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Image 4 of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.), April 14, 1960

Part of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.)

'"SUPER-RIGH- QUALITY ' T" Classified Ads Smoked Ha CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING RATES 5c per word for first Insertion 3c per word for succeeding BUT WHOLE 1 YOUR GUARANTEE SHANK PORTION PUKNUIM F P. M. Friday, April 15 for darkening drapes in the Jenkins High School Auditorium. A description of type of material, pattern, color, etc. can be had Insertions. and Cards ef by calling at the office of the Obituaries Superintendent of Schools. The rhanks, two cents per word. Board of Education reserves the right to reject any and all bids. tor Sale Jenkins Board of Education , Amm Cranberry Sauce 16-O- z. Cans Fish and Sea Food OVEN-READ- Y TURKEYS t FROZEN Cod na iuut vicuna mm m Frozen G-- 8 03? f8x9 1 Lb.aSaV 3 J . Box (2-Lb- Breaded... $1.49 Strawberries 20 Lbs. Up 12 Lbs. u f Ocan...l CaD'n John T P23-92900- b. Cap'n Juhn Heat 'n Eat.. mm 25$! Lb .) Perch Fillets nsn sticks Shrimp 587-57- 7 Pkg. 586-94- 8 HAMS MQ 10-O- r. 98IIA-1649- "Super Right" Fully Cooked Q0 W 1M,fc Pkgi. 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Iim" rear,i tan uncurl the rorncn 7 minuter1 r,l uj the 0 ln high-prict- ii jSff ) lANS PARKER LAROI (R9- - all your insurance and get less ctby Ford? lan & c. 39 Jelly Eggs ( iO 2 45c Instant Coffee ffi!'!. 'J? Chocolate Pies ZHT Tomato Juice jx" ...4c?,':89' t. 39 Jant not Parker 37 Jane Parker Blueberry ... 8lte 55 e or Southern Pecan lane 29 Loaf Parker Cinnamon Margarine bonnei . Miracle Whip v Ka v 2c Off Deal )2 49c oreVtino 25 features, articles, stories may Woman's : Ihw COMK now on safe JC 3ICES IN THIS tHt Spic & Span GOING mw PAYnooo more WORTHMOR - 37. Mr. Cleon PIKEVILLE, KY. mym nae()r6Mi)29t. Blue Cheer STYLI Angel Food Ring 33'. Danish Nut Ring 31 Ph. GE problems CASUALTY Jame M. Caodlll Ann Page - 41c Jack Call Piano Co. 149 Main St. Kentucky Insurance Agency - $499 8 - FIRE 79 Dill Pickles ALL FLAVORS Ice Cream Sharp Cheese lb. fOUTMKN ST A MADY TO MRVI lty NOTICEI Tho Letcher County Board of (Continued en Pay 5) COMPLETE INSURANCE SERVICE Let us help you with CANNED HAMS Let face otWu ca,"orn" Su p"ca vGlvi Whlthcsburg, Kentucky opining of our Whitesburg office on Main Stret across from the Courthouse Wf OFFER .' SPEAR'S ib. EW-510- Announcing Thise are special Hams. The Shank and Pelvic bones are removod to give you large center slices from end to end . . only the round center bone remains. Cured and Smokod to give you tempting Ham flavor. Prime Rib Roast aaaaaaaaaaaai No. JAA025408, License No. Michigan 1959. KYVA MOTOR COMPANY 1JK-E-8342- Super Right Quality mm mam 6, William Charles Carter, 62, of Jenkins, died April 3 at Sharon Heights Hospital, Jcnknls. A natlvo of Lcc County, Virgin-it- , ho is survived by his wife, Mrs. Nora Young Carter, a brother and two sisters. Funeral services wcro held April 7 at Marshall Branch Freewill Baptist Church. Burial was in Drydcn Cemetery, Drydcn, Va., with Craft Funeral Home in charge. Skinless - Excess Fat, Shank and Pelvic Bons Removed Pordhook LimasF"n239c mm. r, Wanted HAM OR TURKEY Fillets--(;-- buried in Virginia her-attorn- cy, OCEAN SPRAY WITH William C. Carter PIANO Office. C.V.Snapp,Supt. If you need a piano wo have two brand new 1959 models at NOTICEI big savings. Write for picture Letters of Administration have and discount prices. Very Easy been granted to Martha V. CauTerms. dal (Mrs. Cro C. Caudlll) Box McClister Music Company 72, Whitesburg, Kentucky on Box No. 334 Hirestate of her Bristol, Tennessee, Va. am Monroe Blair, deceased. All persons having claims against said estate arc notified to pre Business Services sent them to her or to Harry M. ELECTRIC MOTORS, coal drills Caudlll, Whltcsburg, Kentucky, Glenn rewound, repaired. verified according Brown, Whltcsburg Armature to law, not later than June 30, Co.. Phone 2392. Whltco Road. 19C0. All persons being Indebted to the estate of said Hiram Monroo Blair arc requested to make payment thereof to the FEMALE IlELP WANTED administratrix on or before said Immediate opening, ambitious dato. woman to fill position in Sales Martha V. Caudlll and Management with famous NOTICE OF SALE Hollywood Cosmetic Co. Car necessary. Write 204 Fields St., At 10:00 a. m. April 25 wo will sell at public auction the folCumberland, Ky. lowing described vehicles being MOTOR ROUTE Man In Jenkins- - held for storage and service Neon area. Must have car. Sales charges: experience preferred. Hours Mercury, Motor No. 1951 a. m. Car expense and com- 515L 123533M, No license. mission. Reply to Box D. The 1951 Plymouth, Serial No. Mountain Eagle. 13045863, Motor No. License No. 1949 Ford, Motor No. Notices License No. 1959. CALL FOR BIDS 1949 Chevrolet Convertible, Tho Jenkins Board of Motor will accept bids until 6:00 Serial No. half-brothe- DELICIOUS THE MOUNTAIN EAGLE WHlTESBURG, KENTUCKY THURSDAY, APRIL 14, 1960 Pate 4 AD EFFECTIVE otAt AiiNf ; SJt?i fofl TRRU SAT i rAnrn THB FINEST FORDS OP A LIFETIME AT YOUR FORD DEALER'S) TfBST-OR- p-- r a Ul.Um. USt 1 AUON-r- k. N.-- Wi. ford C3 IIHINDCROIRO-T- U W,li JkUrf - WaW Cm APRIL HARLOW MOTOR CO. i MAIDSON STREET WHITESBURG, KY.

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