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Page 198 of Horse and hound / by Roger D. Williams.

Horse and Hound. inators and bar same from the trial. He shall designate by what markings, device, or colors each entry shall be marked to aid the Judges in distinguishing them, and no dog shall be marked otherwise than as he directs. He shall furnish the Judges each day with a list of the dogs run- ning, their name, owner, and distinctive markings. RULE I2.-The Field Stewards, where prac- ticable, should be sworn in as deputy sheriffs. They shall be held responsible for the proper con- duct and behavior of spectators and participants, and will see that spectators are kept at a proper distance from and do not interfere with the hounds participating. They shall also see that there is no destruction of property. They shall report to the Directors or M. F. H. throughout the day for instructions. RULE 13.-The Flag Steward shall, if possi- ble, keep both hounds and spectators in view, and by a series of flag signals notify the Field Stew- ards of the general direction of the hounds. He shall act as assistant to M. F. H. in directing and calling off the handlers. RULE I4.-There shall not be less than three or more than five Judges, who shall be elected by the Directors of the Club. They must not be interested, directly or indirectly, in any of the hounds, and must be hunters of large fox-hunting experience, and capable of closely following the hounds. They shall be subject to the general I 98

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