplined. In his letter of resignation to Dr. Oswald, Mr. Johnson wrote: "It is not without sadness that I leave Kentucky. It has been more than eight years that I have been associated with the University. . . .During that time, I have formed a host of friendships on campus and throughout the Commonwealth, and during that time I have come to have profound respect for students, and staff. my associates-facultContinued on Page 2, CoL 3 y, UK Students Have War At Home By GUY MENDES Five members of the UK community are from the part of Africa which used to be known as Nigeria, but is now divided in Nigeria and secessionist Biafra, a country smaller than New Jersey which broke with the Nigerian federal government 14 months ago. A war is now being waged between the two countriesa war that is second only Band Director Dart Fired; Says Unfair Play Involved Fred Dart, director of UK's marching band, has been dismissed from the position he lias held since 1966. William Harry Clarke has been named to succeed Dart by Dr. Hubert P. Henderson, head of the Fine Arts Department. Dart, who was relieved of his duties on June 20 by Dr. Henderson, said that he was given four verbal reasons for his dismissal but lias not yet received the reasons in writing. Dart says that Dr. Henderson told him that he was dismissed because Dart: Directed poor handling of majorette tryouts at Stoll Field on April 30. Did not keep Dr. Henderson informed of bids on band uniforms. Used poor judgement in purchasing band instruments. Did not make proper arrangements for a band at the UK Blue-Whifootball game. 5, CoL 2 Continued on te i I' Biafra Against Nigeria Each morning they wake with the knowledge that members of their families may be dying in a war which ravages their homeland some 5,000 miles away. Yet they continue with their work at the University, for they know that other than voicing their opinions, they can do little to aid their countrymen. UK Following tomorrow's special full meeting of Board of Trustees, Dr. Clenwood L. Creech will probably be the acting president of the institution. Dr. Creech is reported to have support from several members of the Board, including former Cov. A. B. (Happy)Chandler. Also, Cov. Louie B. Nunn, chairman of the Board, has said he will not oppose the appointment of Dr. Creech. At present, Dr. Creech is UK vice president for University relations, a position he has held since January, 1965. Since the resignation of Dr. John W. Oswald earlier this year, the UK vice president has increasingly been mentioned as a possible interim presi- to Vietnam in bloodshed and destruction. Biafra is the home of two UK graduate students and a post doctorate fellow, though when they were last in that part of the world, it was still considered Eastern Nigerian. They now feel strongly about their homeland and its right to stand as an in- dependent nation. Another UK grad student hails from federalist Western Nigeria and firmly believes tliat Nigeria and Biafra remain as one. A fourth grad student who was raised in the eastern part of the country but spent several years in the West, has not declared allegiance to either side in the conflict due to his ties on both sides. The war, which began a year ago this month, is actually an outgrowth of tribal hatred which has plagued Nigeria since it gained independence from Britain in 1960. The Ibo, the principal tribe of the East, were among the first of the region to adapt to the Continued on Page 5, Col. 1 There has even been speculation that Dr. Creech has some trustee support to become permanent head of the University. If he is named to the acting post tomorrow, this could be taken as a first move toward the permanent top position. Any opposition to the Creech appointment would probably came from some members of the UK faculty, who feel that his previous experience in public relations and agriculture would be too limited for a presidential post at a major state institution. Dr. Creech is known to have considerable support from outside the campus. It is believed that if he is selected to the acting post, he will be backed by some of the state's agricultural and alumni groups, as well as some segments of the Lexington community. Like Dr. Oswald, Dr. Creech has his academic background in agriculture, receiving his Ph.D. degree from the University of Wisconsin in 1957. He is a native Kentuckian who obtained both his B.S. and M.S. degrees in agriculture from UK. Prior to his return here to take the vice president's post, Dr. Creech was director of the Division of Agriculture for the W. K. Kellogg Foundation for six years. Some members of the UK community have indicated that they believe that a man with Dr. Creech's background is the type of person that the Board of Trustees will be looking for when they select a permanent president. These people view the fact that he is a native as a definite point in his favor. Another possible agenda topic for tomorrow's meeting could be the naming of an acting athletic director. Since the death of Bernie Shively, the post has been vacant. Since the special full meeting of the Board in June, when a motion was deferred to name Virginia Tech physical education director, Dr. William McCubbin to the job, UK football coach Charlie Bradshaw has apparently had the inside track for the position, Sen. McCarthy Speaks In Lexington Tomorrow Sen. Eugene J. McCarthy, Democratic presidential hopeful, will arrive in Lexington Friday at 12 noon at Blue Crass Field. Following a motorcade from the airport to downtown Lextucky is part of an, intensive ington, Sen. McCarthy will ap- campaign in this state since it rally at was recently declared a "pripear at a 1 unci-tim- e approximately 12:15 p.m. in front ority state" by the senator's national campaign headquarters. of the Fayette County Courthouse. Kentucky is given the "priAfter the rally Sen. McCarthy ority state" status primarily becan vote and cause will be driven back toBlueCrass because Kentucky is the last state Field where he will depart about 1:45 p.m. for Louisville. From to choose its delegates," he said. About 100 students and 60 there he will go on to Covington for the last leg of his three-sto- p adults have been canvassing the entire Fayette County area Kentucky visit. and by telephone in an McCarthy's visit immediately preceeds the county meeting on effort to locate registered Democrats in favor of McCarthy and Saturday, July 20, when Fayto recontact them this week and ette County will chose its deleliave them attend the county gates to the statewide Democratic convention. meetings. Sen. McCarthy recently adMary Beth McCarthy, niece dressed another noontime rally of Sen. McCarthy, toured Lexin Pittsburgh, Pa. at v' . u !;e ington earlier this week in support of her uncle's candidacy drew a crowd estiuur' at J.uOO for Democratic nomination for persons. The Pittsburgh police President. reported this group as one of the Phil Pat ton, chairman of the largest gathering they had ever UK Students for McCarthy, said seen at a political rally of tliis that McCarthy's visit to Ken- - type. door-to-do- or i

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