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Image 6 of 2007 - Board of Regents Meeting Minutes.

Part of Murray State University Board of Regents Meeting Minutes.

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6. 6 Other large gifts shared by Mr. Jackson included the gift of Mr. Jesse Jones of Louisiana. In addition to Mr. Jones’ gifts a year or so ago, including the clock tower, endowed scholarship and other items he has funded for Murray State University, his gifts today approach about $1/2 million. Following a visit by Dr. Dunn and Mr, Jackson, Mr. Jones pledged an additional $3.6 million to start the process of starting a Racer Advantage Program for Kentucky students or a Commonwealth Honors Scholarship Type Program. He will be paying most of that pledge over the next ten years. Other gifts that Mr. Jackson could not put names with that are being closed and l some have already been closed but are not ready to announce include a $1 million gift coming out of the state of` Illinois from an estate. The paperwork is being finalized and this will be very much like the Racer Advantage Program that was discussed earlier but focused on Illinois students. He added that the paperwork was finalized on a $1.5 ` million charitable trust being transferred to the university from Marshall County. Dr. Tim l Miller was instrumental in making this happen. Y r At the request of Regent Alan Stout, Chair of the Govemmental Relations l Committee, Mr. Jackson gave a report on Governmental Relations pointing out that there l continues to be a lot of activity in Frankfort as the Legislature is in session. Murray State l hosted a dinner and reception for legislators on campus in December. A Legislative r Reception was hosted by Murray State at the Benyhill Mansion in Frankfort in early February and a number of legislators were there, as well as a large attendance of alumni r from the area, and everyone got a chance to talk about the needs and issues at Murray ‘ State. There is a Governmental Relations web site to be reached from Murray State’s home page. The 2007 Legislative Priorities, news releases, etc., are listed on the l Govemmental Relations web site to keep everyone informed as it relates to govemmental l activity. { The University continues to watch very closely House Bill 1, which deals with our ' budgetary items in a nonbudgetary year, especially restoration of the vetoed items. The ; other bill being watched closely is House Bill 327, which is Harry Moberly’s bill which is ‘ restoration of vetoed items, and it is also referred to as Govemor Fletcher’s bill that I includes all his initiatives he proposed inthe State of the Commonwealth Address. As it relates to the University, the only real difference in those two bills is that in House Bill 327 there is a $1 million phase one of the Breathitt Veterinary Center for that project. Both of those bills are being watched very closely. · Presidential Lecture Series This year’s Presidential Lecture Series features Benazir Bhutto on Tuesday, March 13. This will be a great opportunity for the campus to come together to hear a world renown speaker and touches upon so many areas of importance to the University as we’ve been talking about ramping up our international efforts as we look at the notion of increasing the idea of other cultures and awareness of` other cultures. We look at the role of women in society and we are amazed that we are able to bring former Prime Minister Bhutto here on March 13. President Dunn expressed appreciation to Scott Ellison and the Student Govermnent Association, as wells as the MSU Foundation who co-sponsors the lectures, for scheduling Former Prime Minister Bhutto for the lecture. • A Correction: Award of Technology [or Teaching Initiative Higher l Education Leadershig Grant (Attachment) At the December meeting the Board accepted a gift from Hewlett Packard of 42 computers and some projectors, cameras, etc. That actually was a grant award and not a gift as was indicated in December. In the attached materials you have a copy of a letter that had come in from Terry Derting and Ricky Cox who actually wrote a highly competitive grant in a very tough competition that earned us that equipment. You will note in the narrative of that letter this is one of 10 awards in the country around the technology for teaching initiative in higher education leadership.

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