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Image 3 of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.), April 14, 1960

Part of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.)

WHITESBURG, KY. PAGE 3 THE MOUNTAIN EAGLE THURSDAY, APRIL 14, 1960 NEWS By GraM extend our HM da Gibson, Buddy Klnccr, Jim my Wise, Porky Hall, uwigm r.oin. Thev were accompani ed by Mrs. Ruby Harlow, Mrs. Gladys Klnccr, Mr. Harold Brew er, and Sharon judaic. Mr. and Mrs. James M. We wish to extend our dwp-s- i sympathy to tho family of Mr. Jack Pittman, who passed way recently. Uie new Neon Masonic Hall in Noon was dedicated Sunday April 10. Approximately 300 liasons were present. Past Worthy Grand Mater of Kentucky, John Wesley Hall of Martin, Ky., conducted the cere- Wo wish to . and Anna Laura were in Hazard Saturday. KEA K.E.A. delegates? and school leaders of the Upper KcniucKy Blvcr Education Association met at tho Walkcrtown. School in Hazard on Tuesday at 0 p. m., for tho purpose of organizing n recommended program for tho K.E.A. Delegate Assembly whclh meets in Louisville April 20, 21, and 22. William B. Hall will represent tho Letcher County Schools as a delegate to tho inauguration of Mahlon Albert Miller as president of Union College at on Wednesday, April ftSHING Bar-bourvil- lo 20. pathies to tho families of tho men killed in the mines near Louisa Saturday. They wcro Tho boys in Loulsvlllo last week were not talking too muck fkhlng. The about the 6prnlg movements of fish were late, after tho hard winter. Aad tho wcatcr still was drastlce. side-arswing With a soft, Sut when the spring mov limber of a light (3 I could place the mcnta do start there's likely spinnnlg rod, worm a long way out in the to bo some wild and wooly Asklake to find the channel or ing. Say, this week hA. Let's go fishing. reach the stump where I sus ice-bo- Hungry hawk invites self to dine with the chickens Arlio and Marvin Hall and DanBy Lovell Caudlll iel Short all of Dcanc and BeavIt mav sound fishy, but it's er Creek. a hawk story, told us by Flora Wo wish to extend hoartfclt sympathy to the family of Aunt Whitakcr of Blackey. bho tells Molly Wright Bontlcy who pass- us back while the big snow was on sho fed her chickens and ed away recently. Tho people from out of town went back in the house; she who were here for the funeral was watchnig them cat through of Jack Pittman were, Mr. and Uio window when a large nawK Mrs. Arlon Pittman of Balti- flew down to eat with them. more, Md., Vlda Pittman, Wash- After a good bit of laying mash ington, D. C, Mr. and Mrs. tho hawk flew up In a tree, then Charlie Keller, Lcrose, Ky., Mr. flow off. After that rill of layand Mrs. Bill Keller, Winches- ing mash, she can look for a ter. Kv.. Mr. and Mrs. Winfurc good crop of hawk eggs. Mrs. Ellen Fields has had her Keller and Mr. and Mrs. Junior Keller of Winchester. Mr. and children, Joyco and James, home Mrs. Felix Donnely and Donna over tho week end. Joyce's little daughter, Rebecca, was with of Smoot Creek. HO nrwl Mn TnVinnv Hall ir 'them. Sally Brown and Flora Whit-bab- y tho proud parents of a 0 lb. aker spent part of last week girl who has been named Bottv Anne. Tho Ha cs also wun Airs. Jim vuow. The burned fish crease is not have three sons. Mrs. Hale is so loud this week, for Less Cautho former Martha Howard. Several members of the Fleming-- dlll and Dock Mitchell came Neon Band attended Band from Buckhorn with two little red horses. Clinic for three days in Middle Pfc. Douelas Brown, hit wife boro last week. They were: Rodney Smith, and son Butch left Monday for Blnky Smith, Garry Pack, Eddy Tilley, San- Texas, whero Doug will be stadra Wojciechowskl, Diane Har- tioned for two yoars. low, Sheila Banks, Jay Cox, Lla- Darrell Brown, tho son of Margaret Bowling, has Joined They were the Army for four years. He loft Monday for an examination. Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Bailey were here over the week end to see his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jim Bailey. Jim Greer is a lucky old fel low. He can sec as well as hear what's noinc on. They have just put in a television set for trotllnlng, with mouth. worm bait. They use very small hooks, fly size, because the sucker has a small mouth. Incidentally, many fishermen use hooks that arc too large. Those small hooks will hold anything you are likely to catch in these waters. In Louisville last week a lot of my old buddies were talking pond fishing. There are a lot of farm ponds in Jefferson County and the distilleries in and surrounding Jefferson counties all havo water-supplponds (after all, your whiskey, me boy, is mostly water.) him. We arc very sorry to learn Oak Halcomb of Ulvah is in the hospital; hope he can return home soon. Vina Pratt spent tho week end with the Ray Browns (planting potatoes). Aunt Liza (Eldridge) Miller Interesting thing about ponds has not been feeling so good for is that you are likely to find a tho past two weeks. We hope different kind of fishing in she feels better soon. every pond. Over a decade I fished with a flyrod only, and WHITESBURG SCHOOL in a lot of ponds, for bass and WEEKLY MENU Hot Does With bluegllls. Mondav I never was much of a caster. Macaroni Salad on LetChill, tuce, Buns, Butter, Milk, Choco The flyfishing yielded more action. I have caught more fish late Rice Pudding. Tuesday Roast Pork and with a flyrod than with any Gravy, Mashed Potatoes, Butter other tool. And I guess, over ed Peas, Hot Rolls, Butter, Milk, many years of fishing, the blue-gl- ll has been my favorite fish. Cheese Applo Crisp. Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Ho is smart and a fighting fool. K.EA. No school. y Sunday school to hunt eggs Easter morning , Tho bass Is inclined to feed, or strike, at intervals which only he understands, and otherwise is apt to be moody about biting. But when you find the blue-gihe's always ready to give ll you action. When tho splnnlsg rod which had been used In Europe for a couple of centuries was perfected and introduced into this country, of course I had to try it. And that's all I use now. I found tho spinning rig was moro adaptable to various types of fishing and different conditions. I found, with my late great friend Atha Baugh, the 6pin-rowas especially handy to get bluegllls from ponds. In eevry pond which receives BARGAIN STORE MKT. il?Pasjsj""? The to have an egg hunt Sunday. Everybody is invited to como out and take part in this event. We had 56 this Sunday and Hot-sphad 44. iMisses Emily and Dclora Sue Cook arc on the semester honor roll at Whitcsburg High school. Emily went to Washington with thc senior class this week. Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Cornctte of- - Blackey wcro visiting the Hiighcscs Sunday. On Saturday, tho 10th, wo aro going to clean up the Banks grave yard Just above the Uz tunnel. Everyono is Invited to bring somo kind of tool and surface water there is a channel. Here the bass and blue-gill- s hang out except when they are out foraging in shallow water. Often the channel Is hard to locate and hard to reach with a cane pole, casting rod or flyrod the channel may be far out in the middle of the pond. help us. Mrs. Price Little was a visi tor hero Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Ward and their children, Charles and Kay, were visiting relatives and friends in Harlan Sunday. We hear John Banks of Isom has a dog to sell that will dig fish bait. Mclvin Comctt wants him to get In touch with him at ii Up to 20 larger brakes with up to 49 sq. in. more lining. once. MARLOWE HHflHHjlflV 1 returns home from hospital By A. P. Williams Thursday Willie King came homo from Whitcsburg Hospital stay there for a after a heart condition. Friday morning N. F. Necessary and daughter Mildred and her husband, James Spcnce, took young son Rodgcrs to Lexington for a medical checkup due to a brain operation at Good Samaritan Hospital last year. They returned Saturday night. Monday morning Mona Euo Adams and Pauline Conner seniors in Whitcsburg High School, went with other seniors of Whitcsburg on tho chartered buses to Washington, D. C. They live hero With their families, Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Adams and Mr. and Mrs. Philip Conner. Sapphlro mine ran 5 days last ten-da- y Mpera electric windshield clear even the center, For Graduation - White Pumps Reg. $6.99 Now $5.99 m r w' Extra body Insulation makes Mercury for quieter to drive. Summer Sandals $1 .99 up Up to - more wnecitaebetUr e cars. ride than other O- low-pric- if Xtonly Up to 6' for oaslor entry and exit. wider front doors Longer, heavier rear springs Safer, front hinged interior driver-controll- hoodwith lock. Heavier bumpers and grille., ulterior quality throughout. LOVABLE b lamous Circle Stitch" 'Mercury road-test- s doewn't ndy on tvtry car; Mercury prices start $63 to $66 below even the lowest priced V--8 powered Plymouth Fury or Chevrolet Impala ! SfissiSsssssfifiS. I IK MMN ssssV IsUll so comfort.. So much beauty and so much cups, l.ned for. .a stitched mtlel Perfect fit with anchor-- , undersections for firmer support An band that can't roll or wrinkle. TouMI Kentucky Department of and Minerals will bo host annual convention oi mo Tncnnctnrs' InstllutO Of America at Lexington Jem It-15. $ for a smoother, softer ride. week. Tho Mines to tho Minn et Ha Willie King 399 group LADIES DRESS SHOES Buy One Pair-GOne Free pNnBBtsAsSSBBStlbMsflttAla&KMJOTa Up to 662 cu. in. moro foot room for i 0299 Ml IF "VS Coo and Colorful . . . brightens up yo'jr summer play . . . Waclc, white, natural; sizes 4 to 10; N or M width , , , M widths . . . - llll' rl CASINO Colorful CARMEN . . . yours ot Up to 404 pound more weight means far more road liability. J CARMEN for a gay time . . . smartest bow around . . . black, white, natural; sixes 4 to 10; N or LOW-PRIC- E Heir niljuituiK brake' They mill no periodic ndjustmont. A d CAR WITH THERE'S ONLY ONE A VALUE AND PRICE STORY LIKE THIS : CAR BETTER MERCURY-TH- E si iAfCSi K mmmmwmm LOW-PRIC-E By Fred Hughes Uz Sunday School is going big-lak- e WHITESBURG ICE Liz pected tho bluegllls were hieV ing. And in a gratifying percentage of cases they were there. n We trust you havo taken time f But when you learn some of off from the gardening, etc., to his habits, you can have fun.. I try out tho sucker run In the lovo to locate a good bluegill river. Tho boys have been slay- spot In a pond, around a stump, ing 'cm around and about. or beneath a willow. Sometimes you have to wade Charles "Ligo" Whitakcr, reSmiley, Hager in "up to here" to get the angle ported to Jim Dunn, June Hodge and his pap, for a flyllne to lay a small popping bug to a x Steve, that ho had "the Suckers and cat very exact spot. Or with worm fall of fish." bait rcdworms or, better, m fish, an occasional bass. season, catalpa worms a lonp And John Tolson went up the (to avoid throwrailroad at dark with a long looping roll cast ing off tho bait) can lay the string of suckers. hook right in the bluegilTs ULVAH sym- It takes a delicate throw to deliver a tender bit of worm or a grub into the channel. I used a No. 0 longshank Carlisle hook six inches below a split shot. For a floater, to place the bait at the proper depth, I usually used one of the clip-obobbers because It is more adjustable on the lino. delegates meet It HARLOW MOTOR CO. Main Street Neon, Kentucky agree.. costs so little to look Lovable

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