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Image 1 of The Breckenridge news, July 27, 1892

Part of The Breckenridge news

err OoaSdenoe. Tin. re U nil In the wnrlil Ihil Vim Cim fulfill, in b 111 mff liniliif .u nlt r. Lihilil lin I iiritVi stvirtU mill finely n by mlrtrrtliin Juilii, iTTKsly. Kiip )imr tiutiiv Injure I lie rv .Mlf.llj !'. I. j f fM. .T THE BREOKENRlDGtt NEWS: Itlaiblrsi OMVKIrORl KENTUCKY, WEDNESDAY, JULY ji.itir'.v8rtei:'i A ; tlmr '0 v minM t" Mt 'H 27, 1892. OF THE FROM SEASO EXCURSION l Mnk & Y I'.i' j v IBs!' nigut, .Kutiu uu vimiu uvory uuuy uuu gu wiuii uii uAtrtJiuuiy iuvv rutu. .'.ul,also the game of Base Ball played there Hint day.' 4ur buslnoss. urst at tho i4 I ' wo aim ft And second - at tho Method." The Plli i 1 KIIIKN'DS ny THIS 'roiTS';Tll. 1 ?i I the lmat flic linln.ijj, Down the RaiiK plank he wilt iiher any laily, l'orttine e.ij sthe'll lie 11 Moni, of the I dllc. he" quite fond, . And when warm will hov Ihcm o a place'f" thady. ORDERS T ft via 'aSEi R? & TI7flO IT Respectfully, IRVINGvTON sl.-h- MILLING . " 1 ar jvery aay in tne r COMPANY, 1RVINGT0N, KY, t So the illncc wint on, we didn't know one nnoihir And white under that sheet r I. V. Harper whiskoy shouM 1 thought t would It (JM'ltOt)CCTIVK TUB ShCOXI) WINTKR ia much wiser to turn them oil' and mntlcr. o atllillbrut ROC( rmind the bcniT AgaliiwenUdiir flunks do send, ., Ami iiothinicoulil c'lve iih more ilellfrlit Than IqJMn )U all mi Tiicvlay pltfht. Sure y 1 havo pullets to take their places, It is surprising that s,o many completeon oyi'ry sitlelrpanl ly ignore tho great dlflVrenco jn price W, Ilarpor whlukoy shqultl, bo Tho I. between winter eggs and tlioso jiroduccd in ovory Modlclno clicet. Tlio I. W. Ilarbcr whiskey should bo In spring and summer. In November " in ovory club. boijSlovr and December eggs aro worth 40 cents a bo too late. shoulil be Should thewccpuldVt and thcUitc, The J. W. Ilarpor whiskey keep -- .. t.- dozen and tho price gradually drops i..-""''H. r IV Of courcr Ithodc us 'J 'at jf , Oiilivury uai, ' Tt "t pritico j Then Mr an mrry he through January and February, until in Antl all of tltts becauso It coitryt of- - wliisklfB. Tito Jtieoi KontucKy Will feci March, when "tho natural way" hens hone for annlhO., Hut we will article. Sold by aro all laying, tho price gi ts down to 15 you all Willi u'reai in,M itf ureet or 10 cents. By pushing our fowls so iAml were It not for business, l'lfv CLOVEUrOHT.EV, You could look at llie winnow nmi y that we get a liberal egg yiuld by No vember 1st and through tho winter we Good bye dear fi lends I can write no m,X !rol I karwr in much inv throat I havo an average price for tlio wholo year 'Jlct'l to nu all.'U'll K'lvc "stralKht tlpV of 27 centa a dozen. Thero's where tho If It we're not tini;hy I'd talc one nip, ollt les. There's no magic about it. Headquarters for -" O.vfe orTjjK CitKW, who will produce eggs in No- ' li'rtIan?', vonrvr December, January, and f ii i,era at bitr nriecs and for -- V J .jn rft & K A pain vi the frhhs or back and spiits Bpot caBliW thoy ouly produtNt them in fitaim DrIIU,, FertttiMr; Cwaeat, Mteh on Uie facindkte kidney ai id ller dis- - "tlw uattifty. way they got about half thp numbeciti, utw ,istursi wayi. jrMikpr,, MrvGeo. P.'Kekes, L4rent, Hair. by prices as wellXleiH"l . at V a., says: l'l hail kidney troi uhlQ i Hayo trie ' iiinuf that, n'ak!ngIosXovoj-- liau.1. two .yUrs. ovr A iB nfstiu'on "the side of kind) bl kid medieino, hutgpt'no j ae fWjjaa JUkkinir thttiit uav HmisIIm, 'Briek, Ptew tief. -- 1 wjwtVble to rhWrliQrBcbac ilsssssVarvmiL, AtmiiZsn uwwr " . wv kMt an BMW. and scaryh(R to.Bitciid to nn bu 'lsiHilssilssssssssssssssssskmir iviini tfafatt-- a prompt "eampft)e4 by i eojrihi 'l'l r. (i j -i i..-- . tram 1, JTho V Tin: ritoiti'LTioN cLinf What a wido dilfcrcnco between them If dull, spiritk'Fa and stujiid ; if your and our dairy cows that keep up a liber- blood is thick and sluggish ; if your apal (low.of milk for several months, tlio petite is capricious and uncertain, you oggregato for thn year being fnoimous. need a Sarsaparllla. For best results HsWI EXCHANGE Tr-dHH- v Would our Vermont contomporary urge On the bnatt there' lot of pleiure, jou can its readers to give up keeping eovvs for iinil It in Till me.iturc, milk and advise them to go baiKMo "tho Ana each one tries to do whate'er he can; They're a lot of 'JExnett" worker, no one can natural wayV" call them shirker, . Wo keep fowls for eggs and it is from And they also have a funny "Leather-man.- " tlio eggs they produco that wc get a pro-ti- t. So now yoursilf equip, on the (iuthrlc take a Admitting that in the natural atato trip, (by which wo prcsuma they mean tlio And wc nsnire you a (jood time you will spciul t way") a fowl will lay It not atill exH!iisivc, nor I It so cxtinkivc. more eggs in Iter thjnl year than in iter And .1 l'hantnin I'arl jnu're iniltid tojiitendi tlrat or second, and will continue to pro So we hid (rood hy to the f!n gKf duce eggs up to niiHi years old, what ad- -' And jrotiil liiekjo the nicrryi vantago is that if we can get a better proAnujYhiiiijir we il ilnw fit out of forcing their t gg laying for a "'e hairBTwXU!Mvllh on? fc. Tho n1ovo iiwrn-wiwnt ii tho rri'w year and then turning them oil' to be oiliers to bu pushed foi i. your ot tho Sli'ttim,r7ramf'p "Onlllrio with and then turned oH'iiIm), and so on. box of ravly np'l nn hviljiIJFii to 1m AI'llII. AMI MAY lUTCIIKl.) ri'l.l.KTH pnwnt nt n linnqiiA jaJjUnuNvillo on can lie got to laying in Oitubor and tin n tho follnnitiK ovi'iilnfe. by jiidi('ioits feeding and good wire, can ,..C KKrLT. bo kept laying, all winter when egga B A tbc Crew h is sclectid mt tn write ffo. britig good pPres and pay a big prolit. Thanks lo jou all on this hippy niythWyfljt Wliioh wfpfty best, year in and year rsin't siy much for the hoat tjirks out, to lturo fowls laying through tho Hut will do what.lfan for, tho. other cliifcf. winter, paying for tltoir food and a good T i "expre' our fcellnVt-- hard ynu know protlt besides, or idle all winter (eating A united &tatvanuwiH!ns are slow. food al) the. while, though!) and produc ' TT.iIa S.m ..nitrt.v Mrl liv mull ing 60 or to egga Jntcprlng and suuTjuCr . To take it all I'm sure he'd fell. when eges aro away down? In the ono'j Ve all' enjoyed the terse o swpet, '' cii8o'liey will pay their owner two or Done up with the candy a ijeat, I was hippicr than a mort il ecnhu three dollars apiece protlt, in the other Not a oul on cattli was"tfckcldr"1in me. they just about pay for tlio food consum. Wc thought of yon all with a lnJng ed. Wo 'aro in business for profit; we And the 1'hauitnm I'arty, I thought I'd die, ilon't ke,ep poultry "for our health.'' When the "shooten" cracker went to burn Wo know that if fowls do not lay lit To sec the fiddler jump and turn. tho wlntorit will pay bettor to keop The man with a i!K houce, snuiu cjII it a hat. thorn ovor a second winter; but if they Wan, black s a coal but turned hlte In tho face lay before cold weather comes and ato i i n the cscltei'ncnt we rushed to and fro niu Till sou one cited out "the crackir won't i? !' kept lafng thy will bo so worn-outhat it will tuko them a long time to moult '0n,wlvli the Pancc'1 It'waK a. ktv Waturioo, For the Sre iracker nled that is all It would do and recover from it, hence will Tie Spocial promptly. aFontion given to , s, rt $ :o; these directions have reached a point that cannot be surpassed .by our competitors. If you have not seen our .latest price list send for it. We have an abuuda'nt supply of tho best quality of wheat and can- fill , tnr Wo believe our in both of - f.m.qpham, B GREGORY & CO,, ssW .- and Mowe r r ers J- - nsHa H tfc'rpl4tr .iPino PoRlarMnf le V Feb-ruaryv- td" 1 Witt's. fold by Short & Cloverport, and Heard A Itceler Ilardinsburg. take Do n tt. nmmz stiiKis " ll7i' z- 111 ...t! 4 ilsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssilsssilsssssssssilsssssssssss ,Jftfi iamiiMammmM.siHBBBBBHHHHIHiHHmsssssyuMSsV Hay-ne- s, There aro some patent medicinca that are more marvelous than a dozen doctors' prescriptions, but they're not thoao that profess to cure everything. Everybody, now and then, feels "run down," "played out." They've the will, but no power to generate vitality. They're not sick enough to call a doctor, but just too sick to bo well. That's where thiisirixlit kind of a xitiit medi-cin- e cuiv"5j? nlu' ('0' 8 u,r n ""'"ar w hat tho doctor" w'ouldn't do for lew than live oriteu. Wo put in our claim for Dr. Pioico's Hidden Medical Dcnviry. Wo claim it to be an uncqualcd remedy to purify tho hlortdand invigorate tho liver. We claim it to he lasting in Its eHeets, croatiilg an appetite, purifying tho blood, and preventing itllous, Typ hoid and Malarial fevtra if taken in timtS 'T'le-thnt to take it is when h'el .piO'Bi'gns of weariness and weakness. Tho, tlmu to take it, on general o yon-tlrs- - TOM. EOBEaTSON DEAD. From This The Dis- trict Expires at Elizabothtowa. ' The Early Broilers No one who enters tho poultry business for money can atlon! to iiecleet tho carjy broilers. ,Thoy bring good prices "K in any market, and the earlier that tboy A specialcoiiiu in, the better they ty of this bntuch of the poultry biHiness should btrmado by those who aro within easy reaching distance of large cities. In the neighborhood of Now York, Philadelphia and KohIoii the number of broilers that are raised annually for the markets is beyond belief, nnd while ordi-- i to! nary fowls are polling for from 10 cents a pound the early broilers are commanding as high as 40 and There is extra trouble with broilers, and this additional labor is all that there is to reap tho larger prollts. It does not cot more in money, but more intelliTlio young chicks gence and attention. need warmth, and they need such care and food aa will make them grow rapidly. No exposures to the severe cold or wet weather must be permitted, and a special barn or chicken house must be built for them to give them room enough to roam about. The highest prices for young broilers are obtained in April, although tho demand for them extends right through the month, of May. The prices generally begin as high aa 00, and oven 70 centa a pound, and they decline gradually down to 'J5 cents. The earlincsn and quality aro thus very essential points. The breed cannot bo overlooked, fur broilers that aro tender and sweit must bo of good blood, and of such breeds as Fat, atare noted for these qualities. tractive bodies, plump breasts and legs aro all very fjjood points which help their s.ilo. The, black logs arc thus not very desirable, for this work, as their legs will always .stand against them in the markets. Piiihahly tho best chickens for salable hrolleis are crohws with Plymouth Rooks, Mrahmas or Cochins. These aflbrd largo bodies, plump breasts and the yellow legs. Tho early life of tho chicks must be. lookul after carefully, for any deraifgetnont in their systems at this period may interfere with their rapid growth. They need a ditt at an early ago composed of a variety of chicken food, and tho mistake sliould not be "mado to feed them entirely upon grain. They need chopped meat, tops of vogeta hies, gravel screenings, chopped onions, cold rice and milk, as well as, grain. Tho temptation is in winter time not to give tho grown broilers sullielent variety, owing to tho lack of grass, insects ami vegetables. Hut a diet can be arranged with a littlo forethought. Tho diet is very important, for' oh it will di'jHJiiil the growth and toiideriu ss of the birds. Hut after all, warmth and dryness are tho most essential, atul thej aro tho things which tho chicks in winter aro the least likely to receive. Dampness and chilliness aro fatal to the birds, and unices' one can havo the conveniences necessary to prevent this, it Is useless to attempt to raise broilers for the early market, American Cultivator. .) m W m -- B 1 Tioware, S rt UM oiwfy - -- Mony-rJe- n . KIh Moroinei), ,. .. ii'iHini post-ottir- '57 t- 7 $12.50 5 SlO.OOj (AT Greatest $ 7.5Q., w,'.8 I (35 5.00 Thific antl a hundred ottiVf weight, stitninor suits and xhl vfl at price lower than hoiKt i in Loouisviito, and we'll te ttolnf wo remain nwnv front nr n!i rrtj i irlnnn Oil i. i ir 1'H House, Wo aro now in our now "building find havo tho complotost lino in tho country. ) iiijii .( hilling. "in,1 in'iul money with mail satisfaction' money, will bo rtiCuiui roal f. go by. IS LEVY s I F UfJ , .TEMPORARY i iis & Y Westl - fMKffl WfMK HARRY GUENTHER c"tL. . East Maij 401-1- 07 EZtsTGKEIfcT: -Z- NT Frorn I to 600 horse pc DO GENER FOUNDRY AND MAC! Sy Mnnufacturo Engines, Boilers, and Qri Cnno Mills and Evnnorators. Lath and Shi Kcon in Stock Now and Second-han- d Ma Stoam and Hand Pumps, Guin wid'l9a Iron and Wood Pulleys,. Shafting, II Pipo and Fittinjft-- , Circular And all kinds of Mill .Md Mao VST PRICES and all lnunneta tuarrWd, cjprrcBponuenca soucitou. Sar, o '', at Which Postal Receipts. News their obligations to the citizens and merchants of Clover-pofor tho. assistance rendered and eotirtesy extended to them on the occasion of their barbecuo and picnic given on tho 1th of July, and do astuire them that tltti many favors sliown aro appreciatetl u, tliu fullest extent, hihI will Im grate- ""'' fully rAtnoinlHiM by alj Uw h;iIk;iu of BuECKESitiiKiK ,f Louisville's fite. I- tho ' Clothing w Tlio following statement i7f Hie busihas ness of the Hardinsbitrg been kindly furnished the Nkws by Mr, II as well, who presides over the nil airs ot that olllco go KrocoJuJ'y mid well, Tin report ja for tho ipmrter ending Juno J 8fc. Amount of t.)nipt and ttuinpril emijopri And a Man's suit, minihjou your part of the country hid wortli as high as $0, some four other sjierial lota TO Guns, ta St. m 'liar-dinehtir- A Card. Tho members of "Glover Lodge No. -'. Ancient Onler of United Workmen" wish to express through tho columns of su MAIL QHDER I Stoves, Cassimere A I u A Good SEND Hardware, I 1 ' UUME OR I . Ki.ixadktiitow.n, July 18. (Special to tho Courier-JournalThe Hon. Thos. froirj tho A. Robertson, Fourth District died nt 5 o'clock this afternoon of a complication of diseases. Ilia death occurred at tho homo of his brother-in-laJudge Hurt, Klizabeth-towt- i, after an illness Of only a few days. For two years his health had been bad, but only a few weeks ago did his complaint assume, an alarming condition. Toward tho end of last week he became so haul that ho took to his bed. Friday ho began sinking, and Saturday became unconscious. His physicians gave up all hop, ami his brother, Mr. VV,lllam Karly Risers, KarJy Risers, 'Carly RisHubert sou of Jackson, Tenu., was sum- ers (ho famous llltfe pills for constipation, sick headache, dyspepsia and moned to his bedside. Ho died pence Fot'sale by Miort fi Haynes, fully surrounded' by his family. Clovorport, ami Heard it Heeler, oh 1 last Diod Thursday. i, ft LOWEST 1 : I HIGHEST Mrs. 'W. E. Pennington PROFITABLE POULTRY. The thath of Mrs. Mary lViinitigton, wife of Cajit. W. K. l'etiniugton, night Hunter, In ttrange Jtnnie.) (A. station-keepe- r at Centtal olicu station, ir joii think im will lake .1 short vieatliin, Tho argument in favor ht tlui natural Ami woiihl like to nnkc a nop at inany a ti. oeeurnd yesterday morning at the famiway of keeping jionltry which wo quoted Hon, ly residenco, lL'OII Twentieth street, after On the Outhrlf tike a trip, for therrcw It it not from the Vtnnont Watchman Inst week a long illness. When Capt. Pennington "IP ought to bo examined a littlo more rare-lulljt was relieved ytstt rday morning hp'toiit And not one pf them hatiniMcilIhl' vocitlon. , borauso there ia a moial beliiud it -7 homo nmi friftiiil the estimable f Captain --AJiwklnl In quite Jolljr,aml jihi'II not tliat may afford uh iiistrut tion. A paralliaixntljT much improved, but-.- J wj; " tneliitViMy, Ktt lel may bu found in tho rime of our Tor lie Iit yim hac cahVnflu where'er after his arrival slie began to sink, and state sliu ""-von can t r mikii.h,iKti'ctfunlv0PI,c,l tow.''a"in orher natural two, jtayo in a short time pi aceftilly ptifsed away. poBnibly n The flrttirk. Allen nod(l, Mrs. Pennington was 54 jours of ago Ituwi .ina n.lii. era a Bititablo ago to take milk till of rare traits and gentle-nipAmi the irints will write thilr n lines upon uiur (.'lianas witirtOierd, then tlio and a woman their ' fcho was born in Jtreekonridge fin. cow went dry till the next ciirtiiMlrop- county, and was tlio sister of Kdward I hamltnine Mill Clerk;" it. it W'.k an.. It... D'ltii.. 4liilii Thin't the naiij-ht.. u o u v...- mitia ,.... 1.1. .till 1Abill ,. jf. .. 1,1 1W....J Willi hl ln anil Iota ol work. farmer near Irving- .... w. ..... Rnntliu'iKt toiTN'N, ' ..U iitiiri rHiittf. nmnlifia nf tin Uw..,.. .. .u.r , To all the lr.ielM on the hint, he' itwfiil tlm .'.'ft" ...,V wliero hchls of cows ate kept simply to w i ct Tho ftuwHl.will take place from the He'll ulnjf joii a popnl r nonp, - (iiy it the il 15 produce caivea to ralso into bet f. Tho liouso this afterTiofi'v, The iutei incut l lonu conaare never milked, aro not kept for. will lie A'ml )ou'll fiml that he U not ifril.l to treat. Com in Cnu Hill. -milk, hut for mercial. The) 'c another one nimeil lthnilen, who hilpj ov S Lait 1 3E.3STu( Lti nnru4 :n tile great Metropolis 111 DONT MISS IT I 1 1 uii uuuvu iiumuu uutu, uuu auu liiu ujjunmg ul my A'Ull lratie u. T 1IV ts$j .1 Sugmall bills for time of train) and fare from your station. Ask your station agent for all other information and tickets. Buy tickets before boarding the train. Tho Steamer, James Quthrio. ids. tf B .4 J o'clock in the morning 10 1 I -- is etti, tTGrUST There being no August Election this year, we offer you in its place a day in Louisville, Saturday, August 6th, arriving at Louisville at iiavo v-- FORDSYILLE TO LOUISYILL SATURDAY, R w..-- ', Jml'v rr MID-SUMME- R nrv-- n .., u T " ot tnn.tJ,(!rtA i"t it hVt T f,uclirnif0 the i VWin I C O-I-VT- B iM or j TJS J QJL&TJ wswmbi nan .1 n vhwwimu j.mJusr,,. j --- HiJlA, BROOflfflHS ra Tg4yBi&saE Tr inHBffii tm ilBilsiissHiliBHilssHMiBHk:' AM) kHMH ilWWB 1 , kg m fr:itji. jr BOUENE, . . --.- . MtstsBMiBMBiHi1ilsssssssssn&HilHsmGBnsHi vhii.itKKKKiBBBBUBBKKIBBtBMHKHKKmKSBKBXBKIBBBSalUKlB ..:mmimmBMmmuaBnmmimmnammmBManmnamMmBm BmmwmiramnauusBaKmKaMmtMamuMm -- Hini..BiiBi...Bi..i..i.Hli.iHi.....l..HHBHIHHAflilHiiHiiKi. ilsssssilsssssssssssililssssssssssssssssslililsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssBissssssssssssssss

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