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Image 2 of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.), April 14, 1960

Part of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.)

WHITESiURG, KY. PAGE 2 THE MOUNTAIN IAOLI THURSDAY, APRIL 14, 1960 Letcher scouts plan exhibition CAMP BRANCH Extends sympathy to th family of W. M. Breeding By Percy Elklns Eleven Boy Scout units repreBy N. Sergent senting Whltesburg, McRobcrts, Wo wish to extend our sym and Neon, Dunham, Jenkins, display their pathy to the family of W. M. will Burdlno Scouting talents in the first ex- Breeding who passed away position ever to bo preesntcd by Thursday. Those home for tho the Letcher District. funeral wcro Mr. and Mrs. Tho Exposition will bo held Charlio Breeding, Mr. and Mrs. In the Jenkins Field House from Bobbv Breeding. Mr. and Mrs. io n m tn 10 D.m. on Saturday. Jimmy Collnis, all of Michigan. April 23. Admission of $1.00 Misses Louise Lowe and Brcn-d- a anH sor will co into tho treas Clay spent Saturday night ury of the troops selling tickets, with Nannie Lou Sergent. so this will servo as a double Mr. and Mrs. Bill Sergent of purpose. First, this is a chance Millstono wero Sunday dinner for tho doodIo of Letcher Coun guests of Mr. and Mrs. Ralpn ty to view tho accomplishments Clay. Mr. ana Mrs. Enocn bcr-of the troops and to learn what gent were also dinner guests Scouting really moans to the of the Clays. boys of Letcher County, nad to Misses Nannie Lou Screent contribute to the upkeep of tho and Brenda Clay were Sunday by buying a ticket. troops guests of Doll Buck of Each unit will have a stand from which to display its projMrs. Green Clay Is visiting in ects. The coat of the construcapproximately $50.00, Ashland for a few days. tion is Misses Brenda and Deborah which will be paid by firms here in Letcher County who wish to Clay spent Friday night with hek and recelvo the advertise Mr. and Mrs. Enoch sergent ana Nannie Lou. ment. i Subscribe to The Mountain Eagle BAi Umj BBBBlBBBBB'Brataaf An extra field agent Is helping to relieve the overload of work for clients of Social Security In Letcher County. Tony Santllll, from the Wheeling, W. Va., district office, Joined Earl Tyler Monday In handling the cases of Invited clients. noitiinr visits to lWhltcsburg Wodnesdav. but special cases arc handled on the second, third and fourth Mondays in each month In tho circuit court room In the court house. The ancnts work out of the Hazard district office. Miss Mary Cox, of tho district office, also has been helping out for two months in the Hazard district. soil-savin- LITTLE COWAN CLUB 4-- H Little Cowan 4-- H meets at home of Paul Lusk By Ellen Armstrong, - Tin is survived bv Elijah, of Democrat and John Richardson, of Sandlick; and Mrs. Lizzie Williams, Democrat. Tho funeral was held April 8 at Rockhouse Bible Church, Dcane. Burial was in the Riley Bentley Cemetery with Craft Funeral Home in charge. landscaping, mil Adams of Camp Branch was In the hospital at Jenkins when I was at his house the other day. Amontr manv tree setters this season aro Bill Adams of Col- son, T. D. Isaacs of Dcane, Sam Sortnnt of Indian Creek, llcou ... D I.en of Ermine, venson uauoiu of Thornton, and Melvln Adams of Craft's Colley. itco Creed Hughes, Apple Branch on Rockhouse Bennjo Craft on Millstone, and Melvln Duncll of Thornton plan to do this Important program. "Tho dlsslnat on of our natur al resources has been one of the tragedies In the development oi this country. "Tho restoration of our soil, water, and timber can bo accomplished only If our students who will become the future citi zens of this country attain suf ficient Interest to carry out wis Sweater. We had a very interesting Droeram with the topic "Ken tucky Streams and Waterways." The members taking part were: "Mighty Ohio" Steven Brown; "Steamboat Days on Ohio" Frieda Lark; "Big Sandy" Jewel Banks; "Kentucky River" Charity Sturglll; "Other RivDelmar Fields. ers" The Club also was given light bulbs to sell for tho J. M. Felt-ne- r Camp at LonMemorial don." We certainly hope wsH be able to camp there this ftOe TAYLOR tillage method this spring. Robert Brown of Whltco will sow one acre of fescue in corn as a cover crop in the falL Somo landowners doing both open and closed dralnago in tho near future are uennic Yew Tslfhew most women do, TALK ABOUT A BARGAIN . . . well, handy to pass don't they? Good thing the telephone's phones a pretty news along! Come to think of it, your good bargain, too. Saves you so much pastures. time, so many Pack of Cowan CreeK has recently Installed tile drain .Tohn steps. Keeps you in touch with friends and family. And no matter age. Ottls Brown of Van will do tile drainage . soon. . .. . " Everywhere I go I find people wnrklne. Marlon Gillcy of Don- gola was hanging paper when I how many local calls you make, there's never an visited him. V. L. Bates of Rockhouse cer talnly has some fine grass grow rff. My phone number Is 7448. My office Is now located over ucn-n- l Tolllver's Barber Shop. Come In and sec if I can be of n distance to you. Come in any I nlan to be in the office every Friday if it is possible. Anytime that I am not in wo office, leave a message on uio door. Manv farmers arc participat pro ing in the ASC cost-sharin- extra penny, charge. No cost for repairs, either. How's that for a real bargain! a college? EASTER PLANS7 Children coming home from weekend? Well, whatFriends or family arriving for the count on Long ever plans you have for Easter weekend, more. You can get Distance service to help you enjoy it artogether by phone to talk over arrangements, time of the road your-selrival and so on. Or, maybe you're taking to for Then it's mighty convenient to phone ahead greeting to reservations. And don't forget an Easter by poor someone you can't be with is so much warmer Distance and the cost U small for Mighty helpful, Long the big pleasure It gives. f. g BEST FRIEND? Tree ca't run from wi'dftre nd even man can become a victim ot CAini-""-Each year millions of charred, blackened stumps become mute headstones to mark the graves of giant trees killed by fire. America, another type of Each year, somewhere in , .. a Saw In the paper recently that ROYAL VISIT Japan's Crown Prince Aklhito and his wife will visit the chDd U. S. sometime in the late spring after their first on their courtship. is born. Here's an Interesting angle the tennis court but according to Japanes They met at So custom couldn't have dates In the American sense. (his fiancee) about 10 times kihito phoned Michiko said "yes". Well, a day, and it was by phone that she handy thing to have is wc say, the phone's a mighty around the housel Following is a telemm from Perkins to the Congressman of the Board of Superchairman visors of the Soil Conservation Tllstrlet! Washington, D.C. Kentucky's goldenrod is so typical of floral Americana that there Is a potent drive underway to have it adopted as the national floral emblem, says Travel Magazine. Dollar-and-Sen- Manr u-ra- Randall Maggard, Willie Gibson, and Ned Day. Bill Collins, Wliie Gibson of Rockhouse, M. C. Gillcy of Cowan. Byrl Combs, Hanaaii Maggard, and others are sowing 4-- Forests Can Become Grave Yards. pro-vld- Talk gram and more are beginning tn realize the advantages of us ing this office. Go in and see Mr. Caudlll for assistance aiong this line. That was mighty good "vlt 1p" wo had ud at the Soil Con servatlon Banquet tho other Refreshments were served by ntpht. Added to this were some Mrs. Lark and we played some things said that were food for games. The meeting was then thmipht. And Charles Tanner's "Carrion Crow" delighted all of adjourned. WHO Kl LLISB nrocram. "For generations to como, a successful program requires the full cooperation of the Federal, state, and local governments wiih tfrouns such as yours. Al. .a M "I recently rcqucsicu wo y o proprlatlons committee to fed adequate funds for the eral governments portion oi this program. "I feel sure that it will bo successful In Letcher County so long as the current policies aro maintained by you and tho public spirited citizens who are encouraging our youngsters to participate In this movement. Carl D. Perkins, M.C." Telephone m Tho Secretary. Sandra Bloom er, called the roll and tho mem bers answered by their middle name. The minutes of last meeting were read and approved. Wo had aulte a bit of now business to discuss, so our lead wsri er, Myrel Brown, took the lloor. He spoke of the Annual Spring Rally Day held in April. We wero encouraged to give a speech or demonstration. As ot yet, tho following members aro Faltn to eive tho followinn: Armstrong, Speech; Dana Stur glll, Speech; Charity Murgiii, Speech; Jewel Banks, French Dressing; Frieda Iark, Soft Cus tard: Dana Sturcill. Measuring Liauids: Sandra Bloomer, fToz en Meats: Doris Day, mut Drinks: Ellen Armstrong. Cot taco Salad: Faith Armstrong, Preservinc An Immature Insect; and Steven William Craft Brown. Prunine a Tree; Delmer Fields, How to Splice a Broken Cord; David Sturglll, Reversing a Motor: Carla Lark, wnlto Sauce: Linda Banks, Washing a aaaBBxaHrcSv "Whltesburg, Ky. "Tho officials of the Letcher fnttntv Soil Conservation Dis trict are to be congratulated on their successful cliorts to usi tho cooperation of the teachers and students or your county in News Reporter Club Tho Little Cowan met at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Lark on Thursday, March 24, 1960. The meeting was called to order by our pros ident. Faith Armstrong. We stood and repeated the three stand Improvement with riled ecs. and tho sonaleaders, timber Intcrplantlng of pines in tho Charitay Sturglll and Steven spring of '01. Brown led us in a few songs, in Wlllio Lucas will do some Kentucky cluding "My Old corn planting by tho Home." 4-- H ninlnn Richardson. 74, died April 5 at his residence at Demrwrat Tin was a niuvo 01 11" cher County, tho son of Luanda Cook and Andrew Jackson I R. B. Caudlll nearly completed his now homo. Bill Collins of Dcane wm really have a beautiful home stead when he sows the ten acres of rolling land near his material about Letcher couniy home In grass. Un on tho head of King's for use in a course he Is taking Creek Herman Fields plans to at Morchead State College. Riley Campbell of wmtco nas build a new home. He will extend the lawn and do extensive SOIL CONSERVATION NOTES By Cecil Hentley Willie Back of Blackcy was a visitor recently to pick up some Blaine Richardson dies April 5 at his home n xaTBBv More farmers announce their tree plans; g work Congressman applaudes Extra agent aids on social security reaiom to e GO OLDS N THni'i eoili drlMi , Old than you'd YOU CAN HAVK MOCKIt ON HiaULAII "ao" avry Dynamic 08 otfara tha Regular Reckat Bnglna that thrlvaa on towar-coa- t, ragular fual, headstones arc numerous. Aside from the loss of life, think of the millions of acres of forest lands blackened each year, and the timber and wildlife destroyed. Think of the floods that follow because the forests no longer exist prevent erosion. And think of the rccrcarion areas-mayto your favorite vacationland that can never be replaced in your lifetime. This year, the problem is more acute than ever before. De doubly careful. to rrr guaaal headstone marks a human grave because someone was careless with fire some years these new , HocKrr your rocKrr...n t.OKATTMXT".A.VAl.U. rCATUKCa AT HO BXTRA coeT. you'll final mora . what yeu want In vary modal. f be HIOH HBBAL8 VAUU VBYBBvBvBBBj agv aTV:-l.i-- i' vJjJ55J1551???" T" afmira aaaaaam VBjfc B9Bb Only You Can.. PREVENT FOREST FIRES! The Mountain Eagle OVHAMIC MOUOAY , if m Invaatmant holda whan you go ovar to Olda. ?jH aaawaaMaaBAaBBBBBBaa g M WOKTMAN OLO.MOB.L. SIR YOUR LOCAL AUTHOR.UD -- SH rW DtNKK O'lHtt SHOW NUT WIU OM CIJ.TV...HU U.S. 11 NOW II THK TIMK TO . chancaa ara THADK your praaant car will navar bs worth mora than It la right now. QUALITY DHALBR TODAYI COOK MOTOR CO., Inc. BAVaa you MONBV,..anJeyyour Reckat now with tha tnurtnei that your 9, Neon, Ky. 10WIU THOMAS ANO THI NIWS . MONDAY TOM UIBAT M CIS lABMr

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