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Image 1 of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.), September 3, 1953

Part of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.)

DRIVE CAREFULLY LOOK OUT FOR SCHOOL CHILDREN .J? I.AROR DAY. Whitesburg, Letcher County, Kentucky, Thursday Evening, September 3, 1953 Volume No. 47 The Jenkins schools opened on Friday, August 28th for the 1953-5- 4 school term. According to Superintendent, C. V. Snapp it is the first time in some eight or ten years that the schools have opened with a full corps of teachers. There was one exception, however,! because Eugene Tray lor of Lynch, Ky.. did not report as a member of the Dunham High School staff until Monday morning, August 31st. In spite of all summer's efforts to employ teachers with regular certificates the Superintendent said that due to late resignations six emergency teachers had to be employed By the close of the day on August 31, the enrollment by school units was as follows: Jenkins High School 337, Jenkins Elementary School 386, McRoberts Junior School 132, McRoberts Elementary School 292, Burdine School 363, Dunham Elementary School 143, Jenkins Ele mentary (Negro) 86. Dunham High School (Negro) 55, Tom Biggs (Negro) 42. Only one school, the Jenkins High School, enrolled more than at any time in the history of the school district. Last year on the same day Jenkins High School had enrolled 326A which was eleven short of the enrollment this year. All other schools in the district are approximately the same as last year, except the Burdine Elementary School where the enrollment of 363 is seventeen above the same day in 1952. ' The schools have two" new principals, Homer C. Davis as principal of the Jenkins School and Cecil Ward as principal of the Burdine School. Twenty-eight of our staff members are returned but twenty-fou- r new in the leaching and administrative fields. For a while the count was twenty-si- x new teachers but two resigned which enabled the district to recall two teachers of last year. All indications seem to point to a successful opening and it seems from the enthusiasm and interest that a good year is just beginning. High Mrs. Hank Williams At Alene Theatre Fri. Mrs. Hank Williams, widow of the late King of Hillbilly Singers has been scheduled for a special appearance at the Alene Theatre, Whitesburg, on Friday, Sept. 4. Mrs. Williams has only recently launched a nationwide tour singing the songs made famous by ner husband. Mrs. Williams, who is 20, was a model in Shreveport, Louisiana prior to her marriage. Thousands of letters have been received by Williams' Widow, requesting her to make personal appearances in all parts of the country with the songs of Williams, who had become a legend in American Folksong Lore. Appearing with Mrs. Williams will be Paul Howard, the Arkansas Cotton Picker, Veteran Radio and Recording Artist, and former Grand Ole Opry Star. City Policeman Window Exhibits James C. Duncan Receives A Royal To Be Displayed Sept. 24 through 26. Welcome Home Jenkins Schools Have Fine Opening. Says Supt. Snapp 4-- H Oda Amburgey Arrests Bootlegger Number 15. Charlie "Chad" Sizemore, 29 Killed In Early Morning Row Window Exhi-hit- s James C. Duncan Letcher City Policeman Oda AmAnnual displayed in local County's first prisoner of war burgey stated this week that will be Charlie (Chad) Sizemore, business windows on Septem to be returned to his native on Monday he arrested Al- Registration Books Young Republicans ber 24th. To remain until county received a royal wel- bert Peters and charged him Will Close Saturday, 29, (was killed in an early morning family brawl Tuescome by the citizens of Whites- with selling liquor in dry September 26th. Club To Meet day morning at the home of September 5 Club and Home burg. The V. F. W. organized territory. All There will be a meeting of Economics classes are invited a motorcade with Mayor According to County Court Mrs. Etta Bentley. According Oda, who is Chief of Police the Letcher County Young Re- and urged to enter the annual 'Arthur T. Banks, accompanClerk Charlie Wright, the to Sheriff Hassel Stamper who publicans Club in the Circuit event. ying them, met young Duncan of the City of Whitesburg registration books will close made the investigation and Court Room in Whitesburg stated that he watched Peters Saturday, September 5. Mr. questioned the Bentley famWin?rmra will hp indeed On at the Isom Junction. Tuesday night, Sept. 8, 1953 neatness, originality of disget off the Hazard Bus with ily, Mrs. Bentley gave this When the motorcade headed a large parcel, saw him get Wright stated that all who had version of the killing. "She All members are urged to be play, arrangements, quality, Dept. into a cab to go home aboi't-tw- become 21, and not registered said when she was suddenly by the Whitesburg Fire present and bring a visitor variety and record books. to register and with you. At this; meeting Let vour Countv or Home with the sireu softly blowing blocks away-- Says he were eligible awakened Sizemore was stand delegates will be elected to Agent know at once if your arrived in front of kept watch until he saw him vote in the November 3rd ing outside her bedroom door attend the State Convention club will enter the snow, un House Mayor Banks made a make delivery to a custom election. Also if you become and she asked him to go away of Young Republican Clubs at Friday September 25 there few very appropriate remarks er of a half pint of whiskey 21 by November 3rd, or if you and he refused forcing his about how glad the people then he made the arrest, tak- have moved or changed your way into the house, and she Cumberland Falls, Sept. will be a county wide were to have this young man ing Peters to Police Court name or precinct. If you are and he fought for quite some Dr. Lundy Adams. .President club play day in doubt about being properly back with them and demonGames, relays, and contests strated this to be true when where he got a search war registered check up at his time, she hitting him over the Morehead Registrawill take place on the football he brought forth many fine rant for Peters' premises and office between now and Sat head with a poker, when hs the search he when suddenly drew a gun and fired clubs field. A tion To Begin Sept. 16 will start narade00 of m. (CST) . gifts as a token of love, and found he made pints of the urday. on her hitting the lobe of her 22 half at 10: a. gratitude from our people same brand he was delivering left ear. Freshman registration at After which ail memciud Morehead State College will bers and their leaders are in- him for his acts of daring and to customer. Peters has been Football To Get Her son Noah, who was Sept. vited to take part in the play bravery while in the service employed in Hazard as night sleeping in a small building in begin at 9 a. m. Tuesday, of his country Underway Tomorrow her yard heard' the commotion 15 and upperclassmen will en- day as well as parade. clerk at a hotel. roll on September 1. Dean Policeman Amburgey is to Night In County and ran into the house, wrest James perched on a red conH club members will show ling with Sizemore, taking the Warren C. Lappin has an- their colors September vertible coupe with his nearest be commended for his alertLetcher Countv Pisskin gun away from him and shoot nounced. Classwork wil be- and 26th. relative an uncle, Emmett ness and we feel that law vio gin on Thursday. Duncan, and his girl friend lators should learn, if neces enthusiasts will have a busy ing him in the head twice. do by doing. We learn to The registration periofl will Miss Rita Jo Jarrett, seemed sary the hard way, that Letch and observing week end as Either bullet would have two of the maior Hieh school proven fatal. The mother and week-en- d be preceded by a very calm stroking his brown er County is Dry Territory. rs County-WideTeacheteams will play. son told comparatively the Campus Camp for upperclass-yie- n say "this is curly haid as if to Whitesburg will play who will assist hew stu- Meeting Held Wed. same story. and I am Squirrel Hunters all so Friday nirfit as well dents during their first week afraid my hair is mussed up. Sizemore was married to A countv wide teachers Finally as dedicate the new stadium in college. when asked to make Go Into Action u College officials expect the meetine was held at the a short talk Duncan said in a Squirrel hunting is the topic that has been completed this Mrs. Bentley's daughter and were separated, she havGrade new $375,000 Fine Arts build- WhitesburgWednesday. bcnooi steady voice, "I am so happy of general conversation among summer, bupt. Dave L. Craft. they sued him The for divorce as Kenneth Boees. and others ing occupancy Building ing to be ready for to be back, I came back not the male population of our during the early part of the program consisted of: expecting anything, and now county this week. Quite a will be speakers for the occa- well as indicting him for child Group singing. Audience: want to say over desertion, and He semester. over large number of the nimrods sion. Devotional, Rev. E. H. I thank you one and and The new stadium will seat had been wonting in Ohio and all." of our town have reported Pastor of Methodist I hundred and was Rotary Club is Pleased Barnette, Special Music, Patsy The Eagle along with all of fine kills in the elusive tree about twelvethe Athletic Asso- it was related by his friends Church: that he had come home with erected by Ann Fields; Administrative the good people of our county creature. Some of those who ciation with contractor Joe the intention of trying to set With Progress of Affairs, selected; Presentation say welcome home Jimmy, went out for the sport despite Romeo in charge of construc his family go to Ohio to live Calendar Project with him. of Plans for Bookmobile ana and may your life among us the heat were Uncle Bazz Ad- tion. Polly and be one of pleasantness, and kins, who is past 80. He kill At the regular Tuesday Film. Mrs. Blaine This new seating space is a The Bentleys were charged meeting of the Whitesburg Mrs. Ruth Rice; Minimum that suffering and ill treat- ed one it is reported and saw real improvement over the old others, but did not feel in with wilful murder. Mrs. Rotary Club a report was made Foundation, John Vickers, De- ment you may have suffered clined to kill more than the outfield seats and will give Bentley was held under $5,000 be only a hazy dream in the one. as to partment of Education-- ; by committee chairmen Uncle Bazz it is said many more seats as the seats bond and her son Noah was how well each of the four Art in Instruction: (Demon not too distant future. makes squjirrel hunting his that were formerly located on held under $10,000 bond to committees were- doing with stration'). Mrs. Louisa Dixon, The Whitesburg Band with habit each season. the Whitesburg side of the await the action of the Community Birthday Mrs. Ruth Taylor and Hiram their new band director did a field have been moved to the October Grand Jury. Arthur Dixon, Bill Long, opposite side of the field. Calendar Project. Moderator, very fine iob of rendering Tavlor: Panel: and Deputy Sheriff Jim Short Bob .bike, was Jeff Mayes, Art in English, music for the occasion. Sizemore, the son of deputy Chairman A fair team is expected in Sheriff Alonzo Sizemore is on the first day of the season leadine with the other three Nora Hall; Art in Science, went to Lilly Cornett's farm Whitesburg this year and some survive'd by his parents, sevChairmen Coy Holstein, Clel Corbin Ison; Art in Reading on Linefork and Jim it seems fans go as far to think this eral brothers and sisters along Rodgers, and Archie Craft (Wieh School). Lillian Webb; Two More Letcher must have had his rabbit foot might be Whitesburg s year t3 with his wife and three small close behind. Art in Science (High School) , Soldiers Released as he according to Arthur and win the conference. Note: children. Funeral services Consultant, lAs the contest for which Carl Breeding; Information comes to the Bill went into the hills and We said might. will be held Friday, Sept. 4th frrouD pets the most names on Delores Gibson. Eagle that two more Letcher they parted company, later Jenkins will meet Hurley af the Littlerock Church at the Calendar will run for four Soldiers have been released Jim appeared1" carrying his High away, Saturday night, Kona with Rev. Bob Sexton more weeks, there was quite Gen. Wainright from Chinese prison camps-The- shoes, six squirrels and his while Fleming has an open and Rev. Lloyd Pike in a bit of interest in ust wnica are : 'Carlos Hays, son of gun along with a broad smile. date. charge. Burial will be in the group would lead the first Dies In Texas Mrs. Mrs. Bertha and the late Jim says "I went with them Let's every one go out and Whitaker Cemetery, Craft com 2 Sept. week. President Fike's San Antonio Sherman, Hays of Hemphill ; thar shoes and I could not back our team with our pres Funeral Home in charge. consists of ihe follow- General Jonathan M. mittee and Kenneth Wright, son of slip up on them and he took ence and our enthusiasm, ing members: Dr. Bach, Genwho made himself fa- Ben Wright, formerly of them and went around to a whether our teams win or eral Croucher, Dr. Sloan,, Dr. mous and a hero in one of Hemphill but now of Jackson, pint where a tall hickory lose. 674 Enrolled At Lee Moore and Steve Combs. his country's worst military Ohio. stood and got five out of one Whitesburg High Prizes will be awarded those defeats, died of a blood clot on Carlos Hays called his moth- tree." He said he got scared Lees Junior College leading the last week of the the brain Wednesday. As of yesterday the Whites shoes as he er a few days ago from Japan behindput hisand forquite away Opens September 14 burg High School had register t contest. old The a time he him, O. I The idea of the Community was the man left be- and stated that he was 236 freshmen, 206 sopho College, Jack thought he was a going to Lees Birthday calendar is to build hind to fight as long as hr The soldiers are expected have to come back barefooted. son, willJunior its fall term on ed mores, 119 juniors and 113 open friendliness and to make could in the Philippines i' home soon. Of course Bill and Judge September 14, the first day of seniors for a total of 674. Whitesburff. already a friendly 1942 when the late presiden were quite skeptical, and ac- orientation for new students. Last years enrollment was community, a friendlier one. Roosevelt ordered General Pike Countian To Be cused Jim of using green back Returning students will reg- 276 freshmen, 159 sopromores, It is possible to list names oi Douglas MacArthur to go to instead 15, and juniors for Buckman's Assistant squirrels.of buckshot to get the ister on September Septem 144total of and 105 seniors'two everyone in the community Australia. a classes will begin on 684. For the on the calendar on their birth Earle Powell, Elkhorn City, years there are only 10 stuOthers enjoying and report- ber 17. day. With your name on this Pike County, became an assist The curriculm Attention All includes dents difference. An calendar, it is possible to reant attorney general today. ing good luck were Gene Eagle. Charlies courses in the first two years derson Motorists ceive a host of birthday cards He was named by attorney Wright, of The Robert B. Col of college to fit each student's Judge and gifts. REMEMBER: Schools be- general J. D. Buckman, Jr., to educational objective, whether Fleming-Neo- n Grade Thp calendar will feature a gan August 31: fill a vacancy created when lins. Judge said, "it took about for business or one of the prosix fellows lilce he and Charlie Whitesburg Boy picture of the Halpin Williams, Louisville, fessions. Due to .he acute School Again Delayed While traveling through, was assigned to handle legal to make one good hunter." I shortage of elementary teachuuuviiu. COUlS in 1UU The cost of getting your our school zones, please take duties with the Department of guess he meant about climbing ers, Lees will continue .to give Superintendent Dave L. name on the uommuiuiy warning to driving carefully, Industrial Relations. Powell, a hills, etc. Sheriff Hassel teacher education special con- Craft informs us that the Fleming-Neo- n Grade School Birthday Calendar is fifty give heed to all road signs, and graduate of the University of Stamper also reported good sideration. on his trip to Pulaski school chilluck opening has been delayed for cents and if four or more watch out for our Louisville Law School, has names are put on from the dren. Do not speed through been for four years an admin- County. He was accompanied U. M. W. Celebration another week pending completion of the new building. same family, that family will the school zones or pass any istrative assistant in the Divi- by Dan Baker and others. Generally speaking squirrel while receiving or dis- sion of Vocational Education buses set a calendar free. hunting has been the best in In Pikeville Labor charging school children. First P. T. A. Meeting calendar sells ior iu.iy-t.-ehere. the county this season than it Day, Sept. 7th The roads will be patrolled alone or if less than four To Be Held Tuesday has been in 20 years. Only names are put on the calendar practically at all times. All Religious Drama At A big Labor Day Celebraone accident of any consetne motorists are welcome in from a family. quence has happened as we tion is scheduled to be held ir September 8th. The WhitesDurg xvoiary countv at all times and we Methodist Church go to press this week Others Pikeville, on Monday, Sept. 7. The first meeting of the cooperate Club invites you to join the ask you to please is On Sunday eveningAugusf. who went hunting and would Tisthat an annual interest Whitesburg P. t. A will be Whitesburg in putting with us. rest of attracts held in the Grade School Drive carefullv at all times, 30th at 7:30, Miss Jan Combs like to report we will be glad event your name on our community Methodist to have it for our next weeks throughout the entire cc Auditorium on Tuesday evenespecially in the congested presented . the Birthday Calendar. fields of Eastern Kentucky. ing at 7:00 o'clock. All parareas and where there are Youth Fellowship in "Release' paper. The program will consist of ents, and urged rnu DrmiiWiraTi - nominees "slow" signs. All laws and a religious drama. This was ivtjju.- State office signs must be obeyed and if a story of Barabas, and hir Indian chief introducing speaking, boxing, wrestling to atted members are new ana meet the County and for apprevar: "I and acrobatic stunts have named N. Baxter Jen you don't obey, the law and salvation. A large and thip himself to paleface visitor, my ous kinds- - Accordingofto in- principal, Mr. Kendall Bogg3. am Brave Eagle; this is Refreshments will be served Campaign nair-ma- n signs and get caught you can't ciative audience attended kins, County 22 youth of the son, Fighting Bird, and this is formation this will be one of during the social hour by Miss gen- - blame anybody but yourself. .presentation for the approaching Why take risks. DRIVE Church participated in this my grandson, Super - je: the greatest celebrations ever Ann Dugan and the Home Ec held in the mountains. program. girls. Bomber." Adams was named treasurer. CAREFULLY ! ! 4-- H 4-- H the-Cou- rt 11-1- 2. 4-- H 4-- H t-- J 4-- 24-2- 5, Pres-tonsbu- r? non-suppo- rt. - the y Wain-wrigh- 70-ye- ar t, Wain-wrigh- uia . The m: all-da- y Students and Faculty are a team working toward the development of educated Christian men and women at Pikeville College PIKEVILLE, KY. Don's Forget! 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