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Image 2 of Kentucky gazette (Lexington, Ky. : 1789), May 21, 1796

Part of Kentucky gazette (Lexington, Ky. : 1789)

vi V - rr- ' pr'aV C. NEW YORK, April ,2 ?. IheJoieign acct urns ti is tlaj ai rivals from Loncon Our letters Cacjiz fta'e, "pnd'SriJto! t SaturtiSywe liave ' given w eie irem LtBcoii, aj c si From the Lorclon Gazette. that the fqutylson conin anded by Lot clou panels' to Match tfe 16' ceividby the C Ino-- , ilitj f tun a; An. Admiral Aha, has ailed with a whithf fiiim)a vaiictyot' "ufouiavi-tio- new plains 01 carnage , U t pn-i-j tc The king Tt'j. bt'fcn pleairc to ap- rvnr ti'im.'hei bT f oods arnd a iai ire he accci nt ot ptcue !een s'jo'iaji,) ovt ct vw am 11 be nn- - J' point Koheit llton, efq to he his fram of arnllery-- it is leme prulpect 01 PAACt, e Giatgtw dv'ti ii tt j, 'Ue iiiedhteJv followed by another majdby's envpy exuairdinarv and onlj ot tliieipecftauoii is rbri,aiy Las ttie ithuwn g ati commauu ot 'miFer "pleiiipoteu'tiaryto the U foLadfon, unsjer me : tliac lone miniHria) papers KlrtD States of America; and nounce fiom high authouty, an- lie Admiral iolauo. jJicie nisumuuv ,that f rrinav. tne maenfrafe? and Melq, Edward Thornton, efq to be ins Jiegotiationste mi the cniptt be- - town council gave nil iietant en! forces aie deitmed for nKtuTfiw ki o legation to tit rnajeliy's i anil--if is laia to uc tertaitiniti t. mine citire ta eij tvveeii Gieat Britaih anJ,F ame. " 1 lltil fuccour our eltabliftmients 111 that the said. United States. to his, et elkiuy Btbe t ire Jliip scepne, ot ,04, gens, .w Martli ij. quarter, which aie attacked on a and the Crefctnt aie ordered to lEinVaflador to ihe Kbi ne fcfte The Paris papers to the 6ttivej-iides by the Indians, received in town on vt huifdiry, convoy 9 sail ot tianfpoits, twithj ' Jho we underhand, goes outiiiitdal atejy as mm. Iter inni itiis ccui!; the 7&th iegiinei)t and, 'a detachwhich broughriio"thing importai.t, VIENNA, Feb. 2f. ; () ment of arijlleiy to the Cape of try to the UnjttdStattS Ot An cri they only mention, that, a i4llraint highr- I ca. The departure of his royal isgoing-tbe putonthe Iibertj of Good Hope. ' ness ar.cH duke Chailes to tire army appear that the Eutclj , Ihe news of the employment of theprets, and that nojourfial pub, of the lower ilhitie, of which he Havanuah, to hunt feet whivi, jajtb (a. Jed 1 r th dos from the lic pi frit J Will be 111 suture pel netsix- is to b? commatfdej imchief, is down.rhe ijaioou ;n Jamaica, 1 eel hc,u H.oll picbable fallen to ed for the 10th of iiexr month. ted to circulate by the Poll, except excited much reletitment, and le - f leigtn in tvoi v.ay to.oivj thJ such as are acknowledged by gos 64 Bis ecmjppage cCnffited of In e wan vereaiiimadveiuons ii,thc .on(e rale and and 106 horfc, befi(l those of vernment, dud approved by ihe ot Commons. , 1 his toiiduc, was Loufd Jhips Mjbiciv Lao e lhe train and remouht;fet out from censors ellabliflied by them, for the compared to that t' the' firlt 'pa-- , 1 Lge Iflci e and w ei e v atii g t or 111ft. piitpofe of examining such publiThis .capital- on the- 17th Larbaious tret-nitCOllVOV., immediately aster the arrival cations '1 ljisielfrainc enrages isj. nilh lettlersofe excised univerlal horroi u , A lrt'ry of fb ceo fcrins Jia at his head ny of the joiirnalilts againit the exof his' royal liighnefs Leen piopou'd b the anne com ISM of cullom'J wh'at is the ecutive directory) some or vVhpiu ' 1' quarters the campaign willbe?bo - dfl irmtc rollaiid , .iUe tickets td not fcrnple to fgy, that fuclan pened ,' it will continue la' ii'nv, between setting dcig to tear be cktfnbfted as a bcjftjty tor sea' oS offeohvely, and, according:, arbitrary inquilition was never atmen to pieces, and 01 deitng men to . lueiuomian tnen navy to every appearance, will be Hill tempted een by Robelpiere- -, Cshoot them. ithers say that, they do pot , .JH.ore vigorous anu langumaiy FORFOUApfiliR. p'HILADELPHl'K.'iTirilso" qt than the preceding ones, it being the that such a -nieafure n v as$ etter frt m N artmil . two councilsresolved, on, as wo are told, that it cjie, to agtntltman iuthia tcwd here is a pport from the Yy est- 1 A mail from Hamburgh arrival o cai ry the decisive, HiCill be f (Jaietl soil l.c)l 25th I aid) Indies ot a ritncu iiigateot 39 firenthol our forces to its Ingheft this morning. 1 hei eis now hard, " '1 en tliquiand ti oops are airi having taTCji au'd carried into demee. the number of ly ipollibilHj of any event oejeur- ved t bai jadoes., aouc at Gier.aJ an Englilli, fitty.,gunfliip. , A'tftprpnr runt nnm en t s , nnnf , mg to prevent tne letommeuce' Alettei tiom Maitirliojjeof ttb. i da, snd icc.0 at St nuents . Ce seem isrreduced to a degiee that has been t ment of hostilities all ildes 27 says! that the ellow tcver t as neialj Abercrcnitie ard nnexampled in any preceding war. bent upon the decifionof human made great gjivockmotig the .nxw.xa$ aie an jveu at. 1 a cal AvrqtcHednefs "1 misery, and only those n thole cantonments, even in the majeflic qf J4gui(s, does, with part ol the Co k feu ot the frontiets, but one divilion wait tin tne vveatnox wui peimit having lost in 'the courts or hvc theiettiamuci art hourly expeC ed( f" intended tor the excitife of the them to take the field. A irepch jliip Irom Gudakur t with 1 he.nadonal cDiiveiition of JJol- - months above 200 men and the In new recruits, will be lest. co hi iJi of (ipar arc cct ee, trairfpdrts have loll an equal ihoit, all the fcrldiery are to march land appeus at lalt to be orjWii-"Dr. Charles Weblter.r of said to be the prppmty ct victor . or for Italy , zed, and proceeding to the exercifj t" cither for tH Rf ine tdinljuigH, died at St. Vincents tiughts is captured by a frrgat and the plice of the baiallions ol its legiffative fnactiofts. apd (ent into Antigua As en bar of that latal epedemic. A new field for revolution fesms vliich are to set out wJl be filled o.took place ate Jt ten 3jJ rh" l7t!n l8rh to be opening in tHe Western I - .11. sitn le XrnTn .m '. I.r. .. J... Vo)3d. she Indian? m South A- - Extraifb'of a' letter from a gentlet man of Augcufta- - (Geo artil tS Nvhich obtained liberfv to sail to: menca hac for some time been hlrfiie'iitlin this city dated SApril h'altmiore: tioublefome. to the Spamaids, "" tnev have at tatt tound it ne- ALI.AiyKlA,Ap'-i- 12. SIP'CE my last notjiing ef imt , to send out a confideiable" Captain Black, of the i. ly nn, portance has turned upheie. '1 he e .01 tlve latetv ot then? tron- ire From St. .Lbes, intot ms vs uat ;: m v'ex co. Great things lundry certificates you VMlhed hajd j ot Sevil aidio Cadis ivas to jirocure, cannot poflibry be :i uTe fiou 'mall beginnings. 'V "at becatoft Clrfytoii has tfiaf lately ieceivel a fl o !k ot ar c. aicli eaith'quake ; the gre.uelt j art o Ttn'ian llas are'eEafperd-ti- e notjet delivered over to Bernan witfi the Alge-b- v a schedule Qt the monies' in the it has been dfb o; td I e alio; say; tieity tne King ot spaitilidstud a curler w',chwe peiniit'4 thele trealhry- 03 my way" from Walhingtojt ence on the froni,jej ot Poitugal. cs ro Icll theu pnzes m lis t l ind ot C c hca. ft ii deman- - c;aurt I caUed at Louifvi)le about with the iuke Rreijt. th(lic mzjeltj 's mediation in nego- 8 days ago to pi ochre the' t1 e hnglifli will permit was gone tidiiiiy u pcac oeiween r rtuga fcl t'L, ix laves a,Ifo there. ydu wanted, but Ben-iao baannan ana notiur.g couja oe and the Republic 0 trance S or Ct 'h'-will by this econ e the icfor.t of thefe-Jt-, done , by h,is agentaipon examining luppoledto be the purpoit of tfbei meeting. and al the foafts of the recoicU 311 the Secretary's I lind that the has heiivelied with 'their STAUNTON, April ay, 14 1 11s a rhiiifr. thev omitted to conlume that parr of Extiac"t of from a Mlp't??-the lecOrd which contained the f v i A md to counse noie gentleman in Lti vo mortgages, they lemalji entire, ls st'ie le of theii V (Viiginia)to the editor, daitd And being drawn up very specially V . n ot Coi'.ca. April 12, 1796. on the table of tne they contain all themeterial parts pijits "i ellerday at 3 o'clock in the as-ommons there is one stem of the law with a certificate on the a uioj;e .oocfer bills drawn from face oi thenl that tl,e pufchafe tenioon s jne rrcm oix t n r. tvincue itaoie vnicn :t in- -. fnirl nn v in np .nionevnas oecu paiu ill IUli, .ii. : 1. 11 ltantly. extended t his dwellir a appear rioui .uic monies jj ? I lie teelimple otfhe soil wul ered by tne oia to tne pew ti eaiurcr house and with'Ufi paralleled rar rMi lalf the motiftr. b ftn h m si rdity to all the "b,uiidinps near tiie mi Ul wi w i Jlf fl an V ri V(iy' I'M r VH ns tint tfjvn ma in flre"et until it wa ioitinaio ranlipacj cut of the Yazoo )i10Ss, April J'rt ilioxiiher is said he kept for ths. ly slopped at mr HifFs : he w'ird blowing a bnikgalebetwetn N. W. EitfRT, from Utfpanigla, purpose of paying taxes. V. .a.s confitms the account of Fv isappointed the judge tir tliis and Welt, and the extren edi v Vic's season gave to the f ajiiesl bar agiee thecotu e ot Leogane by theffiri-tit- h dittrit but the whole illegaLaiid of the degree ot . r facb a vk lence rl ar tLel that the appointment is It was attacked by a verj yerisl and vtriir,Mit-irini.Utmolr pxertinim ns the in' n..rai iv afliiSWi.n At Marine auuainent. 1 heir million is royal Viil y. 1 r.e lire proven lruitieis could-bwa: 710 bufinefjSpBne, fai 1 to Se the a. miltice propoled by the Fiench sound they conld no theie a deleft in tUe jtiry, buravthe fometlmes carried by tie w re' td longer hold Pofteflion, they set sire f) 0111 ot I urin, the "renf h to the court wasopenedl llated in oSieu the distance of one ec aid) and and to thecordinons, of which his to the townwas abindoned it. Pe couit my objiclions to the conftiuii- - fifty 3 ards. T he lols of the 11 ha coiut expected to fall into tit Criave, Sardinian majesty cannot accede ants thelwnds of the tnglifh, in the ftiouahtj of his commiffion and was wai very considerable Latf coufent of our court. "Without-thminutes could be en plcvcti course of a day or two, liupporteu uy utners or me oar, a the objections alarmed him much in refcuingany kind of properry j , HAGUE, larch 4, - WHITBSTOWN, April ja. and he arij6uttied aster saying that ahouttwentj dwelling houirs ft n Tefterday the piovincial 01 1c I aft Momloy, palled throngh th"eV had weight) and he would rqies, a number ct lundei of Holland v. as conilittited . tins town an expiefs for Niagara, give them an attentive confideratj- - shops &c. were burnt, iLewlrii first htting. This and held their Snrnufes have been fi equent on the ' on. It may truly be said that the damage cannot eafonab'y tee.n ctav a.committee from thence ap object oF this express :' Some say Hate is in woie confusion nowMjja,!! mated at less than thiity tF( il n( peaied at tlte'bar of the all'embly, atany period lince the resolution. pounds many of the inFaliarts infoimedthem he carries 6rders for thi evacuawhen the president Letteis from Savannah .mention in an hour were reduced trcm as Woultl not intertion of the Western PoftsL agiee-ahlthat" the afiembly ex that the bar of this place have de- fluence to poverty The to Treat' ; others tliafcNin meddle with tlie domestk: a'lFairS" consequence of the Prcfident'a termined tint there fliall be no hibits a scene of defoltioi pro any particular1 province. refusal to deliver certain pa- cotuts alledging a defect in the vidcntially jio lives weie lost , 1 pers relative to the treaty, he car- judiciary about the jurors dath they though fiom'ilie blowing in o. LONDON March 15. a Vendee ries orders for a detention of, lhe wilh by this to procure a call of the houles by p tin powe'er leveral peo We hav got as good, effect. mould pie were badly revounded in Ireland as the French can boalb Polts, until such time as ths necefla-r- y legiflatoie, Chatham they reprcfentatpn appropriations for carrying it in- the whole any partvpf' the iWpuMte ' of in PITTSBURGH, J'?y " now hold offics and that county we have anotherIji am3C.a ; and' to efFect, are grimed. Time will object' of tlie ex.- - niufthavea nevy cle5iion or be un- - Extract of aletter fiom thiladel the, title those like, the original, have cost phia, dated pril 29. represented except by James infinitely in ore troublsr to quell . i Joites.' . . " In tcnur.ittes of ths whcld MADRfl, Jan. 2. ;Tcrc cnougn to loiefee. Vviif Fy the (1 1 f 11 f 1 -- ( iu,uji.i ZV&-- 1 t . fec-etar- , ... . . 1 , e pcr-fon- v v eit-ii'd- 11 tItn - - ol-mo- ft nt o- , 11 ii a caf-lie- d 111 , al ., 1 ) Gau-dalou- j 1 1 s pro-imvtf- "' - iee j ihsot the-cu- this-time- iv , 1 a-- a a s, 1 "-qf. - 1 1 I h-r . .." , . to ,1 1 9 mo-e- y, -- I le , t e 1 I -- admini-ftraiio- 1 1 e. pl-c- 'rr i V

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