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Image 11 of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.), October 15, 1953

Part of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.)

THE MOUNTAIN EAGLE, WHITESBURG, KENTUCKY THURSDAY, OCT. 15, 1953 Pine Mountain Baptist Associatonal Missionary TEPP tlrS Boys or Girls HI SHOE (by Robert II. Fike County Agent) SWINE: Fall Pigs: Successful winter hog feeding depends to a considerable extent cn the care THRIFT FAMILY FOOTWEAR Boys HI No. 1428 & 2928 A Teppers SPECIAL VALUE! This sturdily constructed shoe is of the ever popular plain top style. Built to TEPPER'S exact specifications, Heavy mold rubber soles, a genuine all leather uppers. Made to support out not to Dina growing feel. I l I H I Sunday School Lesson SHOE Ask For A International Uniform REALLY HEAVY Series October 18, 1953, DUTY SHOE ! Ask for No. 340G C. A. Lingle, Jr. EXTRA HEAVY (12 iron) SOLE of sturdy waterproof molded rubber. Genuine all leather uppers, s Constructed on special "Lasts" to fit growing feel, with a narrow heel for support and a broad toe for plenty of crowing room. Solid brass hooks' and eyes for months of trouble free wear. LESSON VERSES: Matthew Rer. John K. Isaacs 5:13-1- 6: John 14:12-1the Lord had said un"Now II Cor I Corinthians 3:6-lfto Abraham, get thee out of we've bold Thousands James 1:22 thy country, and from thy inthians 5:14-2Of Pair At (To be read and kindred, and from thy father's 2:14-1- 8. $259 & $2J)8. house, unto a land that I will studied in your Bible). to in practiclc brown only, sizes 8 shew thee." Gen. 12:1. ALWAYS ON HAND. H Corinthians just as soon as the pigs will The purpose of quoting the thew 5:13-1James 2:14-1SCllS above passage is, to show that 5:17-1ReSn,arl' accept it particularly those God does have a purpose in This is the last lesson in the pigs that are not getting peoples lives. In 1939 a Bap- series entitled "Foundations enough milk from the sow. tist preacher was faced with Principles for a better world.' This is believed to be the real an important decision. That The first lesson reminded us place of synthetic milk. The decision involved far more of God's Will for a better product is now available in than he could see at that people. Today we are think dry form, thus resulting in time. He was sure that God ing of the ways that we as less labor for those who use it. wanted him to come to Let Christians, and new people, 1A companion product to the cher County and to work for can help in making this world "synthetic" milk is "pig startthe Lord here, but he did not into a better one. er" which should be made ALWAYS ON HAND. Ask for No. 1335 know that he would still be Jesus as he preached the available in feeders when And 2335 H here in 1953. He hal lost his greatest of all sermons, The pigs are two or TRULY AN OUTSTANDING BUY! M mother in June of 1939, then Sermon on The Mount, com old. The use ofthree weeks these two for a period of time he was pared Christians to salt. In products will make it possible waiting and praying for God's his day and even today salt is to wean pigs at a younger HfcaMaBfta slippers constructed on childrens "Lasts" especially for H will to be done in his life, used to preserve It arrests age, than should otherwise be Sturdy, long wearing While he was waiting, there the processes of corruntion advisable, thus giving suffiB TEPPER'S Stores. came a letter from Fleming, and decay that naturallv cient time to get sows in a Wk White molded rubber soles, all leather uppers the narrow heel for extra support H Ky., with an inquuy about takes place in the foods that thrifty condition before breedWonJd Sell coming to Neon, to do mission we eat. We salt down pork ing for 'another litter. This to 11 and 3nd broad toes to give plenty of growing room. Sizes 8 JpHf Btacfc orBrown work. It was a venture of to make it safe through .hot j would be especially advant- faith, but the young man re weather, else it would snoil. dgeuus witn neavy milking 11 to big 3. Saddles. sponded something like this We salt down fish and are able sows that are run down after "I am not financially able to to ship them for long distances. nursing a litter. come, but if you will send me in a like manner Christians Good pasture is an impor a round trip ticket from Wins- can preserve those things that tant addition to the ton Salem, N. C, to Neon, then are good m this world. One fall pigs. This will ration of I will come and visit the situ Christian who has the nerve grains usually which be small one ation." The Clerk of the to speak can break up a wild of the most nutritious are pasof Neon Baptist Church, A. J, party destined to to do evil. tures for pigs, besides the nuArrington (Uncle John) im One Christian who is willing trients provided in small grain mediately complied with the to point out the right against pastures, fields covered with young man s proposal He the wrong can stop cheating in pasture provide an excellent came to Neon and spent two the class room or gambling on. running place for pigs, which weeks. At the end of two the playground. As salt re- - may become heav?lv infested t weexs ne aeciaea toa wanted taras corruption so can a with worms if confined to drv him to preacli to the Neon and Christian, and a small amount lots. Haymond Baptist Churches, of salt or one Christian can All feeds, and a supply of (Continued next week in this easily make the difference. In good drinking water, should article) . Matthew 5:14-1Jesus tells be supplied in self feders, in The Baptist tent revival at Christians that they are the a dry shelter- - This, of course Whitesburg Junction continues light of the world, while in is more important when the on through 'his week. You John 8:12, he says '1 am the weather is bad. Feeding hogs are cordially invited to attend light of the world." This is not out in the water frequently Oldimobfl Prlctf Start At low At . . . ana bring your mends. We a contridiction. He is the proves to be expensive hog have no message but that of source of the Christian's light. raising. the Bible. We have no fancy This light that comes from After pigs have been wean sermons, but preach on the Jesus is spiritual, and though ed it is well to give one treat great themes of the Bible. We men may think that they are ment of sodium fluoride to dellvmd locally tlalo ond local km xJra. do not have time for debates able to live completely in the assure the eliminating nf Your price depends upon choice of mocei and confusion in our program physical, that kind of life will 'worms that seem aiwavs to ond body ifye, optional equipment and of work, but try to present a tciidimy xau. umy a me nil--, get by our best effort at sani accessories. Prices may vary tlightly in adjoining communities because of shippi-- g charges. positive program of evangelis- ed with spiritual light is tation. Keep in mind that All prices subject lo change without notice. tic and of christian training in the technical grade, containall of our work. OUsmobile value is top value! That's There, of These lessons of Jesus not ing 5 per cent of sodium course, some in our work who only lay upon tha shoulders fluoride should be used. The why so many people are switching hurt our work apd who do of Christians, the responsibil- dosage should be accurate: 1 over to Olds! Actually, you can oicn a not rightly rcpresen1 us, but ity for a better world, they pound of sodium flouride to "Rocket" Oldsmobile for less than the those are the exceptions. T tell Christians how it might 99 pounds of dry ground feed. " cost of many models in the do not condemn other people be accomplished. Christian It should be kept dry as long You'll command the field! Decause oi some things their Faith is to be applied, redemp as it is in front f the pigs. 1111 tremendous power of the famous church members do- - There tion is to be claimed, and Drinking water should be sud- "Rocket" Engine . . . ride in the are some Judas' among anv through Christian effort the plied as usual but the flouride r luxury of Oldsmobile ingroup, but let us not pay so patterns of human society are mixture should neevr be fed ride in style every teriors much attention to chem as we to be moulded to the Will of wet. Better hogs mean better mile with thc dramatic "Rocket" God." Then shall do the beauty of Oldsmobile Power disciples."Johns", the beloved yield her increase; the earth eating. and God, Styling all for much less than We believe in p redeemed even our own God, shall bless you'd guess! See us for a demonpersonality a consecrated us." (Psalm 67: QA . stration. You'll soon learn that the j i uccu i aaui a trainee mma. as a smart move is . . . OVER TO OLDS! good candidate for the Lords Franklin Holcomb of Lex ington is visiting his wife work. Nothing is too good Mary Jane over the week end. for God's work, so give Him BiUy Wright of Cleveland, your best, spiritually and phyAstor Whitaker of Toledo. Ohio spent last week with her Ohio is spending a few days sically. parents Mr. and Mrs Nathan at home. Yes, the baby i named John R. Leland Isaacs. My Wright. Mr. and Mrs. Kennon Whit full name is carried John Mr. and Mrs. Jim Hampton aker of Whitesburc? visited Rufus and our good neighbor, of Cincinnati are spending a relatives here Sunday. Leland (Pud) Draughn, as a few days with her parents Mr. ihose home from school for part of his name. My "Rufus" and Mrs. Virgil Lemaster. the UKREA vacation were is also after my uncle's name. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Profitt Dewilder and Gladys Watts, and father Sam Hoskins went Billy Ralph and Margaret See you next week. to Cincinnati last wek end to and Jackie Smith. see Mr. Hoskins' son, Rayder, SECURITY OFFICES Jackie Smith and two nepwho had just had a very ser- hews visited her sister, Mr. CLOSE NOVEMBER 1 ious operation He is recover- and Mrs. James Kindrick SunSfdVm. Car ttluaratri abov. DtLnx UT A General Motan Valm. Elizabethtown and More-hea- d ing nicely from the operation. day. district offices of the Russell Profitt from JohnMr. and Mrs. Bil1 Dixon and COME OVOPt TO State Department of Economic son City, Tenn., spent a few son Randy of Louisville spent book Freel Fascinating "How fo Wofefc Foolfcoi" by 13 fop Security will be closed No- days last wesk with Mr. and the week end with their parcoaches. See your Otdsmobile deaterl vember 1, eliminating direct Mrs. Earl Profitt. ents and relatives here. Mrs. Floyd Whitaker is Mr. and Mrs. Kermit Caudill service to workers and employers in eleven counties, it spending a few weeks with and children visited Mr. and AND QET A "ROCKET8 FOR YOUR MONEY was announced today by Com- her sons at Payne Gap. Mrs. Benton Campbell SunSEI TOUR NEAREST OLDSMOBILE DEALER- Basil Hall was in the Flem- day. missioner of Economic Security Vego E. Barnes. ing Hospital several days last Mr. and Mr?. Hagel CampClosing of the Elizabeth-tow- n week. Mr. Hall tst recently bell and children visited her and Morehead offices had an operation m a Lexing- parents Sunday, Mr. and Mrs, will require unemployment ton Hospital. Sie Cornett. insurance claimants, job seeic-e- rs Durant Cantrell who is emMiss Mary Lou and Martha and employers using ployed in Detroit snent last Lee Ison were Saturday night placement to be serv- week end with his parents guests of Mary Lou and Hattie ed by other cities. here. Watts. FOOTBALL ON TV! SEE OLDSMOBILE'S "PRESS BOX PREVIEW" JUST BEFORE GM "GAME OF THE WEEK", SATURDAY, NBC; 1- -: By 4; chil-dren- '3-5- a; 0; 6: 9; H I I I I 8. 9 1 I glip H tAA I. taken of pigs before weaning. Pigs averaging 40 to 50 pounds per pig, at weaning usually can be fed :profitably regardless of season. To do this requires that pigs be properly-feand cared for- - First of all, the nursing sow should ba given a ration that will stimulate heavy milk flow. This may well consist of a full feed of grain balanced by a mixture of tankage and soybean meal, half and half, along with mineral mixture and salt, self fed in separate compartments of a feeder. This combination may successfully be self fed after the pigsare two weeks old. To provide all pigs the same opportunity a "synthetic" milk J I I I I I 1-- 2 1-- IrrTjr J llV 2 Popular Priced Fcotwcar WHITESBURG, KY. e 1l -- Over to Olds tt I 6, hey go once "f&zyj&am, tfajtvuee, $2,336.62 I 90-9- s "lowest-priced- big-ca- .. EAIJJE i. HAYMOND Am-burg- ey IVI 48-pa- I Phillips Motor Company Neon, Kentucky ser-vic- es

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