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Image 1 of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.), October 15, 1953

Part of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.)

m mstmm iwm ira m aiitEiiBiii ' SECTION 1 8 PAGES 40 - .. "SI1 inwimm wi m t m i m-t- m it w: ma w $1 Volume No. 47 Whitesburg, Letcher County, Kentucky, Thursday Evening, October 15, 1953 Number 21. Consol Takes Top Ground Broken For 1 Honors In National 1 TO THE PEOPLE OF UMW Hospital LETCHER COUNTY: Safety Meet Oct. 1 Near Hazard The extensive Safety educaIn 1942, 1, as well as Millions of other Construction of the new tional program carried on con- I American Boys, of the Armed Forces, Hazard hospital got underway tinually by Consolidation Coal on Saturday, October 10, at was having it hard. "During the fall of Company (Ky.) Jenkins, has when ceremonies! II a. m., again paid off. Their Mine j 1942 I spent nearly 4 months in the rain j by were conducted at the site 204 won first place in the com Representatives of the United and snow sleeping on the ground, in a bination First Aid and Mme Mine Workers' Welfare and Rescue Team contest held at Pup tent, or in a Fox Hole, going for Retirement Fund. Fort Wayne, Indiana on Sept. weeks at a time without having my 29 and 30 and October 1. The Hazard structure will clothes off. Due to this exposure my Their Hendrix mine at be a key unit in the system of ten hospitals to be erected Deane. Ky., won second place health was destroyed, and I became mitViin thp next two vears in m the Mine Rescue leam conafflicted with severe Asthma, which gets regions test. Mine 214 won fourth the heart of the coal' Memorial Hospital place in the First Aid Team by the worse as the years go by. Y'ou that have Kentucky, contest. Association of Asthma or know of relatives or caquainThis is an outstanding honor which is sponsored by the Fontaine Banks, Jr. inasmuch as this contest was I tances who have it, know what we en- Welfare Fund. Effective October 1, Mr. of national scope ?nd brought 1 dure. You also know that hard work is U. M. W- Leaders, including Fontaine Banks, Jr.,. was em- together the best First Aid and Sam Caddy, President of Dis- ployed by the Southwestern Mine Rescue tearos through I nearly impossible. Due to this condition, j trict 30 and Tom Raney, inter- Kentucky Planning Committee out the entire United States. board, I am in the same shape as you or your executive national to dircet City Planning in These teams went directly member for the union will be Harlan, Hazard, Piktville and to Fort Wayne following the I relatives. When you go to the polls on joined on the speakers rostrum Whitesburg with headquarters Big First Aid I November the 3rd, I want you to rehire by a representative of the coal in Middlesboro. Mr Banks is and Mine Rescue contest held industry; Dr. Fred D. Mott, a graduate of Berea College in Pikeville, on Sert. 26, where j me as your County Court Clerk, a job the medical directoi of the and has tney also won top honors. that I am able to' do. Memorial Hospital Associa- Lin City taken recen: training Mine 204 tied fo- - first place Planning under Mr. There is one other thing 1 would like j tion; Asa Barnes, M. D., area Warren T. z.itzmann of the and Hendrix placed third in I medical administrator Louis- State for you to think about before you vote. Agricultural Mine Kescue. Hendrix won ville, Ky., and local leaders in dustrial Developmer and In first place in Firs-- Aid. Mine j Board. In the Book of Isaiah of the Holy Bible medicine and community life. He served fifteen months in 204 won first place in the ! there is a passage that reads like this, The site fox' the Hazard Hos Korea as 1st. L. with the colored section. STATEMENT OF "AND A LITTLE CHILD SHALL 1 pital is located two miles from Marines. He will be under town on Route 80 in a beau- the supervision oT Mr. John Fox Hogg, 19, LEAD THEM." This is the thought I and will work directly tiful setting. It will be of want to leave with you, as I am the only 1 three story fire resistant con- under the Executive Commit- Accidently Killed struction. It will have 64 pa- tee of the Southeastern KenAs the Eagle is about to go person asking for this job that has chil- - 1 Democratic, Nominee for tient beds and 27 bassinets. tucky Planning Committee to press information comes to . dren. I have six which you can see in the Outpatient services are to be which is composed of C. O. us stating that John Fox Hogg, picture below, with their names and ages. on the first floor along with a Hoskins of Harlan, Chairman; 19, son of the late Blackburn suite of laboratories; physical Arthur T. Banks Mayor of and Nancy Hogg was accident I need the office in order to help them facilities. Whitesburg, Vice Chairman; ly killed at his work. His theraphy and TO THE VOTERS OF LETCHER COUNTY: more than to help myself. Two operation rooms and a G. C. Owen, Middlesboro, brother, Larkin. it will be re If you will elect me County Judge November-3- , I wiJ room for care with T. called, was also accidentlv I have tried to make you a good Clerk. work for the extension of good roads to all sections of our also will be located on the first M. Stratton, Mayer of killed in Indiana Sept. 26th. I would like to ask you to consider very j county, and for the improvement of the highways already floor. The basement will ac and M. K. Eblen, Mayor The body will be brought to built. carefully what you have just read. Then 1 comodate service facilities, a of Hazard as committee mem Letcher Coumy by the Craft kitchen and cafeteria. The bers. Funeral Home ?nd it is I will see that all laws are enforced fair and impartially, I trust and pray that you will go to the thought burial will be held on giving protection to our churches, schools, and ether lawful second floor will include space polls on November the 3rd and cast your for two delivery rooms and To promote the interest of Sunday at the home near assemblies. two nurseries. All medical our own schools Vote YES on Oscaloosa, Ky. Further de vote for me to serve you again as your j I will support any movement by our public officials, civic and surgical patients will be Constitutional Amendment tains concerning the accident County Court Clerk. I Pledge to you clubs, or other groups of people who may try to bring some on the third floor. No. 1. in next weed's Egle. new type of industry to our county. to serve you, not only as your public ser- - j vant, but as a friend, true and tried. During my term as Judge of the Neon Police Court, and while serving as Postmaster, I have given faithful courteous IF THE CITIZENS OF THE TOWN OF JENKINS AND Thanking you for every kind word you j and competent service. Always giving a helping hand to the have spoken to me and of me, and asking McROBERTS WANT ME TO CONTINUE AS older people, and any other citizens who were in need. If elected County Judge. I shall continue the same kind of God's blessing upon each of you and your service and give four years of the best that is within me to THEIR POLICE JUDGE household. j the public. THEY WILL ELECT ME. (Pol. Adv.) Gratefully yours, I am, 1 -- CHARLIE WRIGHT and FAMILY. ' To The Voters Of The cause they seek other tradjng REMEMBER: centers with lesser overhead City of Whitesburg: expenses. Your city can I stand for a clean, moral town. !A city builds and business grow by strict economy in the prospers through the economic I deal justice with fairness,- understanding, and lenmanner in which its affairs are and invite people, industry jtiiiiiiiniiiiiiinimiiitiiiiiiJiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiuiiiummti'iiriinimmiim. :uiiniiii.iiiMiiiitiiiiiiiuiiiiiiiiMiiHiiiiuiiW(muHii't- 'iimmittiiiui -- - I - 1 Sandy-Elkho- rn 1 . Zitz-ma- nn James M. Caradill Convey Ju X-ra-y post-operati- Secretary-Treasure- ve r, Pike-vil-le s I ! - j - and trade to your city. administered. We, the undersigned, seekHeavy tax burdens tend to ing election as your city coundrive people to the rural sec- cil, are aware that taxes must tions, and business suffers be- - be held at a minimum, and believe that the present sewOPEN BOOK er system can be repaired and maintained and serve the city' for several years, without the outlay of enormous sums of money which woud saddle an unbearable burden upon the residents and taxpayers. If elected we pledge to con duct the affairs of your city in an economic manner, such VOTE FOR that will invite and encourage RAY G. RUSSELL residents and business to lo cate here. For MAYOR , If you favor economy in the City of Jenkins operation of your city, feel He is very much interested in taxes will tend our City Schools, being a that minimum city and encourto build your teacher and college graduate. age business, and thai a Bond Issue to construct a sewer sysYour Vote and influence-fo- r time and Ray Russell for Mayor of tem at the preesertconditions, present under Jenkins on November 3rd, will would burden the taxpayers be greatly appreciated. with an unbearable and pro-(Pol. Adv.) hibitable tnen we load, sincerely ask that you cast your votes for the following Vote For and Elect ticket. DAVE FIELDS, CHARLES IHRIG EMMETT BLAIR BILL CONLEY, For ROBERT STANSBURY BEN F. BOWEN. MAYOR (Pol. Adv.) OF WHITESBURG Don't Forget! The game of and Shovel Candidate Pick the Season is coming up (Pol Adv.) Whitesburg Vellowjackets vs. Jenkifcs Cavaliers Friday nite ron "tytiitesburg Field. iency. I have the courage and the independence to do the right thing, because I keep myself free from underhanded political schemes, intrigues, and promises. I am not obligated to any candidate for Mayor, the Town Board, or any County Office, but I shall cooperate with your choice. I have saved the taxpayers, the Circuit Court Judge, the County Judge, and the Sheriff, the cost and trouble of trying many cases the past twenty-fou- r years. By settling these cases out of court, in a legal and satisfactory way, you citizens are saved not only court costs, but the trouble of going to Whitesburg to the County or Circuit Courts. Signed: IOHN H. ABBOTT Independent Party Candidate for Police Judge, under the device, "Scales of Justice". -- t P. S. - IF YOU ARE AS CONCERNED AS I AM LN SECURING THE BEST POSSIBLE EDUCATIONAL ADVANTAGES AND FACILITIES FOR THE SCHOOL CHILDREN OF KENTUCKY, AND ESPECIALLY OUR MOUNTAIN DISTRICT, YOU WILL VOTE "YES" WITH ME ON THAT SCHOOL AMENDMENT! ! ! (Pol. Adv.) Children's names and their ages: I 1 Peggy, 17; Charlene, 10; Hiram Tilden, 8; Beverly, 6; William, 4; and David, 2. gunnmmi '.Milium I 1 (Pol. Adv.) iMit;niiiM.iinmiiiiMiiiiriiu:iii!iiiMiiiiiiiiiiMuiuiiniiiuniiiriimmiiiui!inMiiriiiuiinri!iiinmiiHiiiimu:nimimimimiM Dodge Dealer Announces New Model For 1954 A new super deluxe series knwn as the Royal V--8 high lights the lineup of 1954 Dodge passenger cars now being displayed in tne showroow of Jordon Motor Co., W. R. Jor don, owner of the Company said the 1954 Dodge also introduces completely new interior styling, more than a dozen body beautifications and sev eral major engineering ad vancements in its entire line consisting of 20 different models. and Six ar.d the V-- 8 and Six. They are being offered in all 11 new body colors and 14 two-tocombinations that are keyed to harmonize with the completely new interior styling. The new Dodge line also offers such mechanical advancements .as the tested Red Ram V-- 8 engine stepped up to 150 h. p. and a 7.5 to 1 com pression ratio; PowerFlite, a transnew mission; and new full-tim- e power steering unit. Meadow-broo- k V-- 8 models will con tinue at 140 h. p. The horse en power of the gines has been raised to 110 and the compression ratio to 7.25 to 1. net Mea-dowbro- V-- 8 ne economy-and-enduranc- i1 fully-automa- tic six-cylind- er Jordan said the 20 different models are in three series the new Royal V-- the Coro 8, ok

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