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Image 1 of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.), April 10, 1958

Part of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.)

TKA Sty Volume 50. Hetitflal The April Grand Jury is looking into affairs of the Letcher County Board of Education. The grand jury's attention was directed to the school board's business by Circuit Judge Courtney C. Wells, who said he had heard reports there were "irregularities in the actions of the school board." Judge Wells told the jury he did not A total of 350 books and sevknow whether there was any eral cartons of magazines were truth to the reports but asked that the jurors investigate the collected April 7 for the Letcher County Bookmobiles and Limatter. brary during the Woman's Club The grand jury is in the session drive. fourth day of its Valuable additions to the litoday. So far it has not returnbrary have been sent by the ed any indictments to the court. Dock Webb is grand jury State Library Extension Divisforeman. Members of the panel ion as a permanent loan. The are James Fleming, Mary Tyre, reference works include: a 1958 Ezra Gilley, Mander Blair, Les- edition of the WORLD BOOK the lie Webb, Floyd Bach, Herschel ENCYCLOPEDIA, COLUMBIA ENCYCLOBrock, Bertha Blair, Hanes ArLInold, George Elliott and Joe C. PEDIA, the LINCOLN BRARY OF ESSENTIAL INBranson. FORMATION, a new WEBJudge Wells' instructions to STER'S COLLEGIATE DICTIONthe jury were routine except ARY, a 1958 WORLD ALMANfor the school boardi matter. AC and a 1958 INFORMATION PLEASE ALMANAC. Posters for the drive were made by Mrs. B. Kaufmann, Mrs. J. Gouaux and Miss Ruth York and her art group. Brownie Scouts, Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts under the direction of respective leaders Mrs. A total of 24 cases was dis Walter Owens. Mrs. Harold Mc missed during the first two days intosh and Mr. Troy Stallard of the April term of Letcher made the Collection. Circuit Court. Most of the cases were dis missed on the motion of Com Atty. Tolbert monwealth's Combs. Several were dismissed on motion of prosecuting witnesses. 350 Books A new post office will bo built at Neon between now and early fall. Postmaster General Summerficld announced this week at Washington. For Library Number 47. He said the Neon post office is one of 23 to be built in Ken- six-da- y Cases one-volu- Of 24 Diismisse -- Legion Post Reorganized The Douglas Day Post No. 152 of the American Legion was reorganized at a meeting in the courthouse here last week, to serve the Whitesburg area. Officers were elected, as fol lows: James R. Jones, command-- ' er; Paul Sharpe, first vice com-- i mander; Mitchell Davidson, post adjutant; Fred Frazier, histor-- 1 ian; Jack Frazier, chaplain. 'and Coleman Day, finance officer. An executive committee also was named. Its members are Johnnie Hall, C. S. Dagnon, Duncan Hampton and John Sergeant. Meeting will be held tempor arily in tho fiscal court room of the courthouse, at 7:30 p.m., on Wednesday of each week, until a regular meeting date is decided. The post has a history dating lltnn Ort . n n has been inactive recently. I I " Jurors Investigating Death Jail Here of Of Prisoner At tucky at an estimated cost or about $30,000 each. The Letcher County grand King had fell from the ton bunk Tho Neon post office. Sum-- jury today was investigating and hit the concrete floor. Joo merfield said, will be built with death of Milford Henry Pack (a Whitesburg city nollce-Klng, 39, Ermine, who died in man) was with me. We asked viduals, who then will lease the him if he was hurt, and offered the county jail last Friday. building to the government. The grand jury had called as to pick him up and lay him on The other Kentucky cities witnesses and had heard Jailer the bed, but he said 'No, I'm which definitclv will get new Bob Sexton, Deputy Coroner not hurt,' " Sexton said. post offices under way by fall Ferdinand Moore, and John Sexton continued: "Tho next were listed by Summerficld as "'"s- - morning, i weni upstairs ana Bulan, Burlington, Covinnton ' was understood one or two ho asked mo tn enmo ilnwnct.ilra. Drakesboro, Eminence. Franch It other witnesses might also be He said he always stayed down burg, Horse Cave, McKce, Mid heard stairs and I brought him and way, Monticello, Newport, Nich County Coroner Mrs. Virginia two others down, and kept them ScottS' olasville, Sandv Hook, Taylorsville, Warsaw, Craft said an inquest had result downstairs that day and the ville. cd in a jury's verdict that King next day following. Wickliffe and Wingo. "In tho evening I went in and James E. Morris, acting post- died of "natural causes," apmaster at Neon, said he did not parently as the result of a hem they said Milford had been asleep all day. He was feeling know who would construct the orrhage. Sexton said King was brought i pretty bad. new building or where it would to the jail the night of April 2 "Henry Holbrook (a deputy be located. after his arrest on a drunk jailer) asked him about coming charge. He was placed in a cell Into the women's department in the upstairs of the jail. and laying down where it was "About an hour after he was cool. He said sure. fbrought in I heard a noise up "About 30 minutes later I stairs. Going up to check, Mr. (Continued on Back Page) $029,000, 1 ""' J Press Honors Montgomery Semi-Pr- o For Liquor Violations Baseball Team Organized Hil-lar- d Cor-net- t, o es o y before lack of funds to pay salaries forced its disbandment. There just weren't enough mountain folk who enjoyed baseball (or could afford) to sco it three or four times a week. No sooner had the professionals packed their bags than tho amateurs began scheduling games again. First they tried to reorganize the Lonesome Pino League and later converted It into the Mountain States Leoguo. but neither reached tho popularity of, the post or prewar teams. Now we have what wo think Is a fine league. A schedule of 30 pimcs has been set. Games will bo played on Saturday night and Sunday evening. An r game has been set for the Fourth of July and a four-teaplay-of- f ct tho season's end. Players will receive expenses from a small admission all-sta- m I In Neon Area charge. This league is someI'll have to admit that Coach thing for us t otake an interest Hall lost some mighty fine main and be proud of. Get behind terial, but I can't visualize such your Letcher boys and we're a dismissal campaign as Hall sure to have a fino baseball predicts. The Pirates aren't ex season. Any boy or man interested In ceptionally fast or big, but they trying out for this team may do have a little better balance come to the McRoberts ball than some of tho other teams park at 5:00, when practice will in the EKMC. The scrappy Pir- be held each evening. Tho seas- ates probably will win six next on gets underway April 19, so season Hall's chargers mod break out that glove and head (powerful Louisville Manual at Louisville around October 24. for the McRoberts ball park. Next Year's Pirates I'm very pleased to learn of this I was fortunate Saturday in contest. If tho mountain teams watching Jack Hall's Fleming would receive better ratings and football hopefuls in action as did more playing down In tho they prepare to rebuild a strong Louisvillc-Iixingtoarea, we eleven for next season. The stand a better chance of placPirates, who won eight and lost ing men on the teams. only two last year, arc shy 14 Daniel Tackett, converted regulars from last year's fino from end to quarterback, looms team and Jack maintains that as tho Pirates' big gun. With they'll be lucky to win two ball Tackett arc Icttennen Danny games next season. QullJen, fullback, and Ross n All-Stat- e County Judge Arthur Dixon today called a special meeting of fiscal court to consider purchase of voting machines for use in most Letcher precincts In the November election. The special meeting will be held in the courthouso Wednes day, April 23, at 10 a.m. Dixon called the meeting after conferring for some two hours Wednesday night with Ollle W. Montgomery, salesman for the Shoup Voting Machine Corp., New York. Montgomery had explained that the prico of the machines will be Increased on May 1, and urged the county to art before that date. Dixon said tho Information he has been able to gather Indicates Letcher County may bo able to eliminate 27 of its f3 precincts, and by so doing save enough money to purchase tho machines. Elections currently cost Letcher County about $10,000 a year. Use of voting machines could bo oxpected to cut the cost to about $5,000. Voting machines' could be purchased for approximately $4,300 a year. Halving the number of precincts and using voting machines would enable the county to save money In several ways. The cost of tabulating ballots about $2,400 a year would be almost eliminated. In addition, the $3,392 tho county now spends each year two counts, one of possessing for precinct election officers alcoholic beverages for sale and would be halved, since just half the other of selling alcoholic as many would be required. In dry territory. beverages There are four election officers Three charges against him wcro for each precinct, and each is dismissed on motion of tho paid $0 per election. commonwealth. They were posOther savings would come sessing gambling implements, through reduction in tho costs knowingly receiving stolen prop--, of prlnljnK ballots and sharp crty and fclonlqusly possessing reductions in the costs of var burglarious tools. and supplies ious materials Hammonds was fined $20 and which are required when paper sentenced to 30 days in Jail on ballots are used. a count of selling alcoholic bevDixon said his present thinkerages In dry territory. ing is that the county should Trial of Sam Bates on a reduce its total number of precharge of selling alcoholic bev- cincts to 26, and then use erages In dry territory and a voting machines In 20 of those charge of possessing intoxicatprecincts. He said he thought ing beverages for sale In dry paper ballots should be conterritory was continued' to Fri tinued in use in about six day. precincts where the number In other trials held this wcpk'i of votes cast Is too small to Tensleyl Justify A jury acquitted use of machines, or Asher, charged with flourishing where lack of adequate roads a ueauiy weapon. makes consolidation ef preA Jury found Clyde Webb cincts impossible. For examguilty of assault and battery ple, he said he thought the and fined him $10. most economical thing to do (Continued on Back Page) would be to continue paper ballots at the Deefhlde precinct, tho three precincts on Linefork, and perhaps in onto or two other small precincts. Montgomery said the voting machines cost $1,040 each at Chancy and "Peanut" Hall at present rates, but will incrcaso halfback. Thee four returnees by $75 on May 1. Thus Letchgive Hall one of the conference's er County could save $1,500 if finest backflelds. With only four it voted to purchase tho machreturning lottermen, tho lino ines now If the county does buy poses a larger problem for now, it still wouldn't have to Coach Hall mako the down payment on tho machines until sometlmo next The etandpolnt Is without a fall. doubt tackle Harold Montgomery said he thought Dean Tackett. Ernest Johnson, that If the county decides to a will fill tho oth- use machine In 20 of its preer tackle slot. Roger Elklns and Jerry Rains will fill the guard cincts, then it should . actually 21 machines, so that posts. Both are 170 pounders. purchase it would have a spare for uso At end Hall has three almost In oraerponcics. equal man in Slasher, Bontley. Tho 21 machines, ho sakl, and Rudd. could be purchased with a pay Oug Hortoti, a ment this year of C3.32fl Tho rwundd out (ho proabl alert- i tnnUr, hu tald, could ba ing lineup. Before tho season paid during the next nlms years opens however, there will bo at tho rate of $4,326 a year. some minor changes In this. Montgomery plans to bring Hall's frontline subs are linea sample voting machlno with man Harry Lcc Phillips and him to the April 23 fiscal halfback Harlan Seals. (Continued on Back Page) Four" Fined, Jailed Jerry Montgomery, a former Whitesburg high school teacher who brought state and national prominence to the community through his work with the Future Farmers of America, received an award this week for Three men pleaded guilty to his outstanding contribution to bootlegging charges in Letcher Kentucky agriculture. Circuit Court this week, and anMontgomery was honored by other was found guilty by a the Kentucky Press and Radio jury after a trial. Guilty pleas wcro entered by Association in a dinner at Lou isville. He was named "Man Jack Parrott. Johnny Jackson. of the Year in Kentucky Agri- and Arthur Jennings. George Hammonds was found guilty by culture," a jury. All were charged with Montgomery taught vocation- selling alcoholic beverages in al agriculture at the Whitesburg dry territory. High School from 1935 until Parrott was fined $100 and 1940. During those years he de sentenced to 30 days. Two veloped the Whitesburg Future charges of possessing alcoholic Farmers chapter into one of the beverages for sain In dry terrimost outstanding in the nation. tory against him were dismissed It received 'numerous district, on motion of Commonwealth's state and national prizes. Attorney Tolbert Combs. After leaving Letcher County Jackson also was fined $100 Montgomery taught vocational and sentenced to 30 days. On agriculture at Lafayette High motion of the commonwealth's School, Lexington, and since attorney, Judge Courtney C. 1940 has been in charge of the Wells dismissed another charge FFA program throughout Ken- of selling alcoholic leverages In dry territory and op of postucky. Montgomery is married to the sessing alcoholic beverages for former Miss Jennie Caudill, of sale In dry territory. Whitesburg, the sister of Mrs. Jennings was sentenced to o0 Burley Hale. days and fined $100 on each of i, De-lor- Alt Grand Jury Checking Neon To Get Dixon Calls Special Meeting f Court To Consiclcr Purcllase School Board Action Pidsce Drive Nets Of Voting Machines Bv County The Letcher County Board of its Education has changed monthly meeting Hlme. Members of the board voted at their April meeting last Thursday to meet on the first Saturday of each month at noon (CST). The board had been meeting on the first Thursday of each month. The change was made because some members of the board start to work in the afternoons and found it hard to stay for the entire board meeting, a spokesman said. The board also decided to increase the fire insurance it carries on the older large school buildings in the county. It will obtain all the insurance it can get, up to $100,000 apiece, on the two buildings at Whites-burand those at Eolia, Black-ey- , Mavking and Kingdom Come. Bonding companies require the board insurance covering the full amount of construction cost on the newer buildings in the county school system. Other buildings will not be insured because costs would be prohibitive, the board said. The board also voted to let the Whitesburg Woman's Club sponsor a dance for students in the Whitesburg gymnasium on Saturday mornings. The board said it would okay the project on a trial basis. Board Member Alvin Holbrook refrained from voting on the proposal. The board hired 171 certified teachers to teach in the county school system next year. The system employs a total of 261 teachers. Until July 1. the Board can hire only certified teachers. If all positions are not fillCases dismissed included: ed by then, it may employ Orbin Hobbs, destroying peremergency teachers. Here is the sonal property of another with list of certified teachers: felonious intent; Jerry Farley, "Bobby" M.""Adams, Ina Mae reckless driving, dismissed on Adams, James A. Adams, Mary motion of prosecuting witness; Ann Adams, Mildred S. Adams, Jack Parrott, possessing whisky Pauline B. Adams. Richard Ad- or other intoxicating beverages ams, Ruby C. Adams, Sarah Ad- for sale in dry territory; Johnams, Truman Adams, . Goldia ny Jackson, selling alcoholic Aldridge, Mattie Lou Anderson, beverages in dry, local option Benton territory; Johnnie Jackson, posPreston Armstrong, Back, Nola Back, Ollle James sessing alcoholic beverages for Back, Virgie Back, Willie Back, sale in dry territory; Jack ParCuna Mae Banks, Edrio Banks, rott, possessing alcoholic beverJ. B. Banks, R. Edgar Banks, ages for sale in dry territory; Muriel Barger, Inez Barker, Arthur Jennings, possessing Ruth Bass, Creeda Bates, Eun- gambling implements (dismissed ice Bates, Helen Bentley, Lois on motion of commonwealth for Bentley, Aileen Blair, Fess lack of prosecution); Paul Lusk, Blair, Sue C. Blair, Arlie Boggs, child desertion; William Jack Carl Boggs, Vivian Rose Boggs, Clifton, child desertion; Lee Josephine Cough Jr., child desertion; Elizabeth Boiling, Bowcn, Bcrnicc Bowling. Clarence Smith, nonsupport; Lclah Joan Branson, Bradley George David Sexton, deserting R. Breeding, Joy Wray Breed- pregnant wife; Eugene Scott, ing, Monroe Breeding, Billy child desertion; Walter Turner, Royce Brown, Jack M. Burkich, (Continued on Back Page) Ruby Burkich, Carl Campbell, Irene Campbell, Beckham Caud-HCecil R. Caudill, Freda Caudill, General Caudill, Hcr-- j man Caudill, Ruby Caudill, Virginia W. Caudill, Wanda P. Caudill, Rex Chancy, Ruby C. By R. Percy Elklns Collier, Anna Collins, Betty Jo Semi - professional baseball Collins, Billie Faye Collins, Dan-ol- a teams representing Pikeville, Collins, Denola Collins, Shelbiana, Drift, Prestonsburg, Collins, Loulso V. Collins,1 Martin, and Letcher County Virginia Combs, Hetty B. (which will probably bo known Maxie S. Cornctt, Vcrna as Neon, practice at McRoberts, S. Cornett, Dallas June Craft, and play at Jenkins) have form, Madge Craft, Tildcn Crase, Bon- ed a new league here in Eastnie Day, Doris Ison Day, Fran ern Kentucky. ces Day, Randall C. Day Jr., We hope this will bring back Ruby E. Day. basethe popularity semi-prJulia Dixon, Louisa Dixon, ball once enjoyed here in the Ann Dugan, Lora Fields, Oma mountains. Several years ago Fields, Patsy Ann Fields, Jenkins alone could boast four Frazier, Ira Lee Frazier, teams capablo of competing Cora Freidell, Rittcr Fugate, successfully in class "D" pro Jack Ray Hall, John Rufus ball. With the advent of class Hall, Majie Hall, Nora II. Hall, "D" baseball to Jenkins, Hazard, Shirley Ann Hall. Gladys B. Norton, end other mountain Hampton, Fann L, Holbrook, towns, tho semi-prteams fell John E. Holbrook, Doris Ann by the wayside; some of their Horn, Audrey B. Hubbs, Corbln better players joined the pro Ison, Edith Ison, Havel S. Ison, fessionals. Martha Lee Ison, Wcss Ison, The class "D" league experi(Continued on Back Page) enced a topsy-turvhalf decade g Z R Whitesburg, Lurcher County, Kentucky, Thursday Evening, April 10, 1958 10c Per Copy School Board Will Meet On Saturday 0 tatteaLr ' 224-poun- r, r,

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