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Image 1 of Daily Louisville Democrat, August 16, 1860

Part of Daily Louisville Democrat

LOUISVILLE. KENTUCKY. THURSDAY HORNING, AUGUST 16. I860. voLime xvii. special lwiat h to the Oar Electors. xLiln Democrat. net Ful.llaluss: IA1SEY HUGHES CO Ttei r t He raen . laaid TBTKMaT DEMOCRAT. LOUISVILLE DAIL1 Jfl,raon. M The Democracy of Keatucky have good oa ise to be proud of the gallant hlleotors v .o have been chosen to represent their principles in the field in the ooming canOov. Dixon is a gentleman known to vass. all the people of Kentucky for his high ability and reputation, and has, in bUMm, There is a peculiar a national character. fi'nese in his being one of the champions of Democracy in tbe pending conflict, since be was in the Senate when the Kansas-Kebrak bill was passed, and moved the Amendment afierwarls adopted by Senator Douglas, removing the odious restriction of the tisouri Compromise His profound and analytical mind, aad the power he has ot rendering a subject si oat to ail, together witii his impassioned elcqueaee. are invaluable to us, and we expect a good account of his labors in the State. He wil! commence the canvass at once, and will be heard iu every district, and we trust, in evety county in the S'ate. Tbe Hon. John C. Mason is equally well He is a firm and consistent Demo-cm- ', known. who abide by the old rules of the party. He has enlarged experience perfect familiarity with all the details of the He questions now agitating the country lolds firmly to the compromises that alone an preserve the harmony and unity of the party, Aad the integrity of the Unior. He eoognises no bolters from the regular Drm. oratir organisation, but utiniains the ixod rules uf our conventional system, regarding all who oppose it, and the principles the party adopts under it, a alike opponents to the true national and conservative party. He is an earnest and forcible speaker. The iron will of the man is n'used into his oratory, and none can hear tim without being convinced that he apeik the honest sentiments of his heart. We oan promise our friends a glorious account of 3 isi in November Oar district electors are composed of the oet minds in this State ; they are known, aad favorably known, every where for their sound political doctrines, their ability and heir devotion to the established precedents I f the party. With such a force in the field e cha eertainly promise our friends a lorious account of the National Democracy . V.Vftr er W. ha. a arhiaraH a lri,.mr,h ver disuaionism by the mere ru ,mtrt,g 'neglecting to vote, it now behooves us o march boldly to suosess, assured that ur leader is one who has never failed in Let the Kentucky Democracy ae conflict espond to him with a glorious majority in November. It can be done, and must be r . 'KflClAL t, N KIIxlF T IBK WITlinmtVN Af A ALCASDIfATi- .- KKMJI.. Vn'N IN PUBLIC TO TAKE OPINION IN 1 UK WBA1 n.K THK STOP --CABIMT MBhTUM l iB IBI IhlTflMTS asUBBR Off THE K O W AR A PlatBI Bl BRECKI M:ll .K KI.BCT10 Tl rROMIsK. i Mlft liltlltF sTtBT""tm 1,1 UBJ s, fit! i:tVinTIK . Jl (hi tiiUor nf ih n uirtr I can assume, on evceilent that it is ceriously contem.lated a... AU2U.I England mid Spain. The Battle of Melazzo. Inc''t BaaaSBsaJ BALTIMORE. FROM li. authoiiiy, by the Ad faction to withdraw Breckin- aCOUVBl ANDKK Dl MAS KKI'oni-a- N if A1KX TheOovet nment ot the Dictator Garibaldi has cu-e- d the twj following bulletins to be publisticd: HUmU Cajip or Mkbi, July "20 This morning, at six o'clock, an exchange of mil. Let abots took place; ii was thought at first to be au affnir of sajrpasjta, but it soon becunie i action Tue royalists had arullery; on our side there wai none. The was terrible, ihe royalists being snuggle under cove"-- , while our men were fighting in tbe open nlr At oue Komeni the position appeared Uilncult, but at ttit magic name of Bankaldi our men rushed on hke lions and tarried ihe an.l at tweuty live micuies pa:-- t three orr troops entered a:tcrcapiuriug hve pieces ofariillery three of which w, re taken iu ihe action out side the wa!N, nd the two oiht-rat the en. ranee Tne Veto-- ' steamer MWMBsM the fort, where tha n.yalits sliu' themselves in, coustaurly j.uriued by the bajaaavj they were now led ttere as in a barrel of an U ir Bsea ttnn look the first gale chovies. of the nrt an i istion. aud our flag is rr. fioaticg over on. 'We have a los t.i deplore; that c! the royalists is eu'jrm us. Tte surreudei oi me ion ana me entire column is consia-ertcertain. A rei iforoemnt, with ritle cannon, has t his iastac arrived tor us. The soldiers of Spadafor are retiring ujon TOt I A I. PERSONAL MATTERS. All Sorts of Paragraphs. 1KA0K. flBaas, At.a,t I From tt.a Among the mishaps IBC dent to this perio.i of the se'sion is the wiihdraaal of Mr Buxton's motion tor coercing Spain into a suppression of the slave trod trom Alrita The name of Buxton na'uraliv to Cuba. sugg sts an ons'aught upon the slave tra I.' Tiiero is an appropriateness about Mr Bux ton's motbin wtiich no one rai gainsay. A a m re lilting M ason it would be only decent that a subject uj.oii which we are spending the lives of our best sailors and or? on dangeriug cur peaceable r.da ions with foieign powers aaould he thoroughly dis cussed. Ml Buxi .n rutires from the dii cussinn. and baadt over to the linistry tbi C'indiic; ot tho aR'iir; ba', as it hss beei moo'd.l, we fill mke a few observations upon its present phase before ihe terms ot We Mr Buxton's niotkn aie forgotten I N CltASflsu His MlM'. On Thursday after-nooun old gentleman wont into Charles t Zeinhert's barber shop,a Chestnutto street, it, Louis, and a ked shave raxor for himself. The rairr was furnished him, aud he stood up to the glass nod commenced the operation. AU at once the persons in tne Jh'p heard him say, no use living I've lived long enough any way." lie then drew he razor across his throat, inflicting a severe gash, i ut becoming terribly fright ned, the old min begged them tor Ood's ke to dress his wound The wound was Iressed. and the singulxr old individual invited all hands to go out and take a drink. PtlUhurg Eifrrixi. SfcjF'The Hon. E. B Morgan, of Aurora, has id his possession a marble statue which was one of Washington's pirlor ornaments He obtained it of aa o! I colored woman, who was formerly one of Washington's ?lave. and was liberated by his will. The statue was presented to her at the time of her lib- He has also the gold pen last used eration by Wsshington Irving, with tho ink upon its the very pea with whieh venerated owner penned his farewell thoughts BoF Tho Mount Carroll Mirror mem ions an apple tree in the town of Mount Carroll, which has ben blossoming since last June, and besii'M blossoms, has on it branches three difie; ent sets of apple9. The largest ones are nearly ripe; ihe next are about as large as she'.lbarks, and the next not larger than cherries. Some of the apples are growing on sprigs of ihis year's growth, while blossoms sprout on the same stem with the apple. The tree is not grafted. tj IsS-TPortland, on a recent Sunday, a parishioner who usually wore a w;g, appear "i in hit own natural, shining bald head Us own mosi intimAte friends did not know him, nnd the officiating pastor, under whose preaching he had sat for twenty five years, "aid at the evening meeting "that he had ..bserved a venerable gentleman who had worshipped with him throughout the day. and he was happy to find he was then pres- ent He would therefore call uponhis aged friend to favor the assembly with a few re marks Bgi The reason of Mr. Beaoh's withdrawal from the Sun newspaper, or perhaps iho principal reason, was mat he might devote himself more exclusively (o tte perfecting of a new power press he has invented, and which he has been at work at for some lime past He claims that when once fairly and smoothly in operation it will work one hundred thousand impressions per CHEROKEF REMEDY Fine Cioam To the lovers of fine smoking aud well tl ,v ,ied cigars we would n say, Go to the and reliable establishment of John D'l'rso, oa Mam street, second door below the Louisville Hoiei. Mr. D'L'rro hat juat received another large importation of svery body's favorite the Oaribildi trand which is given up by goad judges to bs the best and finest titvorei oigar ever imparted for the price, no has 'he exclusive right for this city and county. Mr. DTrso also keeps all kinds of confecii.,neries, nu.s. foreign fruits of every description, and every arti cle usually kept la a wholes ile confrc. n- ery. We cheerfully commend him and oi house lo the trade, and we aivi-- e merchants .. D Crsos stt0k L?J olhtr10. M HER 27. MISCELLA NEOC& MYERS COMMERCIAL COLLEOB. BOLTHbasT CjUXIth. Of Ft ills aad Jeflensua sUeeU LOUISVI LLC, IT. t Bart area Peaaatoaf IHIB. 1MJV. ATTRNTloN Of TUK BCS!NIt of Ui Sou Brra aal W lei 9. ale- - c arBrral. aad of laal TIH Ki aao ta iJoia aa Sawws arvl .ttle In par-- TBI aawiBj al)J vi f BBlv b)b a iBb AVjavai . La U.a(, to mi imtt a SBa alK nan prewar 4 to Uaar. Aj .urv - ROOTS, BAKhS iSO Lk i KH, ministration ' va, Vacation Olasaos for Ladiaa Bad ridge as a candidate The late elections REGULAR DEMOCRATIC NATIONXatisf ou- - Ornss and fuUunoas Minerals Ocnt erne n have op. oed their eyes to the fuel that tbe AL NOMINATIONS. TUB AeWUons n arrant tun i riH--- are cot with them, and Mr. BreckinWB asBSBaaa oa Bon DAT. JULI at. aBB. eaaa31 add rlanclnin j . mm i u k x ridge hraself has no idea ot being sacrificed sn BBBBbTSBSS I NOTICE. marciiu. cor roc, I Tbe charges of disunion against the BreckUMd. with ail their The rale STEPHEN AK0L0 DOtULLS. inridge manager, have been so clearly sus .. ta,U . Ui.-- wil the IbalLj .as oa. wt,., hav bai. (K JUJNOIS. i cl mm um at 3fhwaal lUbt ulo I tnined by facts, thnt eten in the cotton i n. w) . St ttes a grest revulsion in public sentiment OnslT- - l, Nature's own ape aor uf loah BaBstaf aad Sa Mr T. B FOB TICK i; t - i s T t must admit ' the commenremcnt wha' i rrtwra. Okwi. 'iravei, ginnure. BBaa Fluor cosinta. has o.'eurri d us aa.a of Iht Oriuarv Mr .rr tor of I tnae sa. BbbbsBbb unfortunately, but too true, that, nctwith Im,i e,"e"ere. The ootton planter' who are gf tting along REIbl HfcL V. f uaiura. laws, f!- -, rman a- d traaoh. standing all our sacr ii "res, our negotiations, other pr l !l Lr CaiBUS bv flI ra' Slid t, :, UcJia.vCS. Psi 'aBC: at vary ccmfortaoly. making big crops aud heti liierrUa l. utfeudt. Car-'- . and our coeroijn of other powers, tte slave Uuuiioa rtraiu ba ias OF OFOROtA. which oai.1 siaaver craduMtT. New Flonr, Fish, and Produce House. doced of It large prices, see no neccsiiiy for of Aiei.-a- . an saaai trade still exi-i- , and the same horror? TU nan. oasu Have tair BaBBSalur 1C r.11.h O a si running the risk of civil war in defense ot . uutaocr teec 00 bbls Lowoll M ills et"i Family Flour, ; bat it. jom :irei ar l: has Dev kooirt. inflicted as Mr. Buxton's ancestor so Democratic Bectwal Ticket. l.t B UVI Ua"Si. laMSawsr an t.Bsiiri tHa. to fell HappUv lor maakl I. the Uvvvrnurra' tha wants a mere ahstraciion. nnd are quietly going j a superior article. 'one ago denounced. Hi' "tlKi Miserable human t to oXaaa a tJh. THE Ml At l.AIOA. over to Doug'as and Brll. Saould Breckin beings are still packed together like herring, 100 bbls St. Louis 4 Aoe, All expressly W AHOX. T Bath. Bn JCU ridge remain in the field It is drmonsira ia in a bSMtrsi, an J the beautifully shaped hull aifn:rB-r.- lof uaatmcuoa ta n.attoa iB f i aa d Oai aBBBBJ for family me. get three sj'tUcs. b e tbst he oannot j I with a . u of maoy a swift clipper is but a shell to It rwt Until It ha. hence the movement on the r art ot his friends 200 bbls Empire Mills extra family. of thaotbar Dti naaaia DlsTBiXTS MB TBT. CvIGRS.-aiJ.NA.- L horrors more dreadful than even those whiob a, i tBc I regret losay, however, to withdraw him an 1W, 8. TKIMrli.B, iTHrl'rv.M. t: lUU bbls Palmetto Mills extra family Data li'.re been discovered at Palermo or at Na OaT BW SBBB B Th! ' aa.TaaaW this proceeds no disposition to repair jia Baa BB. B. Wil.tiSK. ! Hi,. pies. We may take crtdii to ourselves I'oi tu. icu.le.wj ta 3; -!-'. .. 100 bbls t'o'rae ; a a. " superfine. das injuries and injustice doneJuJge A. FINN, of siapM. to Hovua.OOMTISS'. .;, .. our good will, but we must not dic;uiso the i. pja 4;pJuattoa to Br n. I 100 bbls ClaysviUe ,(.-..- . D. al ta TtM, ot to las; on the oonttary, should the wittdrawAl Gesso " P. " II " fact that U'e ab-C 4. MVSPJ PtosMbbA . Jclt 21. Yestesd iy, at C a. m , the dan d to we have altogether failed. If wt ft B. A. (iliAVKv mi lie place, every effort will be made to lOAbbls Rock River U the CO TSBl Aim wrl II W. Tawnni BsaT a BBB tell ourselves the transfer the Breckinridge vote to srnie other battle commenced at MclalS ), and was not afraid we should have to real truth, we are la l.AKR AMD, af Clay. 160 bbls White River " admit that the BlBTftl C TATi OB. aratoeiftr. candidate, so, at all events, to defeat, if over before, bv u The struggle was terri 'jo tlieh srrii. IrotUa. W e have at all times a superior article of JACHftON, """g "Jiig wi wno.e manner in which we have set about to sup f Far --fa. possible, the regular nominee. Wl h all ble 't pres i this tr iflio has been something vorse ail Km io trugm)mU sad daalrn u, i HI. En. at .Maacaaaarv . LABltt OK UKNTUUtLN a:vCLB.LNO an LOAJSSOVu' INamoodt, Ptaie. Ac ba their boasted :.'...! for the rights and in. Mourbonist.-- , the Aaaf brand of Hour. Grocorymen and aaadl lata, than a mistake; and that, with the best in V -- M ITD, af HaMa. who fought with much IB G S A j a :ayUnj at tas Kawaaa 'XB.M1 Barkaa POTTQl ft MaMl WIN Sou, !tolora, bMM of the South, tlie Me. eaaiouists wou d atreat. brl'tro Secou and Tliird. BbbBmsb t r bakers will find it to their interest to bay halo: latoa Miiaoon. it became neoessary to gain tentiuns in tho world, we have rather in haanrttBt aad sBlcUrtiisailaattol 'o morrow, vote for Lincoln in preference to ground foot by foot, jrvillc UjuUvIII bTfUrraod . ft T:ar, OF BBaTDCT. A an I" Tit F MBBTTAI aLCVP under a shower af cieasid than lessened the amount of where they can depend on always geiilng a s ursn?!, .m an ii w- -. Douglas. They only propose to retire Mr. Sot.1 in New Albax) t.r Dr. T B and sufferings which induced us to ab res them in ' grape The field ot battle, c .vcred with inter.ere good article, and not good one lime and bad sfian earn, Breckinridge because defeat aol? IrolftwnuWlr ui aoew. rc DRimi or .baucx. lvoxdcwcwa tb AND rtAIARlVS If the slave trado had been al 'lead bodies .,f the enemy, and with bag- t ose their ax the face, and they don't want t the next. Ail we ask is a fair trial ocax boo cjsge af every kind and five guns, was at lowed to take iis natural course, and if we uunu. jtb ate iii ol The charge of d BBMSJ has so aMacxw couidhave been content to tolerate upon the j 2"0 bbls Virginia, Baltimore and Eafliport axrtauc I do bo? cab "mm totuuitoiw .Soul to lst conquered, amid cries ol 'Long live weakened them thai Mr a r. (Italy:1 Long live U .ribaldil' Paovnrac. 'cean that great se mdal to humanity which roc caxwor an it It m Herring (nw). L e, him. 'ate the stump to relieve, if i U.7 aAaBf r A.S XSVLCB FOB TB. j HAST, a IXU aVOta BSJ Mr young men vied in enthusiasm with we cannot he'p tolerating upon land, TBB CoVT:"tlT W BA 'B 300 half bbls Lake Superior trac net self and par'y of 'he onus of Msah m ruardaud uazabd s HirCa dLxswim wobib. ABB a 4 .vnai f trade must have fallen under the Tax ihs bravo men of Garibaldi s legion, which . .n he BB i:WI'RR. It he succre is no hsatci :.a.t tBf B Bst SI White Fish. tax nuru IH oolucti usual laws of supply and deniai.u. Tte . ,1 BBW r'...i vrr.s tte first in tte and the first to Umn .in. iid in Baltimore, he will have lit!'. upaa TH Ta rwtaticn and vf. iimwj tsrMrtortvr or oar BBVB CUSOt NBD Of TU WOBLL. aJIS human cargo would then have been 100 bbls Scale Fih which to congratulate bime1f in hi-- , p 'ch charge with ihe bayonet, to storm Melazio or m bbkaI iui or Liun brought across a in uas ta oh'-aships their jartlAcaae. capable 200 half bbls Lake Herring, a prime fish before the convention. Carefully guard' I as i aud So to s: .it the first and second re A. W- ( STEI'lUtN mraate all t .a aailaa aaaaB in m STTPBB10B of preserving it, doubt of tte fortress, still pressing the and the profi ta aoj other brands u nnfeclarvd in the CaJtad ii was, his declaration that he wis neither for family use. on l ave fall Bjurbonists close with the bayonet would the merchandise for the Cnion nor against the Luion could SaT'The Frankion Yeoman Las a colamr OFfTCl 0 CTTT zcn. 60 bbls Labrador a superior Our loss has not been excessive. The en so low that it would not have paid to SO C7 Baia STBiSV. n t be misunderstood, a d had its etleot. of wiadrn end wit about the Democrat!. When, legion of Garibaldi ha? had a few of ils men make many losses upon the voyage. Si A V PtTrOTT article. asMdlata BJ It was the cloven foots ieking out. however, we, by virtue of the sovereignty Convention. The wtedom will do to lauc i 160 bbls Fresh Cement. Yesterday the Cabinet had an informal Wounded: our young men have also suffi-rof the ocean which we so proudlv asserted very little; lut the loss of the continental 200 sacks fresh corn meal for family use. Bone Mill, At bat the wit is ery olemn Not long g meeiing, and such crimination and recrim 1,000 bushels prime malt. Enormous took upon ourselves the responsibility of all inu ion as took place over the recent elee- - soldiers has been considerable. the Yeoman and Staiermaa. and thai torser Twf.l)-Flt- t and firajftoa all. loss and enormous damage hasbeen inflicted lue scandals happening upon the great All in store and for sale low to close con- tions, I am told, would astonish the country Masroffin, Beck fc trLtnds Breckinridge, f ZW LBAVB TO LNPllKB ALL TUoSa tMlldO upon the enemy, who iu lisinc was driven waters, ana wnen we placed cruisers to in slgnments WHEELER & WILSON'S A Id faravuig and SBBBJ old Buck pitched into the Vice President at hand a re .(uaallty cf VIN1VARD A CIltTimt, into the redoubts, and from them into ihe tcrcept those dealers in human flesh, we ii our. Co., Were the strenuous advece'e of nor aa awful ra'e, J and did not stop in his fran and wooVl tSBBBBBBBSJ SS WC jt rest if the fortress. He was pursued ried the pi ice of the article and increased a- -. In Knalano. Hrrrna.'. oi utuy events in intervention, whilst Colonel Mason held t tic denunciation until he raked down Ojv mmm coon try. thit klod of Kenan Baa uaaa aaa Bw he New York papers, we see a complaint, tinther, ana the water con tuits were cut off '"e prom oi a succcsmui run clos Among tue piaces worthy of the Trcsea. ihe erat)r Floyd wh sat quiet in his chnir end t. the duty. Intb' aiany yBTs win to jreal t snaoa-- s the power coupled Ta bast war nig and the euormous loss of life are "Tiiis morning, the lilsl, the Bosco to .Irew ircra t" "at It w AM ia,i.n, . -- r acre ta it with more pauenoe than did credit horc ' I 1 He wai among-th- e -- ep ' BBBSaBBBt all oceisioned by the necessities of conceal th fall, arxt stow pracucaata.. for Trtoa, B Mrri Minge'r at the Colonel waf blS IlianhO d. JuSt BS Old Buck Was U presented himself to the Dictator, an t re la Terr proBtabla to ate two pound 1 ia lAa bottom of tim' 18 lh' la-I'leaii'd leave la 4uii with the honors ot war. ment nnd of speed, and these nt cessities ar. -t- he S. wing Machine man-viol- ently THE ORE T ECONOMISER OF TIME ao.; fat Corn aud To avou, put a ..anjrui B aacB t 'o c me in'o the compromise as- 'he midst of his charge on Fb.yd, ienat..i hiU: Sm fVaawta. Ceierr. ftc.stre No,' replied Gaiihaldt, ihudv la drUB ar We have paid ou iae oi o. av .Mcvieary, AM) I KtSEKVtR OF HEALTH, 'you shall leave M asioiied by our cruisers au'lea ner. choked her and b.-a-t her. Mrs. Rrigh.'s caid wag brought into tbo room .Jim- - ol a fcr he held that they did not (ire tl prto.H-a.aTinj win 'Ala ' our money, and we have lost our men bv S. has led ter husband's residence, aud a northeast corner of Fourth and Main streets. HAVE WON THE HIGIIEr PREMIUMS disarmed, if you please ia m lae as.nizui oi ii BBS laraiT naina an "Ask him up.'' said the President, P Bon it ihe full measure of her rights. ' Fabrezzi and Inteidonato havemarchtd was hundreds and by thousands upon that bane warrant has been THE FAIR OF TUE at as j Bad, to a twasBoats ol Sura. tas for him. flis large manufactory enables mm to sun- wen-.let's hear what a rigmarole of nonsense he lo oada tul coasi; but we have not been alone in IT " This off hand lick at lo Gesso, by order ol the Generalissimo CN1TEDSTATE8 AGRICULTURALSOC'Y, Bajaawa waf ore of the few that 8ecat,.r Tooml has to circulate teT The baby crop of Like Superior, ply trunks, va'ises, bonnet and hat boxes, I am praparrd to rernlss aay makiDg saci ifices. We have called the neAT THE STATK FAIRS Of As sBtcttti ooUca. aid occupied tbf position at thai time L bright was done to appease Floyd, who is The enemy uccuoying that position with gro also lo a partnership in suffei ing an I this season, is without a parallel. We learn carpet bags, bateau trunks, etc., of the very M AINE, VERMONT, drew immediately to D. ULeT. b tter on Bright, but the remedy for morti Irom the on the fuVject of elaver not nc isawe as rta. 'The Dictator, in a cavalry engagement in death While we have been attempting than s?venMarquette Journal, thatwere less best 1nali!y' 41 unprecedented low prices. CONNECTICUT, fied feeling wou d not answer for the Secre fine, healthy babies born ta the people, and provide tLat ii ahall b NEW YORK, NEW JERSEY, SOaWIC he snatched his hat and left at Mi Iowa, cut off with a blow of liis saber to carry out our principles we h:ve nn in mat town on Saturday, July "Jlst. tary of War; All of Mr. McCleary s wora is beautiful as Anour own flesh and blood, neither spared the swoid arm af the Major of the NeapoliPENN.-- l LV.VNl V, VIRGINIA, of the Courts dire" hinder the euperrit-ioL,At 'Ft VNOh, KV. other mnmmoth bnby, weighing fifteen well as durable goods iu quick time. Bright, on finding ihe CabiGive him a oalL ione. wo spared his. The black man has pounds at its birth, also made MISSISSIPPI. MISSOURI, net was in session, alter the ordinary salu tan corps that was puisuinif him: after have lot of TtUt ly, and thu ba&ieh the 'u'ject from Con its entry into O WKbsaslJll. .Oa VB X which the Neapolitan cavalry were dispel I d P til severely for our sympathy. OHIO, INDL-Nlight uear the same lime, tatioo, wi hdrew, promising the Pres. dent to The Mode of Disunion. (real, waa the (ical adjustment if .ne slave trade does not flourish to aa Ds parents are French in the same town. unit destroyed a just punishment of their Notice to Sidewitin Pavers. ILLINOIS, MICHIOAN. call again in tte e.enmg Canadians of the In. JoH.N LIMB. .el, Ja great an extent as it ever did, we lear we ordinary size. We have previously sket :hed out, from the fratricidal obstinacy. Colonel Maaon agreed to that, and ir sealed proposals will be received at the WISCONSIN, CALIFORNIA AND His accounts of the U e butchery in Laran. Sly. "Lng ' live Italy! Long live Yietsr must not attribute ih it fact to our exertions AT THE FAIRS OF TUB office of the undersigned lo li! o'cl. ck, M , videcee of the leaders of the Southern Kentucky is enough to make one's heart tends te staad hy the engagement, ar V ' is to take place between 20th (fir marrii2 It Ameiica wauled slaves, we may depend IsbBbMM August. 18'JO. to execute the following AMERiv"AN INSTITUTE, NbW YORK, His accounts of the Missouri elec CAS CARILLA LILY WHITE, Democrats wh mat fali out with Northern the plan by which they pro-jos- e ache. Trochu, the descendant of work. Persons biddinn mutt The Presse publishes a lelier from Mr. upjn it she would have them, and "she would Mademoiselle state in bids i MECHANICS' ASSOCIATION. BOSTON tion, and of the general fteliugs of the to effect a dissolution of the Union, differ with him about it When the queetiot not be long in discovering that there is no Racine, and a young captain of in antry in the price per foot or pound lor pipes to lead FRANKLIN INSTITUTE. BALTIMORE, a aoeT BA tunrrL AancLg sjb. tbi. xn people ol the Northwest, has placed a Alexander Dumas, describing the engage the Freuch army The subscription which the water from hou-e- s real distinction between buying a slave from MECHANICS INSTI.lebuked'and condemned, as they are, by comp ete damper upon all the future labors ment ut Melazzo. of which he wis au eye Vaa started in Kentucky . he maintained hi and lots into ihe METROPOLITAN -- ,ro.., on the toast of Africa and buv. was opeued in favor of the vounir cmhan. v. In .a.,,,.1.. aat TUTE, WASHINGTON, j h.s captor iines. The fo. lowing are extiacts: Hair-Oi- l, sgyraer theory, agninct the Yeoman & Ct . ka people, however much they attempt to of the Breckinridge Executive Committee and in which the Pops and several foreign j ing one from his breeder in MECHANICS' dawn on ASSOCIATION, CINCINregulating the same: lisguise this tact, it is undeniable. The I have it from the best authority that he in "Al movement ihe 20th, all the troops were Kentucky to import him intothe State ot sovereigns took par. will give the lady ft xbb latter became converted to the powe To gra,1e anJ paTe the sidewalk OB the NATI. KENTUCKY INSTITUTE, LOUIS. the Louisiana la attack the Neap ditau, M.Ia' UPRJ'SaLT uR sCwAXtl CSB ; .tton States may be precipitated into a has ad.ised the Committee to disband, and who had come out of the tort an l village ol marriage po. lion of 60.000 francs But the fact is that, n .1 withstanding th coupled with the duty to the dootrine of J north side of Breckinridgo street, from VILLE. MECHANICAL ASSOCIATION.ST. let uia 'ers take care of themselves. He jaay.V special Providence seemed to pro- - Second to Third LOUIS, MECHANICS' Me azzo, winch INSTIT E, SAN pERrTHIXIEs AND T .ILrr ARTICUS lissolution of the Lnion with serious disad Maleuchiui noisy threats of some of the press in the F. Bell which the; were understood to o sjys ihe victory is now sufficient in the commanded (he ihey occupied Medici ' To recurb and repave the sidewalk on the FKtNCISCO. AND AT HUNDREDS OF jell; Q atr.ils and slavehol lmg Mates, America does not teci lour little children sleeping in a room in antage to themselves, but more fatal mjury South to prevent Douglas from cariying a H, pear; and then, like new convert generall;. PVMwST B BS the slave trade She find-- , it au New London, on Monday night, wheu the south side of Gray street, between First and COI7NTY FAIRS. State, and that he can uot get Czeu7 t!:e center; while the right was com Now th. o tbe border slave States. No one who is Bouth-TDRUGGISTS AND APO T HECARISA, t bey tea bey end a!! discretion v:r better to breed her own slaves than house was struck by lightning, and the sub Brook streets: of a few companies only, iutrnd.d to e i. .ugh in the North to secure his election pjsed lo import savages. MURTB SIBB UsRKEr STBKrT. tie fluid shivered oue bedstead and lore off ot blind or infatuated can deny the plan. Virgiuia and Ken To recurb and repave the sidewalks on The Lock-8titc- h rill break up the Democratic party for hV made bv this Machine B'll. he says, will be elected by the House cover the center and lett wing trom a sur tucky b e d, - or more and Alabama and Louisiana the lootboard of the other, without injuring both sides of Walnut street, from First to j ' the only stitch that cannot K T. h ana MuBBIft. prise. Garibaldi was tu Ihe center, where than a year a powerful league of Rpreseutatives. ,ai,i. aoie You will, therefore power ceapted with the duty, and aacrifi This system answers their purposes in the least the innocents who were there Second street; buy. and that presents the same appearance upon mbracing some of the most prominent, and see lb' game of the confederates. They the action was expected to be the sharpest REMOVAL ' Deaocratic ascf ndency in the Union and i r posing on the very bedsteads thus shatter- The tiring begin on ihe left fr.m ihe uiucu oetter man oatcuing aud transporting ch side of the seam To recurb an I repave the sidewalk on the is made with two It VD THKIB ndeniably some of the ablest politicians never had a hope of electing Breckinridge; Neapolitan ouip..sts, concealed in a wdd negroes, aad under its operation the id and destroyed. the States, and do other dreadful thin weg. j,le 0f Fourth street, between W ilnu' 'breads, one upon each side of the fabric, BB icrast. t ass? only hope was to draw off enough United Siates have in 40 years increased f the South have been laboring for that n(1 Chestnut streets, from tho south line and interlocked ia the center of it half way between Men and Melaz Btgk.A New York letter says a young ftnerany. Macon is an old disciple te tbi -i ibrau- oat S mi hern votes to defeat Douglas before tbe heir slave copulation f,om a million and a v irgiuian wen A quarter of an hour later the cen zo. value .M 'iect. They avowed that they would con people. u. w John 10,000 in a faro bank on ol loe property occupied Aoctrice He appreciates k at itf real It is Hroadway, one day lait week. He asked ston, to Chestnut street; and half lo three millious and a quarter. IB? SEND FOR A CIRCULAR. -Dive'opments are being daily made that ter attacked the Neipoiiiau ol politicians, and they have done so Drug and Prescription Store for Hwon!d aiake it a part ot the tWmocra i n.lHrwlAwnw1lf WW. rVKR ,r I SB, To repave the sidewalk on the north side The right not (he - interest of the Uui'ed States to re (he banker to change his "chips' for money, t to confirm the belief that a deep laid drove it from is first far Sale. hey avow that if Lincoln is elected (bey reed if it were profi .iUt: bi it ia not wort meanwhile, dis'odged the Neapolitans from vive th:- slave trade. If it were, that trade which was done, aud he went away without of Main, from Second to Third street; COR SAlir.Plrl s heme wmS not only made lo defeat DougVBrtl- Pl'RJFW TUE BLOOD. ill secede from the Union, as they did from To recurb and repave the sidewalk on the As the would go on in spile of anything we could stopping a moment or uttering a word. the coat the new ooneerf would incur fori . He las, but to break down and forever destroy s .ine houses which they OCCBJ i d. do lo stop It. Times have somewhat chantdillieul i s of the ground prevented has not entered the place since, nor has he norti side of Chestcu street, from Sixth to of opinion ha .e Baltimore Convention d fl- - ''They are boilers J din C Breckiutidge. Both of these men MOKKaTT'S Ho knows that a ed since England was sole mistress ot the been seen iu the city. from arriving. B 'sco, with si Seventh street, or o much thereof as does y proftaaion and practice m lh" urJcl But these are were lo the way of Cobb, Bright, BUdell, mm -- ted in the seas, and Life and Davis, and oiher of the close corp ira thousand men, tumed upon ihe five hundred only two siuce France and Spain were tho fjBvThe Courier des Eats Unis has re not conform to ordinance o practical in ot the only means by which they can ar"f j s scTC-.irr- i. maritiu.o poweis wuo could hope ceive l fi nhe To grade and psvo the sidewalk en ifae that this difer tion. who have ruUd and ruined the A tn::i!. or six h'indre i who had driven him back . ihe very identical death warrant of loe D . ine asaift k ep the seas against her, even they only i bo Litter 0 his object. We suppose co candid Utraiion of Mr. Bi.cbv Bat-were at first oblige i to retire I V . p r v has uniform y refuse I portatce 4 a si. tB our L ,rd Jesus Christ &. Oil Bui k has The document was Math si leof Madisou street, from Floyd to A power ia re supeiior oi the enemv, ui.i ingtohe annihilated before the umd, since the elections in North Carolina, r.oec too late in the d.acov. iy of their iuipn a part of the creed, and still r. found in au untiquu vase of white marble, Preston street; snake pa Bible for crimes ou'y so long as il has while excavaiing ia ihe anceut city of To repave and recurb so much of the rllK UluB AM-r:- KNVItD lEI.EBKITV WHICH out when .he oiher troops came up to 'biir lissouri and Kentucky, and the def. st if s tics. Yon may now look NaT an iramed'Me tl. BBWBBatl fears trdo it Mason acquiesses and tU ai thy again attacked the enemy, many the means of preventing theta. Thit is noi Aquilla. in the kingdom of Naples, in (he sidewalks on both aides of Cbe.nut street. BjawBtoBta Br mii u all the toss havewbtia LAa?for thri' isea-- rt e disban iment of the Bre kiiiri.lgn Compro'e iindmau, the chief fugleman of disunion in now our case Alt bough wo keep up the b ia.. has reuder-- .l ihe usual bsbctBb ot pumas: ao por' bbB regular donominees, as the pari ear 1810, by ihe Commissioners of Arts of frem Fifth to S x h (reel, as, in the opin mittee. No mm e documcrs wil , then f arm. of whom were still concejl. d .ug i tie nhcient form of suppression, we only aaice ary, but n:. wo. thy of them Tue. are & have drop kaasa.-- , doubts that in the event of no elec ion of the City Eogiueer, requires improveat Frankfort. The pladged itati to known t.y th. Ir t ul s. xood works tattlfy tor them bs tecived from them Tne whole country reeds and protected by tig trees, no thp.t a paw every pre.ense ine Freuch armies. of effective jurisdiction and tasty thrive not by the una of ta crwtoloa. charge wuh the biycuet was impossible ment; on by the people, the three names that w.U ha n w its eyes lurnel toward Kentucky fel bad, and complain that Masoi Government practiced a sharp dodge I.N the acts of o'ber nations ALL CftfBi Wnat we Med ei. while advanciug ut Lb head of his 07er To recurb and repave ih- - sidewalk on the A BEACTITrL STTLK J AT I lemon a co.-presented to the Lower House of Congrers Tte telegraph will be closely watched for men. had a horse killed under him CoBet z are doing aggravates ihe horrors and in in taking dividend from the Japanese of a west ide of Th td S Who taught this doctrine to them, shoul from ihe south of the Bta.l ieran.1 Kl.ln.-yanf Soaria lureat. un .r n . ivtii. OoiaL the i fit and final movement of Mr. Breck resent of SiiO.OOO for one hundred and line of the property J. reet. ill be Douglas, Beil and Lincoln, la ihe srwaeao ibbj prorus or mis traie; it does not as sttuck in the neck hy a spent ball and gfjgf laaee them in the lurch. Why didu M. Stokes, to Chest ERd AND UVER t'.BPL.i!N'TS. His with rawil will be daily inrl Ige. Ui,-dlaea-s- s Vest, wher We say these things not to sixty men instead of one hundred, the nut street; prtvall. CitF-aA-l- r present complexion of that body, voting by i joked for, and could he but know the sent! tell; he was fjr a moment supposed ta ba suppress it. they eotault blm before tbey ran away 11 .s.tluable. PUntent, faxmers and To recurb and repave Iho aidewalks oa mortally woun ed. but he was ouly stunned ' slacken the zeal of those who c .niinue b.tual polioe force at Washingfon, and then is wesllcirwa, wui uv.: nTmenu of the. grea' rn ise ot the Democracy. m on hi have told item the doctrine waa true States it is conceded that la all probability with hereditary energy to urg- - ihis good assessing the policemen to tne amount of both sides of Green sirett, Irom Floyd to ka and R'mist ...! 0n his leg, a- an lire iu etc oo i lo Jlllg BIPV. i'hdc an SartoBS L sa. CosUve- cause, but to account tor Mr Buxton's at the overcharge for political purposes. ia hia opu.ion bat that it was not wottr leiiner one of the candidates will be elected, to the voice of the country. gain, shouting '1'Mtt.r. ira I Italia." " Preston street; I iXtNSCMrioN-Cs- ed with aTeal In tblkSB- Garibaldi, at the head of the Genoese 'rnp1 to reagitate this question, and to ex in that event, the Senate eleets one of gfesT A Sau Antonio To grade and pave the sidewalks on both ....... while to break up the Ixmoctatic part., letter says that He is under solemn promise to hi esi .1 mu.-t- le' corrcpt aasaa) aaaaasi aroinetrs aua some guides, attempted to P'bw iubiiiih uirougn no shortcomings ol "water brought from the Mississippi river, sides of Sixth street, from Broadway to fi lends to at once and truest he Vice Presidents speaker, who becomes ithdraw if for it. ably bea.lhy UeWthbrlio.d. Be m- Alia at lAe OSBuloBa a is selling at Indi inola and Lavaca, for York street; DTSPEPfiA- - o per oo w th this but suddenly our' '"ese unngs nave hsppened Vintll Kentucky did not sustain him in the August aKc me enemy in the President. We differed with Col Mason on this cub luuuedialely. should iJe'ay uslnc tt.e- tali ttjur :ar1as tt Spaiu is, it seems, the only country which twenty five cente per gallon " It is cheaper came on a placed ..n the ceuter of the To recurb and repave. the sidewalks on elections. Let him now turn a deaf ear to tu y are airdliw I ' w lads her account in an active encour- - ia othei- places iu Texas, however. But the Senate is largely disunion. They the enemies of the Democracy and the eneJtKLHTIlVN.s t.r TUB SKfN. ro i l, and which he determined to aitack joct. Wo don't believe in the power coupler both sides of Oreen street, from Ninth to iral part of imm city. an kKT.IPKL.tS .LVD FLATLLEJiCT. She imports her Tenth trett; ire bitterly hostile to Johnson, Everett and mies cf the Union The question of men When within twenty paces, the cannon ngement of this traffic At the last frith the duty. We never did. Wo believe UST" FKVBK U AUUKP..rihlaawjniofta Weata Ai D P. fl pay day loaded with grape, was fired by the King's slavea from Afuca to Cuba, thereby break To recurb and repave tha sidewalks on country thea BMdtctara will tw foil n.i a aafe. .par- y rat omcera or tne .New iork .Naval Station. They do not oonsidsr either of is now disposed of The battle is between Case was right when he said Con- - Hamlin. t the Democratic party that elevated him to troops The cflect was terrible; only five '"g ber engagements with this country, and SJO.OOO were disbursed 'o them. The em- both sides of Center street, from Chestnut them as safe conservators of Southern rights. General Agency Office, had no power over slavery la th hnn.-.- r and r..ivar And those that flppk the or s:x men remained standing. Garibaldi depriving us of the only advantage we ployees of the Navy t'ard will receive about to Braodwuy a reel; it ion, tha had part of his boot and hi-- i sarrup carried bargained for in return No 36 Third s;tr.-t- , bet Main aad Water, for Jt400,000 is. tln. tb easiest thing imaginable for desiructi&n of the party To repave ihe sidewalk on ihe wet itories, and hi other prop j?15,000 Ihis week making the monthly j Why will he de Mr. Buxton now urges our way; his horse was also wounded, and he advanced. side of Third siroet, from Main to Mar QouLUidJti eu.liraTel. KV. hem to decline to elect. LOUISVILLE. la- The result acroll S70.0d0. cerfTUa.1. lav matters until it is settled by a eonven tie people of the Territories have the power as compelled to alight ward rev, r, ii.n.inim .l.,rv iiAeiuaalUD.. impur Baoau. and OovernmeDt to punish her by rriLE CSDEBsiiiNaK ILAS tiPE.VKD AS OfTffil omptishes al! their wishes. There is no tion o' friend".' nis intentions wer Known bis trumpeter were killed Major Breda Mis- - return of ihe 4f0.000, and hydemanding a J BbbbbbbbboI 'him last is an open q nastier, yet he Cour BajrThe number of officers in the reg. ket street; 1 by his side: a far in parpoa:uaym be i lag . To recurb and repave the sidewalks on suspending ular army to them before his letter of acceptance was L1TKK OtJMP.JU.Nlft. BL'sLNBait thai of the United autes who have both sides of Tenth street, from Market to rabaatal W htm Pvraufat ixecutive Department to the government, delivered and published. Lot him act for .ri's horse feli dead under him; Statella was diplomatic relations with her until the If the Court decides the ias not decided UU'RtJsV. ioo ENFa viMUBf the city tmm, hy caUlnst oa BV. Bad wBlaw risen frem the It is Jefferson .treet; MAKCUi.lAi. PLSKASAV can purchase u in beat alvautaiT Au uva thea they tan'i eserciae tb' .ad this Union is tpte facto dissolved It has him'elf: act patriotically act bravely and left siaudin; unhurt in (ho midst of the treaties are fully carried out. Now, there not generally ranks is twenty-thresave not. P. m win ae nosl re. ipoed in known that there is a law Sever falls eradicate entirely iron si or in: all the ethers were killed or c,.n be no doubt that Spain ha been very To grade and pave the sidewalk on the cur. Innntielv to sooner lhau the ail ina effect of Ber r AU ilnda r t . aniry We are not particulai ailed to carry out (he ends for which it a million voices will cry "Forget nnd for powerful prepar power that's all woundpd ttwmtw aad aulctiy all-- ada The gun which had dune al! this WbW, nnd is very guilty in this matter; and providing for the he towal of commissions norih side of Broadway street, fcom Jackatn.n ol srsapartlia. r aberat. will as aiun as established, and all its powers tevert give." Coraplaln'NUht Sweata, rvi, IVe'll'y about the t." ory, however We should hav mischief was taken soon afier. Then the ' nothing can be more certain than that if she on 'deserving soldiers. CLEVELAND son to Hancock street; fen n. u, blr BVlp aa lb. ai ah lltriil, t;!.liun.. Pali.lullun .if th. to Be taBBWaa IB t tiainxt at ray Omam. ack to the people of the several States. Neapolitan infantry opened and g ive pas. did aot provide a slave market there could gay' Miss Kate Dickens, the second apported the Democratic nominee if he har To recurb and repave the sidewalks on Heart. Painter't taodc. Coal tu aa inai.uti au i ot every 4uaftty wt.l be uo slave trade. Bui how far we have a daughter of Charles Dickens, was recently both sides of Floyd street, from Washington a ekarire of fifty cavalry, for '.he age to Gov. Wise and Mr. Doug'as. FlLlC. The people, without any definite knowledge lo any pan of in CBJ ny apallcalloa al my Bald in oppoito theory; provided he wer . Th orUTlnaJ proprietor ot these medicine was cure-- , J U BBuOl ta. "jBce ifrlB right lo take our stand upon these treaties, mrried to Mr. Charles Collins, a brother of to Main street: Colonel The following is an extract from the iet-e- r purpose of relaxing toe piece. rear .taodintt by the use of thea Lai Bed ol Piles ot f how it was accomp isbed. will find this not is UK keeping of Disunionists. Th Dooon's men. who had been but little under an'i from the hight of our virtue look down Viilkie Collins, and arising author. To recurb and repave the sidewalks on lcU't alone. Notice to Water Consumer. written by Gov. Wise to the Democrats tire, Jnion severed into as many fragments as it Paint in lh bead, sVle. back. :imf, Joint and oraaBa theory la harmless. Everybody knows l upon guilty Spain, aad to condemn he threw themselves to the sides of the toy The scenes of Harper's Ferry are both sides of Clay street, from Main to Mar Oroci Locwmu Wii'B Oa, KUKCMA1ISM. of Illinois, during the memorable campaign road instead ot receiving ihe charge on their ftad to punish her, is a qeestion upon foaiainsSiAtes and Territories. We earnest will aaver be acted on. Congress will neve Thoe iUicld wlin mi, temue dlseaaa l b rare perpetuated on canvass, and a panarama ket street; PERSONS W HO UTE O.N TUB PrMSITB aiBl t11' D lb Uf' '"c,nv of 1858, in that Slate. Judge Dougl,i9 was bayonets. The cavalry came like a whirl- - which foreigners might possibly decide exhibiting ihe details of tho conflict is now To recurb and repave the sidewa'ks on the y urge upon the people to take this matier when the pec past a law to protect slavery A of Lo at real from "here Ihe irel tnalua are :al. SALT differently from ourselves. They may. iu E isteru New York. ar Bat any aoilAe-- ; oat th Cooipany. (a oeifcar west side of E ghth street, from Jefferson RUBH to the United win 1, theSicilians firing from both sides. jkle do not want it. There ii no power it .a hands. There is serious cause to appre-ien- d a candidate for lo 4uaaae lh- - cost of ear vice pipe to sal coaesBBBBta, that Thus sssailed both right aud left, the perhaps, think there is some Green street; pay tor - mil h terrlce pipe as he Abe toy There is now living in the town- to To recurb and repave the unfinished 9CROrVL.t.or KrMi8 ilYli, tu Bl w tornta Ulcers. w ulorna the a-same wilhla eUht feet may the B i a aty Senate, and his opponent ihat the election or Lincoln would S'ates the Ocvcrnment to maintain slavery wher commander of the Neapolitan cavalry top- - tinge of pharisaioal pride about our ship of of oi every description. Armada. Mi:h., a child four months W irm. r. pel, aud warned to turn back. bu-- . found virtuous indignation when they find (hat old, who has rwak off the cotton Stales. Bell, however Lincoln, the present Black Republican canportion of tbe sidewalks on the west medUlnet. r.t . Vrn.t. wCl r4MLi.l:f to anLU.l tre 'hen. the peftflc are determined not to have it y a :i,aUe by ocs .ha pay ueui, lbe atvBBJ both parents, four grand Paaer.ta do. wrll ia nr (he cultivation of which these i.iht cradlt u .h :r.t Chestside of Fifth street, wr.nevar UMvr -- ineteve j suspevt varmiy in favor of the Union he may be, didate for the Presidency. It will not be the passaze birred bv G.neral Garibaldi. the sugar for .e,& Any tbvory which requires it to be doc parents, and two parents nut street, according from Walnut to A at HALS. cartaln. 0 r,eJ la to ordinance; fySS " now living. TV PTeaident Uw.tvt.1 B'airr CoUipaay. i dio out, like any other impracticabi. s ias not, as his candid friends Till admit, denied that Judge Douglas and his comwill us, and consumed by us. Tbey may TILE UrU ill General seifd the officer s budle and cne l R To ol ice iron su'ter across Fifth street AND PUtSMA BirTEIjA World newspaper is published at sidewaik on (he eas: side. be(ween Green he least effect oil strength in the North. pernor ran upon (he same Issues that now m ,.3urrcu.ier r. Doctor P. W DiJlon, Tue nffif...r rt.pied wi h suspect the genuineness of our zeal whet, he fffKODt of the brain. Whilst, then, w PVl ClO0. a day, says the New York cor- - ftnj Walnu(, as re mire 1 by ordinance divide pi.r(i9: a blow of hi- - sabre, which Garitialdl par- - they see that our negotiations with America a loss ol D AND IRBLJ An1 thus remove all CJasMas f Douglas ia the only man with strength in would tolerate the theory, we cannot toler UK. Prapari b Daion.trt'or af taken such a turn that we have coaced- - respondent of ihe Boston Post rfAlt T. w Schusa A H.- .1, No. 808; "Maintaining these and the like princi- - i ried, aad by a back stroke cut ihe officer's SSI Bros way. hal section. Missouri is certain for him. inaawaaaa ate the man who would break up the Demo of check open. Ihe latter fell from his horse ed practical impunity to every vessel which For sal by a. ta M. B To recurb and repave the sidewalks on cles. I deem it lo be the aim of :he irSW lata Bafir A census taker in Ohio found a "ione aratlc petty ob account of it, or magnify i Jackson, who was recently elected Governor the devoted Democracy io this signal con ar aae. racetve Meanwhile, three or four sabres were raised ge:i 10 ti'c expense of a dollar for the stars idow" who eave her aire as iu-- ( '16, whose the east side of Brook street, from Market mmm. end SLLECT SCHOOL I of that State, declared openly and boldly test. And so understanding them. 1 gdory agaldsiiue ujneral, wuo wounded oue ot au-- nuipes, un.i mat our cruisers look on second bon, living near, gave his age as te Jefferson street. Into a matter cf agitation, with which to sn.1 iMftc an Rett tan. Ifret. cia.aa TatatTB his assailants with a thrust of his sabre, in utive while slavers whose calling is un Usual secuuty required. one section of the Caion against th N umber of Young Ladles, iweniy-six- . for Douglas, and was elected by Douglas in their declaration and defenses. I would nd Th nee- - in. For a Limited doubted scud by them with that ag tying. sacrifice much and go far to uphold your while Misori killed two others and wounded Ii CKAVt K'irO), .Major. Ao. 1US tcavra FirJi ami Srvck. or i&Jaoger the peace of the country Kafir The Michigan Farmer estimates the over bell and Breckinri !ge. Louisi-IDvotes alter, BaSBBI ornci. Aat. tl LACS WHBSTBS. ck CO. iaa an m arms in this battle. I would most gladly the horse of a third wi'l; his revolver. Sta Wft have tried a great many plans to put SINCEt wuh nimsrl i almost equally as certain Col Mason was oonsi-teKentucky vlst ) oar people, address theni, and invoke tells brought down one antagonl-t- , whi e down this slave trade, but we have never yet wheat crop of that atate this year at LADD WaBBSTIlK B CO. 1 TUE LNDEKsMNtP ty TIMCG11 t nu r. hi.ELY Bl ally era., of .llan.i $9,00.,000. n u ? . trct-a-aLAUD WEB3TEA da CO. a Because the principle ot t'.'.s "Hy .e ihem io stand fast by the standard of their another, wh sprang at Misori s throat , was succeeded. Why la maintaining the power coujlod with tb. tas a strong Douglas vole, which if it Costiveness. (E?we regret to learn that Mr Maurice PlJiiovs ho sutler fr..m this painful condition af ilc 'l tne, yco.'.IHuled atehis cur ned aod. al tbeItsasrc go the killed hy the fourth shot of his revolver. of all our schemes has been toroe. If the 8EWINO MACniNFS teems In the same ratio thai it has since faith and freedom, and never to let tro t suadeuiic ieloo :w duty, and he is coaiUteLt now in aot mak u of ula s. dtrr. tlhe t. aallyand wt.l. ibtr-for- . truths for which ihey contend, for they are While this struggle was drawing to a close, lavrs of commerce, if the principle 0f profit StrakoFeh loft his eldest son, a fine boy of BftBsBBB o'.&Di wil bsWBbBbbbI la,m ,iu-.- i ai.d parua-- aiwu and u SEWING MACHINES he nomination, will give him the State, to fature birr, lag it a teat in the National Democratic vital and cardinal, and essential, and can Garibaldi rallied hisseatiered men, ch irged and loss, if ihe interests of iho white races about seven years. of BiLaON'S PILLa- -a nt rel!i by mail ng u SEWING MACH1NSS ! devote hlmi de has a Northera strength that will give never be yielded without yiebliug liberty with them, and either took orkilled thered are against us, we may make up our minds He aubati s all Territorial acts k gsjFThc present Catholic population of medicine allrh has been thoroughly t. tied lu tuls and party. CTITTH ALIKE O.N BUTU SI Z ltd. W AftJLA.NTBD kindred dlseuet of tm tt .aiach t d boa el. TH of the fifty horsemen Philadelphia is estimated ai 130,0o0. Seconded by his that we never shall succeed. aim a groat majority of ihe electoral collets aatJf. CT fo,- three years. the Courts, aad will abide the result. : and L. FAII.NE.STOCK A Pi.U cld by Bar Call and see them, ai No. S B instil TtSBaW, But, sir, I am like a tied man, bound io center, he charged the Neapolitans, Bava Mr Buxton aiks for more coercion, and How a patriot and man of if those States. fay At liichmond, Me., there was a heavy CO., ar prepai. Dugg BB th B. Proprietors ol L upaard. s p 1. e-aot mTT. It U imposoib'.o, however, to see the eon Whule.ala rians and Swiss with the bayonet. The we think that such a course would lead only frost on the night of the 2d insl. my duties here; and, if my office would al . ran. b Union can hesitate, we cannot see. Fahneauvck't Ver i ige. N ai, oi W.eod and The ow me to leave It. I could cot depart from the Neapolitans fled at once, but ihe Bavarians to a diplomatic SBaaeacy of Major Breckinridge aad hi. rallot; all quarrel with Spain, and to a A. FLOUOr library of Harvard College Fourth iireets, I BBtBBB BTne volumes, occupying more than ay" WaBBB, e flection of Douglas is, in our opinion, the made a ehort siand before they gave way. an exaggeration ol the evil he seeks 10 ct i lness in my family, which would dial us .lleh friends. They started oat for non inter D. 91. BOO Mai Ba aBBBaB By . ati this decided tbe fate of ihe day. Veoitian Blinds aod Show Case niy mode ot preserving intact this Union probably recall me before I could reacii mitigate. I here is another course, how three miles c! shelf room lied La tea. veetlon. They were opposed to the posttio Park. Clncmnttl, Ohio . wholesale treats - : a: retail M TBIBD ST tut AT. BET. BAIN own ttate of health adIllinois; and my ver, which offers much mure chancj of sue. by all druggists an I country draiera. 111,1. anltdSawl af J f Bell las' yer At l.asi ihe whol . is our fathers gave it to us. If the election monishes me that I ought not undertake a uxht. .ut. LaatovUto, Bv. mi ws tm L" In .tne frason. Alios Kbklall roB Douglas. The Breek- - cesB f Bell, by the people, was possible, t c mr iign as arduous as y.u propose. 1 E aTI A N BLiNDBOB BVXKY . I IS. O UB BBB facility la throBahotit it ta understood thea. Toward tbi tht Hon. L. S. Trimble. JaXolloway's Pills. cut. It is to put down the lae trade am straw vain mv caaaway sMScaaaSB .peak nt Fr--tx eraiji. lao- tandge men of Washingicn, a lew days piltling g in compe,ition wilh vonld have the same eteel ; bat that is out know what ihe labors of the stump are, and A Riveit iy iUCunaris. Lai r, from evtry reston Bduda aad BUud rnmoinwa tor sale. Elector for the First District, will ad. si bbs af ike canvass they began to be foggy uase mi tat frw All pupils wt. ailalo a IA, roctfA 0' th tnoal a oi.L jtuah- f the question. He can beat Breckinridge, a,n not Je' ione 'Uffeilog bodily from my since, made a demons trillion upon Amos Cuba, with ite productive power, would be i dress the people at the following time? and of tbe ear'.fi.and I I aad they are bow clear over n Bell's plat Of Wil. a tra cttrre. he lmlti.d Into I t svel rs, e aBBB the tact thai la Ail c Imatet For these Kendall, to induce him to preside at one of a Paradise to a colony of Chinamen, and efforts for Democracy in 18oo al ! on- - of Ihe ilea of Mu?lc. the ecfenc ad possibly Douglas, in the South by a tew form If tfiey bave not changed front en pec tte for ot Meto re, lUri e ai absolute ioca'ltlea ts.,c fsmong PI It vou muni uraw mem over n a places reasots 1 cannot obey your call; but permit their meetings. He For all branch J. H, CUTTER a C0( iiates, but there his strength ends The aSay ilBBIta Dls..'av-- D p. -- MBBljJI u.1 B ,rl Cooipl tu. tirely, they were misunderstood me to add: fight on fight on fight on persocal BBBBtol stream if you would give them security for B utOD' Mai-tLane. BB Tuesday ftoust si. DWTlLLBJtS ,)F AND RAT AIL DKALBKft Ol BsT son at tha BBaBBBlBBBBa cooWy' uec talent has tsreu secured. Quietly assured them thai, having And, never yield but in deatu and victory good treatment on the voyage, good BBaBBl and wrote plainly enough, too. Tb' poke . The Bt h(. will o; eu on M. iNPAT, the 1 day of , New York, and No. :t Strand. L ,n lou. and bv i r. aukum , . rt i.,-,- 1 L.nion, insj itiutiiv. TXXmTB BOUTIBOIV WlCXSJallXat r. ";i.. . i r..n h.en a Democrat ond B Union man, oh that I was unbound and could do more r. Poor Cobb! 'i ' at BB, 62 ,r and SI BBI b aaltdaAwI Louisville Courier and Paducah Herald ha ""J BBturn to Ca lli.Ti !:,. oum , Thurvtav. August T. TER VIS Fifty Dillara per Btaalon cf flee ruortA. ' aamOuaaj BTBBjuri It is known that Secretary Cobb has gone than look on. throbbing with every pulse and iu favor of regular nomination-- he was their native Una. The Cuba planter might nisi lis. . .. dwell county. Fridar, ftasjaw) si. par.Ue ta a Ivan, e. irMcBoal ituruci.a la Drawls, a laborious time wi'h Major Brecklnridge'e t'al .t i. bb tB Piano, e., Ac, extra. of your glorious struggle with its every too obi to change hia course, and declined get Chinese labor cheaper than he I BETWSMN JfAI.V ASD MARKET, ajBua as BiSHi nss j 1 Hi In . lisaBI B ApprKauou biay made I A These Bolter papers look the sanr home to Georgia to stump the State for the blow end breath cheered with its hopes the delicate office tendered to him. frieads toB 1Awet gets slive labor, and save himself Lmft I Biaimill.TTalis i salt 1. ..MsVIl.LB Monday. August a. Dr. A. uuarz. 107 Broalway. Disunionists. He spoke in Augusta on the and chaffed with its doubts. You have my friend and relative of Mr. Kendall, who expenditure of ihe caplial which now arvt PJrrvft JyJS'Bawtsel Cu o t , u.iv. ;ic .tt night.. .Monday. Aiignst V. poeiiioe Bail did, and scolded and threaten SlBSCBlPriOX PBIIB, I!l aMasafa was stopping with tae venerable politician goes 18th. (he black The Constitutionalist, not having the prayore, and I am, Joseph's Colleges to Tu,s-Ubuy man. The Caseyvllle, Patoa county J r SUtSPIkLL Aa.ut IS. a4 Maftoffia aad the rest of the Breckinridge and eiaiesruaa ef i;q time Jut Dousr'.as Chinese GoTtinm:nt. alwses Ki !.,.ntNBY A WISE." We.lre.dav Anu.i BBS in Bi ..I Bin I r,iii..i..i.n Daily t Daai Dxxociat $J. (A. u BSJ '.Q tdvam xv.lJ.DSro Wit, SKLSO.V CUCSTT, KIT TidC Thy were all heretic-- . fear of ihe law forbidding cruelty to beasts Ida. mmm all the while delivered his last great spreeu in the rieuate, verse to eciigraiicn, nnd oastiua everv Ircdotia. CaUeU county. Poaraday. Auu.t Jfl. h ouutry as, or nfiy cents per mouth. AT before hi eyes, republishes a letter of JOE ACADEMIC inTEARt Mu TBlS f -JTTTCTaOB states that he read the speech wl:h great in obstacle in lis way, are now beginning lo j Tddyviue, Lyon county Friday, Auut si. N sash ajraa auch Inclined to heresy that ihey j encv. ..a tan o.ples, 1 TftL S01TI2 DrsiBTIBO Bbeceinbidob. ar Wlixli BBBaBB - I copy. 01 ' - '-The of Jaturday. September I O ropie Jl. tiou rru; J Strange to aay, I Cobb's to one of his subordinates, who We. aather from Southern exchanges the terest, and when he had finished it, declared open their eyes to the advantage of easing BfBaBwaeg, Lyo cour.ty. aoald bard'y be iruBted. with great earnestness and emphasis that the Dressure of DODulatlon in those erow.Url Monday, geptrmber J. B BilBs, BsUar J county -Dollaa viuxti -- S'usl aaajaa a for any unmbe. wished to go home to Connecticut, to take ma 1 3 11 caved in Bt following items: Tuesday. Seftember L the Breck midge nen have thespeechcon'air.edtho doeiriue upon which provinces upon their soul ueas'ern coast CUutou, BBsBBBSB county, BBbb- Lour. .nder Sttv. M: Buy and over to on address HO cttu if m vi part in an important election. Cobb felt liictinso, PultvB couuty. ... ,VasBBaaaw, el.trlIlber the Democratic pirty must stand or be Unfortunately, the crimping and The Hayneville 'Ala.) Waiohman, a Dero tbe Conner and Herald, and BreokinHdge juteata aa to b made aaas TUurt-laydAfEs OF AJVEI:nSl0 I.N TUE LOCISVILLI Bpt, tuber 4 patriotic and virtuous. He said: "Success ocratio jouroa , published in the rich nnd crushed lo atoms. Therrt can be no d ubt scenes, and the tragedies up-.- kidnapping t I, La EXGLISH BBISSEIS (ABPETS. ihe high the loader of the Secession crowd Ut j DEM . C UM K K ilKOL'LAK Al- - EuTUaMlA. .Vnday, BSbBBBbi rT MsMleli.Orsvi'ar. UQty,. trxaiL ft J rraat. mcst not be purchased at the expense of populous county of Lowndes, and hereto that Mr Km 1.11 is iu favor of ihe election seas with which they have been followed, AeO ue wiuare, changeat le weesly. par annum-- 1 o'clock. leader of Yancey & Co. The Bre:k Hop ebooen Speaking to commence at of Senator D .uglas. So. also, we are told, have operated to deter this cautious TAFCSIAk- CAtTPITi, 2 lime Do p..r week, per annum SO the public interest." do ard Those holding high fore support mn Breckinridge and Lane, a chute It have taken x dUk Fir.s tnridge Bten them 10 advocate the election of is Chief Jii.tica Taney, and many others of sensible people from being easily induced kinsville Press and Hickman Courier, please S E.VT. WB WTIL Do 3 1 Hues do do do lutti and important offices must not absent them TWO AND THREE PLY CARPETS. the o.d Democrats wlio have hid little to do to embark in an emigrant sl.ip We publish. Bell and Everett. Each bBBwSsBI SBBaBB tftve opposite direction from that indicated the above pticea with partisan politics lor the list ten or slves from their posts to conduct tbe can Adven.-- , aiei'.. pL'.; aa.l at lutrrvals $1 f, r ana In A correspondent of the Memphis Appeal, have vainly appealed to Mr Buxton's And, In Bst, Bl vtrv ars-Wae would bave "! ,uai ty iBwthetr aatecedenta Dr. D. P. White, W a ate a o m leealH "t a la e tu- o c of ver ban.P i r don and A) cent for aa h ubseuueni ina. vass That la not the worst, aor half ihe wridng from Gallowny, Tennessee, says: twenty years trieuds to turn their attention to this white We oslsr ta- Was than cai them, one year ago, tl have turned aftfne L At a Ct KT IN.--. vh-CElector, sc 1 Joshua F. Bt ittir, Announcing candidate- - SI par week for each Lame, u1,3 slave trade as an evil capable of practlcsl ioor 1)11 Coh.. f.oin I to .'A hei worst the editor reprints the speech of The people are , for Danrl s. in hc uodruieg f -- A Delm l; lnto Bcsinkss o pe-e a soBtersaali?, BaBj adv. bBb BSBJ luaru-rly- ; ail others in advauc The suppression, and an enterprise upon which Assistant State Eleotor, for Douglas and alt tiock .f Ce.nala aad ao a; AO I uru .Ling Olesig 01 r Cobb, mtde at Concord, I H., In ttH and j SaaaaaMaaa BM twenty Douglas o New York correspondent sf tha Mobile their energies would not be wasttd. Johnson, will address iho pecple at the Ks'.ue ar.d aaaa)aa AdvertlssQieata. Thratrlca, Since tbey htve ohmgei sc much In s I'at .ut Medui. he one made at Westchester, Pa , that we 0De Breck'nrllge mm The people are Register writes: ai. Lti;s. th-- v ;f. fcowever, their sympathies are fo be twelve mom he Clrros - tlmiUr dvertUlng, hot pubilahe-- l by the year following times and places 7"'' where will We tea on hand p I .illiti ike ago. confined maving Tne banner of ihe great stales They are Squatwho o io slavjs in e.i char-.-t F a - ot mo BBBBBJ I r Chartta'ge - cunty. .Wrdnea-Uyin men of '.his State published some days Y. Fowler, jealoualy Adverii.s. tin Several letters came from Isato The reflect Institutions. Fire Oom Ai.gli 13 le apl man ot Illinois Is floating proudly froti the w siUlto Beta etc., oa hand ai.d BB mm al IBs skins nre Mack that ihey are meapab'e CampbeutvIUc, iTjyloAlso. Pot C uii ter Sovereignty all over; the most intensest He will not return at BB BwBj Wart and rc her public mneUugs. and sat h like. late postmaster Thtirviay. Auuii IS. comtv BrWrat BBBrtal pk.1 BaC BA B AU Bave noticed all ihis, and they can t under, of feeling for a Mongolian stifling in the r.f t'e of c.inservati'-- " , aa half price. A' r ,1 1 arjrwt Basra. Wallace LiTiktOB a 00. ault but 1 b tlieve contemplates going Mi BsaBBM OBBbBBBV Adair couuty and explicit sort of Squatter Sovereignly ' hold of i slave-ship- , The Newburn (N C.) Progress, Demi we ask th m to look ai tand it. They w:T not trust such politi cottr and comiuULUaU, fit, '.Ls:rtad la adl It is said that he Hnrk.i Bt, aBBBBSBBB I couu y Sa(ur Uy. Augu.t :i HEEf-lk- . of tbe editor are equally eratio. says: ' If the (jecsders persist in into business in Havana ibis - bject in iheir own peculiar point of Albanv, flisilon county to promote ,.nvt lLler to rial columns and Inien-tss- l LARGE INVOICES Last year excetdiog'y conservative, The commen's Mai ay, Aujuti it. srlan i O vBaTOMi aad t. made agent of th-- Ara 'tican steam running their ticket, we ay to then now will beHe view, and we think ihey will an-lvwicked, IB t readied and io which be takes up the Cobb, est. Si mml per line: these only InserUxl at tas diacr- st the BsBfttosftB, Wtynacouutr Tuesday, August 28. is now iho principal person in the eonclu-lo- n ers. warring against sectional doctrines, now OF L'TUtKjW a CO. that they cannot count, with any oenalnty that, instead of vain attempts to Jaciettown, Kusaell county Wednela . Au.ust 5S. Uoa ot the sdlton off, and leaves naked C rBsal $' Havana. tha chosen slllea al shells every gTain on Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee, office of ihe American eoeroe Spain, the most effective means of Bonerset, Puli-k- l Counttax chief of .Tliursday. Aujtu-- l 3X NEW AND SLTEEB BNGLI3U !o comiuuulcauou wlil he lu.serva.1 unio acvaipa- 1 vOES F IU Wo shall look with great curiosity to see na.l a ui These tiam ft th. anth.rr. Kentucky, Alabaruaor Louisiana. FrMjy. Auauat 3L, ex'tnguishmg the blaok slave trade, will be Su.ifurd, aBtaftBCBBtF lVr'i Jy.7 aAwi MoftPBlA Bl B SALE BV A yx will Bot 4a. Co It Yancey a rataB J-- J Kii5The London Court Journal mtkes the first to abolish the white "lave trade ' Srt inter- t ings may be but they are Cobb answer Cobb. A Uaart7l0aatoaasaay 1 rU C.AIdBOVS si bbbsFi BaBBtoBerl Aig a T ne presentation foil ,winK announcement: :, hange each -The people waul one man, at.d the wire Wluv-.NPBlja 1JU ay jvrr aw5tMBirRlA. . FF. f 41m aCO LB hundred English cruisers will not be hall so not i . I l J F. Bell give Speaking to ooramen.-at I o clock P. M. unn t3, .nt-,-' vwn aaT-t,,adv.-a toual ptai, ting alvertta. ot Dr. Augustus Bawling at ihe Queen a give them another " CTCIKa IN AN. MAI. Lie. BY U vj IJtvl LA At SaT Democrats, remember the cause you workersAugusta (Georgia; Chronicle aays t Levee, on the '2l'h of April, wis caused by effective) as a hundred "migrant ships irom Somerset Oaiette and Danville Tribune, ment-l.regular pss.t-.-tBeat aid and eom'ort to blr. Breckinridge lot 4 s. - j ,u iui ..n f timm, and a quarrel with Spain will not be Tue itt.kTu :: CURTAIN MATERIAL, 0 BL BBBBaa L? ter onu UstL. and ta.h non. A M Gibson, a Breckinr dire and t ilso representations as 10 his nat onall y nearly so useful as a competition tgainst please aad bis friends? Tuey arc convene of bis, advocate will not brook inertness; a heavy AITUWAiTE'B KETR boaL iF PBA TlCAL BJ3Se.ic:o.a -- oanti-ai .aijl aad cavme to a ki owledge of ihs truth or er doty devolves upon every member of the T,a,ne subele'tor Iu Blount county. Ala., male io ihe L'niied Stales Minister, and the slaver, t he remedy for the evil which ' LKKB'S. Asotheb Political Pbcacheb Yanish- A lvendseraentt &c kept on the loalda 1. the Democrat be considered null, mid as not having Mr. Buxton sees is lo meet the slave dealer Mr D RW. kp The Rev Mr. Breckiuridge, late pas rar ander bU teach. og- He ought not to pany It is not only the principles that has declared for Douglas Mr. 80 al o have Rep is to place." 9 eharije.i -- u extra - 0?n rut LUuN cB. iBL,BYc.i 1B IK till IBTT.W lis lyJalL ATf taktn Aldridge. TrsT ad 11F LN1TED Slanion, Senator, and in the Cuban labor market and undersell tor of the Biptis( Church in Laf&yite,has j AsvtaTtMXd Rtrts-I- ji au-W tax - Ea. t, V or iv OCT "Be. A sT L. 9 CC3Mala Cat the hour of need aiall shape the policy and control the no daacrt thea now ia CI.VRKI s BaaattBail. it Dtaocaai reeentative and colleague or Mr UP'soa, Na ase, uaM, hio by the labor cf free Chinese em grants. been oonvicted by his church of drunken- - ' iUare (fl nne or le), urat lusenloo til I E SMAl M. at I t Lou a Hie. gra'Miss Hattie Hostner, the American Th rl I .r 'be ha- C ihey are up with their leachei ia arnment that are at state, Important as they from the same county R 8 Thsrin. Esq , nl, 41 T W VirtcBt1f' 8TUiU; " ne98, licentiousness, and adultery. This is Est h continuance Writt. n BBtt e sculptress, has returned from her artiniic Let who was a delegate to the Sereders' ConventaBBary, tbey have got beyond him in its are, but that very government itself eer'.isen'enis ggjy"W. Jarnigin. s si o'ween the same clerical individual that used to rot. oth raise t e, labors in Europe to comfort a sick and aged & in Montgomery, from Coosa county, practical application. He ought now :o give all who are in favor of the Union, and of tion visit Lrawlor lsville aad mike poli ical M isiseippl, was way-No SSBftBaBl ot has come out from the camp of the suicides father. She is spoken of as a fine, dashing, Grenada and Paaela a alth. ut them a lecture ae to how they should apply tb only principles upon which ihe eovern-B- e and declared for Bell and Everett " The black cyd girl ot twenty nine, who Bwftwl laid and killed with eighteen buckshot, a speeches denouacing the Democracy as be- tluue-- l - or lce pth, e malmail-baging in favor of drunketfnes and polygamy. ware car-- ; theory He aught to expound tbe mat ment can exist, be n the alert and strain Chronicle, in giving these fads, aays the her world wide fame with the happy, care- few days since and the .as ftird. Qraufitrdni'li Htm. off Ead Hi'l LOB returns to Italy ried CUBSIBT rjolswware,WAMK . O TONS Ov HeJ ter tally to bit ycuog disciples If they kill every nerve to elect the only candidate who Breckinridgers are shaking iu their shoes less spirit of a child. Tin . such akiile'tc t. rtv ri LATH MANUFACTURERS, next Autumn. SBSb oay. aad Pig L., IVJ,ti Pet-- , So. ir h tU.a s, sr. 1V Iron with the edged tools be put into j has any chance of success. toy V Southern exchange says thr.t sev A young man ban. I an lor tale to the tfwft I Fo30B and Death Bftaai .XBtR ' UK CO"N.R OF w a sm arvas a r a ilLP II, Liril.i.'U A Qi gay A mechanic, residing in Kansas City, en'y two wbi'e females were msrded to named ,'ohn Adair, of Greenville, Georgia, au BavBBT stands, he will be accountable JrT as Tars Now as Ever A "etnart'' TT ACTION! v LTO - TRKETb BROOK Sl pay The Frankfon xeoman tries to be little job of work was done in Tippecanoe, Mo., of T fjllnwel his wile, who had negroes, in the 9'r.tcof Massachusttts Ust attempted to pass a forged cheek at Coluto- - t.'nam. i ti BB i IS AN" HELL BBTftl PRE i n 1.". lkyi a'i13, ftv a r:j a aorinietil 01 tne Mr Lu't cit a lot af wheat eloped with another mm to Memphis, Tenn , year. aST" Humphrey Marsha'.; It t :rtf ing tbtB amusing over the Democratic Convention not long ago. bus. Georgia, on Tuesday last, but tbe .anu- o and for tala low toVtFK QCaSxt aof 11.auCiLTv. 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