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Image 2 of 2007 - Board of Regents Meeting Minutes.

Part of Murray State University Board of Regents Meeting Minutes.

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2. 2 B. Sabbaticals _ · C. Faculty Leaves of Absence Without Pay 1) Chekita Hall 2) Heath Keller 3) Allen White 4) Alice Walters D. Staff Leaves of Absence Without Pay I E. Recommendation on Appointment of Deputy to the President 12. Committee Reports/Recommendations A. Academic Affairs Dr. Morgan l. New Graduate Degree Program: _ Master of Science in Nutrition Services 2. Faculty Handbook Language Changes a. 1/ l .6.3.5 b. 2/2.7.2/a c. 2/2.9.2 (VI) d. 2/2.9.4 3. Consideration of Chair Initiatives a. Sunday Student Registration during Summer Orientation b. Updating and Consolidating of Faculty Handbook 4. Infomation Items from Chair · a. Stopping the Tenure "Clock" B. Athletic Mrs. Ford C. Audit Mr. Adams l. Audit Reports a. NCAA b. Racer Foundation 2. Audit Contract Renewal D. Buildings and Grounds Ms. Hays 1. Transfer of Property to the City (Fire Station) E. Development/Investments Mrs. Ford F. Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Ms. Burr G. Faculty/Staff Affairs Mrs. Buchanon H. Finance Mrs. Buchanon I l. Regional Tuition 2. 2007-08 Tuition Rates 3. Housing Rates 4. Standard Residential College Rate and Scholarship Definition 5. Board Plans i a. Minimum Board Plan Requirement for I Freshmen and Sophomores living in the Residential Colleges b. New Meal Plans

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