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Image 3 of Garrard Central Record February 23, 2012

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Editorial Well-Being Of Our Children Come First To the Editor, The Health and Welfare committee of the Kentucky House of Representatives unanimously passed HB 364 on February 16. This was a critical vote not only as a first step towards a solution to our broken child welfare system; it was a committee of legislators doing what is right for Kentucky’s most innocent, vulnerable, and overlooked suffering citizens. Stateagency-children, those in the temporary or permanent custody of the Cabinet for Health and Family Services, decisions carefully, giving full consideration of what is truly important. It is not easy or comfortable, but when money is tight, a line must be established between the things that are essential and the things that are optional; between the many issues that are important and the ones that are a must. Shouldn’t the neglected, abused, victimized kids of Kentucky be a frontline issue at the top of the priority list for us? The violence and damage done to a child by a parent or guardian not only harms that child, but all too often, that cycle of abuse is repeated in the next generation. Recent headlines across Kentucky have made it quite evident that child abuse continues to plague every county in Kentucky. Lawmakers must are the ultimate responsibility of state government. I applaud Representative Yonts, the cosponsors of the bill, and the entire committee for hearing and acting on behalf of these kids. Now, will making the needs of this voiceless population remain a priority as HB 364 goes to the Appropriations and Revenue Committee? Families, not government should raise children. However, when families, for any reason, cannot or will not provide safe places to live, caring oversight, sufficient food, and unconditional love to the children, someone else must. Every day, individuals, families, businesses, and governments have to make tough budget decisions. Wisdom dictates that we make No Sense Nonsense I demand you, I demand you Just what does that mean You couldn’t be a mayor So you’re trying for queen. I can’t think of one thing You’ve done for this town Unless you count being laughed at By folks all around. You let that Weston wind Let you get started in reverse Then everything you’ve done since Has only turned from bad to worse. You say now you’re still learning Well how long does it take Some things have to be done For the City Of Lancaster’s sake. Either lead or follow That’s what old folks say Since you can’t do either Just get out of the way. The departments, codes and ordinances Haven’t changed since you arrived Then how come the other mayors didn’t Hire an administrator to help them survive. The council is trying to do What we elected them to do But I’m very sorry to say I can’t say the same for you. work to make sure that there is adequate funding to prevent and identify abuse, hold those accountable who have abused, and most importantly, help those children who have suffered. New or renovated sports arenas, park projects, community centers and other revenue-demanding initiatives can all be beneficial to society, but when those things take precedence over the well-being and safety of our children, it signals that we have confused our priorities. Our elected officials are under public scrutiny; they cannot please us all. However, I think we can all agree that the House Health and Welfare Committee deserve our thanks and support for putting the kids first. Good job. Now we ask the Appropriations and Revenue Committee to do the same. Thank you, William K. Smithwick President and CEO Sunrise Children’s Services Say No To HB 368 Dear Editor: House bill HB 368 is being introduced that would authorize every city in Ky. to THE CENTRAL RECORD, FEBRUARY 23, 2012 - A - 3 impose a new tax of 3% on your senators and represenmeals you eat in restaurants tatives know that you are or carryout orders, which against this new tax on food. would increase the tax you Stress that you want both pay on food and beverages the senators and the repreby 50 percent. sentatives to know you are Families are already strug- against this bill. It just takes gling and this would just be a few minutes and could help one more tax on people. Call to keep this bill from being 1-800-372-7181 and you can passed. talk to a live person and tell Sincerly, them you would like to let Norma Buchanan LETTER TO THE EDITOR POLICY The Garrard Central Record welcomes Letters to the Editor on subjects of general interest. Letters should be no more than 500 words. Exceptions will be made at the discretion of the editor. All letters are subject to be edited. Letters should deal with issues. They must not personally attack individuals. Fair and polite criticism of public officials and public figures is allowed. The deadline for letters to the editor is noon Tuesday, the week they are to be published. Letters must be written to the editor, not directed to a third person. The Garrard Central Record will not publish anonymous letters. All letters must be signed. Telephone numbers and home address must be included for verification, but will not be published. So why not give up now And cost the city no more Go back where you started And exit through the same door. 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