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Image 1 of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.), April 14, 1960

Part of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.)

Unlvoraity of Kentucky Soriala Dopnrtinont Eliza both Hanaon Hood U K Library ' 1959 WINNER OF FIRST PRIZE it' FOR COMMUNITY SERVICE Kentucky PrM Ateeclatlen Lexington, ky. ) W 1 VOL. 52 f THURSDAY, APRIL 14, 1960 WHITESBURG, KENTUCKY NO. M 0EJ w Wells holds Money to be available for new school plant last term) of court ONE OF THESE WILL JurtPe Wells said. "Trtd"v in mv ninth venr on this benrh. there arc 129 cases on the civil docket. Mavbe one of them Is more than a year old. "Now. I was raised on a farm, and had the dutv of helping to Letcher County soon will have school system's borrowing po$350,000 to spend on a new tential results from an increase school building, Supt. William in appropriations voted by the I960 legislature and from creH. Hall said this week. ation of a state school building ActuaJy, the county school system won't have the cash In bonding authority, which will hand but will have the ability back up bond issues of local to borrow Uiat much more mon- school districts. So far the county school board ey and repay it over a period of has not discussed what use it several years. will make of the money which Hall said a fiscal agent told will be available. him this week that the State Department of Education had said tho county's borrowing potential would be that much. Hall not had offical said he had word from the department. Thcro arc nlno places a building might go, the superintendent Indicated, and It will be up to the school board to decido where tho money will be spent. The gratifying total of 14 Hall said ho considers the Sc- - young musicians from the area and the Whitesburg High School band Colson area emergency areas. have been chosen as members r A Stato Department of Edu- of tho organization to cation survey in tho early 1950's take part in the Southeastern center Music Association's annual fesrecommended a at Whitesburg and tho $350,000 tival at Harlan on April would not build all of that, he They are Billy Cayce. first said. (The new high school-grad- e school building at Letcher solo cornet; Billy Hall, assistant has 24 rooms and cost $350,-000- solo cornet; Emil Joe Clay, assistant second cornet; Joe Tho increase in tho county Merylo Brown, second cornet. Darrell Gilliam, third cornet; Tommy Stansbury, baritone; clarinet; Tommy Ray Shout, baritone; Miss Barbara Lynne Bentlcy, third clarinet; Miss Annette Hilton, second clarinet. Miss Sherry Canaster, second clarinet; Miss Nancy Clay, alto Dr. Robert R, Martin, manag- - saxaphone; Miss Fern Fulton. or of the successful Bert Combs bass clarinet; and Miss Carol campaign for governor, was Canaster, alto clarinet. elected Tuesday to the $15,000 Director Rolland Secontlne a year post as president of took two members of his musiEastern Kentucky State College, cal aggregation to Harlan on April 4 for the regional tryouts at Richmond. band and was Dr. Martin, who had been for the serving as state finance com- highly pleased with the fact missioner since Combs took of- that 14 of them earned part In fice as governor, is a former the group. stato superintendent of public instruction. He will take office as president of Eastern on July carve it from virgin forest. "Mv father taucht mo the hard way that it is Just as important to clear out the underbrush and dead wood as It is to cut the great Umber trees. "In my service here I have tried to follow his percepts in reducing tho loa don the courts. "May I say In all humility that with the cooperation of the Dr. Martin will replace Dr. W. F. O'Donncl, who at 70 The young ladies pictured at years of age Is retiring after the right are contestants in the serving 19 years as president of second annual Miss Letcher tho state institution. County Contest to be held SatReports from Frankfort indi- urday at 8 p. m. at Whitesburg cate William F. Matthews, Jr., High School. The contest is Shclbyville, tho governor's ex- sponsored by the Junior Chamecutive secretary, will replace ber of Commerce. Martin as finance commission Kind words for tho people of Letcher County marked tho departing address of Courtney C. Wells, Hazard, as ho opened Monday his last term as judgo of Letcher Circuit Court. Letcher becomes a separate circuit court district, effective June 10, under legislation In tho 1900 session of tho Kentucky General Assembly. Tho April term of Letcher Circuit Court also was the last for Commonwealth's Attorney Tolbert Combs, Hazard. Judgo and commonwealth's attorney for the new Letcher circuit rmist be appointed by Governor Combs for tho Interim term until a formal election can be held In 1901. There has been no official Indication as to who the two appointees will be. Bv agreement of the court and Interested parties, the April term will be one of the briefest In history. After empaneling of the crnnd lurv. all criminal cases on the docket were postponed to the Julv term, first for the new circuit court. Apparently there was little work for the prnnd Jury. Jtidpe Well's complimentary words for Letcher County were borne out bv tho record. Ho noted tW whon he sat In his first term In January, 1952, tho docket comprised 10 typewritten pages. There wrt 1 275 civil cases on the 1952 docket, many of them n'd nnp h's rornrd showhad been on the ed. One ca docket 23 vears. "Many others were fivn to 10 years old," (Continued on Pago 8) BE EIGHT PAGfl. 'MISS LETCHER COUNTY' OF I960 14 students win places at festival LINDA CHAMPION PEGGY CRAFT PHYLLIS CAUDILL HELEN BLAIR all-sta- 48-roo- 0. ). Martinnamed at Eastern 1. LANA WRIGHT Beauty contest Saturday night er. JEAN HENSLEY All-Sfat- o YVONE BROWN JULIA FAY WILLIAMS Mine mishap takes 3 lives Thev had been oncratine tho charge. The Halls were the sons new mine only about two weeks. of Cannon and Martha Bentley Joint funeral services for the Hall and were r eared in the Hall brothers were held Tues- Deane community. day afternoon at the Hall home Marvin Hall is survived by his at Dcane. Burial was in the Ri- wife, Mrs. Margie Boatright, a ley Bentley cemeter at Deane, son, two daughters, a brother with Craft Funeral Home in and a sister. Arlie Hall Is survived by his wife, Mrs. Carnie Amburgey Hall, two sons, two daughters, a brother and a sister. Service set at sunrise on Easter "Tho Helplessness of Death" will be the topic for the Easter Sunrise service of Whitesburg churches on School Hill Sunday at 6 a. m. Tho sermon will be delivered by the Rev. Robert Owens. The Methodist Church communion service at 7:30 tonight Lloyd Hodgo, former footballor and all of the I960 Kentucky Wildcats' around sports star at Whitesburg High, will servo as grid suad. The stollar sonlor, shown hero with Head Coach Blanton Collier and loci Jerry 'Elsman, is considered one of the ccuntry's finest linobackers and is duo to" pity guard novt seaum after previous duly at fullliack end an!cr. Hedge's selection marks the been hswiorod with a fifth time in the ltf fKe wac that a Kentucky mountain boy captaincy at UK. football CLAUDETTE AMBURGEY ELOISE PRITCHARD GINNY BANKS p. m. Arlio Hall was found alive a- bout nine hours after the acci dent but died on the way to a hospital at Louisa. All wero badly mangled, officials report ed. BOY CAPTAINS UK GRIDDERS ANN DANIELS i , Funeral services wero held Tuesday for threo Letcher County men killed in a coal mine accident last Saturday near Webbvlllc, eight miles southwest of Louisa. They were Marvin Hall. 50. and Arlie B. Hall, 52, brothers, both of Dcanc; and Daniel E. Short, 40, of Thornton. Marvin Hall and Short were killed by a fall of "soap rock" which apparently occurred Saturday between 2:30 and 4:30 LOCAL T rr 10c PER COPY Maundy Thursday communion scrvico will bo held at tho Whitesburg Methodist Church nt, 7 30 p.m. today. This servico U in commemoration of tho Last Supper our Lord had with his dlsciplos. The public is invitod. Tho Maundy Thursday servico at the PrwbyterUn Church also will bo held at the same time tad the Good Friday iorvico .tore will be it 7:3u p.m., the Ovmm. put r, Itov. Ioi naineotl. : I Presbyterian, Methodist and Baptist churches are In the service. Tho Whitesburg Choral Club, under the direction of Mrs. Jano Westovcr, will sing an anthem. In case of bad weather tho service will bo held in the Presbyterian Church. An Eastor cantata, "Sunrise Over Calvary," will be given at 7 p. m. Easter Sunday at tho Methodist Church by the combined choirs of the Proibyterian and Methodist Churches. The cantata k being dJreotod tar he lev. Char' Tanner i pas-.trie- Ifon.oUh&.Me.thodfat, QhuroJu t. Funeral services for Short were held Tuesday morning at the residence at Thornton. He was the son of Henry and Maggie Short and was born at Pound, Va. He is survived by four brothers and a sister. Burial was In Cantrell Cemetery, Beaucarap, Va., with Craft Funeral Home In charge. Two escape Letcher jail Another jailbreak was chalked up Wednesday night agaiaal the long record of Letcher County's ancient and decrepit jaiL Escapees from the jail are) Jack Sexton, 32, Whittsburg, charged with armed robbery; and Sammic Lee Mulhns, 22, Jenkins, who has been convicted of drunken driving and face charges of check forgery. Both are credited with exteav slve criminal records In several states, Sheriff Johnny Fultea said Thursday. The fugitives sawed ana boss! bars at the top of a windoe side of Iks) on tho down-rive- r jail about 9:30 p. m., Jailer Robert Sexton reported. They (Continued on Page 8) Eagle honored for service received Tho Mountain Eagle board. two awards this week for its Tho certificate for work t work in soil conservation and forest fire prevention was p forest fire prevention cam- sented by tho Kentucky Division paigns. of Forestry, which also mad The awards were made at a awards to Don Crosthwalte dinner honoring the writing of Radio Station W1CW, Jolia the 10,000th soil conservation Preston of Whitosburg Higk School and tho Soli Conservaeesay in Letcher County. The certificate honoring the tion Board. County AUy. F. Dyrd Hogg newspaper's soil conservation earvico was glvon by tho Board ' and County School Supt. W. . of Supervisors of the Letchor Hall spoke oji the seed for fo- Couiv Soil Conservation Dis- - 'oet fire prevention. The Rer. U is orly ! ' 'th su u Charles Tenu iirs. gVYBftl Pisugtid by tlie AJiQrt Jongs tOCtOlktiUitl him. 1 t -- . .

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