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Image 5 of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.), April 14, 1960

Part of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.)

the Jenkins eagle THE MOUNTAIN EAGLE WHITESBURG, KENTUCKY Elklnt By R. Percy PAGE 5 Home Teachers attend meeting of alumni at Hazard set for Saturday Library Week d Cita-dcll- is observed in Jenkins at Co-Cap- L d - Dodge Dart surrounds you Interiors are as roomy as the Taj Mahal. regular people f examination hour. Applicants must actually reside within the delivery of this Post Office. No specific experience is re- ssHsMSBSittsl Gertrude Gambill Mr. and Mrs. George W. Fugafe Sr. left on Saturday ef ast week for a two week vacation In New Orleans, La., visiting in the home of their son and family, Mr. and Mrs. George W. Fugate Jr. Mrs. Helen Varson has returned from" Waihlngton, D. C, where she attended a meeting of pdstal clerks. Mr. and Mrs. Ted Brummetf have moved from the Johnson apartment building back Into their former home at Payno Gap. Mr. and Mr. Wayne Collins and daughter have moved from Scco, Ky. into the Johnson apartment building on Haln Street. We aro happy to have them in our community. Mr. and Mrs. Bert Blanton of Dunham, Ky., have moved from their home at Dunham into the house on Lakeside Drive next to the nurses hofne. We are happy to have them In our community also. Our heartfelt sympathy goes to H. C. Smedley In the loss of his father, H. W. Smedley, of Lexington. Services were said there for him on Saturday of last week. Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Wolfe were recent visitors In Mld- dlesboro, visiting with their son and family. Mrs. J. M. Martin spent the past week end with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ira Ison, at Myra, Ky. Mrs. Lawrence Mullins, who has been a patient at Sharon Heights Hospital for several days, has been transferred to the Methodist Hospital in Pikeville, for some special treatment and at this writing Is reported improving. Recent guests In the home of Mr. and Mrs. Holley Blevins were Mrs. Ray Elman, Mr. and Mrs. Sam Brock and MrT and Mrs. Geno Brock of Kingsport, Tenn. Mr. and Mrs. Holley Blevins were shopping In Kingsport, Tenn., recently. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Robinson and Miss Edna Whitaker were in Salyersvllle, Ky , on Sunday to attond the funeral of Miss Emma Moore, cousin of Miss Whitaker, Ralph Whitaker and Mrs. Mollie Hughes. Miss Moore was residing in Cincinnati, Ohio, at time of her death. She had been a patient at the Good Samaritan Hopital there. Interment was In the family cemetery at Salyersvllle. Mrs. L. J. Bowling and Mrs. .Ralph Whitaker went to Louisville, Ky., last week to bring Mrs. Whitaker's mother, Mrs. John Spillman, here to be with-he- r daughter,-Mrs- . Whitaker. Mrs. Spillman is quite ill and now at the home of her daughter. Among those at Sharon Heights Hospital are Mrs. Helen O'Connor and W. R. Blevins. The following churches will have a sunrise service on Easter Sunday: The Burdine Freewill Baptist Church at Bur-dinthe Wrights Hollow Freewill Baptist Church and the Jenknls Methodist Church. quired, but all applicants must pass a written test. Application forms, which must be filed on or before May 17, 1900, and full information regarding the examination may be obtained from tho local Post Office. Applications should bo sent to the Executive Secretary, Board of U. S. Civil Service Examiners. Room 202 Post Offive Building, Miss May Gadd, of tho dnaco Cincinnati 2, Ohio. society's headquarters in New York, was tho guest Monday night of Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Classified Ads . . . Cooper at the folk dance stu (Continued from Page 4) dio which was built by the Education offers for sale to the Coopers during tho past year. highest bidder one Six folk dance centers were school building located at Fish represented at the occasion. Mr. Some 21,000 trees were set pines, black locusts, maples and Pond on the head of Kentucky and Mrs. Lionel Duff and son Douglas camo from; Decoy; Mr. out in Letcher County this week tulip poplars. The trees are all' River. All bids must be in the and Mrs. Raymond McLean on land that had been stripped seedlings but will begin to show office of the Superintendent of up in about two years, Orton Schools on or befre tweirs came from Hlndman; Miss Edna for coal. noon on May 7. The Board reThe property was located be said. Ritchie, Viper; Elwood Cornett, The tree planters expected to serves the right to reiect anv Blackey; Jack Niece, Carol tween Ermine and Mayking on Adams, Mary Lindsey and Bill Highway 119. The coal strip- finish their work today. Orton and all bids. William B. Hall, SuperintendNewsome, Letcher; Ann Du an ping operation had been con- said the project was the only ent and Betty Jo Little, Whltesburg. ducted by Jack Blair, who had one to be done in Letcher Coun Letcher County Schools seeded the land when he com ty in the current reclamation Among the dances shown the work. group by Miss Gadd, who Is pleted stripping. NOTKZ1I The planting was done by English, was a favorite of Prin Having been duly aotxxlnted Floyd dies Ernest Orton and other repre cess Margaret, sister of Queen by order of the Letcher County Victim of accidental electro Court dated Elizabeth of England. The prin- - sentatives of the Kentucky Rec April 11, 1960, AdMiss Dug an recounted the his lamation Association, an organi cution while moving a television ministrator with the WILL anzation of strip mine operators. antenna was Floyd Bates, 57, of tory of the development of folk nexed, Orton said his group was do Millstone. The fatal accident wife, of the estate of my late games in Letcher County. Miss MINNIE R. KYLE, deceasGadd also told of the summer ing the work at cost for the kook place at his home March ed, all persons having rlalim Kentucky Strip Mine and Recla 29. camp for dancers at Long Pond against said mation Commission. Survivors include his wife. ed to present estate are requestMass. same, verified Orton said the was fi Mrs. Bonnie Combs Bates, four to law, to um ussr Mrs. Cooper recalled her vilst nanced by some work extra money sons and three daughters. Fu- signed with Mr. Cooper to the Cecil the commission had at the end neral services were held at Mill 1960; on or before "Juty 30. Sharp House laJLoadon, home of the year which it decided and all to stone Community Church April to said estate persons' 'incited of the Folk Dtnce Society of spend In recaiming are requested to severs "sore l. Burial was in the family call and settle same with the England. There they were giv- spots" in Eastern Kentucky. cemetery with Craft Funeral undersigned en honorary membership pins. on or before said mo trees included loblolly Hoat in charge. ' dat1' e, 21,000 trees planted on smppeu ai mjiere g. with luxury. Fabrics are fit for a queen'.' sets n Folk dance society head guest here f$- girls Jenkins High School homo economics classes will present a style show of clothing they pital. Mrs. Qulllen lived hero have made at a "Fashion Festiand at Jenkins for several years. val" on Tuesday, May 3, at 7:30 Toby Leo Brewer of the US p. m. Navy is home with his parents The program will be held in for a short leave. the Jonkins auditorium. Mr. and Mrs. Cletis Howell Entertainment will include were in Cincinnati over the songs by Johnny and Margaret week end to see the new grand- Had, and a piano duct by Misses son born to Mr. and Mrs. John Sarah James and Peggy Craft. ny Howell. will inciuue sports The McRobcrts Baptist Chur- garments, casual and school ch Is having a Sunrise Service wear, street and church ensem Easter Sunday at 6 a. m. The bles, party dresses. public Is invited. At that time the new home Mr. and Mrs. Gene Smallwood ec department will bo open for and children of Detroit are vis- inspection. iting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. There will be no admission Millard Polly. charge. Mrs. Bcssio Huffman had as visitors the past week he son, Post office Billy Huffman and family of Michigan. job Mrs. Delia Maggard has been The Post Office Board of U. informed of the birth March 27 of a new grandson, Charles Jo- S. Civil Service Examiners, Cinseph Maggard. The parents aro cinnati, today announced an ex Cpl. and Mrs. Charles Maggard, amination for Substitute Clerk of Norfolk, Va. The mother Is and Substitute Carrier positions tho former Adams of at tho Whitesburg Post Office. The salaries begin at $2. per Jo-An- uock-hous- Ec set style show By Flora Scott trict and bo a strong contender for regional honors. Tho teachers from tho Mc- Coach John Morgan has set Roberts faculty chosen to rep Saturday at 2 p.m. for the anresent weir alma mater at an nual football game, c alumni meeting at tho La which should give the Jenkins In Hazard recently were following some Indication of Miss Betty Reynolds of Eastern next year's football season. State College and Mrs. MaryTho land Scott of Western State Quarterback Jenkins College. They took as their Club Is now selling tickets for guests Misses Polly Klnccr and the contest. Evelyn Auxicr. As things now stand, tho start Miss Rayno Jo Hall is home Observing National Library lng team for next season will consist of one senior and Week, the Jenkins Woman's from her job in Louisville this 10 juniors. Captain George Elk Civic Club, Inc., enjoyed a pot weok. Friends here aro sorry to hear Ins is tho only returning Junior luck supper at the library April of the illness of Mrs. Verma lcttcrman. El kins will play tack 15. Robb Qulllen at Ft. Pierce hos- lo along with Ted Chapman. Miss Clara Shaw conducted John Fleming and Reggy Sex- a reading survey of the memton arc expected to start at bers by a scries of questions. Prayer conference guard with help coming from Sho also gave resumes of tho planned Virgie Larry careers of two Kentucky auth Thurman Hall. The Christian and Missionary Pack and Phillip Helton will ors, Jcsso btuart and Helen Allianco Church In Virgie, Ky., man 'the end positions. Ronnie Hunt Giles. will bo host next week to the Miss Shaw revealed that tho Annual Prayer Bullion is expected to start at Confcronco for center. Comprising tho back-fiel- Jenkins Public Library now has churches of Southeastern Kenwill bo Russcl Adklns at 5,500 volumes. It Is maintained tucky and West Virginia. Pasquarterback, R. C. Stewart at 'by tho club. Books arc bought tors of churches from these fullback, and Ted Pass, John by the club and catalogued by areas will be official delegates Lcqulrc, and Larry Witt. Paul the members. She noted that to the conference. editions, Pondlsh, and Palmer Adklns aro somo valuable first Confcronco will begin on expected to add strength to tho now out of print, arc on the li- Tuesday at 2 p.m. and continue line. brary shelves. through Thursday, April 21. Day Tho club plans for a section sessions will be at 0 a.m. and The Cavaliers have scheduled 10 games with four at homo and of shelves to be devoted solely 2 p.m. and the evening services six away. Home games will be to Kentucky authors and one for aro scheduled for 7 p.m. played with Whltesburg, Fleming-- books on tho War Between the Neon, Wheelwright, and States. Box supper will Several new country dance Cllntwood. Hostesses for the meeting help Daniel school numbers from England and wcro Mrs. William Ray Mullins, Baseball Season to Start A benefit box supper will be Scotland were taught a Whites-bur- g chairman; Mrs. Holly Blevins, group this week by tho Jim Summers' baseball team Mrs. Richard Litts, Mrs. R. M. held Saturday, April 23, at 7:30 e head of the Folk Dance Society McDonough and Mrs. Joo Ever- - p.m. at uanicl benool on will swing into action next week of America. Creek. and Is expected to win the dls- - sole. Intro-squa- By THURSDAY, APRIL 14, 1960 MeROBERTS Intra squad game Doings in town Happy ending: Ever)) can afford Dart's low price. Pampers you.. your budget, too ! two-roo- m totes MM,'"I"5 -i. ttooen v. Kjie Dunham, Ky. By! 'Harry L. Moore Attorney JHsMssrvI'ViaM For Rent FOR DODGE DART I Tho Dodge Dnrt is bo smart and luxurious looking, some people might think it's expensive, too. Smart and luxurious definitely! Expensive deflnitdy notl Actually, Dart is cars. priced right down with other And Dart really knows how to stretch a gallon of gas. So if you like luxury and economy, set Dart America's 1st Fine Economy Carl low-pric- NOW DOOQC SUHDS TWO ed It CAT CARS: Mf Dirt It prteW DODGE DART mU CAR Mtfilwltt f tsar CAR Ftirtint Siwy nirlimMO Bv4rt 61 PHOENIX CUIuU fury Imptk 3-w- ay Air Ddg DMilen ol ChrytUr Corporation DODOC DART, LUXURIOUS '60 DOME JORDAN MOTOR COMPANY Highway 23 J.nkln. If you N aro now giving you this protection on each and very garment cleaned by them at no extra cost to you. Have Pigmans' clean nd mothproof your winter clothes before you put them away. For better protection and to save closet space, have them stored In our modern Insured cold storage vault Blicirn flONEER "iUILT-I- Pigman Brothers Cleaners C SENECA AND ING-MILDEWPR- DEODORANT" cin c P CAR MOTHFROOf tot one iow price Call us Today. Kv. Phone 2537. RENT Card of thanks - VCARD OF THANKS Wo would like to take this means to thank all of the kind friends.and neighbors who stood by us in our sorrow. We would ilko to thank aH who sent flow ers and food, for the nice cards, and consoling words. We would like to esneelalhr thank the Jenkins hospital staff. me ministers and the Craft Funeral Home. May God bless each and every one of you. The family of Marv Mollla Bentley. "1,H""HaH"SSSSBBBaSXSgeMBSJBBBaejBjBaBBBBSBBBBV want a GOOD USED CAR REMEMBER-se- e Three-roo- furnished apartment, Main Street, hot and cold running water, private bath. Call 2067 or see Ralph B. Bates. Whltes burg. RED .t CREECH & KIMBRELL'S Used.C, Loth Neon, Kentucky

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