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Image 7 of 2007 - Board of Regents Meeting Minutes.

Part of Murray State University Board of Regents Meeting Minutes.

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· 7 (See Attachment #1) · Points of Pride Faculty Senate Recognition _. Faculty Senate gave formal recognition to Provost Gary Brockway for keeping things moving forward during the interim period and the Faculty Senate saw fit to take note of that in a formal recognition. Dr. Dunn wanted to publicly thank Dr. Brockway for all he did during that interim period. Chair, Kentucky Agriculture Council Dr. Tony Brannon, Dean of the College of Agriculture, has been named to chair the Kentucky Agriculture Council which has been charged by the Govemor’s office with putting together a Strategic Plan for Kentucky Agriculture. We are tremendously proud of him for that. · Policy Issues Organizational Assessment and Review Dr. Dtmn discussed the need for a Retreat or a Work Conference at some future point. He emphasized that one of the things he felt was really important as a new President is to do an organizational analysis, an organizational assessment and look at all of the functional areas across the organization. He pointed out that senior leadership had been doing that on campus and talking to a lot of people trying to find out a lot of things . _ and do this assessment across the full range of campus functions. He emphasized that he wanted to talk about some areas across the campus that are foundational. These are not fixes; these are not deficits; they are not things that we are not doing well, but they are decisions that need to be made. There are areas where there may be some uncertainty in terms on how we should proceed or just a determination that needs to be made about direction and we are trying to get these identified, inventoried and figure out how to come to some solutions on what we do to get those types of things in place. These are not going to be long drawn out projects. As we look at our key ftmction roles and get them solidified and going well, we can step out and really be about the work of innovation and change at the University. That is a preview and we will talk more about that in the near future. Auditor Crit Luallen’s Report Auditor Crit Luallen’s Report: Recent Kentucky Tuition Increases May Prevent the Commonwealth ’s 2020 Postsecondary Education Goals was passed out. Not having talked to Auditor Luallen but having a sense of what is being examined here and having l read the report, Dr. Dunn indicated that he thought she was asking a very big policy , question and that is to say "Do we have things in opposition‘?" In fact, we have had a I drastic increase in tuition in the Commonwealth over the past ten years and a goal to double the number of degree holders by 2020. She would suggest that these are courses in opposition and from a policy perspective the Commonwealth needs to think this through. Dr. Dumi shared that Murray State, parallel on what we heard on the tuition and fees presentation, also is down to that bottom third or bottom quartile. When you look at the past ten year percentage increases, Murray State fares very well. We were at 117.3 percent which is down about the bottom three of the Commonwealth Public Institutions; EKU was at 137 percent; Kentucky State was at 128 percent; Northem Kentucky was at 140 percent; and Westem was at 159 percent. When you look at the notion of stewardship of the tax dollar and not trying to have it totally on the backs of tuition and when you look at other institutions in the Commonwealth, Murray State has nothing to hide our heads about.

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