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Image 1 of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.), January 20, 1910

Part of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.)

BARGAIN OFFER! The Jeffersonian Until Jan. 31, 1910, You Can Get The Jeffersonian and CA P.l flJO Daily Herald One Year at been held last Thursday evening in the Methodist church parlors, was postponed on account of bad weather and was held Tuesday evening. Mrs. J. N. Clem, of Pewee Valley, Very Bad Way in was the guest of relatives here last Appears tO Be The Only WEATHER WEDDINGS irbi-,r,,- - snow-boun- d Advertisements under this head One Cent word. No ad taken tor less man ioc. For Sale. For Sale 15 acres of tine bottom land Surprise Parties, Socials, Etc., the Order well improved: all new buildings, consisting 70x40; andwelling, one store-rooof the Day Popular Girl to be Married. building has three rooms. All necesother sary outbuildings. This property is located Other News of Interest. on Main street. Fisherville. Ky. N. R. BLANKESBAKER. Fisherville. For Sale An excellent Jersey cow. with Jeffer calf A. M. GREGG. Cumb. phone sontown. 5-- 31-- 1 DURHAM STOCK. Hav- ing decided to open real estate offices in the western cities in connection with mv home office, which will consume all of my time. I will offer at private sale the remainder of my Durham stock, consisting of bull, l yearling Durham bull. Durham cow. all of which are thoroughbred and of deep red color. One Jersey cow, Jersey bull. white-faceDurham cow. 17 head of tine stock hogs, ins cluding brood sows, etc.: S head ol driving horses: possibly a pair of mules. All ef the above can be seen on mi farm, located one mile east of Okolona. on what is known as the old Manslick pike, and was formerly the old Wm. Smyser homestead. Phone residence. E. 739-1 1 1 d Hrst-clas- 31-- B. T. GIVIDEN. 1 For Sale Irish Cobbler and Carmen Seed Potatoes. HENRY HAAG. Route 15. Jeffer30-sontown. 4 For Sale KW Scholarship in Creager's school at a bargain. Apply at this office. For Sale. Standard bred Single Comb Brown Leghorns Eggs. If interested write C. Christman. 1104 Bardstown Road. Louisville, so-e- t. For Sale House and five acres on Bardstown pike: about U miles from electric car. 30-C. S. RILEY. Jeffersontown. eight horse gasoline engine For Sale One and one Brennan Saw Mill J. C. BRUCE. W Jeffersontown. For Sale Osage orange fence posts: better than black locust. L. E. Hoke. Harrods 3 Creek. Ky. 4 29-- FOR SALE erels. R. town. Ky. B. Rhode Island Red CockSMITH. R. F. D. 14. Jefferson S. C. 29-- 3 Wanted. Wanted A good farm hand: married;can furnish house. J. C. BRUCE. Jeffersontown. 30-- 2 For Sale No. driving horse; eight years old this spring. B. F. Tvlbb. Jeffersontown. 1 tf. Wanted All the young men of the town to spend their leisure hours playing billiards at my tables. No swearing or gambling is tol pirated. Barber shop in connection. Fred tf Prell. Jeffersontown. For Rent. house with Fob Rent Storeroom some land. Apply to J. W. Jean & Son. Route 1 15, Jeffersontown. and 31-- Fob Rent Two four room cottages. - J. C. BRUCE. Jeffersontown. 30- Fob Rmt To good German, 130 acres with No. 1 improvements; 115 barrels onions planted for seed in ground adapted for them, product from which should pay rent; 3 or 4 acres dewberries, rood orchard, and some meadow: none but German, able to furnish approved security, need apply. B. B. SPROWL,, Agent. Jeffersontown. Ky. Strayed. Stbayed Red cow. about four year old; two white hind feet, with spots on aide. Came to my place about four week! ago. Owner may hare Mine b v calling and paying for her board and this advertisement. W. A. WHEELER, care Jeffersontown Roller Mills. if of Dr. and Mrs. Baker, of Indianapo- recent guests of Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Hart. Mrs. William Farmer entertained at Monday dinner recently. Her guests were Messrs. and Mesdames John Long, Leo Ziegler and David Kyser, James Farmer, Sr., Dr. Chas. Farmer, Miss Nettie Hawkins and Mrs. Lizzie Dean. Mrs. William Riley surprised Mr. RSley on the anniversary of his birth w4th an elegant and bountiful birth day dinner. The following guests njoyed the occasion with them: Mesdames Lizzie Dean, Louis Haag, William Cook. Misses Nettie Haw- ins, Nellie Haag, Christine Cook, Messrs. Louis Haag, William Cook and Master Leonard Haag. A three-cours- e dinner was served by Mrs. Leo Zeigler, at a recent date, to the following guests: Mes dames John Long, Henry Carwar-dinWilliam Farmer, Lizzie Dean, Misses Nettie Hawkins, Ruth Farm- r, Ruth Long. Lillian Long, Edith Carwardine, Messrs. Joseph Stephens, Marvin Long, Dayid Farmer, Dr. William Farmer and Rev. James is, were e, Brandon. The Woodmen of America gave a banquet to the membership and a few invited guests on Saturday eve- ng at the hall at Fern Creek. Miss Bessie Long ice-bou- WM.H. FAIRMOUNT entertained recently for her cousin, Mr. Orville Badgett, of Cincinnati, and Miss Lillian Roederer, of Hikes. A large number of the younger set enjoyed the evening festivities with them. Mr. Roy Sims and two children, Mrs. Everett Brentlinger and little Miss Lucinda Richardson are on the siik list. Invitations to the marriage of Miss Ollie Hopkins, of Third Avenue, Louisville, to Dr. Arthur Norton, of Texas, have been received by the friends of the bride in this com munity. The marriage will be solemnized on the 26th inst, at 9 p. m. at Christ Church Cathedral. Miss Hopkins is a frequent visitor at the home of Mrs. Roy Sims and a sister of Miss Ethel Hopkins, who is well and favorably known in this All J al 1 Daily Herald One Year at Buechel. Mr. Roscoe Stout and Miss Jennie Cole were married Thursday, the Rev. E. W. Elliott officiating. Mr. George Roggenkamp, of Bue chel, and Miss Rose Cloud, of Louis ville, were quietly married lastweek Atter a short visit in Louisville they will make their home with the groom's mother in Buechel. Miss Dorothy Bischoff was the guest of Mrs. Charles Nicklies re cently. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Nicklies en on Wednesday Mrs. Fred Nicklies and daughter, Mrs. Schidel, of the city. Miss Madden Goff returned to her home in Owensboro, after a delight lul three weeks' visit with Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Finley and family. Mrs. Georgia Ayres leaves y for Chicago to be gone for several months as the guest of her daughter, Miss Minnie Ayres. Miss Iva Belle Kyser is ill at this tertained -- to-da- writing. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Wheeler are the Cold weather does not throw a NEWKIRK. recipients of a baby boy. damper on young folks. So, the gathMiss Margaret R. Williams and ering at Mrs. Henry Holtzheimer, Sr., Forest Williams spent Sunday with given in honor of her granddaughter, Widely Known Citizen of the Connty, Passes Mrs. Ida Williams. Mary Edinger, was well attended. Away in Louisville Masons Pay Mrs. Bryan Williams and daughter, The report is a little late, but the Last Tribute To Brother. Miss Margaret, spent Saturday with pleasure of that evening is still with Mrs. Hiram Phelps on Cherokee them. The house was a floral bower. Drive. Various means of entertainment The funeralof William H. Newkirk, were in order, which suited all par- sixty-nin- e Mr. John Kyser and Miss Maggie years of aire, one of the The refreshments most widely-knowties present. larmersof Jeffer Koehler spent Sunday with Mr. and were all one could ask or think, and son county, who died at 1:30 o'clock, Mrs. Ben Hawes, of Lyndon. my pen fails me in describing such Thursday afternoon at the Jewish Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Hawes, of Fern delicacies. Hospital in Louisville, was conducted Creek, will leave Tuesday morning at 2 o'clock Sunday afternoon from for San Diego, Cat, to spend the Mrs. Dr. Brady and littie son, Mat- Maas' chapel, Floyd street and Broad winter. thew', have left this "polar-like- " way, Excelsior Lodge of Masons, of Miss Lora May Fryer returned to country for a visit in sunny Califor- which he was a member, having Fern Creek last week after an ex nia until gentle Spring, with its charge of the services. Burial was tended trip to Pensacola, Fla., and balmy air, can greet her. We shall the South. in Cave Hill cemetery. miss her merry ways, but our loss is He was born near Jeffersontown and Miss Marguerite McCullough en her gain, and we try not to be selfish. was a member of a pioneer family of tertained on Sunday Miss Ruth Reid. the state. His grandfather was a Miss Florence Roggenkamp had as Squire Dorsey is still tying knots actually marrying everybody in veteran of the Revolutionary War, her guests Sunday evening Misses a MexCleone Summers, Sadie Skiles, Alma sight, using his legal authority to and his father veteran.of the ican War. He operated two farms Young and Hugh Summers. bind the loving ones together, but. years was a huckster, buying alas, his arm is too short to undo the and for Mr. and Mrs. William Fishback had produce in the country and carrying knot if it gets in a snarl and dissatas guests on Tuesday last Mr. and it to the Louisville market. At one isfaction arises. time he was a Government storekeep-er-gauge- Mrs. H. Collins and Mr. and Mrs. n .. Messrs. Bench and Crowder have been appointed patrolmen in St. Matthews district. Take heed, ye evil doers; they will be ready with their big sticks to take vengeance on all who do not "toe the mark Walk circumspectly lest you feel the clutch of the strong arm of the law NiWith great pleasure I announce that in the near future our beloved friends, Mr. Walker Maddox and family, will return to this commun ity to live. Five years ago we were overcome with grief when they left us for Alabama. We have endured the separation as best we could. Now, we welcome them home again with all the fervency possible to old neighbors, friends and relatives. It being my special mission to re port all improvements in our little I also call burg (which are many), attention to what should be done: A suitable depot on the electric line at St. Matthews is very much needed The little shed, which only gives par tial protection from the elements, is a shabby stopping place for the aris tocrats of that place. Get to work, folks, and improve your "court square" somewhat, is the wish of manv others beside A. B. C. day with relatives at Mt. Washing- Heitzman, of Crestwood, is the guest of her sister, Mrs. J. P. Nett. Mrs. Houston Smith and daughter, Accident Results in Burning of f , Mary Lee, of the Highlands, spent Sunday with Mrs. Mary A. Craij. House and Injuring Woman. Those on the sick list are Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Rush, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Maple. "Colonel" Goose, Z. T. CumGasoline Explodes And Critically Burns Mrs. mins and Willard Smyser. All are reported better at this writing. Stewart Miller and Setj House on Fire There will be preaching at Pleasant Near Prestonia. Grove church on the fifth Sunday, morning and evening, instead of the lourth Sunday, the regular service Mrs. Stewart Miller, of Shelby and day, by request of the pastor, the Preston street roads.sustained serious E. W. Graves. Rev. Sundav-schoevery Sunday morning at ten o'clock. burns and lost her property by fire M iss Maud Snvder pntprtn inp il last Saturday afternoon, as the Sunday a number of young folks in result of a bucket of gasoline explodhonor of her guest, Miss Alice ing. Mrs. Miller was cleaning Bumpus, of Owensboro. some VMiss Elizabeth Smith entertained clothes with gasoline, which she had Sunday Misses Gertrude Howard. in a bucket, and had placed the and r.ulah Bates and Messrs. bucket of gasoline in a pan of water Henry Thuble and John Girchler, of on the stove to warm'it. The gasoline exploded and the flames engulfed Louisville. Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Bates visited Mrs. Miller, burning her hair, face Mrs. C. L. Cooper at Okolona Mon-- and body, and setting tire to the dwelling. Mr. Miller was in an adiy. L. E. Bates, of Jeffersonville. Ind.. joining room shaving, and heard the visited his parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. screams of his wife and rushed in to find her in flames of fire. He imS. Bates. Sunday. mediately carried her on the outside and extinguished the fire by wrapUNION MEETING ping blankets around her body. While he was doing this the tire was burning fast and making strong head Of B. Y. P. U. and Epworth League To Be way upon the building. Mr. Miller Held at Jeffersontown Baptist Church called in neighbors to help save his the Fifth Sunday. house, but without success. The dwelling and contents were completely destroyed. A missionary service of the B. Y. Mrs. Miller was taken to the home 1' U. and the Epworth League will of her sister. Mrs. John Reichmuth. be held at the Baptist churcd on Sunday evening, Jan. 30th. at 7 where she is in a critical condition. School was closed at Prestonia the o'clock. first of this week, as the teacher, The following program will be giv Miss Amelia Vogt, a sister to Mrs. en: Miller, went to the aid of the unLeader Mrs. J. C. Alcock. fortunate woman. Tht- family has Song. many friends in that part of the Roll Call. Each member to re county who deeply regret the sad spond with a verse of Scripture on affair missions. Mrs. Geo. ol d - Prayer Rev. H. S. Song. Gillette. 1-- May Be Saved Mr. Carl Hummel. What is Our Purpose Miss Aileen Bryan. Home Missions Mr. Chas. Sibley. Song. "Samanthy's Idea of How to Make A Young People's Meeting Interest- ng" Miss Olivia Owings. Song "Oh. That Will be Glory." The Odor of the Ointment Miss Ethel Sprowl. "Harry's Missionary Potato' Merritt Jones. Solo Mrs. H. S. Gillette. China. Recitation M iss Charlotte Howell. A Chinese Wedding Miss Virginia Porter. Tne Boys and Girls of China: A Contrast Miss Lucy Kennedy. Some Traveling Conveyances in China Dr. W. F. Stucky. Changes in China Mr. Lud Bryan. ll N. B. Johnson. MESSAGE TO FARMERS Scripture Reading Acts 36: Saving America That the World r. pretty fast, and it is the same with other nurseries. The choice varieties are going to be snapped up prettv soon, and whether you order from me or not it is to your interest to order early. Why should we in Jefferson county put this matter off and let the other fellow get the choice varieties and we take what is left. HORRIBLE ton. Song. The Story of a White Rose Mrs. Fanny Br id well. Albert Ellingsworth, of Fairmount. A free-wioffering will be taken Mr. W. B. Fishback, who has been past year Mr. Newkirk's For the for the extensioa of Sunday-schoo- l eyesight failed him, and he was al- ill with the grip for the past three work in the mountain regions of Kenmost blind. He had made his home weeks, is slightly improved at this tucky. at the Enterprise Hotel for the past writing. Closing Prayer Rev. Beal. six months. He is survived by severMr. and Mrs. John Ash and Mr. al nieces. The old house in which he and Mrs. Walter Markwell and Death of Theo. Creager. was born and had spent most of his Master Willie Ash visited Mr. and Theodore Creager. aged about 56 life, was destroyed by fire eighteen Mrs. William Fiskback on Wednes years, died Sunday night at his home months ago. The building was nine- day evening. on the Preston street road, after a ty years old and one of the landmarks brief illness of nervous trouble. Deof Jefferson county. SMYRNA. ceased was one of Jefferson county's Berry Plants Scarce. Jan. 17. D. C. Rush and O. R most prominent farmers. He is surCraig are visiting relatives and vived by his wife and seven children. I want to say to those who want to 111. The funeral services were held at St. buy strawberry plants this season friends at Sullivan, Mrs. Lutz and daughter, Miss Paul's Evangelical church in Louisthat it will be well to order them Tuesday at 2 p. m. early, as there wilj be a greater Zeraldine, spent Saturday and Sun- ville shortage than last year, which every In one knows was very serious. another column of the Jeffersonian you will see my ad. Now, I do not want to scare anyone into ordering their plants early, but Mr. Jones tells me that orders are coming in $2.50 Every Thursday at $1.00 Per Year time with relatives near Mt. Wash ington. Mrs. O. W. Pohlmann and Mrs. S. C. Bell are on the sick list. Mrs. J. W. Giimore and Mrs. D. A. Bates visited Mr. and Mrs. J. w. Were Very NumerOUS ArOUnd Jackson this wees. Buechel The Past Week. Captain Miller and wife spent Sunday afterneon with Mrs. M. A. Beeler and family. Mr. and Mrs. William Ireland Mr. J. C. Hawes, Popular Merchant At Fern visited the latter's mother, Mrs. Creek, To Spend Winter In California-Walker, of Newburg, Monday. Mrs. M. M. Thorne and children The Personal and Other News. spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Ireland. Misses Bettie and Mattie Ireland are with their brother, Dr. Lindsey Jk. Buechcl Jan 17 -- Mr. Stewart carpenter and .Miss Leona Meyer, i nf t .rn eviiio of Doup's Foint, were married Wed plr. and Mrs. I. James visited nesday evening in Louisville by the friends at Mt. Washington Sunday. Rev. S. S. Waltz. Mr. Carpenter is Mr. and Mrs. Frank Bell and daughter, Ada Lucile, were enter- station agent and manager for the tained by Mr. and Mrs. S. A. Thorne Southern Railway Co. at Buechel and Miss Meyer is the daughter of the first of the week. Mr. and Mrs. Feter Meyer. After Miss Tillie Terry has returned home after spending some time with raception at the bride's home and supper at Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Seay's her sister in Louisville. the couple went to housekeeping in Topic Tuesday. Mrs. John Tatchel was the guest of and Around Middletown. Discussed By Saints. Mrs. Wm. Oursler Friday. Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Guthrie were the guests of Mrs. T. L. Duncan, near Sqnire Monday Arthur Public School Dorse? a Good Hand at Tying Knots Crestwood, Sunday. Depot at St. Matthews Needs AWhite's Store Visited by Thieves The Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Schench visited Saturday. friends in Louisville Sick, Social and Personal News. ttentionOther News. Mr. and Mrs. Will Oursler, Jr., and little son, of Louisville, are visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. By Miss Mamie Clore. St. Matthews, Jan. 17. "Out of the Oursler, here. Middletown. Jan, 1" Miss Doris Mr. and Mrs. Claud Tatchel are the abundance of the heart the mouth Roman has scarlet fever. guests of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. speaketh." We are so completely Four children of Mr. Shrader T. J. Hoke, of Jeffersontown, this worn out with the weather conditions that it is almost the only topic of have scarlet fever. week. Public school opened last Monday Mr. and Mrs. Henry Pearcy were conversation, each one declaring for the first time since the scarlet guests of his sister, Mrs. Driscoe, of "they never saw the like." When the thermometer reached two below fever epidemic. Louisville, Friday. Miss Rose Hardin is visiting he Mr. and Mrs. J amesOrr entertained zero last week they cried out, "it aunt, Mrs. Laura Tarleton. of Browns at a dinner on Saturday. The guests never had been that cold nor of so boro. were Mr. and Mrs. Elijah Yeager, long duration before. " But it has, Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Clore visited Mr. and Mrs. L. F. Gurrey, of Fish and the majority of us have seen and felt much worse. I have a copy of her sisters, the Misses Fox, of Glen erville, and Miss Emma Yeager. CREAMERY of February, 1899 arm, last Friday. Mrs. Lawrence Davis and sister. the Courier-JournMiss Emma Yeager was the truest Miss Lora Storts, and Miss Laura ine recoru fen. Ptn, zero: goingof Mrs. Joe Durr Thursday. Porter, of Louisville, were guests of down in the tube each day several Declares Dividend of 8 Per Cent. For Last degrees until it reached 14 below Mrs. ( has. Wetheroee, who has Mrs. James Davis this week. Year Stockholders Well Pleased With been ouite ill for Quite a while with Mrs. Heary Frank entertained at zero. This for a whole week and Manager Mingle. rheumatism, is much improved. dinner Friday. Her guests were Mr. we are alive to tell the tale. We Mr. l'eter Martin, who is in the and Mrs. Lawrence Cox, Mr. and Mrs. have been and city, and has been operated upon Omer Jones, Mr. Wm. Jones, Mrs. until we are so grumpy tne wrong There was a meeting cf the stockside of our disposition is uppermost, holders and for cataract of the eyes, is getting Blumer and Miss Ethel Cox. directors of the Jefferalong nicely at the hospital. Mrs. Hiram B. Woods had as her consequently the letter this week is sontown Creamery Co. held at Squire Mary Brinley, who has guests Wednesday Mrs. Wm. Woods a seamy affair. Miss This applies to David McKinley's office last Wed "Saints" and sinners alike. Every nesday. The meeting was a very en been under treatment of a specialist and Mrs. H. P. Pearcy. at St. Joseph Infirmary, is home, and The Ladies' Aid Society of the one is seated in grumble corner. thusiastic one and the stockholders getting along nicely. Baptist church will meet next Thurs were very much gratified over the Mrs. Henry Hahn has returned success Mrs. John Waters entertained the day with Mrs. Ernest Corban. of the creamery. A dWi Ladies' Aid Society of the Christian The store of Mr. Arthur White was home from the Deconness hospital, dend of 8 per cent, was declared for church Wednesday afternoon. visited by theives Friday night. A where she has been very ill for sev- last year. Had it not been for the Miss Sallie Woodsmall is visiting family living near the store heard eral weeks. Oh, how thankful we great expense of securing a sufficient Miss Kate Urton. them and fired shots, which scared were to see her coming back re- water supply a dividend of 20 per lieved of her trouble. The Epworth League social and them off. The same cent, would have been declared business meeting which was to have Those who went in Louisville to bright, sweet woman we delight in Much praise is due to Mr. John Macauley's theatre Friday evening calling our neighbor. We have de- Mingle for his efficient service were Mr. and Mrs. Owen Corban, termined to show our appreciation and in making the CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING. Misses Annie Corban, Lizzie May in the future of the answer to our creamery such a success. fervent prayer. Corban and Blanche Hazzard. SALE-FI- NE The Jeffersonian and Jeffersontown, Jefferson County, Ky., Thursday, January 20, 1910. SCARLET FOR Until Jan. 31, 1910, You Can Get ONLY NEWSPAPER DEVOTED ENTIRELY TO THE INTERESTS OF JEFFERSON COUNTY Vol. 3. No. 31. Fever Still in a BARGAIN OFFER! Eagle Brand Dr. Knapp's Address at Lexington, Jan. 21, Upon "Kinds of Husbandry Suited to The Bluegrass Territory." Ouite a great deal of interest has manifested, editorially and otherwise, throughout the South in the coming tour of Dr. Seaman A. Knapp. of the Department of Agri culture in January, and many inquiries have been received by him asking what topics he will discuss on this journey. Dr. Knapp has verykindly consented to furnish the press, and through the press, the farmers, with the subjects of his addresses At Lexington, Kentucky, where he will speak on January 21st. at 2:00 p. m., his subject will be "Kinds of Husbandry Suited to the Blue Grass Territory," in which it will be shown that the blue grass region is specially adapted to certain lines of husbandry and these are among the most profitable of all. The same general method will be pursued in the addresses in the several states, outlining in each such policies as are most important and applicable to the rural population. been - Phone Us The News. Friends of The Jeffersonian are requested to report any items of interest they may know of by calling us up over the phone. If you are going away on a visit, or are going to have visitors from a distance, or know of any deaths, births, fires, new buildings, etc., report same to us. During the day call the office, 36-if at night, call the residence 3; number, titi-.- J. I Fertilizers Produce Best Crops, OKOLONA. Jan. 17 Mrs. Lizzie Hays, of Louisville, is with her daughter, Mrs. Oyster Supper. William Grant. The Jeffersontown School ImproveMiss Edna Beeler has returned ment League met Tuesday night and home after spending several days decided to give an oyster supper on with Miss Georgia Brown, of Louis Friday night, Feb. 4, at the school-hous- e ville. for the benefit of a school libraMrs. J. B. Walker and son, W. L., ry. The school has just been presen are visiting Mrs. W. H. Beeler this ted with a collection of thirty hand week. some books from the Woman's Club, Mr. and Mrs. Standiford Beeler sent out by Mrs. Chas. Pettet Robin- were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Luther son, and it is the desire of the teach- Masden Sunday. ers, Miss McDermott and Miss WalkMr. and Mrs, Joe Brooks and son, er to soon have a book case filled Logan, are with friends and relatives with choice books for the children. in Florida. Keep in mind the sapper and be Miss Blanche Braithweit has reready to help this worthy cause. turned home after spending some Popular Couple Married. Mr. Eawin C. Schuler and Miss Lena Haunz, were quietly married Tuesday morning, January 11th. They took their many friends by surprise. Mr. Schuler is one of our most promising farmers and also a trader of great note. Miss Haunz is the charming daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Haunz, of near Anchorage. Mr. and Mrs. Schuler will reside near Worthington on his farm. Their many friends extend the best wishes to them for a long, happy and prosperous life. The Daily Herald and The Jef fersonian, both one year, $2.50. Southern Seed Company, INCORPORATED. Preston and Jefferson Sts. Louisville, Ky.

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