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Image 28 of The Independent March 18, 2012

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C8 THE INDEPENDENT | Ashland | Kentucky SUNDAY, MARCH 18, 2012 AN OPEN LETTER TO THE COMMUNITY AN EN TER THE MMUNIT Dual credit opportunities are important for area high school students. ACTC is investing heavily to maximize those opportunities in the FIVCO area. maximiz thos uni es Dr. Gregory D. Adkins egor d Dr. Gre ry Adkins President / CEO President 1400 College Drive Drive v Ashland, KY 41101 Telephone: (606) 326-2043 Telephone: elephone: Fax: (606) 326-2187 Fax: Ashland Community and Technical College appreciates its excellent working relationship with each FIVCO i School District. This was NOT reflected in a recent headline in The In ependent incorrectly stating that th nd a a the Ashland Board of Education had taken an adverse position on ACTC's dual credit offer. i ffe Therefore, ACTC is responding by publishing our offer to provide dual credit for the 2012-2013 school year ffe the FREE OF CHARGE including: AL U 1. FREE DUA CREDIT CLASSES TAUGHT BY CREDENTIALED HIGH SCHOOL TEACHERS. AL UGHT BY ACTC FACULTY AT E CH HIGH SCHOOL L 2. TWO FREE DUA CREDIT CLASSES TAU EA DURING SCHOOL HOURS. FREE RVICES CH AL CRED 3. FREE SUPPORT SERV CES REQUIRED FOR EACH DUA CREDIT CLASS. SS. Following are examples of ACTC's investment in the FIVCO area school districts: n ACTC provided FREE assistance to Greenup County High School to implement the ReadRight© program. This program has increased ACTC student reading success from 61.3% in 2007 to 73.9% in 2010. ACTC offers FREE OF CHARGE the same assistance to Paul Blazer High School, as well as the ffe other FIVCO high schools, to improve student reading scores. FIV im adin a ACTC full time faculty will commute to Sandy Hook to teach students in Elliott County High School ffe FREE OF CHARGE to the BOE and parents. This offer has been made to each FIVCO area school district. The President of Morehead State University (MSU) has been sent a letter encouraging him to meet our a investment WITH NO CHARGE for services for all FIVCO students for 2012-2013. ACTC hosts MSU on our n ges a College Drive Campus in Ashland and partners with MSU and other colleges in many ways. ACTC can partner 2012-2013. with MSU in offering FREE dual credit for 2012-2013. ffe di In such tough economic times, ACTC has stepped up to the challenge to PROVIDE MAJOR INVESTMENTS in our FIVCO students. Why should a school district PAY for services to any other college or university ACTC guarantees in writing to provide FREE to students? i ACTC stands ready to discuss, with all concerned, how we can further improve the academic achievement of the area high school students through meaningful partnerships. me Sincerely, y Gregory D. Adkins President & CEO KCTCS is an equal opportunity employer and education institution. KCTCS CS opportunity employer education tion KENTUCKY COMMUNITY TECHNI KENTUCKY COMMUNITY & TECH CAL COLLEGE SYSTEM TECHNICAL COLLEGE In the 2010-2011 academic year, 1 1165 high school students in the FIVCO area earned a total of 7183 credit hours through Ashland Community and Technical College dual credit courses. Transferring those cre its to ACTC and other higher education institutions will shorten the time ed needed to complete a college program and will save the students, and their parents, thousands of dollars in tuition and other expenses.

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