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Image 1 of The Kentucke gazette, March 22, 1788

Part of The Kentucke gazette

e Numb. XXX. K ' March E U T A - - I C S 22, i;3S- 5 U R D A Y, MARCH 2a. 1788- - LEXINGTON: Printed and Sold iyjown and Fielding Bradford, at ifoir Printing-officMai', Street where fubfcriptibns' at i8fpt'. Ann Aavertifi ments, fortius paper, are thankfully received, and Printing in its different branches done with Care and Expedition -- Advertifmenis o" "no morr length than Ireadth, are injerted for 3. the first time and 2. teach time aster and longer ones in proportion: e' Extracts from the journals of a convention begun and held for the diftritt of Kentucky a't Danville in the county of Mercer on the 17th day of September 1787. the representatives of the of the district of Kentucky in convention afFembled, that it is expedient for and the will of the fam3, that the said diftrift be into a (operate an independent flute, oil the 'crms an J cm Jitions fpeciled in the t,wo ab of aTdiibly, onecmitled " An aftconcerning the ejection of the district. of Kentucky into ah independent Hate," the other entitled " An act making fi' ther provifionforthc ereflmg of the diftrift of Kentucky into an independent state." RESOLVED ihat this convention do six the th'-tfiift day of December one thousand seven hun Ired and cghty eight, to be the time on which tiie authori'y of the commonwealth of Virginia and of its b'vs over tnc dtstncl: of Kentucky shall and de eiminefo- - evei, under the exceptions tet-fspecified in the act, intitied "an aftconcerning the erection of the diftrift of Kentucky into an independent ft.ue." RESOLVED that an add cfs to the congress of the United States of Amen.a be prepared, ftat-ir- g the lei ling reifons for ihich the convention Live judged a reparation of this diftiict from the 'ii'reof Vi gina to be expetent, and lequefting th .t the diituct may be aim tted into the fcele-("eirtin'onairreeab'etoan act of the general al!em- of Virginia 111 that case made and provid ed. WHEREAS this convention hath adjudged it expclient that this diftrift should be separated fiom the (late of Virginia and eiercd into an and hath octet mined that the authority of the commonwealth of Virginia and of or laws over this diftrifl fliall cease and forever detei mine on the thirty fiift day of December one thousand seven hundred and e.yhty eight. And to tbeend that no period of anaichy may ar'uc to the "oodrcon'e of the piopofed ft.itc, RESOLVED as the ppin"n of th's convention that a convention Iliad be e'e'led with full T"'ei- - and authority to fume an J cftibhftia fundamental constitution of gavei mncnt for the ilate and to declaic what laws fliall be in loac the en until the same fli II be abiogated or a'tcred by ti e legislative authority aclmg under the constitution 10 to be framed and cftabliflied. RESOLVED that in the month April next, on the lefpeclivc court days of the counts within the fa'il diftrift and at the respect ve places of holding courts theiein, representatives tocontinue in appointment iintill the th.rty fiift, day of December one thcufand seven h ndied and eighty d e'ght to compose tne said conve' t on, fluM within 'he said diftrxt. by the free ma'e jnr.ab:tantb of each county, in 'he like manner ss the f'e'cgateb of the sens al adeinbly have tccn eleced, in the piopoirions following; in t'e counn of Jcfrcnbrj fliall be e'ected hve re-- p cfentare ; m the county of Nchbnfive in the county of I'ayette the n the county ot Bonbon five .; in the county ot Lmco'n five in the county of Madison five and in the county of Mcicer five That full oppoi tunity may be even to the good people' of excrcifipg their right of fu 3i age on an occasion lb interesting to them, cch of the officei.s so holding C eft'ons, fl)a!l con-t.- n c the same fiom day to day-- j (or live days including the liift day,-anfhi'lcaufc thcTc refolu-t'oii- s to be read, immediately preceeiiipg the open-ji- g of the e'eftion atthedoo: ot the Com t ho, se, 5r otliei corvemCnt place; aiidfh.tlV'r Biadfoid lie rcqucftc .to publifli ihe 'amc in bs Kentucky Gazette, six ''ccks fucccflivciy, iiiimoliately pre ceding the time of holding the laid elections. Each' ot the said of.u'eis ftiall deliver to each peifon, 4 ily eleiicd a lepiefentativc, a certificate of his e'eftion. The (aid Convention fliall be held at D?nvillc, on the fouith Monday in July next, and as son as eghteen members have convened, icy fliallnd nuy pioccedto the cIto'cc ofal'ic-Jfdcn- l, and othef proper officers; and fouling ;pro- - RESOLVED per rules of proceedings; to consider, and by a majority of votes, eftablifti a fundamental Constitution of government, for the piopofed state; and declare what laws lhall be in force therin,. until they arc abrogated or altered by the legislative authority, afting under the Constitution so to be framed and cftabliftied. RESOLVED, that three members of the said convention aifembled, fhallbea sufficient number 10 adjourn from day to day. and to iflfuc writs for supplying vacancies which may happen from deaths refigiiations, or refusal to aft. RESOLVED that in case there fliall be no flicrifF within thcrefpeftive counties of the diftrift of Kentucke, at the time the several elections are directed to bi held for the election of the said members of Convention, that any two acting who may be present on the day of holding the said cleftjons, be appointed commifi-oner- s to superintend and conduct the said election, and to maKc returns in the same manner as the flieiifF.s arc directed to do. A true copy fiom the minutes. THOMAS TODD, C.C; by . Ju' fl pio-puf- bee-Icctc- c- rcpic-fentativc- 1 reprc-fentativ- repie-fentativ- 1 s; fiui. i ; Mr Bradford. HAyEleen repeatedly inserted in yotir .Gazette an Advenifement by a certain Maurice Nagle of Din.'ille-- , publishing my having; taken the benefit of the Aft of Limitation, my realbns for so doing were, fubfe'riber "takes this method td inform the pubile that he has- set up the blue diers business in (Hopewell in Bouibon and will take iri Hemp, Max; and Cotton' thread to dyej Thole who will please to savour him with their custom may depend on beins fai'hfnllv fcrveH by 'JpHE . - '" "ADAM M'FERSON.v. 'TAKEN' up on tne Qhio rivqr'.abouq twenty five miles below jimtftone' sometime in 'December Irtft, a bay mare about fourteen hands high, ten or eleven years old, dockt but no brand perceiv-bl- e, a blemish in her right eye had on a mail bell tied on with a tanned leather siring, arid a piece ofa horfe-lho- e ma in the Bell for a Clapper,- - the owner rr ay get her by apply ir.g to the fubfetiber l- iing near John Kntons Station on the orth fork of Linking abbut six mile3 from limeftoue. March 1. 1783, JOHN CURTIS.' T hereby forewarn all persons from pur--- 1 lent the said Nagle sixty pounds chafiing a bond executed by John in certificates in 1785. likvwife located Tebbs deceased to Matthew Walker for. fot.reen thousand mjc s of land, and paid two hundred acres of land, to be part of sees: clrputy fnrveyors and the said Tebbs's preemption as the said likewise 5600 acres for a certain J )hn HunWalk':r has sailed to comply w it'll his enter, whicti laid Nagle affumcd topay : like-wigagements to said Tebbs, in concequtnee afligned him platts and certificates of which he obtained said bond. WILLOUGHBY TIBBS Heir&c to the amount o 27,000 acres of land, as 3032 will appedr froin tin. recordsof the survey-o- r of Lincoln county. The said Nagle commenced' a suit aainflme in Mercer AN away trom the lublcfiber living county, which suit by the order of the near Danville, an Infh servant man. court was refered to Col. Benj. Logan and named James Donellonj about 26 years of Col James Knox, and when the Arbitraage, about five feet six Inches high, hid refilled to altors set, he the laid on when he went away an old cloth low my accounts as above stated. coat a pair of buckskin breeches, and a I would ask find Nagle is he did not pair of shoes which are rather too large give me a receipt against a bond I exefor him; much pitted by the small-pocuted to him and th.n alligned the bond whoever takes up said servant and secures to Col. Isaac S.itlb) ? him so that get him fliall have five D.d not col. Shelby cotfimerice a suit dollars reward, befidts what the Ipw al against me; and was no the luit difmiffed lows. WILLIAM GREEN 30 D'id not col. on account of the receipt Shelby commence suit then against him? did he not contefs judgment for the principal, interest; and colts of both suits; the records of the fup'reme coiirt will deA traft of land containing .1400 acres, termine m the affirmative, did not Nrgle with John G ow become liable on the waters of the north fork of Licking, lying on the road from L'me-iUinfor a bond executed by Gen. Wilkinson to the lower biue licks ; being 10 R'chard Stevens, did not Richard Ste'Mays settlement and preemption and inve s giv e up the bond to Ndgle and Did not the iid Nagle afn r taking it in aflign the cludes .Ylavs lick, good bonds on .persons fuel Bond with Jhn Crow security to in this diftrift or on persons in the Eastern," part of Virginia will be received in paya certain J hn Jones, which was by him ment, ?nd I will warrant the ti'le, ailigned to Albert Ban'ta who has comb 30 . tf HARRY JNNES menced suit thereon,i( and by affigning his own bond to make his innocent security iiable for his bt aster having once ta en it up. 'IheiV far!ts fhews' A. much greater deiigri off fraud and.dif--lionell- y than for a man to claim the beTWILL be taught at Capt. Thomas Youngs In, nefit of the laws of higt cpuntrv. W Lexington, by the quarter; to commence 3W JQHN MARTIN.' on thurfday the 3d. of April next; I 3i- Gentlemdn first,- .1 1 Chain-carrie- rs se 1 ?- - FOR SALE the-lai- e-- N;C i N G B ALSO, L A M.K SPELLING BOOKS, &c. MAY BE HAD and Ladies who incljnc to enter, will please Ate attend on that day, and' the terms 'flrtill be mado; S WRITING-PAPE- R AT THIS OFFICE. known by JOHN DAVENPOK?"

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