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Image 1 of Daily commonwealth (Frankfort, Ky.), February 3, 1864

Part of Daily commonwealth (Frankfort, Ky.)

DAILY THE Vli J,. THE , br COMMON WEALTH FRANKFORT, KENTUCKY, FEBRUARY, 3, 1861, 13. ptbHed COMMONWEALTH every Monday Wed- - O Executive, Military, and Judicial Di- - I L. rectory of the State of Kentucky. NO. 269. STATEMENT OF THE CONDITION HOPKINS & fifl'S GEO. W. SMALL NOTICE. THERE was committed to tho jail of (SUCCESSOR OF HITS SMALL,) county, as a runaway slave, Dec. 12. 1363, Friday, by WHOLESALE COLUMN ! NVITE3 special attention to his NEW AND of our ,ead. publ a negro boy calling himself WILLIAM. lie is Liverpool and London Fire Life SPLENDID SPRING IMPORTATION of about 1Z years of age, black color, four feet ten & UU. era, the following Directory of all the departCINCINNATI, OHIOi HODGES, inches high, and weighs 80 pounds, he had on Carpeting, Curtain Goods, Floor Oil Cloths, Mat INSURANCE COMPANY, ANNUM, payable ments of the State Government of Kentucky: a roundabout, and jeans pants, very much worn. ting, Ltnen Good. At FOUR DOLLARS PER We have now in Store the largest Stock of Says he belongs to Wm. Hobson, of Fayette coun And every variety of in advance. Executive Department. On the 1st day of January, 1863, made to the Audty, n.eniuc&y. itor of the State of Kentucky, in compliance with The owner can come forward, prove proper- He ne, Steamboat & Hotel FurnisMrgrs. GOVERNOR. an act, entitled "An act to regulate Agencies oj ty, WH. E. HUGHES, State Printer. and pay chareos, or he will be dealt with These Goods are fresh, of choice selection, and Foreign Insurance Companies," approved Zd as tho law Tho9. E. Cramlette, Frankfort. requires. many of them entirely new in design. March, 1S56. AT u on wealth, a largo mat Pav H. R. MILLER, J. F. C. I will sell at such prices for CASH ONLY s SECRETARY S OFFICE. morning at Deo. 25,1863-lmoth sheet, is published every Tuesday cannot fail to give perfect and entire satisfaction. .A. PYV NAME AND LOCATION. E. L. Van Winkle, Sec'r of State, Frankfort. TWO DOLLARS PER ANNUM, in advance. The narao of tho Companvis the LIVERPOOL litU. W. SMALL, n,. t,m f.r advertising, either in m Jas. R. Page, Assistant Secretary, Frankfort. Ever brought to A'o. 327 Main St., Three doors West of NOTICE. AND LONDON FIRE AND LIFE INSURas lib- Daniel Clarke, "Ancient Governor." Frankfort. Weekly or Weekly Commonwealth, will be May 19, 13fi2-t- f. B tnk of LottivUle. THERE WAS COMMITTED ANCE COMPANY, and is located in Liverpool, TO THE O? eral as in any of the newspaper published in the Franklin county jail, as a runaway slave, on the England. auditor's office. west. 20th day of December, 1S63, a negro boy calling A. C. KEENON'S BOOK BINDERY. CAPITAL. Our Goods were purchased and orders placed ear Wm. T. Samuels, Auditor, Frankfort. The amount of its Capital Stock, himself SAN FORD. He is of a copper color. ly in July, when prices wcro 10 to zo A. C. KEENON informs Keenon, Assistant Auditor, Frankfort. Eigar $10,000,000 00 about 5 feet 6 or 8 inches high, weighing 130 is, authorized. per cent, lower than the his friends and customers, rto Keenon, went, rransion. Tl:e amount of the Capital Stock pounds, bays he belongs to Thos. Posey, of that he still continues the es M. Withrow, Clerk, Frankfort. PREVAILING RATES OF paid up, is, with surplus fund 6,559,525 00 Shelby county, Kentucky; he has since said, Book Binding business, in II. R. E icon. Clerk, Frankfort. nowever, that he belongs to Mrs. Amanda Jesse, We are thus enabled to sell at all its branches, at his old of Shelby county, and not to said Posey. John A. Crittenden, Clerk, Frankfort. ASSETS. stind, over Major's Book The owner can come forward, prove Broner- 1. Cash on hand, in Banks and on William L. Harlan, Clerk, Frankfort. Store, on Main street, and will give his whole demand $2 2,641 76ty, and pay charges, or ho will be dealt with Charles T. Miller, Clerk, Frankfort. attention to its management. He respectfully . 2. Real estate unincumbered 130,600 00 as the law requires. Clerk. Frankfort. wants to make out their bills, and John L. solicits a continuance of the patronage heretofore Than can NOW be purchased in New York. 3. Debts due the Company, securH. R. MILLER, J. F. C. - F ervbodvon save a vast amount oi iuour v VVinro Clpnin. Porter. Frankfort xtendedto the establishment. . i.rCrvboJv Dec. 31,1863-lmed by mortgage on unincumberbe furnished with RECORD ed Real Estate worth TREASURER'S OFFICE. having nW.y BOOKS ruled to any patern, and of the very best per cent, more than the same is James H. Garrard, Treasurer, Frankfort. of paper. quality NOTICE. CORNER FIFTH AND VINE. mortgaged for, as per vouchors Mason P. Brown, Clerk, Frankfort. jjla.i a jiuuio ci every description, THERE WAS COMMITTED TO THE CAR- nnd schedule accompanying 685,400 00 manufactured at short notice, to order, on rou county jau, as a runaway slave, a negTo sonable Debts duo the Company for LAND OFFICE. terms. GOODS premiums and in the bands of & man calling himself ED. WILLIAMS. He is Frankfort, March 23, 1363-- tf. Jas. A. Dawson, Register, Frankfort. about 5 feet 8 or 9 inches high, light complex- Agents and course of transmis-s- i AT Frankfort. Richard Sharpe, Chief Clerk, n 78.042 B9ion, l'J years ot age, had on when taken up a Proclamation by the Governor. Ben. Chase. Clerk. Frankfort. THE The Bonds and Stocks owned striped cassimcro box coat, black felt hat, and W gray mixed pants, and in his possession an oil S750 REWARD. by the Company, per vouchers PUBLIC INSTRUCTION. SCTERINTENDENT cloth and blanket, marked with the letters U. S how secured, accompanying ) COMMONWEALTH OF KENTUCKY, We have tho largest Stock of Ho was taken from the steamer Prima Donna, at Rev. Daniel Stevenson, Frankfort. and the rate of interest thereon, Executive Department.) the wharf at Carrollton, Carroll county, Ky. Says : COMMONWEALTH OFFICE J. II. M. Ross, Clerk, Frankfort. has been made known to me RICH SILKS ts DRESS GOODS! United States 0 per cent. Stock, ne belongs to Park lownsend, of Huntsville, Ala "'7'HEREAS, It that JOHN MULL INS, MICA J A II RICH IMPROVEMENT. BOARD OF INTERNAL of 18(51 46,000 00 bama. ARDS, and EAL. DANIELS, (alias Bal Janes) IN Tho owner can come forward, prove proper All othcrsccuntics 4J,S83 23 Philip Swigert, Frankfort. Ed of October, 13p3, murder ty, and pay charges, or ho will be dealt with did on tho Adair county, and that the Jamesmursaid John M. Todd, Frankfort. wards, of Total assets of the Company $1,222,027 68 as tho law requires. Brown, Sr., Bowlinggreen derers are now going at large. William DAVID OWEN, J. C. C Which) wo offer to Merchants at Now, therefore, I, THOS. E. LUAM LET XL, Dec. 17, 1863-lt- u. LIABILITIES. ATTORNEY GENCRALTurn out that class of Prating in the highest style Governor of the CotnnioD wealth of Kentucky, dj 1. The amount of Liabilities, due hereby offer a reward of TWO HUNDRED AND of the art, and at the John M. Harlan, Frankfort. nnd not due, to Banks and other FIFTY DOLLAR for the apprehension of each none. Creditors & CO. PUBLIC FRINTER. L. C. HOPKINS THERE was committed to the jail of Nel of said murderers, and their dulivery to the Jailer Losses unadjusted and Looses VERY LOWEST PRICKS. of Adair county, within one year from the data son county, as a runaway slave, iOth day of Wm E. Hughes, Frankfort. in suspend, waiting lor lurthor hereof. proof 73,140 25 Nov. lSt3,a negro boy calling himself GEOKGE FRENCH MERINOS, IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, I He is about 11 or 15 years of age, 5 feet 2 or PUBLIC BINDER 8, I860. August All other claims against tho MAGENTA MERINOS, C have hereunto set my hand, and caus- inches high , dark copper color. Says he belong: Adam C. Kecnon, Frankfort. J none. Company AZULINE MERINOS, L. S. ed the seal of the Cotmmonwealth to be to John Anderson, living near Nashville, Ten COB ERGS, LAW BOOKS AND CLANKS, ) aSic 1. Done at rankfurt, this 27th ( LIBRARIAN. $73,140 25 ncssec. MODE ALPACAS, Total li.ihiiitic: day of Nov., A. D. 1SG3, aalin the Tho owner can come forward, prove property, FOR SALE BLACK ALPACAS, Geo A. Robertson, Frankfort. 2d year of tho Commonwealth. and pay charges, or he will be dealt with as the FOIL DE CIIEVRES, OFFICE. THO. E. BRAMLETTE. AT COMMONWEALTH m AUXIN COYLE.J.N. C law requires. ) WOOLEN PLAIDS, Military Department. STATE OF NEW YORK, By the Governor : Deo. 25, ises-lFRENCH REPPS, Ci'i and Count it of New York. j E. L. ax xnklk, secretary of btato. FREN CII F O PL INS, Henry Grinnell, Deputy Chairman, and Alfred By Jas. R. Page, Assistant Secretary. ADJUTANT GENERAL'S OFFICE. PLAIN EMPRESS CLOIIIS. Pell, Resident Secretary, of tho Liverpool and NOTICE. John Boyle, Adjutant General, Frankfort. London Fire and Life Insurance Company, be- DEDESCRIPTIONS. COMMITTED to the jail of Lyon county, Ky MONROE i. HARLAN'S DIGEST OF THE Charles llayaon, Clerk, trankiort. severally sworn, deposo and say, and each a nero woman who calls herself CHARITY IL. John Mullins is a low, heavy set maa, with a CISIONS OF THE COURT OF APPEALS, v in. E. Cox, Clerk, rranktort. CO for himself says, that tbo foregoing is a full, TOLIVER, and who savs she is free. Said negro scar on one of his cheeks. $ Price 2 vols. Clias. J. Clarke, Clerk, Frankfort. COR. FIFTH AND VINE. true, and correct statement of tho affairs of the Micajah Richards is a dark skin, black eyed REVISED STATUTES OF KENTUCKY, Frankfort. . . jniil Pumiinnv ' tint tlin sniil Insnvrincn Cnmnanv Ieet .nign, aoout 00 John B. Tilford, Clerk, years ot age, coppc man, slender, about 5 feet 7 or 3 inches high. 7u vol. Pri.e ; f, P Pope, Clerk, f rankfort. t rvv niTv .? Frank II. Bal. Daniel, alias Bal. Jones, is a large, light We have iu Store, UESATES OF THE CONVENTION, haired, light eyed, ruffian looking man, near 6 t j Price INJECTOR GENERAL'S OFFICE. t'cet high, weighs 170 or 13i) poands. All profess Tho owner of said nczro is requested to com H IDE TO JUSTICESTCLERKS, SHERIFFS, D. W. Lindsev. Inspector General, Frankfort. Bonds, or in Mortgages on unincumbered Real forward, prove property, pay charges, anJtake to be Tennessee refugees. C. if., 1by JonsPrice IIeendox, per cent, more than tho same her away, or she will be dealt with as the la Estate, worth 3 60 James F. Tureraan. Chief Clerk. Frankfort Nov. 27, 1S63 wJttw3m. vol. TEN THOUSAND is mortgaged for; that tho above described invest 6, requires. THE GENERALr ACTS of Session 1S55-GENERAL'S OFFICE. QUARTERMASTER ments, nor any part thereof, aro made for the , rm 1 CO Price n JOnN LONG, J. L. C. JAMES A. HARPER, benefit of nny individual exercising authority in Dec. 19, 18o3-lt nrftiiPfiRfinill'S DIGEST OF THE STAT- - Samuel G. Suddarth, Quartermaster General, the management of said Company, nor for any Anctt neer and Commission Herchant, Frankfort. UTES other person or persons whatever; that the mortt 00 V. T. Povnter. AuditincC lerk, Frankfort. AT LOW PRICES. 1 vol. Price Main Street betteeen Broadway and Mill Street, gages nbovo described havo not been assigned, Thos. A. Theobald, Orduance Clerk, at Arsenal, LEXINGTON, KY. nor in auy manner released or impaired by said THERE WAS COMMITTED TO THE JAIL Square Shawls, Frankfort. Watervleit Company; and that they aro the above described of Adair county, as a runaway slave, on th fryAVING secured the services of a competent 30th of December, 1853, a negro man named officers of the said Insuranco Company. Auctioneer, I am now fully prepared to give Watervleit Drab Shawls, Judicial Department. BLANKS FOR COUNTY COURT JUDGES of HLNUi UU1NNELL, Deputy th'm. JAMES. He is about 20 years of age, black rompt attention to all Sales of Stock, Real Es Watervleit Long Shawls, all kinds, PELL, Resident Sec'y. Al.FEED color, sp'ircly built, and claims to be the property tate or Personal Property, either in the city or COURT OF APPEALS. Price 50 cts. per quire. Watervleit Mourning Shawls of James Williams, of Smith county, Tennessee. untry. r.LANKS WARRANTS AND EX Alvin Duvall, Chief Justice, Georgetown. The owner can come forward, prove property, Subscribed and sworn to before me, a Commis- N. B. Consignments of all fcmJj solicited. Middlesex Shawls, ECUTIONS. ur uo win uoucm nu as iu Joshua F. Bullitt, Judge, Louisville. January 1S62. Sioner tor Kemucuy, in ana lor saia county oi i ana pay prlce 50 cts. per quire. Middlesex Mourning Sua wis, Judjre, Mount Sterling. RtdvArd J. Peters. cw lorK. ttate oi ew l orK. mis zist aay oi law requires. n. j. a.v, CONSTAELE'S SALE NOTICES, REPLEVIN Rufus K. Williams, Judge, Mayfield. Jan. 7th, 18C4-lJanuary, A. D., 18o3 New Style Striped Shawls, T. T. CHAMBSX3. W. FI55KLL. c. BONDS, DAN. SEIXAS, L. S. P. Metcalfe, Reporter, Frankfort. James Rich Plaid Shawls, Price 50 cts. per quire. Com'r for Ky. n N. Y. Leslie Combs, Clerk, Frankfort. FINNELL & CHAMBERS, SHERIFF'S REPLEVIN BONDS. NOTICE. Broche Square Shawls, R. R. DolliiCi Deputy Clerk, Frankfort. prjee 50 cts per quire. ON the 30th day of December, 1363, a negro Acditok's Office, Ky., Broche Long Shawls. AT CIRCUIT CLERK'S EXECUTIONS. JUDGES OF CIRCUIT COUNTS. Frankfort, March 21, 1863. J boy calling himself MITCHELL, was committed Price 60 cts. per quire. county jail, as runaway slave. I Hereby certify that the foregoing is a true to the Monroefeet 4 inches high,a weighs about 135 CHECKS, on Branch Bank of Kentucky, lit Dist. C. S. Marshall, Bndville. BLANK Ho is about 5 OFFICE West Side Scott St. bet. Third & Fourth copy of the original on file in this office. at Frankfort, and Farmers Bank of Kentucky. 2d Dist. R.T. Petree, Ilopkinsville. Street. in witness wnorco', l nave nereto set pounds, light color, heavy lips, shows the whites 3d Dist. James Stuart, Brandenburg. Price 75 ets., per quire of his eyes considerably. CO VING TON, KEN TUCK Y. my hand and affixed my official seal the per quires. Graham, Bowlinggreen. 4th Dist. A. W. FOR THE TRADE. BLANK DEEDS. Price $1 The owner can come forward, prove property, J day and year above written. February 22, 1360-t- f. 5th Dist. J. E. Newman, Bardstown. and pay charges, or he will be dealt with accorGRANT GREEN, Auditor. of the above Dist. F. T. Fox, Danville. 6th MARTIN BAILEY, J. M. C. ding to law. Orders from a dittance for any LYSANDER HORD, 7th Dist. Peter B. Muir, Louisville. Jan. 11, lSC4-lnamed Bocks cr Blanks will be promptly attendBALMORAL SKIRTS, No. 102 Renewal. 8(h Dist. Geo. C. Drane, New Castle. accompanied by the Cash; and if deSKIRTS, B RUNNER'S 1 ed to when ATTORNEY AT LAW, Auditor's Office, Ky., WASHINGTON SKIRTS, sired to be forwarded by mail, the postage will be 9th Dist. Joseph Doniphan, Augusta. Frankfort, 21st March, 1S63. J FRANKFORT, KY. Proclamation by the Governor. ENGLISH SKIRTS. i upon the condition that it be refunded by 10th Dist. L. W. Andrews, Flemingsburg. B. Tem THIS IS TO CERTIFY, That Jno. Law in the Court of Appeals, the person ordering the articlo to be eent by mail. 11th Dist. Richard Apperson, Jr., Mt. Sterling. S250 REWARD. as Agent of the Liverpool and London Fire 4- ple, PRACTICES C. and Franklin Circuit Court. Granville Pearl, London. 12th Dist and Life Insurance company, of Liverpool, Eng COMMONWEALTH OF KENTUCKY, ) Goodloe, Richmond. Any business confided to nim snail De i.vtniuny 13th Dist. W. C. land, at 1 rankfort, trauklin county, has hied in Department. j and promptly attended to. His office is on St. Executive BOOK AND JOB PRINTING. 14th Dist. W. P. Fowler, Smithland. this office the statements and exhibits required "X VTHEREAS, it has been made known to me Clair street, near the Branch Bank of Kentucky, by the provisions of an act, entitled "An act to We are prepared to execute all kinds of v 1 that a proper named BOB, CHANCELLORS. generally insuranco compaSHIRTINGS AND SHEETINGS, regulate Agencies ot i orcign and it having been ty cf Thomas negro manwas sentenced the be hung where he may Jan. 12, be Lfound. to Harris, Frankfort, nies, " approved March 3, lSjtJ; Book, Pamphlet, and Job Work, 4th Dist J. W. Ritter, Glasgow. on the 11th of December next, for the murder AT Henry Pirtle, Louisville. shown to the satisfaction of tho undersigned that 7th Dist J. said C ompany is possessed of an actual capital of of Johnson Harris, who has made his escape from In the neatest and best style, on short notice, and Hrry Stucky, Clerk Louisville Chancery Court, going worn. at leasst one hundred and fifty thousand dollars, the Union county J"1,"J Louisville. as low as any Ccc wul do similar E. BRAMLETTE, Now, therefore, as require by said act, the said Jco. B. Temple, A1AL D commonwealth's attorneys. as Agent as atoresnd, 13 hereby licensed and I Portsmouth B.. Portsmouth P., LAWYER'S" BRIEFS hereby offer a reward of TWO HLNDRED AND FRANKFORT, KY. permitted to take risks and transact business of 1st Dist. P. D. Yeiser, Paducah. Attaioangan XX., Greene, White Rock, for the apprehension of the ;n ti Tprv best and neatest manner, and insurance at his office in Frankfort, for tho term FIFTY DOLLARSdelivery to 2d Dist. E. P. Campbell, Princeton. Rhode Island, died Hank -o at Lewis B. Crutchcr s, opposite the the Jailer of Lmon Tint thili- - said Bob, and his fmm th ilitn hpronf nf on moderate terms. John Chapeze, Hartford. 3d Dist TT...J OFFICE of the State. anat -- Jiuuion. bo revokc,i if it Buan be made to ap- - county within one year from tho date hereof. ccnsQ W. B. Jones .Franklin. 4th Dist , Will be in Frar kfort the second end thirl , IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, fy- Pear to the undersigned that since tho film)? 5ih Dist. L. II. Noble, Lebanon. TTO"PT7TlTQ (X VvW 0f tno statements above referred to, tho available f have hereunto set my hand and caused week of each month. kJ XvJLl O other kinds of Blanks, 6th Dist. M. II. Owsley, Burksville. all afMay 13th, lS63-tf- . Cle:ks, Sheriff?, capital of said Company has been reduced below I L. S. I the seal of the Commonwealth to be 7th Dist. J. R. Dupuy, Louisville. CORNER FIFTH AND VINE. printed on short notice and moderate torms. fixed. Doneat i ranktort this lth day one hundred and titty thousand dollars. ' f th Dist. John L. Scott, Frankfort. of Nov., A. D. 1863, and in the 72d River .V TESTIMONY WHEREOF, I L. S.l 9th Dist. R. B. Carpenter, Covington. Estate cf James Harlan, dee'd. have set my hand the day and year above writ year of the Commonwealth. HAVE just received a fresh supply of the 10th Dist. Geo. M. Thomas, Clarksburg. THOS. E. BRAMLETTE GRANT GREEN, Auditor. ten. BEST KENTUCKY RIVER COAL; also a 1 1th Dist J. S. Durv, Mt. Sterling. By the Governor : undersigned having been appointed large lot of CANNEL, Pittsburg, Youehiogheny, JOHN n. TEX PLC, Agent, AT E. L. Yax Wiskli, secretary oi state. THE of the estate of James Harlan, 12ih Dist. Hugh F. Finley, Whitley C. H. and Pomeroy, which I will sell at the lowest Frankfort. By Jas. R. Page, Assistant Secretary. deceased, request all persons indebted to the same 13th Dist. W. S. Downey, Winchester. market price. All orders will be promptly nnei Maroh 25, lSC3-2Persons having 14th Dist. John Barrett, Henderson. to make an early settlement. for any point on the raitroaa or city, oy applying DESCRIPTION. will Lave them prepar-.- ! claims against said estate to me by mail, or at my Coal Yard ia Frankfort. BLEACHED AND BROWN, Bob is about 20 years of age, five feet six inch Proclamation by the Governor. fir f! iutment. is lack. . feb2 twtf. V . ... VlVVIVrtVt . . rn.oI.TTr . i .1. -(Itljvu,. " vrt es high, dark color, compactly built, left handed s.x..i.i. Vll J i.avA nv iionKS. ' law ur inu. S 2 50 REWARD. AT LOW PRICES. and weighs about 160 pounds miscellaneous, belonging to eaid estate, are .e BRAMLETTE & VAN WINKLE, ) Commonwealth, of Kextcckt, English and Classical School. Nov. 17, Ii qu sted to return them to the undersigned at v l ii Executive Department, j EV. R. S. HITCHCOCK., in accordance wita once JAMES HARLAN, Jn. a notice already given, proposes t open to me BY THE BALE. TTILL practice in the Court of Appeals and WnEREAS, it has been made known an in JOHN M. HARLAN. an ENGLISH AND CLASSICAL SCHOOL, for CHAPMAN, under Federal Courts held in Kentucky. dminhtratjrs. A f Office in MANSION HOUSE, nearly op- ON MONDAY THE 19TU INST. dictment in tho Union Circuit Court, for tho mur& Marine Insurance Comp'y: boys, March 14, 1SC3 Yeoman copy. der of Van Austin, has made his escape from the Pirc Tuitiou, per school yer, $"0 OO, one half dosite Commonwealth Printing Office. CORNER FIFTH AND VINE. III MUVUIICP. now going at larpo. Union county jail, and is OF nARTFORD, CONNECTICUT. JOHV M. HAPT.AS. E. L. db J. S. VAN WINKLE Now, therefore, I, THOS. E. BRAMLETTE, Persons desirous of sending their boys will JVf HtBLAS, JR. Governor of the Commonwealth aforesaid, do Will practice in the Franklin, Anderson, Boyle, please apply at the Capital Hotel. tQTBusiness Confined To Fire Insurance hereby offer a reward of TWO HUNDRED AND I have permission to refer to Rev. D. Stevenand adjacent Circuit Courts. HARLAN & HARLAN. son, Superintendent of Public Instruction; Col. FIFTY DOLLARS for the apprehension of the Exclusivchj.'iZ. j3r"Offices I RA5EF0RT and jjanvillk. 1663-b- y. James II. Garrard, Treasurer of the State of said Chapman, and his delivery to tho jailer of Sept. 14, AT WHOLESALE. B. Temple, Cashier of the Farmers Lmon county within one year Iroru the date -5 Snow Drop, $500,000 Ky. ; J. M. Mills, M. D. ; Rev. J. S. Hays, Bleached Damask, -4 Chartered Capital, Bank; J. rilANKFOKT, KY. Snow Drop, Damask hereof: Bleached Damask, of the Presbyterian Church. Pastor IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, I TILL practice law in the Court of Appeals, Towels, Bordered lowels. Oct. 12, 1363-t- f. Losses equitably adjusted and promptly paid. ( )hav hereunto set my hand, and caused in the Federal courts holden in Frankfort, Vf L. S. the seal of the Commonwealth to be af- Louisville, and Covineton, and in the Circuit L. C. HOPKINS & CO. GEO. W. GWIN, Agent. Done at Frankfort, this 17th Jfixe I Courts of Franklin, Woodford, Shelby, Henry, day of Nov., A. D. 1863, and in the Frankfort April 13, l63-by- . Anderson. 0cn. Mercer, and Scott. o. tho Commonwealth. 72d year a Q) E K 0 E given to the collection of LB LTi IE M attention "S, Special will, all cases wnere u is aesir-eOFFER for sale MY RESIDENCE on Main IJiUS. lu. lilt AM LUX IE. claims. in Ihy J. H. KINKEAD, By the Governor: Street, in Frankfort. It is a large and conAT WHOLESALE. attend to the unsettled law business of James E. L. VavWixki.e, Secretary of State. ATTORNEY & COUNSELLOR AT LAW venient brick house. Terms liberal. Harlan, dee'd. Correr pondenco in reference to R. Pace, Assistant Secretary. A. G. CAMMACK. By Jas. Vvre have a superb Stock of that business i requested. INDIANAPOLIS, INI). October 7th, lSG3-t- f. GALLATIN, MO. 16, 1SC3 tf. March DESCRIPTION. CONDUCTED by an able and complete ITfcRACTICES in the Circuit and other Courts of fr- He is about 40 years of age, 6 feet high, heavy , 77 n T thtt fWt ct th. d Vacant Lot In South Frankfort faculty, and is always open for the reception V - . r,air:a. , i:i, Kr.; auuI Kl,.a x.j . UUIU, llU. uau, n j uv of visitors or pupils, being in perpetual session. FOR SALE. on reoc.j ISOV. Win, nmM n r .fair. In th OAlIatin Snn Offi Full particulars sont to any address DENTAL SURGEON, to sell the vacant lot in South Address May 6, 1857-t- f. of etanQP MALTESE LACE COLLARS, c! between St. Clair IWISn the rear of my residence and opposite OUtt ok ruideme on Main THOS. J. BRYANT. WM. F. BASKET. J AllKS SPEED LACE SLEEVES, Lewis Streets. the corner of Rev. J. N. Norton's property, on August 12, 18C3-3LACE SETS, G. W. and a half squares from th bridge. A good FRANKFORT, KY SPEED & BARRET, EDGINGS. will be given. HANDKERCHIEFS, dC, i LL operations for the Extraction, Insertion, TonigTne & Frankfort and Lexington Mrs. GEO. W. TRIPLET!. A T T O K N E Y S AT LA W , Frankfort, August 12th, lS63-t-f. rftnkf0rt Railroads. Merchants will find it greatly advantageous to periormea in a loitnuuc mi rnus.iiui; m.. uui. LOUISVILLE, KY., FRANKFORT, KY. lamine our stock of goods before purchasing, He would ask the particular attention of those AVE associated with them Samcel B. Smith, OFFICE. on St. Clair Street, next door south COLORING. wanting artificial Teeth tf bis own improvement of the lato firm of Bullitt A Smith, in the of the Branch Bank of Kentucky. upon the G ld Rimmed Plate, which, for cleanlipractice of the law, under the firm of SPEED, Will practice law in all the Courts holden in the GENTLEM EN eaa hav their Whiskers, Goatee, MONDAY, NOVEMBER 2, 1863, cannot be excelled. ness, durability, and neatness, and after or Imperial colored in th highest BARRET & SMITH, and will attend the Court city of Frankfort, and in the Circuit Courts of the CINCINNATI, OUIO Accommodation Train will leave Louis- 7v?" Specimens of all kinds of plate work may ON styl of th art, by callin g at of Appeals, Federal Court at Louisville, and all the djoming counties. April 7, IsOZ-t- f. Sept. 25, 1863. be seen at his office. "B?. 'Tilleat3:20 r. H 18i). SAMUEL'S BARBER SHOP. Jan. 8, Courts held In Louisville. LJn Llt SAM'L GILL, Sup't. Frankfort, April 22, l63-ly- . Oct. 30, 1863. aI OP THE k HUGHES DRY GOODS HOLES x. vr, XT EC 33 EST! SETTLEMENTS!! p. TO-DA- PRICES LO'VElt Snt-ed- I j? ?mm im asm W II t. DRESS SILKS OLE ALE it JOB ROOMS CINCINNATI, LOW PEICES! NOTICE. ! BOOKS. ...'. I toity-nin- 1 SUA. "W" L S 1 o NOTICE BLANKS. i.j.uiiu. . LAW. ATTORNEYS BMIOEM SUM'S, 6,000 1 ni. pre-p- 0 0. HOPKINS L. BLEACHED !SD-t- WARNER. WHOLESALE d.:. V.JA: rf l- t A blaTks. Lf fO Cras 20 33 aloa A in e r ican SURGEON. E - "J Kentucky Coal. h WHOLESALE w. T I i u a ss ATTORNEYS AT LAW. ai a NEW ENGLAND L. C. HOPKINS & CO. I) TABLE LINEt!S Attornovs at Law, 7- 7- 8- -4 8- -4 J. HOUSE I t A nti.n- K J?'! IS AND LOT For Sale. EMBROIDERED HAASS Mi I I SIStF: j, CRADDOCK, ATTORNEY AT LAW IL. C. II HOPKINS & UU., , : eiy bar-ra- in

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