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Image 6 of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.), April 14, 1960

Part of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.)

Agricultural conservation program WHITESBURG MEMORIAL Hospital Notes Na, Male Admission: March 30 cost-sharin- Pack, Richard Wash. Maudo Alice Admissions: Troy April 4 vlro ShGDhord. Jones, William P. Brock, Nora' Whitaker, Jr. Discharges: Carolyn Ann Figgcr, Juanita Johnson, Henry Margie W. Sparks. Smith, Male Smith, Discharges: Robert Harris, Vance. o April 5 Admissions: Jim Hayncs, Maude Hays, Doro Tolcr, Male Toler, Female thy Tackct, Male Tacket, Male Anderson, "A" Wilder, Malo "B" Wilder. Bryant, Theodoro Admissions: Vena Martha Amburgcy, Debra Lynn March 31 Car-len- Swinney, Michael D. Hayes, Clc-l- a Hagans, Margie Vance, Male "A" Vance, Female "B" Vance, Carolyn Ann Smith. Discharges: Dan C. Bellcmy, Mary Burkich, Eliza Holcomb, Edward Sturglll. Admissions: Male April 1 Smith, Marion Meade, Ann A-ge- e. Discharges: Lola Eldridge, Female Eldridge, Clea Hagans, Stoney Allen Johnson, Jewel May Mullins, Maggie Walkup, Female Walkup. Admissions: Boyd April 2 Whitaker. ACP is one of the essential materials and services set last year (373,500) Letcher services of the U. S. De instead of cash payments. ACP County was given an honorable partment of Agriculture. makes available for mention In a statewldo forestry Throuch ACP. the government conservation measures that es- contest. Technical assistance shares with farmers the cost of tablish or Improve a protective was furnished by the Kentucky of doing certain needed soil and cover of grasses, 'legumes, or Division of Forestry. water conservation measures. trees, conserve or dispose of One hundred thirty-eigh- t acres Funds for ACP are appropriated water, and other measures that were seeded to permanent covby Congress each year and dis- protect, improve, and make bet- er with tho net assistance tributed among States and agri- ter use of farm and range land. to $2,790.00. This cultural counties to help farmDuring 1959, 162 Letcher grassland is to be maintained ers carry out their conservation County farmers availed them- by the farmer for a Dcrlod of program. selves of the opportunity to lnv , four years. $276.00 in assistance a ACP pays about half the cost provo ineir farms in coopcra ...... given 10 II wiw inrco iarmers un of conservation practices ap- tion with tho Letcher County dor tho pasturo improvement proved for and Agricultural Stabilization and practice. Your County Agent helps make related technical as Conservation Committee. Sever- aided these farmers with recomsistance available through co- al of these farmers carried out mendations as to their needs. operative arrangements with two or more practices on the Two livestock wells were drillother agencies. It may furnish farm, resulting in the fact that ed for which $376.00 was given these 102 farms received in assistance. Livestock ponds les B. Caudill, Lovctta Collins, for conservation prac- were built by J. B. Evcrsole and Patricia Ison, Carleno Toler, tices. Nat Combs with assistance Sam Wesley Trent, Boyd WhitThe most widely used practo $417.00. Sod wateraker. tices in Letcher County are ways were established by E H April 9 Admissions: Robert thoso dealing with reforestation Day, Jr. and Milburn Collins. B. McCray, Oakland Halcomb. The U. S. Government spent ap- - a?'d scvcn farmers installed tile Discharges: Loran D. Banks, proximately $6,219.00 in re- - drainago on their farms with Carrie Joan Barker, Geneva foresting and improving 306 ncl assistance of $565.00, with Gale Bates, Opal Bryant, Female acres in the county last year, technical advice and assistance Bryant, Polly Caudill, Aster The tree seedlings planted not bein8 furnished by the local Combs, Jeffrey Sexton, Dalna only servo to conserve soil on SCS technician. One hundred Shepherd Alle Stepany. our barren hillsides but in fu- - thirteen acres were troatnd with April 10 Admissions: Maude turc years will enhance ,,.,. the lirrmstnnn nmi on Hays. monetary value of the land. Be-- seeded with winter cover crops, Discharges: Brice D. Baker. cause of the number of trees was allowed for Roy E. Bentley, Raymond Bran- Virgie Collins, ham, Jessie Hampton, Malo Hampton. Male J Bentley, David Gray, Sam Wesley Trent, Walter Mullis, Jackie Leo Pigg. Discharges: Nora Figgcr, C. C. Hall, Michael Hayes, Maude Alice Jones, Marion Meade. Admissions: Jessie April 6 Lee Hampton, Male Hampton, Mattio A. Marcum, Carrie Joan Barker, Roy E. Bentley, Sarah Donnelly, Geneva Gale Bates, Loran D. Banks, Lillle Polly. Discharges: Mamie Berry, Martha Brown, Mike Marich, Author L. Meade, Jackie Lee Pigg, Troy Whitaker, Jr. April 7 Admissions: Patri cia Ison, Ross C. Whitaker, Pol- no u. Whitaker, Floyd Halcomb, iovetia A. Collins, Delia Hollan, Discharges: Nora Back, William P. Brock, Jackline Burke, Usley Howard, Juainta Johnson, Arthur Lucas, Verna Sexton, Ludema Sturglll. Discharges: Willie King, Creed Millie Stamper, Charles A. Win-chel- l. THE MOUNTAIN EALI THURSDAY, APRIL 14, I960 seeding plus the fertilizers required by soil test. All the above assistance was obtained by the farmer by requesting under tho ACP at tho county ASC office. mu information may be obtained at the ASC office on Main Street In Whltosburg, phone number 2428. Another phase of ASC Committee responsibilities is 'the ad c cost-sharln- WHITES1URG, KENTUCKY PACE ministering of tobacco marketing regulations. Eight of the seventeen farms in Letcher County which have tobacco 1959. A cost-sharin- EE $4,-106.- on rc Cost-sharin- g MvFall, George McGinnis. April 8 FeAdmissions: April 3 Admissions: Rena Toler. Bates, Male Bates, Martha male Marcum, John L. Bentley, April 11 Admissions: Lucile Brown, Opal Bryant, Virgie Col- Lorenze Mercer, Brice D. Bak- Garrett, Lavon Burke Conley, er. lins. Russell Malone, B. N. Polly, Discharges: Dorothy Brewer, Discharges: Rena Bates, Male Kenneth Ragland, Anna Sue Female Brewer, Margie Pack, Bates, Flonnio Branham, Char- (Continued on Page 7) LI 0 0 They're Both Protected By BM CROSS- '- BlUFSJIELO your customers -- 1 at your FOR HOSPITAL CARE FOR SURGICAL BENEFITS tea W UnmorrUd ckOdftn or preltcltd by Big Creil Blwt SSitld from ago 30 doyi to 19 yoon. Wfion ihort 19 (of it lKy marry btlort I9L Ihty oiv (KIr own Wuo Crou Wu SKUId Plan, without any Ion ol bontl.ti. gt Hw Croil Blvf SWold moy b continuod or frtqwtnl or prolonged illnm. This It Fingertips.. CUSTOMIZED f CL OTHES Skillfully Hickey-Frcema- n suits and outcrcoats are visible immediately recognizable proof of your unerring good taste and sense of quality. v hand-tailore- d Each week the news of Jthe community Is welcomed In more than 3,000 homes by way of this newspaper . , . send your.selllng messago the most effective and economical way . . . send It with b' . . THE MOUNTAIN EAGLE. mi itgotdloii ol og, rtlirtmenl, prottdion your lomily pttdl HERE'S HOW YOU MAY APPLY: GROUP INDIVIDUAL OR FAMILY art a Ktntidlon, 64 or undtr, in good htolth. and work whtrt Ihrr art Itii than 10 you may apply dirxt. MaA iht coupon btlow. Moil ptoplt oin yrhtr ihty work If you work whora Ihtrt or J or mor pertoni, oik your irrploytr about lh odontog ol a Bl Cron-BlShitld Group Plan ll you ASK YOUR HOSPITAL M'ECROSS' SHItlO BlUt ClOtt-XU- t 3101 Baioitown loaa1 Uvit.ilU ), Konlviky po rttou Ulioto okl wASK YOUR DOCTOR COHEN'S DEPT. STORE I PHONE 2252 NAM! A.D0U3S Quality Since 1899 Norton, Va. 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EXPIRES AUGUST on the purchase of Silver Mist Flour. I I960 RD-- 3 COMPAHy83888288S!Sl, FOR AMERICA'S LOWEST-PRICE- D, COOK MOTOR CO., Inc. UMUKSSfifil MOST ECONOMICAL CARS, SEE U.S. 119, Neon, Ky. a ,. .... vkort m IN MOBILGAS ECONOMY RUM S WIT-- an No al- lotments produced a total of 7, 056 pounds of Burley tobacco on 5.55 acres, grossing a total amount from sales of $4,486.92. Also, wool producers will rt celvo incentive payments totaling approximately $75.00 for I j j

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