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Page 0 of Mountain Life & Work vol. 08 no. 4 January, 1933

Part of Mountain Life and Work

OUR CONTRIBUTORS CHARLLS 1). Liwis of the Naiddle Tennessee State Teachers College, Mur fteesboro, hits had long experience as a teacher in the mountains. I VA M. MILIJ.r, a doctor with public health training, is Director of the Harlan County Chi d Health Demonstration under the Save the Children Fund of America and Assistant County Health Officcr. WARREN 1-1. WILSON is Secretary of the Department of Town and Country, Presbyterian Board of National Missions, and has written many books on religious questions. GIL,ES A. HUBLRT, of Atlanta, is one of the leaders in the Association for the Advancement of Negro Country Life. Lutiit:a M. AXIBROSL is a teacher of Science in the Berea Academy. VIRGINIA CASEY is a Berea College student. HELEN W. Lunv is Assistant Secretary of the Women's Board of Domestic Missions of the Reformed Church. BruLnti Al.LYNL BELL is a contributing editor of Poetry World. OLIVE D. CANIT'BLLL has appeared before our readers as one interested in the native culture of the mountains, and as an educator adapting Danish folk school methods to mountain needs. She now tells of the agricultural adaptations which are being tried at Brasstown. DOHA REM) GOODALL is a member of the staff of Uplands Sanitarium, Pleasant Hill, Tenn. Stetdrw.c earoiug all or part of their rspenses rooprratrrl ire brmtmg this nragazirrr at the tir•rea College Press

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