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Image 18 of Annual report. 1915

Part of Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station

/ " ¤ s‘ i¢“· ~¤“ - i l · 8 . Twenty-eighth Annual Report of the ` s ;-if ` . Monaseus Purpureus (Went) ` Not a Causative Factor in Forage Poisoning. L. R. Himmelberger. Journal Com- parative Pathology and Therapeutics, September, 1915. The Feeding of Young Chicks on Grain Mixtures of High and Low Lysine Content. G. D. Buckner, E. H. Nollau and J . H. Kastle, Vol. XXXIX., No. 2, December, 1915. ’ Variations in Mineral Composition of Sap, Leaves and Stems of tht? Wild Grape Ville and Sugar Maple Tree. O, M, Shedd. Journal Agricultural Research, Vol. V., No. 12, December, 1915. Translocation of Mineral Constituentsof Seeds and Tubers of ‘ Certain Plants During Growth. G. D. Buckner. Journal Agr. Research, Vol. V., No. 11, December, 1915. I < Reports. Twenty-Seventh Annual Report of the Work of the Experi- - ment Station, 1914. Biennial Report of the Director of the Experiment Station to the President of the University, 1913-1915. Eighth Biennial Report of the Food and Drug Department, ‘ July 1, 1913, to June 30, 1915. EXPERIMENT STATION ll/IEDAL. As an encouragement to the various lines of agricultural production in the State, the Ex- periment Station in 1915, adopted the custom of awarding for the best exhibit made during Farmers’ Week, in each great class, a handsome bronze medal bearing upon its obverse side a beauti- ful representation of Millet’s Sower and on the reverse side a combination design made up of a horse ’s head surrounded by a WI`€?llll of C01`l1 ftllfl tOb2lCCO. ·A cut of this medal appears in Figure 3. During the past Farmcrs’ Week, this medal was awarded to the following persons: S. V. Fry, Lexington, for the best exhibit of honey. I? I. J. Engle, Lexington, for the best exhibit of pigeons. ·l J. S. Steers, Dry Ridge, for the best exhibit of poultry. Henderson Fruit Growers’ Association, Henderson, for the best exhibit of fruit. In conformity with the system adopted last year, brief ré- ii ports by the heads of departments, covering their respective lines

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