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Image 1 of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.), August 17, 1961

Part of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.)

Univorsity of Kentucky "ila ppnrtmentHead Elizabeth Hansen e MOUNTAIN EAGLE T UK Whitesburg, Kentucky, Thursday, August IT SCREAMS! Craft city's "Man of Year" State Sen. Archie Crart was named Whitesburg's "man of the year" by the city Chamber of Commerce at the group's annual banquet Tuesday night. Craft received a plaque from Fred Coffey, who was last year's "man of the year." of area developJohn Wliisman, for Kentucky, discussed the program. He ment said Kentucky would use the federal area redevelopment program as one of the tools In its own program. Whlsman announced plans for setting up area development councils and said he hopes the next legislature will give them statutory New officers of the onamDer ot Commerce installed Included Cossie Quillen, president; Sanders Collins, vice president, and Martin Dawa-harsecretary. Dawahare, retiring president, reviewed briefly the chamber's activities this year. Orval Hughes served as.toastmaster. Here is the citation concerning Craft read at the dinner by Coffey: STATE SEN. ARCHIE CRAFT Funeral Homes in Letcher County. At the same time he has contributed generously of his time and money to all worthy activities of the town. He has encouraged and financially assisted several young people to further their education. For several years Archie Craft has been active in politics. He served seven years as Letcher County Coroner and was elected to the State Senate twice. He is still serving in the capacity of Senator. He is a member of the Legislative (Continued on Page 16) to-da- te color ad is a "first" On pages 6 and 7 of today's Mountain Eagle, you will find an A&P ad of which we're pretty proud. It's printed In three blue and black--an- d to our knowledge is that first three color ad of its type in a weekly newspaper In Kentucky. col-ors--r- The photograph is "in register" is, it is printed in three colors, first red, then blue, then black, which combine to give the effects of lights and shadows you see in the final picture. All three steps involved in the printing are on display in the front window of The Mountain Eagle, in case anybody would like to take a look. The ad was made possible by several things: our press and the switch to offset which we made a year ago this month, the continuing confi- top-not- ch . dence of the Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company in the weekly newspaper as an advertising medium and A&P's willingness to experiment in The Mountain Eagle with color advertising. We hope, of course, that our readers will look at the ad carefully and will respond to the offer it makes. And we hope they'll be proud of the "first" it Vol. 54, No. 14 10 all over county prepare for opening day Schools Whitesburg and Fleming-Neo- n High Schools, as furnished to us this week. (Jenkins pupils e, Archie Craft is a native Letcher Countian, having been born at Millstone, Kentucky. He is a graduate of Whitesburg High School and after receiving teacher's training from Pikeville, Georgetown and Morehead Colleges he taught for six years in the school of Letcher County. He understands the problems of labor because he has also worked as a miner. Archie has been in the funeral business in Whitesburg since 1935 and through his courtesy, kindness and tireless efforts he has expanded that business until it now includes three modern up- - 1961 17, All over Letcher County this week, school personnel, pupils and parents were preparing for the beginning of the 1961-6- 2 school year. Classes actually will start on Aug. 28, but high school pupils and some others will register at varying times next week. Here are the schedules for the haN A&P Library received letters of instruction on registration.) Freshmen will register at High School at 9 Whitesburg a.m. next Thursday, August 24. Students riding busses are requested to wait at their regular bus stops for their bus as busses will run for freshmen about 15 minutes later than the regular run last year. English books will be furnished to all students this year so freshmen are not to purchase any Principal Jack English, books, M. Burkich said. Students are not to buy from their friends used general science or general mathematics books as these are new adoptions and are not in circulation, he added. They may be purchased at the high school after school begins. Freshmen may purchase Civics and Algebra that were used last year as the school is using these same books this year, Burkich said. The Whitesburg high school faculty is looking forward to working with the largest freshmen the history of the school, Burkich said. Many in this large frehsman class will be taking five subjects selected from this group: English I, General Math, Algebra I, French I, Home Ec. I, General Shop, Civics, Vocational Agriculture, and General Science. School will begin on Monday, August 28, at 8:30 a.m. for all I books class--370--- in Whitesburg High School students. (Continued on Page 16) Payne Gap road to be paved The State Highway Department will take bids next month for the blacktopping of the P ayne The bid advertisement appears in today's Mountain Eagle. The road has been graveled for seve-er- al years but was allowed to lie unpaved until the base settled. It already is in wide use. QUITE A and doctors at the Fleming Clinic had their hands two sets of twins were born within less than four hours early Monday. The babies, all girls, were Donna Kay and Deborah Faye Hunsucker, daughters of Mr. and Mrs. John of Jackhorn, and Janie Kay and Jeanne Faye King, daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Smiley King of Kite. The twins are shown in Hunsuckers the arms of their mamas as their fathers look on--tare on the left, the Kings on the right. The Hunsucker babies were weighed, in at 5 pounds and 6 pounds, the Kings at 6 pounds, 12 ounces and 5 pounds, 4 ounces. Later the same, four more babies were delivered at the clinic. (Eagle photos). DAY--Nurs- es Hun-suck- he er

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