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Image 3 of 2007 - Board of Regents Meeting Minutes.

Part of Murray State University Board of Regents Meeting Minutes.

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l 3 c.. Food Services Residential Plans for 07-08 d. Food Services Commuter Plan for 07-08 6. Fees a,. ROTC Course Fees ` b. Recreation Course Fees l I. Governmental Relations Mr. Stout l J. lntemational Relations Mrs. Travis _` K. Student Life Mr. Ellison 13. Executive Session 14. Regents Comments 15. Adjournment l i Chair Buchanon read a letter from Dr. King Alexander asking permission to have ‘ an attomey present during the Executive Session on his behalf. His attorney, John ` F leischaker, is out of state and will be unable to participate in the meeting. He pointed out that as the only remaining party in the case, he felt that it was imperative that a lawyer , represent his interest during the meeting. Following discussion, the Board agreed to ` allow Mr. Todd Megibow of Paducah to make a presentation on behalf of King Alexander. Following his presentation, he would be dismissed from the Executive Session. l . Chair Buchanon asked for a motion to convene into Executive Session pursuant to 1 KRS 61.810 (1) ©) to discuss the pending litigation Dermison v. MSU etal. and Mr. l Adams so moved, seconded by Mr. Stout. Motion carried. i 1 Executive Session Executive Session began at 8:14 a.m. and ended at 11:45 a.m. Attorneys Serieta Jaggers and Bill Johnson, as well as Carole Catalfo of United Educators, joined the meeting by phone. Open Session C Mr. Adams moved, seconded by Dr. Morgan, that the Board convene into Open Session. Motion carried. Open Session began at 11:45 a.m. As a result of the Executive Session, the following motions were presented. Mr. Stout moved to approve the Settlement Agreement and Release of Claims in regard to the case of E.W. Dennison v. Murray State University, et al, Civil Action No. 5:05-CV-182-R in the United States District Court, Westem District of Kentucky, Paducah. Mr. Adams seconded and the roll was called vnth the following voting; Mr. Adams, yes; Mrs. Burr, yes; Mr. Ellison, yes; Mrs. Ford, no; Ms. Hays, no; Dr. Morgan, yes; Mr. Stout, yes; Mr. Taylor, abstain; Mrs. Travis, yes; Mrs. Winchester, yes; and Mrs. Buchanon, no. With seven ayes, three no’s and one abstention, the motion carried. Mrs. Buchanon moved to adopt the following Resolution.

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